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This granny doesn’t play shuffleboard. She fucks!

February 25, 2010 by Dave 12 Comments

What I’m about to say has nothing to do with big tits, but I’m writing it because I thought you’d be interested in knowing it, and also because I’m kinda hoping some of you might be compelled to go see it first-hand. It’s newsworthy. The kinda thing you tell your friends, “You won’t believe what I saw today.” So here goes.

Right now, over at our sister website, A 75-YEAR-OLD WOMAN IS FUCKING!

That’s right. A 75-year-old woman is fucking. Her name is Sandra Ann, and she’s got the dude’s big, black cock all the way down her throat (and I mean all the way!), and then she fucks him hard. I’d show you a picture, but she doesn’t big tits (if you want to see her, click the link above for a preview). Besides, that’s not the point. The point is that there’s A 75-YEAR-OLD WOMAN IS FUCKING AT 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

It’s mind-boggling, and it’s impressive, too. I interviewed her for the site, and when she we were just talking, going back and forth, she seemed very tight, nervous. But then the stud’s cock came out, and she loosened right up. Afterwards, I asked Lucas, the very hung stud, how many women have deep-throated him, and he said, “One. Her.”

Now, understandably, some of you might be wondering, “Who the hell would want to see that?” Well, a lot of guys want to see it. Sandra Ann’s postings are getting rave reviews…five stars out of five stars for all of them! And I gotta tell you, sitting there watching her deep-throat a cock…I was stirred. Now, I’ve never fucked a 75-year-old woman, but I hope to one day.

To put this in perspective, the oldest model we’ve ever featured in SCORE and SCORELAND is Lacey Legends. She was 53 when she made her final appearance in the August 2001 issue.

Fifty-three. That’s young enough to be Sandra Ann’s daughter.

So, regarding this week’s poll: how old is too old? How does 75 strike you?

Lacey Legends was 53 years young when she posed for this photo.

Lacey Legends was 53 years young when she posed for this photo.

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The Bucking Bronco: Where do you hide your porn?

February 24, 2010 by Guest Blogger 14 Comments
Ashley Sage Ellison hides her porn in her cleavage.

Ashley Sage Ellison hides her porn in her cleavage.

Last week, I solicited the help of you, the reader, for topics for this week’s “Bucking Bronco.” In the least surprising news of the decade, you failed me. Miserably. Therefore, you’re stuck with the topic du jour: why the hell do we hide our porn?

Get this. Even I hide my porn.

Now wrap your minds around that for a second. I’m a 28-year-old man who works in porn. My live-in girlfriend knows exactly what I do for a living. Even my parents are fully aware that I get paid to stare at naked women for eight hours a day. And yet, when I go home at night and turn on the computer, I have to click through a half-dozen secretly named folders just to find a picture of Ashley Sage’s beautiful boobs.

I’m not joking. And when I hide my porn, I go all out. I become a fucking ninja. You’re not going to come over to my house and find some gang bang action sitting right on my computer’s desktop. No, I tuck that shit inside of a folder, which goes inside of a folder, which goes inside of another folder, all named after some fake computer software that I know nobody in their right mind would ever go looking through. I name those folders all sorts of weird shit, too: RSU_Updates, WinPRN, BBMO98. The more intense the porn, the more elaborately I name the folder.

Even your Internet browser knows you’re playing 007 with that stuff. That’s why Firefox, Chrome and every other browser give you the option to start a “Private Browsing” session. Who, exactly, was that designed for, other than people looking at porn? Have you ever been looking at CNN’s website and thought, “Man, I really wish there were a way for me to hide this from my wife…” Of course not. It’s all about hiding the porn.

And here’s the reason.

No matter how confident your girl is in your relationship, no matter how much she trusts you, there’s always going to be that chance that she finds your porn collection on the one day she’s feeling insecure. And then you’re fucked. Because, generally speaking, women don’t see things the same way men do. As men, we know that even though our sex life may be fine, we’d like to watch an Asian girl get pounded in the ass once in a while. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we wish it were us. It just means that we appreciate that someone else filmed it for our enjoyment. Hey, who are we to argue?

