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37 big-boob websites for one membership? Did we lose our minds?

February 17, 2019 by Elliot James 3 Comments

The answers are yes and yes.

The BigBoobBundle gives you access to 37 sites starring the greatest, hottest SCORE and Voluptuous Girls from classic SCORE Girl SaRenna to Voluptuous superstar Joana Bliss.

There are different plans to suit every budget. One pass gets you into all 37 sites. If you’re a tit-man, the BigBoobBundle has three decades worth of bra-busting mega-stars.

The newest addition to the BigBoobBundle is Stacy Vandenberg (with special guest Maria Body).

For a complete list of the girls and the sites, click here.

Just added to the BigBoobBundle: Stacy Vandenberg.





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Now that’s impressive!

June 28, 2017 by Dave 9 Comments

It’s not often that you see a girl lying on her side and self-sucking.

A girl self-sucking her tits is one of my favorite things. Here, Canada’s Smiley Emma takes a deep self-suck. The photos and video go live today at XLGirls.com.

Self-suckers are rare and beautiful. A girl has to have big, fat naturals in order to suck her tits. They also have to be pliable so she can raise her nipple or nipples to her mouth. Any list of the greatest self-suckers ever has to include Emma, Sarah Rae, Gya Roberts, Cassitty (who once hands-free self-sucked both her tits while bouncing up and down on a cock, a feat that has never been equalled) and Autumn-Jade.

Who’s on your list?

I once saw public self-sucking. I told the story here. Nearly 30 years later, it remains one of my fondest big-boob memories.

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November ’14 Voluptuous magazine: Get it now.

August 15, 2014 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Vanessa Y. is the totally nude covergirl of November '14 V-mag.

Vanessa Y. quickly became a fan favorite, and interest in Vanessa escalated when she had a recent breast growth spurt. Now she’s the covergirl for the November ’14 Voluptuous.

In this edition with Vanessa: Kamille Amora (with interview), Ann Calis, Lily Madison, Felicia Clover and Tahnee Taylor, plus Sadie Blooms and Missy Monroe in XXX action.

“Growth Spurts!” is a special section detailing the 10 greatest natural growth spurts in the history of V-mag, 10 girls who busted out and then busted out again.

Natalie Fiore, Michelle Bond, Vanessa Y., Melissa Manning, Autumn-Jade, Desiree, Lana Ivans, Jana, Maserati and Linsey Dawn McKenzie  are the “Titastic 10.”

“V-mag DVD Pick” checks out Voluptuous Xtra 16 starring 12 supervixens of sex on two discs.

Win Ann Calis’ signed bra.

Get your copy today at your favorite magazine rack or at eBoobStore.com.

Do ya feel lucky? This edition is running a contest to win Ann's bra.

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The greatest growth spurts in the history of V-mag

July 13, 2014 by Dave 6 Comments


Desiree in 2001.

Desiree now.

I recently compiled a special pictorial for V-mag about the 10 greatest natural growth spurts. Here’s the list, in no particular order:

• Natalie Fiore goes from a DDD- to an HH-cup.

• Michelle Bond goes from an F- to an H-cup.

• Vanessa Y. goes from an E- to a G-cup.

• Melissa Manning from G- to H-cups.

• Autumn-Jade from DD- to I-cups.

• Lana Ivans from DD- to G-cups.

• Jana from D- to F-cups.

• Maserati from H- to J-cups.

* Linsey Dawn McKenzie from H- to HH-cups.

But it’s funny how a project like this can surprise you. Because do you know what I think is the greatest growth spurt ever?

Desiree’s. When she debuted in the September ’01 issue, she was a DD-cup, and if you ask me, that was being very generous.

Now she’s an I-cupper.

What’s your pick for the greatest natural growth spurt ever?



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You wouldn’t think baseball was boring if the players were SCORE Girls

October 26, 2013 by Dave 2 Comments

Sharday is flashing the signs. This one means, "Cum on my tits."

I think Desirae is saying she wants to bunt.

The World Series continues tonight in St. Louis. Boston won Game 1. St. Louis won Game 2. The fans at Fenway Park in Boston for Games 1 and 2 were so bundled up, I couldn’t tell if any of them had big tits. That’s the problem with the World Series taking place in northern cities. If the Series was in Los Angeles or Miami, the TV cameras would be zooming in on scantily clad, big-boobed girls left and right, viewership would go up and every man would be happy no matter who won. Instead, we just get closeup after closeup of Boston fans chewing their fingernails.

Don't ever accuse Siri of using a corked bat.

Autumn-Jade prefers games that require the use of two balls.

But I’m here to make things right. The players on the Cardinals and Red Sox might not be much to look at (especially the Red Sox with those scruffy beards), but a SCORE Girl in a baseball uniform can liven up the most-boring game. Here are some of my favorites. Play ball!


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The champions of nipple self-sucking

April 21, 2013 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Gya's an acrobatic self-sucker. She could probably self-suck upside down.

