My favorite photo from today’s Natasha Sweet hardcore scene

June 22, 2018 by Dave 6 Comments

You just don’t see downblouse like this every day.

I know Elliot already wrote about this scene, which is live today at SCORELAND, but I can’t resist Natasha Sweet, one of my favorite naturals in the world, and I couldn’t resist this photo.

Really, how many times in your life have you seen this view, and when has it ever been this good? Natasha is amazing. I think she has one of the greatest natural racks ever. I also think she’s even bustier than she was the first time she shot for us.

By the way, this scene is also proof that guys with skeezy mustaches can get laid by beautiful women with huge knockers. Not that I ever doubted it for a second, but it’s good to see actual proof.


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My favorite photo from today's Natasha Sweet hardcore scene, 4.6 out of 5 based on 23 ratings

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  • ryan

    Some photographers show too much guy. Not just yours. I hate that. pov vr is the new standard.

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  • zack

    Natasha is fire but you wasted het scene with that ugly mofo. Get rid of him.

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  • seth

    I have to raise the flag of praise for Natasha Sweet….for, no one can resist,….how sweet it is!!! Oh man get the Shepard’s crook and yank this guy off stage… Natasha is so outstanding. She knocks down all the pins with ease; stunningly gorgeous to-die-for body, super pretty face, dreamy I would-love-to-makeout with you lips, lustrous hair, beautiful face, killer expressions, wrecking ball curves….the list doesn’t quit; lastly, she has edge in that she has B/G work etc….hottie, period. I was inspired to write because of Dave’s fantastic diction and choice of words; Downblouse. I absolutely love that word and Downblouse is near the top of the list of a big game hunters’ (TSG woman seeker–>me) anticipated sightings….sorry, too complexly put….I love the cleavage reveal of Downblouse so very very much…it is so suggestive and creates mystery and wonderment which I love. Anyhow, thanks Dave, as always, spirited writing that catches my eye and makes me want to comment 🙂

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  • bnb

    Natasha back with xxx scene, finally!!!

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  • julian

    Oh man, something about her, i’ve always loved.
    I love her solo, too.

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  • jack

    amazing tits:X

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