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Busty Lesbians…fuck yes!

August 21, 2009 by Maria 10 Comments
When a woman sucks another woman's nipple, it's hot!

When a woman bites another woman's nipple, it's hot! Like Eden and Bozena in a girl-girl scene from the DVD Knockin' Nipples.

Okay, So I feel like right off the bat I need to put this little disclaimer out there…

I am NOT going to blog today from the perspective of the man-hating dyke.

I wanted to put that out there because:

1) I am not a dyke.

2) I challenge you to find someone who loves the baloney pony more that I do.

But I am going to blog as a woman who, from time to time, enjoys another woman. It doesn’t make me any less attracted to men, but honestly, you know how you get turned on when you see a hot chick? So do I. How about when you see two hot chicks doing slippery and nasty things to each other’s bodies? You get worked up, right? You want to be in that sticky, girl sandwich, right?

Rebecca and Holly gettin' it on by the pool is my favorite scene from Busty Snatch Club.

Rebecca and Holly gettin' it on by the pool is my favorite scene from Busty Snatch Club.

Um, yeah…me, too.

Now, some people will tell you that lesbian porn is all the same. Not true, say I.

Some of it is just plain awful. I know, I’ve seen it. It’s about as hot as lukewarm coffee and it pisses me off. No one wants to watch two women half-heartedly going at it. It’s not entertaining.In fact, I would rather watch golf on television than see terrible lezzie porn, and I fucking HATE golf on T.V. Ugh. Just the thought of it makes me shudder.

So what makes lezzie porn good? Well, to me, I think it’s the buildup. I am not so much interested in two women jack-hammering each other’s twats with plastic cocks or even fingers. I am not really even that interested in seeing them lick each other’s cunts. (Although none of this is bad at all. It’s just not my favorite

When Kelly Kay and Linsey Dawn bumped bosoms, it was HOT!

When Kelly Kay and Linsey Dawn bumped bosoms, it was HOT!


To me, the hottest thing about watching two big-titted lezzies go at it, is the boob-play. (And maybe some making out. Seriously, there is nothing sexier that two women making out, soft lips on soft lips, hands exploring each other…maybe even some soft, feminine moaning.) But overall, the boob-play makes it all happen for me.

I like to see two women caress each others breasts and maybe suckle one another. I like to watch some lite biting and maybe even some titty-slapping. I want them to mash each other’s tits together and tweak each other’s hard nips. This is

I dig that Kathy tweaks Linzi C.'s dugs in this shot. Why? Because I'm sure it feels good!

I dig that Kathy tweaks Linzi C.'s dugs in this shot. Why? Because I'm sure it feels good!

what makes it hot for me. Maybe because in my mind I think that women know how to push each others buttons and when they handle each others tits, they do so as if they were fondling their own breasts.

I’ve had this conversation with my guy friends and while some of them tell me that they prefer to see two chicks and a guy in a porno (Because all of them list a B/G/G threesome as their ultimate fantasy.), most of them agree that lesbian foreplay, especially tit-play, is the hottest stuff you can jack to.

But then again they all said that they could jack to just about anything, so they might not be the best people to ask. lol

Luckily, I can blog about it and get your opinions. So, let me have it, tit men. Are you into the lezzie porn? What makes it good for you? And what big titters would you like to see go at in the future?

And Exotica is the other half of my girl-on-girl wet dream.

And Exotica is the other half of my girl-on-girl wet dream.

Ines Cudna is one-half of my ultimate lesbian fantasy.

Ines Cudna is one-half of my ultimate lesbian fantasy.

If you ask me, my fantasy lezzie mashup would involve Ines Cudna and Latina lovely, Exotica. Probably covered in oil and screaming all sorts of profanity and slutty raunchiness while tweaking each other’s nipples and makin’ out. YUM.

Can’t wait to hear yours!



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Renee Ross sucks. And we mean that it in a good way.

August 21, 2009 by Dave 5 Comments

The other day, Elliot James asked me, “Can Renee Ross suck on her own nipples?” Hey, Elliot, what do I look like, an authority on Renee Ross?

Believe me, I’m working on it.

