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June 10, 2014 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Bex measures up.

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Discovering Bex

I’ve never heard of Bex Shiner. But based on what I’ve seen, she should become quite famous with the SCORE and Voluptuous fans. If I had been fortunate enough to be locked up in a Big Brotherhouse with her for 51 days, I would have had to

"My pleasure over Anjii is intense and prolonged," writes R.N.

masturbate several times a day or risk getting caught walking around with a serious boner.–D.B.

Uneven Pairs

One of the things I noticed is that one of Hitomi’s breasts is larger than the other.  For some reason I find that very exciting.  Are there other readers who get turned on when a model has breasts of different sizes? I would also like to give a special compliment to lovely Anjii Ross.  She is unique. Usually when I jack, I go fast and furious and cum quickly.  So I really appreciate when a model is so breathtakingly beautiful that I can sit back, relax and stroke slowly and sensuously while I enjoy every aspect of the lady’s beauty. Anjii affects me that way. Her natural breasts hang in a very alluring way and everything about her is perfect. I even stroke with pleasure over Anjii’s upskirt view of her sexy panties before she begins to strip. My pleasure over Anjii is intense and prolonged. Thanks for reading.-R.N.

Kristy doesn't need a horse to saddle up.

Riding The Bull

Something which would be fun for the models to try would be a topless filmed annual rodeo bull (machine) riding competition with perhaps six venues and up to eight models at each. At the slow, then fast speeds. Longest combined times wins. One or more of each to eliminate two models in each round. Later rounds with two to four goes at each speed.-P.R.

It’s safer for a model to ride the cock instead.


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