Even this bottle of champagne couldn’t help but pop its cork for Minka!

December 14, 2016 by Dave 4 Comments

Minka gets all bubbly.

There are two challenges to being a porn stud:

1. Getting a hard-on and keeping it in front of the camera. This is a lot harder than you’d think, as our “Porn Loser” series at NaughtyMag.com proved, and it doesn’t matter how hot the model is. In fact, my experience has been that the hotter the model, the more-intimidated the studs get and the less-likely they are to stay hard. Also, these guys don’t have to get it hard just once. Because of breaks in the action, they might have to get it hard several times during a scene.

2. Not popping too early. Can you imagine, for example, having the good fortune to fuck Minka, the bustiest Asian ever? I’m guessing that half of you would pop within seconds after she wrapped her tits around your cock. As for her pussy…well, as Minka has told us many times, it’s very tight. But porn studs have to get their cocks blown and fucked in numerous positions before they can cum. Because if they cum too soon, the scene is over and possibly ruined.

So, those are the challenges, and the difficulty of meeting them is the reason you keep seeing the same guys in every porn film. Because if it were easy, every guy would do it.

New Minka photos and video Saturday at SCORELAND. Christmas comes early. Porn studs aren’t allowed to.



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  • Derek

    Minka is truly spectacular. It is amazing how great she still looks.

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  • s@mmy

    You really know to select the right photo, Dave. 😀

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  • German Engineer

    Hopefully new XXX from Minka!

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  • Leigh

    The porn stud makes or breaks a scene. So much so that i’d say the choice of porn stud is more important to a scene than the choice of model.

    Julia Miles is a perfect illustration. She was one of my favourite models at the time of her boy/girl debut and remains so to this day. Her debut which i believe was with her boyfriend was terrible. What should have been a monumental happening was so bad i couldn’t bare to watch it. Still can’t.

    But Julia’s second boy/girl scene in which she was paired with Lee Henshaw was electrifying. Having the right stud took Julia to another level. It’s an amazing scene which remains among the best i’ve ever scene.

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