Election Day is Tuesday. Erection Day is right now in the new issue of SCORE

November 5, 2018 by Dave 10 Comments
The digital version of the January 2019 issue of SCORE is now available at eBoobStore.com (the print edition, with eight full-length videos that match the pictorials in the issue, goes on-sale Tuesday). This is the annual contest issue with the finalists for the 2018 SCORE Awards, so it’s your first chance to vote before the SCORELAND voting booths open next month. Get your copy today by clicking here.
And here are the girls (keep in mind that to be a finalist for either award, a girl had to appear in an issue of SCORE dated 2018). Who will get your vote?
Alessandra Miller
Anastasia Doll
Katy Shavon
Korina Kova
Sandra Sturm
Shanie Gaviria
Shannon Blue
Shara Lopez
Tina Lee
Victoria Vale
Dolly Fox (last year’s winner)
Erin Star
Katie Thornton
Lara Jones
Princess Pumpkins
Rachel Raxxx
Sha Rizel
Tigerr Benson
Vanessa Y.
Casey James
Christy Marks
Ines Cudna
Janet Jade
Julia Miles
Karina Hart
Kelly Christiansen
Kerry Marie
Letha Weapons
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Rating: 3.6/5
Election Day is Tuesday. Erection Day is right now in the new issue of SCORE, 3.6 out of 5 based on 44 ratings

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  • carney22

    Geez, Elliot, this is insane . . . voting for ONE Hall of Fame candidate on a ballot that includes Christy Marks, Karina Hart, Ines Cudna, Kerry Marie, Kelly Christiansen . . . These are all women who deserve to be HOFers, and yet at the one-a-year rate, with other outstanding candidates no doubt joining the candidate pool over the next five years, some worthy models are bound to be left out. Maybe next year you could consider multiple inductees, like the early years of 2003-06, or 2009 when both Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Chloe Vevrier went in together. Here’s hoping . . .

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  • julian

    @Elliot I’m in the Boston area, and they do actually have it, it just wasn’t
    next to Score, and in an odd spot.
    Usually, both mags are displayed next to each other.

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  • rick

    Half of listed girls are gone, really don’t see a point in voting.

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    • Dave

      Rick: I’m not sure what you mean. Other than the Hall of Fame nominees, all of the girls are still around.

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  • slugworth

    Fantastic cover featuring Alexya.Very much the same as DEC 2018 cover featuring Sha Rizal.

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  • Steve

    Since Annabelle Rogers did not appear until your Voluptuous January issue, will she count towards one of 2019’s Newcomer of the Year candidates?

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    • Dave

      Steve: Yes. Annabelle will be a candidate for 2019 Newcomer of the Year.

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  • julian

    One more ‘ting…

    How spoiled are we today, where you get a matching video of the
    Back in the day, we just got the pictorials & we were damn happy to get
    the pictorials.
    If you wanted video, you had to hit up H&S sales and mail in a check.

    10.99 for all of this, too.
    Alexya alone is worth 49.95 plus shipping!

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  • julian


    I’m buying & framing it.

    Alexya, MODEL OF THE DECADE. Love her.
    The greatest face/big breast combo, you could ever imagine.
    If i looked like her, i’d be naked & posing every single day of my life!

    On a related note, do you guys still publish Voluptuous?

    My news agent only stocks Score now, and i just wondered.

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    • Elliot James

      Yes, Voluptuous is still published. Who is your news agent?

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