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The voting booth is open at SCORELAND! Who are your picks for the 2014 SCORE and V-mag awards?

December 2, 2014 by Dave 4 Comments

Lily Madison is up for Newcomer of the Year in SCORE and V-mag.

Among the questions that will be answered in the voting for these prestigious awards:

• Can a natural, maybe Noelle Easton or Lily Madison, hold off the slim ‘n’ super-stacked girls–Amy Andersson and Tigerr Benson–to win SCORE Newcomer of the Year?

• Will Hitomi make history by becoming the first back-to-back winner of SCORE Model of the Year? Or will Sha Rizel continue the tradition of Newcomers of the Year winning Model of the Year the following year?

• Will Cindy Cupps finally get voted into the Big-Boob Hall of Fame?

• Will Karina Hart win Voluptuous Ass of the Year for the fourth year in a row?

• Will Lily Madison win Newcomer of the Year in both mags?

• Will Jennica Lynn win Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year and Plumper of the Year, another feat that has never been pulled off.

Vote now in the members area of SCORELAND. It’s your duty as a patriotic boob man.


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The contest issue of V-mag is here. Plus, Mia Callista on the radio

November 5, 2014 by Dave 6 Comments

Can Joana repeat as Model of the Year?

Will Karina Hart win Ass of the Year for the fourth straight time? (She shared the award with Siri in one of those years.)

Can Jennica Lynn win Newcomer of the Year and Plumper of the Year?

Will newcomers Cat Bangles, Elle Flynn, Alana Lace and Dani Moore dominate the XXX Performer of the Year award?

Those are among the questions that will be answered during the voting for the 2014 V-mag Awards. The digital version of the January ’15 issue, featuring the finalists and the ballot, is on-sale now at eBoobStore.com, so let the voting begin!

Also in this issue: Melissa Mandlikova lactates, Marie Leone gets naked in a train yard, a chance to win Jennica’s bra and more.

Plus, five embedded videos.

If you’re a print guy, that version goes on-sale Tuesday.

Who’s going to get your vote?

Mia knows tits, fucking, deep-throating and football. Oh, and hamburgers, too.

PROGRAMMING ALERT! SCORE Girl Mia Callista, the Busty Girl Who Works Behind The Counter At The Hamburger Joint, will be a guest on WQAM radio’s Page Q show Sunday morning (560 AM) at nine a.m. EST.  You can listen live at wqam.com. Mia has quickly become Internet famous for her scenes at SCORELAND and her views on college football, particularly the Florida State Seminoles (she’s a big fan).

Among the questions I’m guessing won’t be asked: Does she think she can deep-throat Noles coach Jimbo Fisher? (I’m guessing yes); Would she have sex with Noles QB Jameis Winston? (I’m guessing yes again); How does she manage to lick the shaft of the cock when she’s got the entire thing down her throat?; And, finally, would a University of Miami victory over the Noles on November 15 trigger her gag reflex?

Mia’s appearance on the radio will come one day after her new photos and video go live at SCORELAND.


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These girls won’t get left behind: the finalists for 2013 V-mag Ass of the Year

October 8, 2013 by Dave 3 Comments

Is Felicia Clover the leader of the baby-got-back pack?

The votes from magazine readers keep pouring in. V-mag Awards season is well underway. Last week, I revealed the finalists for 2013 V-mag Plumper of the Year. Today, we’ll take a look at the Ass of the Year finalists.

Siri has her own, built-in cushion.

Ass of the Year is an interesting category for a very simple reason: It has nothing to do with tits. That being said, to get into V-mag, a girl with a great ass also has to have a great rack. Put those two attributes together and you have some of the hottest, sexiest women in the world.

2012 Ass of the Year ended in an unprecedented tie between Karina Hart and Siri. Karina and Siri are among the eight finalists once again. As for the rest of the field:

Karina Hart tied with Siri last year.

Blonde newcomer Brandi Sparks.

Midwestern cowgirl Destiny Rose.

Another newcomer: Felicia Clover.

Gabrielle Love.

