Joana Bliss: A girl whose popularity keeps growing

August 8, 2018 by Dave 6 Comments

Joana, we never want you to put your tits away.

Here’s Joana, whose newest photos and videos went live at SCORELAND this past Sunday. She’s in a class by herself. Joana has been modeling since 2004, but she’s more-popular than ever. That absolutely goes against the trend. Big-boob modeling tends to be a “what have you done for me lately?” game in which everyone wants to see the new girls. And although everyone would love to see Joana do hardcore (which I doubt she’ll ever do), nobody’s tossing her aside because she hasn’t.

Vanessa Y. is another girl whose popularity keeps growing, but she hasn’t been around nearly as long as Joana has.

So here’s to Joana!

Who are some other girls you never get tired of seeing?

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  • Bradley4

    Glad to see Joana getting the well-deserved praise. For me another model that comes to mind for sheer longevity and popularity is Lorna Morgan. I never get tired of seeing that lovely Welsh girl.

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  • Jon

    Hey when is she scheduled to shoot again? She does something to me no other woman can do, I want to worship this goddess but it isn’t half frustrating how rarely she shoots! I find myself fantasising about her all the time, work, home, I even dreamt about her the other night! Would love to worship that exquisite beauty, ah to spend just one night with her, to make her orgasm multiple times… I could die deliriously happy the very next day!

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  • Jon

    Honestly Joana is the sexiest and most beautiful woman in the world. I wish she shot more because she takes my breath away every single time. She gets more and more perfect with age!

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  • Anonymous

    Are non Scoreland ladies allowed?! Never get tired of seeing Milena Velba!!

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  • tony

    She is the best on here. I thought she retired or something. Her work with those two other Romanian girls was quite good, she should team up with them again. Or maybe with alexia sometime. She is the the queen of Score.

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  • Jack Purcell

    Hmm… so, another SCORE model that has a tenure comparable to Joana’s, that’s still active today, that I never get tired of seeing?

    For me, that has to be Micky Bells.
    Also not quite as long as Joana’s reign, but whenever she does work with SCORE’s studios, it’s like a holiday for me.
    Her cleavage (and it’s length thereof, specifically) is the stuff of legend. Even while CLOTHED, when she wears a low-cut blouse or bikini, it can put the NUDE tits of lots of other busty models to shame.

    I love *all* body-size versions of Micky as well! 😀 They kinda serve as era markings for me whenever I view her body of work (literally & figuratively 😀 ) here.
    Her super-voluptuous beginnings…
    to her fullest BBW (XL Girl) size…
    to the slimmed down frame she achieved in 2014 after weight loss…
    then on to her pregnant state, with mind-boggling, GLORIOUS breasts — dark-nippled and full of milk and firm girth….
    and back to her present state of ultra curvyness.

    I only hope Micky comes back to SCORE’s cameras soon, and adds to her catalog here just as Joana has continued to do!! 🙂

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