If a woman were to find this on a particularly a bad day, though, you better believe you’re going to be having insecure, lights-off, missionary sex for the better part of a month. Good luck with that. Of course, that’s only going to come AFTER the three-hour “What does she have that I don’t?” conversation. And don’t even act like you haven’t had that one before.

So, in order to prevent this terrible chain of events, we bury our porn like a treasure chest. It may seem dumb, but it’s a necessary part of being a man. Admit it. You do it, too. It’s not an act of cowardice, so don’t feel ashamed. It’s just smart. Because in a perfect world, you can let the boobs roam free. But here in the real world, they’ve gotta be kept a few mouse clicks away from civilization.

Feel free to share your porn-stashing secrets in the comments below. Or tell us if you’re the pornographic rebel who leaves his shit out there for the world to see. Or just call me a jerk off. Whichever you prefer.

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K-JUGS is here with Renee Ross

February 23, 2010 by Maria 10 Comments

It’s here! It’s here!

The new XL Girls movie K-Jugs is here, and it stars RENEE ROSS! (Who you know is one of my faves.) While we were filming this stacktacular masterpiece, we had Lester, our infamous cameraman, follow all the girls around on the set, and he had some pretty great moments with the likes of Ms. Ross, Samantha 38G, Bailey Santanna, Brandy Ryder, Reyna Mae and Jade Parker.

We will be unveiling some of his footage throughout the week so all of you guys can get an idea of what it was like on the set. (We always try to give our guys some funny backstage/blooper stuff.)

K-Jugs was the brainchild of one of our readers, who wrote in and gave us the idea for the flick in the SCORE Scriptwriting contest. So we got some hot busties together, and they went to town doing raunchy XXX. And just like that, our reader’s fantasy came true.

Yes, SCORE is like Make A Wish for boob guys. lol

Here’s my synopsis of K-Jugs:

Sam and Renee play rival DJs at a station called K-JUGS.

Renee fucks.

Sam fucks.

Sam and Renee fuck each other! 🙂

There are big tits all over the place.

Bailey Santanna fucks.

And she gets cum all over her face. (Yay!)

Reyna and Brandy get hot and sticky in a four-way.

Jade Parker’s in this flick, too.

And guess what? She fucks!

Bang. Bang. Bang. Boobs. Moneyshot.

And we all cum happily ever after.

The end.

Sigh. Don’t you just love happy endings? lol

And now some fine backstage footage of the one, the only Renee Ross. (Also a cameo by the hotness that is Samantha 38G.)

Enjoy it boys! And look for K-Jugs at the eBoobStore this Friday!



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Do black and Latina women have pinker pussies?

February 23, 2010 by Dave 4 Comments
Africa and her very pink pussy.

Africa and her very pink pussy.

I fear that many of you are going to call me an idiot for asking this question because I’m sure that for some of you, it’s self-evident: Black and Latina women seem to have pinker pussies because their skin color provides contrast for the pinkness in their pussies (as opposed to white or pinkish skin that blends in with the color of a woman’s pussy). But I’m not so sure about that explanation. Just as a test, enlarge this photo of Africa (left) and keep enlarging it until all you can see is pussy (or, if you like, use some paper to block out everything but her pussy).

Candace Von's pussy.

Candace Von's pussy.

See? Even without her brown skin to contrast the pinkness in her pussy, Africa’s pussy is still vibrantly pink. Of course, Africa might be a bad example because she has the pinkest pussy I’ve ever seen. So check out the pussy to the right and the ones below, too.

Have you ever seen white chicks with pussies this pink?

Do I spend too much time thinking about tits and pussy? Hey, it’s my job.

I also feel that the pinker a pussy, the more it should be described as a cunt. Pussy sounds soft, cuddly. Ultra-pink pussy is wet and in your face. It’s a cunt. It needs to be eaten and fucked. Otherwise, its raison d’etre is destroyed. I don’t mean this in a derogatory way (as in, “That girl is a real cunt”). I mean it in a complimentary, descriptive way (as in, “That girl has a really pink cunt that I’d love to fuck”).

So don’t start causing trouble, okay?

