Mia Sweetheart sweetens the day at XLGirls.com

November 9, 2017 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Romanian cam girl Mia Sweetheart is a sweetheart. Whenever our photographer heads to Bucharest, Mia is there for any assistance he might need.

Mia’s a friend of the Star sisters at SCORELAND and Katie Black at XL Girls.com. She translates the video interviews of the Star girls.

BBWLover wrote: “Ever since her debut, I have been chomping at the bit for more of Mia! Being stationed in Romania, I am constantly on the prowl for more women like Mia! Especially in Bucharest and Constanta! Mia is a true BBW Goddess!”

“I always see guys checking out my boobs,” Mia told me. “I usually wear tight T-shirts, and I catch them staring. It’s fun because I know they wish they could see them out of the clothes.”

Mia has 40H-cups and she’s proud of ’em.

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Mia Sweetheart sweetens the day at XLGirls.com, 4.1 out of 5 based on 29 ratings

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  • JJ

    Mia is so lovely, it would amazing to see jer doing a b/g scene.

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  • weez

    Mia is perfect, keep her coming.

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  • Jack Purcell

    I gotta agree with BBWLover completely here ~ “… a true BBW Goddess” ~ indeed!
    I’ve been totally infatuated with Mia since her debut last year, and I’m so glad she’s being featured again here with SCORE’s studios.

    All due praise to her dark, sexy “come fuck me” eyes… but her proportioning is just… …

    Lots of BBWs have great, heavy, pendulous juggs — and lots are pear-shaped, and have a bigger backside and hips without having the largest rack (in comparison to the former).
    But Mia has it all — both coming *and* going! Juicy 40H tits, a wonderfully prominent, round ass, and some AMAZINGLY thick thighs to match.

    Easily in my personal Top 10 BBW Models of all-time.

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  • Doug-fl

    I love Mia’s thighs!

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  • priminister


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