So when Renee was in the studio this morning, I asked her if she could suck on her 16-pound J-cups. I didn’t actually say to her, “Renee, can you suck on your 16-pound J-cups?” What I said was, “Renee, can you suck on your own tits?

No further introduction to this video is needed. Watch it.

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Morgan’s mounds

August 20, 2009 by Elliot James 3 Comments

In my blog of August 18, I mentioned how my favorite outfits on Morgan Leigh are extreme string bikinis. I also mentioned how wiped out I was by what she wore in the movie Big Tit Glory Hole. Although  the DVD is super-hardcore with DP’s and anal, an extra chapter starred special guest Morgan Leigh in a non-sex role with toys coming out of the glory holes. The scene ends with Morgan flicking her tongue by one of the Glory Holes after toying her shaved pussy. But what really knocked me over was how Morgan dressed. Those huge breasts jut straight out of her bra like a Fantasy SCORE painting. The cleavage drives me nuts. Her hair, make-up and slut-goddess lingerie are pure sex fantasy imagery. 

There was no formal pictorial shot but I’ve got some on-the-set pictures of Morgan in that outfit from the movie. Amazing.

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The Motorboat: Why I am an old sailor…

August 20, 2009 by Maria 10 Comments
Motorboating: Fun for everyone involved!

Motorboating: Fun for everyone involved!

Titties, titties, titties…you gotta fuckin’ love them!
I know I do. I mean, they bounce, they jiggle, they’re squishy and full and sucking on them is sorta nutritious. You can slap ’em around and pinch ’em and they are great things to sandwich your hands or your cock between.

But you want to know what my favorite thing about big tits is?


If you just stopped reading this and asked, “What’s that mean?” then you need to hang your head in shame and turn in your big-tit lover’s card. It’s been revoked!

Okay, not really, but that just means I will have to take this time to explain what motorboating is.

Unlike Elliot, the boob Jedi here at SCORE, I am not going to go into a very detailed explanation of the history of the term motorboat here. (Sorry Elliot, not knocking your research! lol) I’ll just explain where I first heard the term and then what it is.

There is a wonderful, little flick called Wedding Crashers and in it there is a scene where Owen Wilson’s character has just been come on to by smoking-hot cougar, Jane Seymour. Afterward, he meets up with his best bud, played by the always-funny Vince Vaughn and explains that this MILF just forced him to grope her breasts, Vince Vaughn says:

Hey, what were they like anyway? They looked pretty good, are they real? Are they built for speed or comfort? What’d you do with them? Motorboat? You play the motorboat?
[makes sputtering motorboat noise] You motorboatin’ son of a bitch! You old sailor you!”

Basically, what it means to motorboat a hot set of tits is when you wedge your face between them and either squeeze the tits firmly about your mug or have the woman, whom said tits belong to, squeeze them for you. Then you proceed to make a sputtering motor noise with your mouth and shake your head back and forth in her cleavage.

Infantile? Maybe. But I can’t tell you how much joy this brings me every time I do it to a big set of hooters. I can’t tell you how many strippers I’ve done this to, either.

But the funny thing is how many NORMAL, EVERY-DAY, AVERAGE WOMEN have let me do this to their tits, too. Or how many men and women have asked to do it to me. (In fact, I once hosted a charity booth for breast cancer where I let strangers motorboat me for $1 for a couple of hours. About $500 later, I came to terms with the power of the motorboat! lol) Maybe it’s because it was brought into the mainstream by Wedding Crashers, but you would be surprised how many people motorboat tits and how many big-titted women are okay with it. And seriously, in a world full of dirty, nasty sexual things that you CAN’T do in public, motorboating is just good, clean fun. lol

Luckily, I managed to get a shot of Renee Ross motorboating once of our studio lads to illustrate the proper way this should be done.

My advice, go out to your local bar or pool hall and find yourself a big-breasted babe. Buy her a drink and then, after you’ve exchanged the preliminaries and she is convinced you’re a great guy, ask her if you can motorboat her boobs. Now, it may not work all the time (Men have asked me and sometimes I have said no…but there are plenty of times I’ve said yes.), but chances are, she might say yes and you will get to mash your face into her sweet valley of tit-flesh.