Jada Fire's well-fucked pink pussy.

Jada Fire's well-fucked pink pussy.

Janet Jade's delicious cunt hole.

Janet Jade's delicious cunt hole.

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Busty birthdays this week

February 22, 2010 by Elliot James 12 Comments
This week’s birthday crew were born under the sign of Pisces, the Zodiac’s most sensitive sign (for those who believe in astroboobology). Ashley Juggs was a true web pioneer back in the day. Alena Snow moved back to Norway, her homeland, after living in Texas. Taylor Steele says that because she lives in Toronto, she “has to be bundled up for half the year.” Anna Kay and Kaytee Carter became fast friends at the SCORE building. Lisa Chest originally called herself Lisa Gazombas, a name that seems better suited to a Mafia wife. A guy in England recently emailed asking what Amanda White is doing these days, but we don’t know, either. Chicago’s Alix Lakehurst (Hooter Hospital, Big Tit Rubdown) enjoys interviewing cult movie directors like Fred Olen Ray. SCORE guys Jose and Ace2, walking the floor at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas, spotted Mianna Thomas with Hillary Hooterz arm-in-arm. Now that’s a good thing to happen to a guy on any day.
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Intensive care at the cleavage clinic

February 21, 2010 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts
Taylor Wane has the wet dream nurse down to a science.

Taylor Wane has the wet dream nurse down to a science.

This letter was published in “Scorecard” #45 back in 2001. It’s one of those topics that never gets dated. At first, letter writer Paul admits it was originally a complaint, but then he does a complete 180.

“As a devotee since 1997, you never stop amazing me with the quality of big titters. But this was going to be a letter of complaint regards the insult to my profession as a nurse. We try to destroy the myth that nurses are sex objects and are therefore the fantasy of men. As a man, I also have the fact that most people think that male nurses are gay. We are not. When I saw the pictorial of Linsey as a nurse, I thought, ‘Oh my God.’ Perfection. Words do not express what happened down below but it was a while before it returned to normal. So maybe I was being a prude. All I can say is would you mind asking SaRenna if she would do a nurse’s pictorial as she is my favorite model of all time.”

This in no way realistically depicts the nursing profession. Unfortunately.

This in no way realistically depicts the nursing profession. Unfortunately.

The sexy nurse theme isn’t just used by horny publishers and movie studios. I was reading in a newspaper that the owners of Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Arizona, filed a federal lawsuit against a new Delray Beach, Florida restaurant called Heart Stoppers, claiming that the Florida place is using the medical themes that Heart Attack Grill says it originated. It’ll be interesting to see how this case plays out. It seems to me that the costumed server theme is kinda universal. There have to be restaurants somewhere with waitresses dressed as cheerleaders or plaid-skirted co-eds. In Japan, there are cafes that feature waitresses dressed as French maids.

I love Jezhabelle but this uniform was too baggy so it didn't make my top five.

I love Jezhabelle, but this uniform was too baggy so it didn't make my top five.

Going back to Paul’s letter, A.) I never thought of male nurses as being gay and I didn’t know that people in general do, as Paul claims. B.) I absolutely do think of female nurses, in general, as sex objects. In my own life, I’ve never had a nurse who came close to looking like any of our models, regardless of the uniform. (Probably some lucky dudes have.) But I have seen some sensational-looking clerical staffers in various doctors’ offices. Maybe our friend Renee Ross, who says she wears scrubs in her job as a post-op nurse, will comment about Paul’s statements.

We don’t do lots of nurse-themed shoots. I wish we did more. My own top five SCORELAND nurses are 1) Cindy Cupps; 2) Autumn-Jade; 3) Cherry Brady; 4) Romina Lopez; and 5) Taylor Wane from March ’05 SCORE. Jezhabelle only made runner-up because her uniform was too loose-fitting and she was undressed by the fourth photo in the pictorial. Some nurse sets shot in England with Nicole Peters, Denise Davies and Linsey didn’t work for me at all because the girls wore real British nurse uniforms that couldn’t be any less sexless, not the over-the-top, costume-shop nurse uniforms and FM shoes that even the Heart Attack Grill and Heart Stoppers “nurses” probably would never wear.

