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Boozing boobs

January 16, 2014 by Elliot James 1 Comment

A German liquor company named G-Spirits sells vodka, rum and whiskey that it pours over a model’s naked tits before bottling.

“The G in our label stands for gentleman,” informs a rep from the company. “To create the perfect taste, we let every single drop of our spirits run over the breasts of a special woman, one whose characteristics we saw reflected in the liquor. We have a special basin made out of glass. After the liquor is poured over the breasts, it runs directly into the basin. Afterwards, the spirit gets analyzed in a laboratory then it’s bottled. We pay high attention to an hygienic filling process, and medical personnel is present to verify everything is in order.”

A bottle of G-Spirits sells for over $100. That price alone could cause a major hangover.

Shaken not stirred by Alura Jenson.


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Where have all the big-boobed exotic dancers gone?

January 27, 2013 by Elliot James 10 Comments

Julia Juggs. A lap dance must be heaven.

I repeat: where have all the busty strippers gone?

Many of our newer models come from the web-cam community. Anjii Ross, Harmony White, Felicia Clover, Sabrina Linn, Brandi Sparks, Nikki Smith, Melissa Manning, Marilyn Mayson and more are web-cam girls. They play with themselves in their bedrooms with a camera running while guys at home watch by the minute on their computers.

I grew up going to strip clubs and I still go, although big-boobed Florida strippers are extremely rare. A local photographer who visits all the clubs here agrees with me. (He discovered Jezhabelle.)

Are big-titty girls no longer taking jobs in strip clubs? What’s going on? Strip clubs used to be great places to find SCORE and Voluptuous models.

When I started at SCORE, EVERY model was an exotic dancer or a showgirl. And now only a handful of new models are strippers.

Alura Jenson. The image of Crystal Gunns looks on.

Alura Jenson is a recent arrival. She strips at the all-nude, liquor-serving Palomino Club in North Las Vegas. I lived in Vegas in the ’90s and know the place. They used to have an old-school comic named Artie Brooks bringing on the girls.

Claudia Kealoha is a dancer in Fort Lauderdale, last I knew. She reads books by the famous Czech author Milan Kundera, by the way.  He’d probably like knowing Claudia’s a fan.

Julia Juggs (Julia Sands) is a dancer and shakes it at Foxy’s, also in Las Vegas. That’s why she was perfect for the XL Girls movie Big Girl Strip Club.

Kalila Kane was a stripper, but now she’s a building contractor. Personally, I’d rather see her stripping on stage than writing up estimates.

Natasha Dulce dances in Tampa, a popular city for bars that bare titty. She was fired from McDonalds, became a stripper and found her way here.

Claudia Kealoha. I can't get the Hawaii 5-0 theme out of my head.

And last I knew, Daylene Rio was dancing at the Hawaii Theater in the City of Industry, California. Stephanie Stalls travels from club to club in North America, like Frank Day’s in South Dakota.

But this is just a fraction of the models compared to the big days of big-boobed stripper/models in our mags.

I have to wonder why busty girls don’t dance in strip clubs anymore. Am I missing some obvious reason? Is it easier for them to just turn on a computer and not have to drive to a club?

How come Sheridan Love, Maggie Green, Maserati, Melissa Manning, Kitana Flores and others are not dancing in strip clubs, if not full-time, then part-time?

Where have all the big-boobed exotic dancers gone? Anyone know?


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A quick story about Alura Jenson…

January 6, 2013 by Maria 5 Comments

Alura Jenson has big tits, but to me, the big show is all about her ass.

Once upon a time I was sitting at my desk when one of our makeup artists came out of the studio styling room and told me, “You need to come in here and check out this model’s ass.”

Naturally, my interest was piqued.

Then I checked to see who we had in the studio and I saw it was Alura Jenson, an augmented babe. Click here to see a video clip.

“Oh, she is not for V-mag, she is for SCORE mag,” I said, somewhat disappointed.

“Yeah, but she should be in BootyLicious!” the stylist said.

And that was all it took for me to rush into the studio and check Ms. Jenson out.

And check her out I did.

Alura Jenson is built like a brick house. She is so stacked and curvy that when I first saw her, I was kind of awestruck.

Then, I got to measure her ass and while I have measured a lot of women, some of them naked, some of them clad in barely anything, Alura was the only one who made my hands sweat. lol

Her measurements were 44-30-44.

And when I told her that her ass was 44″ around, she was so happy that she clapped. She literally applauded.

Then she walked on to the set and that was the last time I saw her.

(But boy did I like watching her walk away!)

Unfortunately, she and I will never work together again since she is augmented, but I long for the day that she walks into my life again…

hopefully backwards. lol






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The word allure is in Alura Jenson’s name

December 28, 2012 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Alura is alluring.

I like her name.

Alura Jenson.

If I were a sci-fi writer, Alura is the kind of name I’d give to the queen of a planet of big-boobed Amazons.

Actually, someone did already. In an anime called Voltron Force, there’s a hot chick named Princess Allura.

Alura Jenson is a dancer and model. She has very big boobs and an equally big appetite for sex. She’s real, not an anime character.

Alura lives in Las Vegas and dances at a club called The Palomino in North Las Vegas. I know the place. I used to go there. Mega-boobed Platinum Peaks used to feature dance there in the early ’90s. Some of you might remember her.

If you’re on the Las Vegas Strip, you just head straight north and the Palomino is on your right. It used to be the only all-nude club in town that served liquor. I think it still is. It’s about eight miles from the main action of Vegas but well-worth the visit. Especially since Alura is currently strutting her sexy stuff there.

Hey, it’s not called the Las Vegas Strip for nothing.

Boom-Boom In The VIP Room with Alura Jenson.

We have an Alura double-feature this weekend. At SCORELAND, Alura gets a wild and nasty anal creampie bang and more in “Analyze This“, and at SCOREVideos, she dances in our own little VIP room before riding a stripper pole of another kind in “Boom-Boom In The VIP Room.” I strongly advise doubling the amount of protein powder and lecithin in your shakes this week just to keep up with Miss Jenson. I’d heard that she was wild. I didn’t know how wild until I saw her in action, leaving scorch marks on the couch. Alura said that she had a huge orgasm before the guy busted his nut in her butt-hole. And then she immediately sucked his dick.

Alura lives up to her name. Welcome aboard a new hot chick.

She’ll be in the June ’13 SCORE, on sale March 19th.



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Because there’s nothing like new boobs for the holidays

December 23, 2012 by Dave 4 Comments

Alura is coming on Wednesday and cumming on Thursday.

There'll be no post-holiday hangover when Harmony debuts on New Year's Day.

Back in the late ’70s and early ’80s when I frequented adult movie theaters (the ones on Long Island in Bay Shore and Lake Ronkonkoma were favorites because they showed double features), the coming attractions would always be prefaced with a breathy, female voice saying, “Coming soon…to this theater.” She said “to this theater” so the previews could be shown in any theater, not just the one I was sitting in. I don’t know why I remember this. I just do. I also remember that the theater in Lake Ronkonkoma was called the Lake Ronkonkoma Art Cinema. Why were adult movie houses always called art cinemas?

I’m sure Elliot knows the answer to that question.

I also know that these two girls, Alura Jenson and Harmony White, are coming soon to this website. And I know that this website is SCORELAND.

Alura ends the old year on a bang. Harmony ushers in the new one with her fresh tits. Something to look forward to.

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