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Girls ogling other girls’ tits

August 9, 2009 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

I love seeing a girl with big tits checking out another girl’s big tits. The more surreptitiously the looker is looking, the better. I don’t mean in some staged photo or video. I mean in a candid, real moment. Photos like that have to be snapped spontaneously. It just happens.

Gunns gives L'Amour the eye.

Gunns gives L'Amour the eye.

Like this photo (left) of Crystal Gunns giving Vixen L’Amour the eye in the SCORE exhibit at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas a few years ago. Or rather, Crystal giving Vixen’s boobs the quick eye. Vixen’s chest couldn’t be more “in your face.” And Crystal’s quick sneak-peek at Vixen’s peek-a-boo nipples is priceless. There’s nothing sexual going on but there might be, subconsciously.

Plenty UpTopp is a'twitter over Elizabeth Starr.

Plenty UpTopp is a'twitter over Elizabeth Starr.

Another split second and that guy’s head at left would have blocked Vixen and Crystal. I know, because I snapped the shot. At adult conventions, the male visitors get so excited, the entire showfloor becomes a mosh pit. I’ve shot a ton of these convention photos for SCORELAND over the years.

It’s funny, but the simple things are more arousing to me. I love to see girls checking out girls in real life. The beach is a great place to spot girls eyeballing other girls’ bodies.

Just as a contrast, here’s Plenty UpTopp’s expression as she checks out the top shelf of Elizabeth Starr at the Exotic Dancer Expo in August 2001. Nice publicity shot, and both of these sex bombs have huge busts, but that candid reality feel is not there. However, I love how Plenty’s very uplifted cleavage nearly forms a shelf for her chin.

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Guest blog: “How I became a boobaholic,” by Allie

August 8, 2009 by Dave 1 Comment
It's true…I've got boobs on the brain.

It's true…I've got boobs on the brain.

Greetings fellow Scorelanders!

My name is Alexandra (better known as Allie around the office). I’m the editor of 18eighteen and XL Girls, two completely different magazines. On the average day, I go back and forth between looking at itty-bitty titties on tiny teenage girls and mammoth-sized mams on curvy women. I appreciate both of them, but today, I’m here to talk about huge, juicy boobs.

Recently, a big-titted friend of mine told me that she wanted to get a breast reduction. When she told me she wore a DDD-cup bra, I scoffed and said that wasn’t even that big. You see, there was a point in time where I thought a C-cup was big. Aside from really nurturing my inner pervert, working at SCORELAND changed my opinion about boobs. Fuck a C-cup. Give me F, G, H! I can honestly say I didn’t know what big was until I perused my first issue of SCORE. (And if you’re curious, I LOVE Sharday.)

In fact, in my life before SCORELAND, I never really thought about boobs at all. But now I’m obsessed with them, especially huge naturals. When I’m sitting at my desk writing copy for XL Girls and looking at a rack that could double as a bookshelf, I can’t help but wonder what it’s like to squeeze and knead and juggle such large breasts. How heavy are they? Are they squishy or firm? Would they make good pillows? Could they knock me out with a single blow?

I was determined to find answers to some of my questions. And opportunity knocked when Renee Ross arrived for a shoot at our studio recently. Walking into the fitting room, I felt dwarfed by her guns. First of all, those puppies are HEAVY. She put them on my head, and while they worked very well as a warming hat (I swear my head got cold when she took them off), I think my neck got a workout from supporting that load. Judging by their size and weight, a single shimmy to my face would probably put me in a coma. And finally, while standing behind me, she placed her hooters around either side of my head, and I discovered a new use for big boobs: ear muffs.

That experience sealed the deal. I’m officially a boobaholic.

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Porn legend Joanna Storm is back…at age 50!

August 8, 2009 by Dave Leave your thoughts

This is a boob blog, and I usually don’t tell you about mature babes, but…

Joanna Storm, a mega-porn star in the 1980s, used to have tiny tits. Now she has full, round DD-cups.

And in what has to rank as one of the biggest (and unlikeliest) porn stories of the year, Joanna is making a comeback at age 50. Yep, she pulled her fuck shoes out of storage and is once again sucking dick on camera at an age when a lot of 50somethings…well, let’s be honest, these days, a lot of 50somethings are discovering their sexuality and sucking dick on camera. But a girl fucking on camera in her 20s, then taking 20 years off, then coming back when she’s 50? Pretty unusual.

Oh, and she’s doing her first anal scene, too. Yeah, I know. It’s about time she grew up.