I wonder if Paul is still reading SCORE and if he’s approved of all the nurse pictorials that we’re published since he wrote us in 2001. I hope to think so.

Deserves an award for all-time sleaziest nurse outfit.

Deserves an award for all-time sleaziest nurse outfit.

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Guest blogger: Memories of a long-time SCORE Man

February 21, 2010 by Guest Blogger 18 Comments

Hi, Fellow Readers,

My name is Jack, and I’ll be your guest blogger for today. I would like to take you on a little trip down memory (actually mammary) lane. I hope this journey will bring back many fond memories for long-time readers, while younger readers may also be interested in the early days of SCORE.

The first issue of SCORE.

The first issue of SCORE.

It was in June 1992 that the first issue of SCORE magazine hit the newsstands. I was fortunate to purchase a copy and discovered that this new big-bust magazine was really something special. I was instantly taken with SCORE and found the slim ‘n’ stacked models absolutely incredible. This was the heyday of the super-busty enhanced models (Busty Dusty, Colt 45, Sarenna Lee). I’m sure many older readers remember these issues.

I have always enjoyed SCORE since the beginning and have become a long-time subscriber. How about you? What was your first experience with SCORE Group products? Did you first purchase a magazine? Which issue? Do you still have the first issue your purchased?

L.A. Bust, the first SCORE Girl

L.A. Bust, the first SCORE Girl

Long before Christy Marks, Karina Hart, Marilyn Sakova, Linsey Dawn Mackenzie, Sharday and Minka, there was a SCORE model named LA Bust. She was on the cover of the first SCORE magazine, and like many models of the early 1990s, LA had a spectacular enhanced bust. She also had a great camera presence, lovely smile and soon became one of the first SCORE fan favorites.

As they say, the rest is history. From this humble beginning, SCORE magazine became a regular monthly magazine featuring slim ‘n’ stacked models. Through continuous improvement and listening to its readers input and views, The SCORE Group went onto to produce several more successful magazines to suit particular niche interests. Voluptuous (1994) became a fan favorite through featuring natural big-busted models.

The SCORE Group also began producing VHS video tapes so fans could enjoy their models in live action and sound. I purchased The Greatest Big Bust Video (Volumes I and II), which are both testaments to the early super-stacked SCORE and Voluptous models. I have subsequently got the DVD versions.

How about you? What was your first purchased video (or DVD)? Do you still have it (or is it worn out)? Who was your first favorite model?

I suggest younger fans view The Greatest Big Bust Video (Volumes I and II) to fully appreciate this early era of the super-busty enhanced models. Later, The SCORE Group produced DVDs, which improved picture and sound quality.

Since the beginning, The SCORE Group staff has always worked hard to provide excellent customer service and top-quality products for our viewing pleasure. The SCORE Group continued to evolve and extend their products to bring the best to its reader base. For example, SCORE magazine pioneered the inclusion of XXX material, which today is more widely accepted and enjoyed by many readers. Today, The SCORE Group literally covers the world to find new models for us to enjoy.

The evolution of the Internet enabled The SCORE Group to create several websites related to the published magazines. The SCORE Group continues to lead the adult entertainment world in product quality, quantity and value. Today, SCORE fans have never had it so good with the range of products available.

I have found a subscription to SCORELAND to be a great entertainment investment. I like the monthly addition of new websites in “My SCORE Sites” for long-term members. Also, the Blog is a great way to express your views and interact with editors and other readers. How about you? Are you a SCORELAND subscriber? What is your favorite feature on the website ?

What will the future bring? Who really knows, but I’m sure The SCORE Group will continue to evolve to meet our needs and interests. So the next time you enjoy a SCORE Group video, magazine or product, remember where it all started, all the time, effort and work involved and then give thanks! Enjoy!

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Taylor showers, Rachel delivers, third time’s a charm for Karla

February 20, 2010 by Elliot James 8 Comments
Good, clean, slippery fun at SCORELAND!

Good, clean, slippery fun at SCORELAND!

