Kim Velez: Deliciosa

March 2, 2019 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Kim Velez is the pretty girl-next-door everyone wishes they had as their pretty girl-next-door neighbor. A hot chick neighbor who needs her lawn mowed. Bush trimmed. Pipes fixed. Salad tossed. Needs to borrow a cup of suntan oil. And other everyday chores.

“If you’re like me, your eyes immediately went to Kim’s braces,” Dave blogged. “Although brace-face babes are very popular among the 18eighteen crowd, we’ve had very few busty babes with braces.” During the shooting of On Location North Coast, Demmy Blaze wore braces. I hardly noticed them. Demmy had them removed this past week.

My eyes went straight to Kim’s beautifully shaped, ski-slope breasts, pointy nipples and pancake-sized areolae. Kim can suck her nipples. When she sucks on a breast in today’s video, she makes a lip-smacking sound. Kim only speaks Spanish so the video is captioned in English.

Included is a slow-motion sequence of Kim jumping and swinging her tits. She has a very seductive look on her pretty face throughout the entire video. In another viewing, I spent more time looking at Kim’s eyes and mouth. They don’t cum cuter.

Young and chesty Kim Velez.




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  • Jessman

    Her aeriola are sooo unique. I just imagine fitting as much of her tit into my mouth as I can, and my whole mouth is aeriola.

    I wonder…

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  • Alex R

    Absolutely love the braces! It’s selfish I know though I would not want to see her do hardcore… lingerie modeling yes, dildo yep, lesbian sucking great! Hardcore nope. Unless it was a down n dirty nasty shoot with a braces facial I’d pass.

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  • Steve

    I love all the slow motion sequences you have been featuring lately with models like Kim Velez, Sofia Damon, Talia Amanda and Annabelle Rogers. Seeing these buxom models bounce, wiggle and jiggle their ta-tas is what magazines like Score and Voluptuous are all about. Please continue this style of video taping and expand it to include topless women on trampolines and running on the beach. I hope you feature new slo-mo vids of models like Erin and Helen Star, Demmy Blaze and Alaura Grey. Elliot, one more thing, speaking of Alaura, will she return to make a second comeback?

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