See Joanna this week at By the way, if the camera seems a bit shaky in this interview clip, well, I got a bit nervous thinking about that cock going in Joanna’s ass.

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Talkin’ dirty with Kelly Shibari…

August 7, 2009 by Maria 10 Comments

Ha! I said it was only a matter of time before I got to chat with Kelly Shibari, and I was right! I stormed into our studio today and basically stole Kelly from her sit-down interview with our XL Girls editor, Allie Q. (Sorry, Allie!)

Why did I do that?

Well, ever since someone commented that I look like Ms. Shibari, everyone in the office has been calling me Kelly. So I thought it would be fun to talk with her, and yes, I wanted to see her tits in person…and I did! Lester, our video editor, played cameraman while I chatted with Kelly and subsequently almost fell when the wood floor I was standing on split open and swallowed my high heel! lol Kelly was a great sport, teaching me how to talk dirty in Japanese and letting me rest my head on her tits, too. (I fucking LOVE laying my noggin on a pair of big tits. Pillow tits are my place of comfort.)

Check out the video below of my first encounter with my Asian “twin.” LOL!

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Eva Notty and The Meaning Of Modern Life

August 7, 2009 by Elliot James 4 Comments
Newcomer Eva Notty busts the bed today on Scoreland.

Newcomer Eva Notty busts the bed today on Scoreland.

I’ve been with SCORE since 1992, when the Internet was in its infancy, email service had just begun (anyone remember Delphi?) and downloading one photo took an agonizingly long time. Today, electronic communication has speeded up the pace of life itself to Warp Factor Six in a welter of Twittering, Blogging, MySpacing, Facebooking, Blackberrying, Texting, Podcasting, and blah-blah-blahing.

Where am I, a guy who still uses stamps, going with this?

Back then, when a new model arrived, there was a more leisurely pace to her progression in the big picture of things. Chloe Vevrier modeled for SCORE for seven years before she jumped on the cock in 1999. Linsey Dawn McKenzie hit SCORE in 1996 and waited to do her first boy-girl until 2001, and even that was with her then-husband.

And many others have never taken one photo with a guy. Kerry Marie, Jessica Turner, SaRenna, Lorna Morgan, Casey James, Pandora Peaks, Niki Knockers, Busty Dusty, Danni Ashe…the list is lengthy.

Linsey once told us, “When I first started my career, I decided that I was going to take things nice and easy. I was trying to space out my career as much as possible.” LDM could have been speaking for an army of models.

But now, the wait time to see a new hot chick doing the horizontal cha-cha has decreased to mere weeks or days instead of months or years. Case in point today: smokin’ hot babe Eva Notty, who’s got a sex temperature that pops the thermometer. Eva appeared on SCORELAND in a four-week special in June and is doing the cock in her first XXX hardcore today in “First Fuxxx.” Man, talk about instant, or at least semi-instant, gratification.

Would Eva have waited to do full-sex like Linsey or Chloe did if this was 1996? We’ll have to ask Eva the next time she visits us.

But something tells me no. Our entire pace of life has hyper-accelerated.

Something to Twitter, Blog and Vlog about…not that I want to Flog the subject into the ground.

What do you think?

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Why I love this photo

August 7, 2009 by Dave 2 Comments

morganleigh291. It’s of Morgan Leigh, one of my favorite SCORE Girls.

2. Her tits are incredibly pointy. They look like they can poke your eye out.

3. She’s got a finger tucked inside herself in such a way that not only obscures none of her pussy (which often happens in dildo and fingering shots) but actually allows us to see more of the inside of her pussy.

You know, we can rank SCORE Girls by beauty, breast size, breast shape…all sorts of ways. But here’s a category for you: SCORE Girls Who Are Best At Displaying Their Fuck Holes. For my money, Morgan is No. 1.

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Kelly Shibari is in the house!

August 6, 2009 by Maria 1 Comment
Kelly Shibari: My Asian twin?

Kelly Shibari: My Asian twin?

So, I was walking down the hallway just now and saw we had a new arrival coming into the studio, and who should it turn out to be but Asian BBW hottie Kelly Shibari! (Who you can check out on our sister site

Well, this seemed like a great blog opportunity for me because in one of my initial posts, there was a comment saying I look like Ms. Shibari. (Which isn’t a bad comparison at all because Kelly is hot and smart and she has nice boobs, and I LOVE boobs.)

Unfortunately, when I tried to get some time with Kelly, I was told she wouldn’t have time to sit with me because she was on a tight schedule. This would have deterred most people, but not me.

I never take no for an answer.

