SCORELAND Blog readers speak. Tiggle Bitties listens.

February 25, 2016 by Dave 10 Comments

Tiggle wants to marry you.

Last week, I mentioned that Tiggle Bitties was returning to the SCORELAND Studio.

Well, she’s here. She’s been here all week. I saw her. I saw her tits, too. She looks great, as always.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who told us what they wanted to see her do. Several of your ideas were used, including this one from Matador: “A wedding night lingerie set. White corset, garter belt, stockings. Maybe a wedding veil. Samantha 38G wore something like this in her wedding scene. It was awesome.”

We did that with a few other ideas mixed in. Tiggle was pleased to be of service and hopes you enjoy yourself. I’ll let you know when the photos and video are posted at SCORELAND. Meanwhile, there’s lots more of Tiggle to keep you happy.

She’s still here, so keep those ideas coming.




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