More great reader art, and some exciting news

August 4, 2013 by Dave 5 Comments


Chuck from Toronto writes, “I’ve been a long-time reader of your sexy magazine. I’ve sent along a selection of paintings of Voluptuous models from the past. Lenka and Chaz were two of my faves back around 2002. Lenka was attractive with her teenage-girl looks. I agree with you. She was an ultimate V-Girl. Her HH-cup boobs were amazing. A very memorable smile in a field of wet dreams.


“Chaz was a legend with her cherubic, vixen poses and her 36H chest size. I’ll remember her for a long time. Sierra was a ‘Brown Barbie’ if there ever was one. She knew how to keep a man interested.

“Zuzanna was my favorite strawberry blonde Czech beauty. Her 36Es made a big impression on my art. I look forward to more inspiration in the pages of V-mag.”

Keep the artwork coming, readers and members.

By the way, big news to report: A new Otis Sweat feature is coming soon to SCORE. I’ll have more details in the coming months. We’re very excited about it. Spectacular work, as usual, by the legendary Otis.


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  • charles weiss

    Hey! Thanks for the positive comments!

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  • Glenberry

    Good effort there Chuck………..some nice detailing there on Sierra.

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  • sneakyfella999

    I am shocked you guys have not mentioned what is pretty much the most popular artist in the world in terms of drawing big-bust models. His name is Tohru Nishinaki and is a hentai artist who been the most popular one for years in drawing big bust women. He has this very popular series called Blue Eyes that has been on hiatus for a while but he makes something new each year. He has been doing this since the 90s. His website is called D lovers.

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  • carney22

    Sweet! Or should that be “Sweat!” Great news about Otis’ upcoming contributions. If it’s anything like “Dream SCORE,” then I can’t wait to see it!

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  • Sola Anidugbe

    Sierra’s got great curvy boobs and gorgeous eyes.

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