Girls taking showers are a staple of drive-in and B-movies. Porky’s is one of the better known flicks with a sexy shower scene. Teen comedies, women-in-prison flicks, slashers, monster movies…they all throw in a shower scene. I know a bunch of guys who make them in California, but they have never put a girl as stacked as Taylor Steele in their movies. The biggest let-down for me is how short these shower scenes are. If you’re lucky, you get to see a flash of nipple and some tush. Not so with the Taylor Steele shower video playing Saturday. Taylor takes a soapy shower that lasts for almost 15 dripping minutes. Sometimes the simple things are the best. I’ve posted a screencap from the video because there’s no photo set. I’m not a Canadian, but after Taylor debuted on SCORELAND on September 19, 2009, I can now say I’m proud that we share a border with this great country. My only question is, are there any more like Taylor back home in Toronto, eh?

And then Sunday in SCORE Theater, Rachel Love stars in a pizza delivery video that may sound cheesy, but once Rachel leaves the room to get the money and returns just wearing a bra and panties, you figure that the only pie that’s gonna get eaten will be hers. I’ve always been a big fan of Rachel’s. She’s dropped out of The Big Show several times since the mid-’90s, but she always comes back every few years and is always a busty little hottie. This video was shot P.O.V., so we don’t have to see the guy’s stinking face. I guess the SCORE studio shared my opinion of Miss Love since they cast her in a big feature movie in 2009, Mamazon. She deserved it.

Yes, it's a cheesy, crusty theme but I'll watch anything with Rachel Love.

Yes, it's a cheesy, crusty theme but I'll watch anything with Rachel Love.

Karla James: never enough!

Karla James: never enough!

Today, Karla James appears in the third pictorial of her SCORELAND Special. The buzz about her is intense, and rightly so. Not just by the members but by anyone who’s seen even one photo. This week, Karla is dressed to kill in a tight skirt and a low-cut top that displays her 34Gs like a frame showcases a work of art. Karla says she loves to dance and loves dancing movies. Hopefully in the near future, we’ll get to see some of Karla’s dancing skills. Me, I could watch girls just dance and shower all day. And eat pizza. And drink some cherry wine…uh-huh.

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How I spent my Blog vacation, Part 2

February 19, 2010 by Dave 22 Comments

This is a video blog. I can’t add much. It’s all here. Just four short comments:

1. I reiterate what I said in my last posting, she asked me to straddle her. What was I supposed to say, no?

2. You can see more of Anna right here.

3. I have several more videos from my blog vacation (including the greatest six-girl roundtable–roundbed?–discussion about bras ever), but I’m not going to post them for a while. I have my reasons.

4. And to answer your question, “Yes, I did.”

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How I spent my Blog vacation, Part 1

February 18, 2010 by Dave 9 Comments

You may have noticed (although you probably haven’t) that I, Dave, haven’t blogged lately. I’ve been around, but I just haven’t blogged.

Well, I ‘d just like everyone to know that I haven’t been slacking. Not at all. Just the opposite, in fact. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio, which has basically been boob heaven for the past several weeks. I’m telling you, the place has been packed with huge, natural tits. And I might as well spend my time in the studio considering that when I’m at my desk, I can’t get any work done.

“Why can’t you get any work done?” you might ask?

Because every time I sit down to do some work, the loud sounds of fucking permeate the wall next to my desk (I share a wall with the studio) and interrupt me. Believe me, it’s hard to get any work done when a Voluptuous model whose identity I won’t reveal is screaming, “Oh, fuck my ass with your big, black cock!” (At no point, by the way, did I respond to that by saying, “You talkin’ to me?”) So, with that, I head back into the studio, pick up the official Blog camera and start taping. Carrying around a camera in the studio is a great way to get the girls to show you their tits.

Anyway, this is the first fruit (boob fruit, you might call it) of my labors: Newcomer Kaytee Carter talking about seeing herself nude for the first time in the May 2010 issue of SCORE, which is available at newsstands now (and at very, very soon).

Coming soon: the second fruit of my labors, in which I straddle Anna Kay.

Yes, I did say “straddle Anna Kay.” Hey, she invited me.

But first, enjoy Kaytee.

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