Happy birthday, Alyssa Alps!

December 4, 2009 by Elliot James 6 Comments

We posted this past week’s gallery of SCORE birthday girls, but I wanted to pay separate tribute to Alyssa today. Alyssa wrote a column in SCORE called “On The Road” that began in the January ’98 SCORE and ended in the June ’03 issue. That’s an extraordinary run for any column, especially in men’s mags. I enjoyed reading the columns about Alyssa’s trips to clubs all over the USA and seeing her photos with strip-club fans and the SCORE readers who’d go to see her shows and have a drink with her. It was really cool.

If you have those older SCORE issues and read her columns, you know the feeling. Alyssa was very proactive. She was always promoting SCORE. We were always on her mind. She was buddies with a ton of SCORE Girl feature dancers–you name her, Alyssa knew her–so they often popped their buttons in one photo or another in many columns. I wish the column had been transferred to SCORELAND like Crystal Gunns’ column, but at this point it’s not feasible. She finally agreed to do the Boob Cruise in 2000 but only to write the ship’s log for the special Boob Cruise edition. She was firm on that. No titties. No pussy. Of course, Alyssa changed her mind towards the end of the trip and posed on the beach for Jana, one of the BC photographers.

This photo is beat-up and grainy because it’s a scan of a Polaroid taken on September 28, 2001. These days, everything is digital and doesn’t age and color-fade like chemical pics on paper do, so there is no sense of a passage of time. When Alyssa was in Florida to dance at the Treasure Island club (now PT’s) in Hialeah, Dave, E., and I went to see one of her lunchtime shows, which we, uh, really, uh, enjoyed. Someone snapped a shot of us, and I put it in my photo album. Alyssa also posed for a few pictorials for the magazine that week so she was in the building and even did a column about visiting the staff. It was published in March ’02. Of course, she was the covergirl. As timing would have it, that issue also featured the first formal SCORE pictorial of Crystal.

Alyssa Alps Treasure Island 9/28/01

Alyssa Alps Treasure Island 9/28/01

I could go on about Alyssa’s New York Xmas shows at Flashdancers (they’re posted in SCORELAND Boobs In The News), and being helped out by her at the Exotic Dancer Fan Fair shows she coordinated in Vegas every August, and how every year at this time, Alyssa used to ship the office a box of her homemade Xmas cookies. But I’m starting to get all depressed and morose and Alyssa wouldn’t like that!

Happy birthday weekend and Merry Xmas, Alyssa, from your friends at SCORE.

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  • frhalle

    good lookin n sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Rod Peters

    A friend of mine, out in Tucson, has some Polaroids of Alyssa when she was doing feature dancing in that town. He tells me they are among his prized possessions.

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  • Elliot James

    Sure, we can do that for Mellie, Viggo. We don’t want you sailing to Miami and planting your Norwegian axe into our skulls.

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  • viggo

    Oh man, do i miss Alyssa! She’s in my top 3 or 4 favorite Score-model
    of all time. And you lucky bastards got to hang out with her 🙁

    Anyway, before i tear up completly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSSA ALPS !

    By the way, Mellie D has her birthday on the 5th. I know she’s only
    been in Score a couple of times, but she’s actually a very nice girl
    and she deserves a happy birthday from Score.
    And you better wish Kerry Marie happy birthday on the 9th, or i’ll
    get angry with you lot!

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  • Jack

    Hi Elliot,

    Good idea for a special B-day tribute to Alyssa. She was legendary.

    Not only did Alyssa have all the physical attributes, yet her positive attitude and joy was apparent in everything she did. I always enjoyed her column and hopefully one day it will be available on Scoreland. Happy Birthday Alyssa !

    I would eat your Xmas cookies anytime 🙂

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  • Dino

    I remember Alyssa Alps fondly. always enjoyed her column especially if it featured her partner in crime Leslie Wells! I’m sure Alyssa is Married somewhere raising kids and baking. The one thing I really loved about Alyssa was her ASS!! She had a great ass with that little devil tattoo. Happy Birthday Alyssa!!

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