I heard through the grapevine that she is going to be interviewing with XL Girls magazine editor Allie Q. sometime today or tomorrow, so I am going to try and sneak into the studio and maybe politely interrupt (take over!) and get Kelly to talk to me. Which really means that I am going to go in there and get Kelly topless. 🙂

Wish me luck, boob men. I love Mission Impossible moments like this! lol


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Jogging her mammaries!

August 6, 2009 by Elliot James 2 Comments

A few weeks ago, Tom, one of our regular letter writers, sent an email for publication in “SCORE Card.” This letter was about a topic very near and dear to me and a lot of other boob-men.

“I know we’ve all seen this before: the big-titted girl who is running down the street late for an appointment. I see it a lot at airports. Unfortunately, that girl is always cognizant of the fact that she’s got a huge rack, and she runs with an arm covering her boobs so they don’t bounce. Ladies, it’s a blessing to have huge tits. Next time you’re running down the street (hopefully wearing something tight), please let your massive sweater melons fly. I like to watch.”

When I saw this video of Brandy Talore running (the perfect girl to ask to run), I knew I had to post it along with Tom’s letter. Like Tom, I love to see big-boobed girls walk, jog and run. I’ve been known to beg our studio for this. Years ago, I even used to hang out at the airport for the chance to see a busty girl jogging to the gate. The best sight is an airport runner wearing big heels or wedges and a tank top. It’s not the same as going to the gym or to an outdoor location to see girls running because most of them are all strapped in by their sports bra, and there’s little boob-bouncing quotient (an actual mathematical formula used by bra developers. Remind me to blog about that one day.).

My only suggestion would be for the videographer to get closer next time and try to record the model’s breathing with an attached microphone.

I can also happily live with an arm-swinging power walker. She doesn’t have to run or jog! But please, leave the bra at home!

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Stick it in, Aileen!

August 5, 2009 by Dave 2 Comments

Aileen Ghettman, a new FF-cup natural from Marietta, Georgia, enjoys her first on-camera fuck today at SCORELAND. The first time I met Aileen, she told me she likes getting guys off by sticking her finger in their assholes and wiggling it around.

“I take a latex glove and slide it down my hand, and then I take my index finger and play around your asshole,” she said, although she couldn’t have possibly meant my asshole. “Then I insert it to the end until I hit the prostate, and I milk the prostate gland. You’ll just keep cumming, and you won’t be able to stop.”

For the uninitiated, Aileen is talking about giving prostate massages. Now, I’ve never had one, but I’m kinda wondering if anybody out there has. Was it good? I mean, a chick like Aileen tells you to get down on your hands and knees and stick your butt in the air so she can jam a finger up your asshole…do you do it?

Aileen is full of surprises. She’s so quiet, so girl-next-doorish. Other models who have met her in the studio all tell her the same thing: “You seem too nice to be a dominatrix.” She definitely doesn’t seem like the type of girl who goes around sticking her finger up guys’ asses.

Then again, what kind of girl is that?

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On tattooed tits

August 5, 2009 by Dave 4 Comments
Is Carmen Hayes a slut because she has a tattoo on her tit? No, she has a tattoo on her slit because she's a slut.

Is Carmen Hayes a slut because she has a tattoo on her tit? No, she has a tattoo on her tit because she's a slut.

Candy Connelly: Sexy tattooed babe of the ’90s.

Candy Connelly: Sexy tattooed babe of the ’90s.

So I’m at lunch yesterday, and on my way out, I notice this girl (probably 25 or so) sitting in a booth, talking to her friend. She’s built and wearing a scoop-necked top that shows a reasonable amount of natural cleavage. And, right there on her left breast, clear as day, is a tattoo.


If Goldie looks down, she can see her tattoo and a cock.

If Goldie looks down, she can see her tattoo and a cock.

Comment 1: Any chick who has a tattoo on her tit is screaming, “Please look at my tits!” She put it there to draw attention to her rack. Now, this babe, if asked, might feed you some bullshit about the tattoo having special meaning or liking its design, but the fact is she could’ve put it anywhere, and she put it on her tits. It’s a tittoo.

Jamaica's tattoo is making me crazy!

Jamaica''s tits and tat are making me crazy!

Comment 2: Going through the SCORELAND Model Directory, I didn’t find a lot of babes with tattoos on their tits. Why? Because if a girl puts a tattoo on her tits, she might as well walk around saying, “I am a slut.” And although that’s an admirable quality, most girls don’t have the courage to say it.

The trick, of course, is to find one that does. For fucking purposes only, of course.

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