Super-stacked, super-packed Maserati.

And Southern belle Rockell.

Karina and Siri are both going to receive a lot of votes. But this time around, there might be a ringer, and that’s Felicia Clover, who has not only appeared in  BootyLicious magazine but also in two BootyLicious DVDs: Big Assed White Chicks 3 and 4. She’s also taken real cock up her ass on-camera, something none of the other seven finalists have done.

Who’s your pick?

Next week: the 12 finalists for XXX Performer of the Year.


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Who will win V-Mag’s Ass of the Year? Who knows?

January 29, 2013 by Dave 11 Comments


Karina Hart

As of 4:37 p.m. on Tuesday, January 29, less than 0.05% of the votes separated Siri and Karina Hart in the battle for Voluptuous magazine’s Ass of the Year. That’s less than 0.05% with just a little over two days remaining until the ballot box closes. Now, we haven’t finished counting all of the votes that have come in from magazine readers, but the magazine and online voting have been mirroring each other in this category, and readers can’t seem to decide who should win Ass of the Year.

I have to admit, it’s a tough decision. Both girls have great asses. And the only reason I’m letting you in on this information before the ballot boxes close (in political elections, voting figures usually aren’t released until after everybody has voted) is because you still have time to vote. Not much time, but you have time. And the thing is, this is one of those situations in which your vote will make a difference.

So if you haven’t voted for V-Mag’s Ass of the Year (and all of the other V-Mag categories), vote now. Don’t be an ass! Vote for a great ass!


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What voters are saying about the 2012 SCORE and Voluptuous Awards

November 17, 2012 by Elliot James 1 Comment

The SCORE and Voluptuous contests at SCORELAND have been open for about three weeks. The January ’13 SCORE with its contest ballot has been on news racks for two weeks, and the January ’13 Voluptuous with its ballot just hit stores a few days ago.

A sample ballot for SCORE is here.

A sample ballot for Voluptuous is here.

There’s no excuse to not vote.

Aside from making their decisions, what do some voters have to say? Here’s a selection of opinions in this difficult election year. Man, everyone has different ideas and choices. Different strokes for different folks. And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo bee…

“This year it was extremely hard to pick the models for the awards. They are all so HOT! For SCORE Newcomer of the Year, I chose Siri. From head to toe, she is smoking! Model of the Year was hard for me because I have always picked my favorite, Karina Hart, but since she was not in the running this year, I chose my second favorite all- time SCORE model, Angela White. Hall of Fame: Lacey Legends. Hardcore Performer of the Year: Stephanie Stalls. Her scene in Busty Anal Sluts is fantastic!-L.H.”

“Africa Sexxx has now performed hardcore in SCORE videos three or four times. I like her incredible build, big, natural boobs, small waist, big butt/hips and she seems to have a great attitude/charisma. Twice now she has done anal. I had to write her in because she was one of the reasons I decided to purchase Cocoa Nut Busters. I don’t purchase many DVDs each year. I picked Venera for Model of the Year because she is such a good and rare discovery; such a petite frame with big, natural boobs and a great ass, yet it was close with Valory Irene, who has appeared in the magazines and videos much more. Estelle may have been such a rare find; she exceeds all others in this category as far as looks and figure. You’ve got to get her back. Julia Miles is a long-time favorite of mine: big, beautiful tits and a hardcore performer as well.–E.S.”

J.S.T. from Barcelona, Spain explains his voting in the V-mag contest:

“2012 Newcomer of the Year: Siri. She has an innocent face and nice body.
2012 Plumper of the Year: Dors Feline. I like her tattoos.
2012 Model of the Year: Gya Roberts. The hottest girl on the Net.
2012 Ass of the Year: Karina Hart. She is juicy and hot.
2012 Pussy of the Year: Gya Roberts. I like her pussy lips.
2012 XXX Model of the Year: Maserati. She knows how to fuck.”

So make your voice heard. Vote!

I approve this message.


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Join the Voluptuous party and vote!

