Morgan Leigh’s bathing suit body

August 18, 2009 by Elliot James 3 Comments

One of the hottest swimsuit bodies in all of SCORELAND belongs to Morgan Leigh. She was made for bikinis. Morgan’s worn jeans, fetish outfits and traditional lingerie in her pictorials and videos but they don’t do her justice. However, when you put her in a swimsuit, like she is in her mono-kini pictorial from August ’09 SCORE, she just explodes off  the page.

I ask you, is this swimsuit body not perfect?

I ask you, is this swimsuit body not perfect?

The exception might be the outfit she wore in the Big Tit Glory Hole video that we aired last Sunday. The way her top pushed her tits up and straight out like a shelf was unbelievable. There isn’t a formal photo set but there were some pictures shot for the DVD box cover. I’ll have to dig out a photo or two this week.

In an interview I did a few years ago, I said to Morgan: “You must look spectacular in a bikini or a tube top.” And she answered: “Oh, I scare people to death! They’re either scared or embarrassed. They’re like, ‘Look at that woman! Look at her boobs!’ I always wear bikinis to the beach, and my bikinis are really not the right size for me, and they quite often fall off. That’s quite a scene, too!”

Morgan understands her effect on people but, thankfully, she uses her superpowers for good.

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  • nigel

    Morgan is probally the hotest uk model ive ever seen and trully love her work, hard to find anything with her in so lets hope she stays around for ages
    morgan you rock

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  • Jack

    Ohhh Leigh ! Morgan looks great in any outfit, yet her August swimsuit photos was also one of my favourite pictorials.

    A future hall of famer, I hope we see a lot more of Morgan over the next few years – I’m sure many fans could never get enough of her !

    Her exclusive website would be great – perhaps we could see some beach photos with Morgan in (and out of) her bikini(s) !

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  • Dave Too

    Oh Morgan! She is my absolute favorite Score girl who is active. There is no one who quite does it for like her. While I think she would look great wearing a Hefty, the mono-kini is perfect for her. When the August issue came out, I was very excited to see the lovely Casey James on the cover but even more excited when I saw that Morgan was in the issue. I truly love her work and that pictorial was her best to date. If there was one body on this planet that was made for that bathing suit it was Morgan Leigh. I keep hoping that I am going to pull up Scoreland and see that she is exclusive and she is going to get her own site. There is just not enough Morgan Leigh anywhere! Perhaps her relative elusiveness is what intrigues me so, but I digress. If ya’ll have any other mono-kinis in the office. Make sure you have her put them on and snap some shots.

    By the way, any idea what beaches she prefers? I would love to help her back into her top if something were to happen.

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