And once you do, I suggest you hang on and ride the tide, you old sailors, you!



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She can talk and fuck at the same time!

August 20, 2009 by Dave 8 Comments

If you’ve ever wondered what a porn editor does all day…

Well, on this day, I walked onto the set where big-titted 50-year-old hottie Persia Monir was fucking and interviewed her while she had a cock in her pussy. The photographer didn’t seem to mind. The Stunt Cock didn’t seem to mind. Persia definitely didn’t seem to mind. I had trouble keeping the camera steady, but I mostly managed, I think. I’d never done this before.

Just minutes after I left, Persia took a cock in her ass on camera for the first time. You can see that–the professionally shot and edited version, of course–today at

You know, this beats interviewing sweaty, surly baseball players. Or working.

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A different definition of “hard at work”

August 19, 2009 by Elliot James 2 Comments

The following blog post is by Allie, the editor of 18eighteen and XLGirls magazines.

Not to downplay my love of big titties, but I’m going to take this post in a different direction from most of the other entries on this blog.

I don’t know if anyone out there gives a damn, but this is my post and I want to talk about working in porn for a minute. I mean, it’s different.

When I first meet someone and we get to the “So what do you do?” conversation, I have to decide whether to tell them that I work in “publishing” or porn. Usually if they seem like a conservative tight ass, I say publishing and change the subject. If I sense that my new acquaintance is your average down-to-earth, dirty-minded pervert (like myself), I tell ‘em the truth.

That being said, my parents know what I do for a living, but my extended family doesn’t. Extended family, if your Google skills lead you here…um, sorry.

Obviously, there are things about this job that make it unique from others. But it’s like a normal job in many other aspects as well.

What’s different:

First of all, the language. We talk quite openly (and loudly) about pussy, cock and tits. We also speak this way in important meetings. It’s part of our business lingo. Imagine telling your boss, “We need a better shot of a cock in her pussy.” Happens all the time.

I remember one specific incident where I had this conversation with SCORE editor Dave:
Me: Is there a hyphen in ass fucking?
Dave: That depends. Is it modifying a noun, like ass-fucking sluts?
Me: Nope. Just ass fucking.
Dave: No hyphen then.

Often us SCORE editors will congregate to ponder profound questions, like which would you rather fuck, an ugly chick with huge knockers or a pretty, flat girl? Or which is worse, a flat ass or cankles? But SCORE Men probably have similar conversations at their jobs too. Right, guys?

Editors are a busy bunch. There's no time for foolishness.

Editors are a busy bunch. There's no time for foolishness.

Then there are the models. Most of us only see them when their photo sets come through the pipeline, but sometimes we get to see them up close and personal. It’s something else to be called into the studio and have a model do a 360 for you completely nude. And it can be a bit awkward during the interviews when we ask them about sucking cock and fucking. But they’re usually happy to divulge the horny details of their sex lives.

Some other things that stand out about working here: Being extras in our feature movies like My Big Plump Wedding. Coming up with adjectives for pussy, cock, sex and boobs. And finally, being able to watch porn whenever I want while in the office.

What’s not so different:

It’s funny that a lot of people have this notion that going to work in an adult publishing company is like going to a strip club. I know it’s porn and stuff, but we have, like, responsibilities. The truth is that I get here, I drink my coffee and I work in a cubicle. I work normal hours and I have deadlines to meet.

The office rest room gets crowded at times.

The office rest room gets crowded at times.

Everyone wears normal clothes. Sometimes we even wear jackets because it can get a bit nippy indoors. We have meetings and other business matters to attend to. Not so crazy, but in the end, it’s for you guys reading this right now.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I started working here. But it’s been great so far. I love being able to come to work and say cock and look at naked people. But, maybe I’m just weird.

And fellow editors, if I missed anything, feel free to chime in!-Allie


You are looking at Score staff with the exception of bridesmaid Maria Moore.

You are looking at the Score staff with the exception of bridesmaid Maria Moore.

