SCORE Babes in toyland…the debate continues

May 6, 2014 by Dave 10 Comments

Karina Hart really knows how to handle a toy…like it's a cock!

SCORE reader A.D. from Carmichael, California, writes:

“The best way to finish off a fabulous titty show is with an enthusiastic toy show. If Sha Rizel masters masturbation as well as Karina Hart, Merilyn Sakova or Anna Song have, she will be the best SCORE Girl ever. While there are actresses who are very fun fuckers, mostly guys just get in the way of the best models, both by blocking the view and by taking away the girls’ control. Consider that for all the name actresses you have at SCORE, any of whom can sell a disc of their scenes alone, there is no male actor worth naming, let alone selling a disc based on their appearance. It’s all about the ladies. That’s why I’m always eager to spend money on toy shows and rarely spend on boy-girl XXX.”

J.D. once again brings up an interesting point that’s a subject for debate: toys or XXX? Toys or no toys in masturbation scenes? Four years ago, a SCORELAND poll asked, Do you like to see solo girl toy usage in still pictures?” There was no majority decision. Although 44% said yes, 30% said no and 26% didn’t care either way.

I wonder if that has changed.

I do think J.D. is in the minority and that most SCORELAND members prefer hardcore to solo masturbation, toy or no toy. Am I right about that? Or are times changing again?


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  • profvolup

    When a voluptuous woman does not feel comfortable with doing hardcore, I love watching the penetration with a dildo. She can give the illusion of intimacy and even intercourse, all while her body is in motion.

    Kerry Marie and Karina Hart are my two, all-time favorite softcore-only women who mastered this. Kerry Marie riding cowgirl on her dildo, and Karina Hart penetrating herself missionary, were better than 99% of hardcore out there.

    I don’t get into the softcore v. hardcore debate, what is and isn’t better. My only turn-off is a woman who doesn’t look like she’s comfortable or okay with what she is doing. So I really let a woman define what they wish to share with us for themselves.

    I know a number of men, who heavily prefer hardcore, who became huge fans of softcore Karina Hart after seeing her videos. So there is something to women who fulfill our fantasies, but never take a real rod. But she has to be into it, like Karina was, oh God was she.

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  • ca united kingdom

    Elliot you know how I feel about this as I have e-mailed you about it..

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  • ca united kingdom

    been buying score mag every month since 2002 so I have a right to this opinion guys…

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  • ca united kingdom

    solo or masturbation for me,, don’t like score xxx as I really have a problem seeing these score studs with these girls… its an issue I often raise and many people (on other sites) are fed up hearing it but I will make my point!!!!!! many of the score studs are either arrogant or totally inexperienced (ivan) why oh why do I want to pay good money for score mag to see many of the layouts destroyed by having some dopey looking wanabee getting themselves all over the girls I pay to see,, why???? sorry but as a paying customer im entitled to my view…

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  • bodylover

    For me I prefer the xxx and the occasional solo scenes of bbw and curvy girls to the small but big breasted models whom I dont find appealing. I also know most of score models are married or in a relationship and as a sign of respect to their partners who in the first place are sharing them with the world would prefer to use toys and with mention of guys not wanting to see the butt of another dude or how big his dick is, is funny I have no problem with that also as long as there is chemistry between them ie the model and actor

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  • Elliot James

    From a photographic perspective, in my opinion, toys are better than a finger or fingers in clearly showing penetration. Also, toys that look like cocks (like Karina is holding in this photo) win over toys that resemble flashlights.

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  • Frederick

    While I do prefer XXX scenes where girls are banged hard and watch their boobs bounce around (which can be pretty hard to capture in pictures), solo mastrubation scenes can be extremely hot too.

    With or without toys doesn’t really matter, the main thing is that she enjoys it (or at least gives an impression that she enjoys it I suppose). And for this a moist pussy helps tremendously, doesn’t really matter if she put in a dildo or her fingers then.

    I also like it a lot when a girl deepthroat a dildo, very hot indeed, but the one thing I don’t buy are dildo titjobs; “ooh, it feels so GOOD to place a dildo between my boobs!”? Yeah, not buying it, they are more like WTF? to me and not hot.

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  • bosomboy

    You know, it’s an interesting point. I never really gave it any thought during self-pleasurization. Do I really want to be checking out a dude’s butt and dick?? NFW!!!!

    Or, after lo these many years of solitaire afternoon delight, am I now far too “sensitized” to seeing all of these full monty’s???

    Maybe I really need to think this through and seek out some babe-with-toy-only porn…you know…give THAT a shot and see how much splooge lands????

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  • Trevor

    XXX, no toys, solo is okay now and then

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  • carney22

    J.D.’s point about everything being about the female model, not her male partner, is hardly an epiphany. It’s true about all pornography targeted to hetero males, which I would guess makes up the great majority of those who peruse porn sites, buy magazines and videos, etc. You don’t sell copies of DVDs by putting a picture of a guy on the cover, one who probably has more impressive equipment than the fellow who’s looking to purchase it.

    That having been said, I personally prefer the hardcore videos at Scoreland over the solo efforts . . . although I really do enjoy them all, as well as the behind-the-scenes interview videos that flesh out the SCORE girls’ personalities. SCORE models run the gamut from those who’ll only do topless through those who’ll take on a couple of porn studs at the same time . . . and my own list of favorites tend to weigh a lot more heavily to those who will do hardcore.

    As for toys, I never cared much for them, but if the model herself finds their use makes the experience more enjoyable, then who am I to argue? 🙂

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