November 9, 2012 by Elliot James 9 Comments

The voting results are tabulated with this high tech calculator guarded by Renee's cleavage 24 hours a day 7 days a week until the numbers are all in.

Our party symbol is not a party animal: an elephant or a donkey.

Our party symbol is an hourglass figure full of curves and dips.

Our party color is not red or blue.

Our party color is all the colors a woman’s skin can be.

We promise no dirty tricks or break-ins…except in hardcore scenes.

Our T Party stands for TITS.

We endorse Voluptuous-care.

Join the Voluptuous Party and vote for the 2012 Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year, Model of the Year, Plumper of the Year, Ass of the Year, Pussy of the Year and XXX Model of the Year.

You can vote at SCORELAND if you’re a member (there are no lines) or you can vote using this ballot. Vote by email or mail your vote. Just vote and let your voice be heard. Those who do not vote cannot legitimately protest the outcome. You’ve got to be in it for your favorite to win it.

Renee Ross has won Model of the Year two years running. She’s great at winning erections. Who will win this year? Will Renee make it win #3?

Our candidates do not put their foot in their mouths. Just their nipples and fingers.

Our goals: to find the best, the sexiest and the biggest all-natural girls and photograph them.

That is the mission statement of the Voluptuous Party.

Join the Party!

I approve this message.

Read the rules, study the candidates carefully and vote!


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Planning the V-mag Awards issue…oh, yeah!

July 30, 2012 by Maria 3 Comments

The time for the V-mag annual awards issue is here and I am excited. As the editor of V-mag, it is my favorite issue to do because it is, as they say, the whole enchilada. There is a bit of everything and a lot of everything that is good.

There are newcomers to consider and the list of ladies is pretty great. Newbie Roxanne Miller is looking like a strong contender. So is Siri. Everyone’s favorite Latina newcomer is Nancy Navarro, it seems.

The plumpers are always fun because I like women with big tits, and these ladies are packing a lot of punch. Some of the frontrunners who stick out in my mind are Dors Feline, Angel DeLuca and Marilyn White.

There’s the XXX of the Year category, and so many people are talking about Maserati and Sabina Leigh as the ladies to beat.

There are a few subcategories to consider like Ass of the Year and Pussy of the Year, and that always makes voting more fun.

But if you ask me, the hardest category for voting this year is going to be Model of the Year. This year it is going to be fucking hard to choose a winner. I am putting that out there now so when you guys get the urge to send me emails asking why I have made it so hard to choose a favorite, I can say, “I TOLD YOU SO!”

I mean, just looking through the photos has me wondering how this contest is going to be won. It is going to go down to the wire. The winner will win by just a few votes, that is how close it is going to be. Let’s just put it this way: Hitomi vs. Karina Hart? Leanne Crow vs. Renee Ross? Elaina Gregory vs. Jenna Valentine? And that’s just HALF of the lineup. It’s going to be a hell of a contest.

You guys will be seeing the issue around November but know that it is already in the works and that the voting is going to be close this year, so make sure you get your issues early and vote right away so you don’t miss out on the fierce competition.

It’s exciting!



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The SCORELAND voting booths are now open

December 17, 2010 by Elliot James 12 Comments

If you haven’t voted for the SCORE and Voluptuous Awards  through the magazine ballots, now’s your chance to vote in the members area of SCORELAND. The big change this erection season is that V-Mag editor Maria has added several new contests to the Voluptuous contests. The new contests are Areolae of the Year, Ass of the Year, Best XXX of the Year, Bush of the Year, Preggo of the Year and Pussy of the Year. The SCORE contest is the same as before with Newcomer of the Year, Model of the Year and the Big-Boob Hall of Fame.

Quite a few of the girls are in both Newcomer contests: Miosotis, Taylor Steele, Jenna Valentine, Kaytee Carter, Shione Cooper, Arianna Sinn and Karla James. This is a big change from previous years.

The polls are open until December 31 which means you have two weeks to make your decision if you haven’t already.

I just hope whoever wins doesn’t raise taxes. Good luck, hot chicks!

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