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Alia Janine: “I’m a clothing removal technician”

August 19, 2009 by Elliot James 3 Comments

So here’s new SCORE model Alia Janine on the set. She’s appeared in September ’09 SCORE magazine, the SCORELAND videos “Top Heavy Poleslider” and “Born To Be Naked,” and the DVD Mamazon. Alia was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and now lives on the west coast of Florida. In Wisconsin, the girls sadly can’t run around all year in titty tops and little shorts, but they can in Florida. So with her great body, Alia’s made a fine choice in geographic location.

Alia calls herself a “clothing removal technician,” a job position more girls with the right stuff should fill. “I like dancing, I like modeling, and I wanted to try porno, so I did,” Alia said. “I like The SCORE Group. I felt safe with them. I’m a little promiscuous, so it’s not that much different from my real life other than there’s a camera right there.”

The clips of Alia as a stripper are from Top Heavy Poleslider.

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“Dear Daphne, I love your poop deck.”

August 18, 2009 by Dave 7 Comments
Don't just sit there with your cock in your hand. Salute Daphne back!

Don't just sit there with your cock in your hand. Salute Daphne back!

Letters. We get letters. We get lots and lots of letters. Sometimes when I read a handwritten letter from a reader or member, I wonder if I should have put on a pair of rubber gloves before handling it. You get my drift.

This was one of those letters. It’s about a pictorial of Daphne Rosen that appeared in the August 2009 SCORE and debuts today on SCORELAND. As sailors go, I’ve never quite seen anyone like Daphne.

Anyway, Daphne was in the studio when the letter arrived, so I ran in there and asked her if she’d read it on camera.

Anyone who has ever seen Daphne’s videos knows she never says no. She didn’t even mind when I decided to try some unusual camera angles.

Thanks, Daphne. And keep those letters coming, guys! Maybe we’ll have your favorite girl read it on camera, too. Send them to SCORE magazine, 1629 NW 84th Ave, Miami, FL 33126 USA or email


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Morgan Leigh’s bathing suit body

August 18, 2009 by Elliot James 3 Comments

One of the hottest swimsuit bodies in all of SCORELAND belongs to Morgan Leigh. She was made for bikinis. Morgan’s worn jeans, fetish outfits and traditional lingerie in her pictorials and videos but they don’t do her justice. However, when you put her in a swimsuit, like she is in her mono-kini pictorial from August ’09 SCORE, she just explodes off  the page.

I ask you, is this swimsuit body not perfect?

I ask you, is this swimsuit body not perfect?

The exception might be the outfit she wore in the Big Tit Glory Hole video that we aired last Sunday. The way her top pushed her tits up and straight out like a shelf was unbelievable. There isn’t a formal photo set but there were some pictures shot for the DVD box cover. I’ll have to dig out a photo or two this week.

In an interview I did a few years ago, I said to Morgan: “You must look spectacular in a bikini or a tube top.” And she answered: “Oh, I scare people to death! They’re either scared or embarrassed. They’re like, ‘Look at that woman! Look at her boobs!’ I always wear bikinis to the beach, and my bikinis are really not the right size for me, and they quite often fall off. That’s quite a scene, too!”

Morgan understands her effect on people but, thankfully, she uses her superpowers for good.

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How big are J-cups?

August 17, 2009 by Elliot James 10 Comments

In one of last week’s blogs, Maria asked how many items could be stuffed into a large cleavage bin. This is sort of a follow-up along that line. We have a cool Renee Ross video for you today shot by Maria.  It’s kind of like a Japanese game show without any dangerous stunts. Today is Renee’s chance to show us how big  her J-cup wonders are compared to common objects. First a ball. Then, a balloon. Maria somehow found a soccer ball from an old pictorial. And finally, a desk globe. We were more than impressed by Renee’s ability to hold the soccer ball under one hooter. That means she could do the same to a guy’s head. I’m sure that would be a lot more fun than being waterboarded and probably would yield more information too. We applaud Maria too for juggling both camera and props. Well done, my lovely co-worker.

Now we know what Renee’s J-cups are like compared to household objects, there’s a better sense of perspective. J-cups are MASSIVE!

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