I have some questions for you. You might not want to answer them. But, hey, we’re all grownups here…right?

April 3, 2014 by Dave 13 Comments

Angel likes it, but would you allow your cock to get even this close to another guy's cock?

I’m going to ask you some questions. I’m not going to make any of these questions a poll because polls call for cut-and-dried, yes-or-no answers. I’d like to know not only your answers to these questions but also your feelings about them and, if appropriate, your experiences.

Now, these are not typical questions. You might not like some of them. These are the kinds of questions that most guys don’t talk about amongst themselves.

But, hey, this is a Blog. There’s a certain amount of anonymity involved. So let’s discuss.

1. Have you eaten, or would you ever eat, your creampie out of a girl’s pussy?

2. Have you French-kissed, or would you ever, French kiss, a girl immediately after she’s swallowed your load…before she’s had a glass of water or something to wash it down.

3. Have you ever allowed, or would you ever allow, a girl to toss your salad? You know, lick your butthole. Maybe finger it, too.

4. Would you DP a girl? With another guy, of course. That’s what DP is all about. I know a lot of us enjoy watching DP scenes. But would you ever participate in one?

Those are enough questions for now. I have others.

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  • Matthew

    1. I prefer not to but I can’t say I wouldn’t.
    2. Once she has swallowed it, Yes, I would french kiss a girl. I would never kiss a girl with a facial. that would be nasty and this why I am not into facials.
    3. No.
    4. Yes. as long as it’s in different holes. NO DVP or DAP. It just looks fun and tight to do. I’m comfortable with my identity. As long as bro isn’t into doing anything to me.

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  • Mirko

    1. NO
    2. No, but can be possible
    3. Yes, and i want to thank the first bitch who licked my ass, cause this is so fucking good, the proble is, good sex now, have to be a good salad toss.
    4. Yes i would

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  • profvolup

    The answer is, as always, “What does she want?”

    If she finds it sexy, I’ll do anything she asks. I’ll be honest, I really don’t care for my own taste. But if she finds it sexy or erotic, I will.

    Any time you eat out a woman, there is a chance she will have remnants of her prior lover in her, whether it is yourself, or anyone else. I’ve never gagged on the thickest bush, or complained about tasting cum. But I don’t go out of my way to swallow down cum, or tickle the back of my throat with pubic hair. It’s really about focusing on what matters … her.

    If she wants to dominate or humiliate me, that’s another story. Going the other way, I would never her do anything she did not like either.

    But I’ve really never had to deal with this, because I usually eat her out first. I always aim to have a woman orgasm before I ever enter her. Some guys ask me, “What if she is so exhausted that she falls asleep?” I’m like, “So what? I get to hold her in my arms then.” No woman is going to let a man, who will please them to climax before they think of themselves, get away. So I’ll have fun next time. And yes, before you ask, this has happened several times.

    Still does today with my wife too.

    Again, it’s really about focusing on what matters.
    Her pleasure, her sustainment, her eventual orgasm.
    Nothing else really matters, and my own pleasure is always assured, without focusing on it at all.

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  • carney22

    The answer to 1 and 2 would be “of course.” I mean, c’mon there seems to be this expectation that women should just guzzle it down like it’s candy, but so many men act squeamish about any such contact. If it’s your own spunk, and your partner gets off on the idea of you tasting it, then why not? It’s not like it’s toxic sludge 🙂

    The answer to 3 would also be “of course,” with the hope that she would reciprocate and allow me to enjoy her in the same way. Done right, anal stimulation can be erotic as all get out.

    As for 4, that’s REALLY a situational question. What’s my relationship with the girl? What’s her relationship, if any, with the guy. I’d have to rate this a qualified “maybe.” I have nothing against the DP videos here at Scoreland; they just don’t do much for me, personally. In porn, it’s tough enough to portray any real erotic or emotional connection between the participants, and that’s all the more true in MMF videos.

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  • Big T

    No, never, heck no, no thank you. In that order.

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  • Dave

    But I’m guessing that many of you have gone down on a girl after you’ve fucked her and came? I’m not saying eating her creampie but at least licking her clit.

    For conversation sake, let’s assume the girl is very hot. You can make her a SCORE Girl if you’d like.

    The DP thing is interesting: I like watching DP scenes but I don’t think I’d like the cock proximity in real life.

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  • Anthony

    1 depends how hot she is?
    2 yes many times
    3 yeah but I could not kiss her right away
    4 yes with a buddy it was fun ,tried once with a stranger not into it

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  • G. T.

    My answer to each of your questions is No. Now I’m 76 years old and so I have certain cultural biases which preclude this sort of thing. My assumption is that this would also apply to any young lady with whom I might become intimate.

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  • derekc

    no x 4

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  • Nick

    no no no and no
    but never say never…
    I’d say my g/f and I are fairly plain, although she does love to have me tie her up and vandalize her magnificent 36H breastasiss.

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  • ca united kingdom

    Dave im guessing yes,, lets be honest if I had karla james lying infront of me spreading her pussy wide after id just filled it begging me to eat her out then id be out of my tiny mind to say no!!!!!!

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  • Dave

    ca: Okay, but would you eat your own creampie out of a girl’s pussy?

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  • ca united kingdom

    Dave creampie over here in the UK is slightly different,, its when several guys have blasted off in a girls cooze so NO I wouldn’t,, yes ive many times in the past kissed a chick after giving her a spunk-mouthwash!!!! never had MY SALAD TOSSED to be fair but I do love to eat a chicks ass out,, we call it rimming or bum-surfing and I love it… as for the old DP it sounds like fun but not sure I could like my pole rubbing up against another guys trouser truncheon…

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