Seeing Sara Rae’s new videos and enjoying her self-sucking talents reminded me of this recent “Scorecard” letter from a new guy named K.F. Most people like to explore the girls at SCORELAND or XLGirls on their own. K.F. cut to the chase with this question.

“I just saw Gya Roberts for the first time and holy shit. Wow, she loves sucking her boobs. And she loves talking about her pussy. Awesome. So I’ve obviously missed a few really bad girls. I don’t suppose…check that…I bet you know exactly which girls love sucking their own boobs. Could you tell me who they are?”

So I gave K.F. a few names of the great nipple suckers. There have been many.

There’s Cassitty, Africa and Cherry Brady. There’s Carmen Hayes, Autumn-Jade and Brandy Talore.

Samantha Kay is forgotten today. She was active in 2004 and 2005. Samantha could, and probably still does, self-suckle with the best of them.

Samantha Kay had a Merit Badge in hands-free sucking.

It’s not an easy thing to do. Many can lift ’em and lick ’em, but getting the nipple in the mouth and sucking requires very pliable, very large boobs and advanced skills.

Hands-free self-sucking. Now we’re getting into the 10th Dan Black Belt levels of self-sucking.

Gya has one of those belts. I can picture her sitting on a mat in a temple in the mountains, meditating with one or more nipples in her mouth.

Karina Hart, Natalie Fiore, Christy Marks and Merilyn Sakova can easily lick and flick their nips, but seeing them in full-on, deep-suction self-sucking is rare.

A subcategory of self-sucking is self-sucking during sex. But that topic’s for another Blog.

Happy Birthday Kayla Kleevage (April 20th).




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Busty cops…we need more of them!

April 2, 2013 by Elliot James 14 Comments

I’ve met some lady cops. A few of them were very attractive and sexy. None of them had big boobs and hot bodies like these four busty cops. Maybe they’re out there, but I’ve never met any.

Hot lady cops are a tradition on TV from M Squad to Without A Trace. They usually put them undercover as strippers, models and hookers. Hey, I don’t write these things. I just watch them.

Arianna Sinn

Christy Marks

Karina Hart










We don’t shoot a lot of policewoman layouts. More are needed. I’m all for these cop cosplay themes because I think they’re horny, not corny.

SCORELAND needs more buxom cops patrolling the area. Who would turn down a chance to get busted?


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Do people really watch porn on their smartphones? And, if so, why?

February 10, 2013 by Dave 7 Comments

The bigger the better, I always say. Here's Busty Dusty from the mid-90s.

Wasn’t it just a few years ago that big-screen everything was in? Or am I imagining that? I know for sure that back in the late 1970s and early 1980s when I would frequent the occasional peep-show booth, the privacy was great but the screens were too small (they seemed to have an odd film over them, too). Then, when the VHS craze started, the only bad thing was that we had to watch porn on 25-inch TV screens. Then the screens got bigger and bigger, and suddenly, we had life-sized tits and fucking on 60-inch screens. Bigger-than-life-sized tits and fucking was great! Or at least I thought it was.

Because now I’m finding out that people are using their smartphones and tablets for everything from text messaging to shopping to surfing the Internet to reading books. Yes, it’s true: People read books on their smartphones. How can anybody read a book on a screen that’s less than five inches high and about two-and-a-quarter inches wide?

But even more amazing: People are watching full-length movies on their smartphones. Some people never watch TV or use a desktop (soon to be a thing of the past) or laptop computer. They watch everything on their smartphones.

Elliot and I decide what to order from Autumn-Jade. But it's the guy on the right who's going to get served the boob plate special.

Including porn? Yes. Including porn. Not me. For me, the bigger the screen the better. But how about you? Our current poll asks, “Do you ever watch porn videos on a tablet or smartphone?”

The poll only has room for you to answer the question. But if you do watch porn on your smartphone, I have to ask…why?

The last poll asked, “Have you ever given a restaurant waitress a bigger tip than she ordinarily would have deserved just because she had big tits?”  The most-popular answer was, “Yes, and I expected nothing in return” at 49%, followed by “No, that’s foolish” at 33%. I’d like to point out in my defense (I voted for “Yes, and I expected nothing in return.”) that it’s not a matter of being foolish. It’s a matter of big tits locking up and making a mess of a big-tit lover’s brain. It is, basically, an involuntary reaction. So, I will continue to give bigger tips to waitresses with big tits, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.
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The girl who puts the BAM! in Alabama! Rockell!

January 31, 2013 by Elliot James 5 Comments

“Southern girls rule!” says cheery Rockell who is from the breast state of Alabama. Why are southern girls so nice and sweet and approachable? Autumn-Jade, one of the rare SCORE Girls from Alabama also, has the same kind of sunshine-spreading personality.

I was in touch with Rockell a few weeks ago because a store she went to didn’t stock Voluptuous, only SCORE, and she is the covergirl of February ’13 Voluptuous. So she contacted us to let us know. That impressed me. Rockell is on the ball and pro-active. (We asked a salesperson to drop by the store and talk to the buyer.)

Drop by SCORELAND today so you can go nuts over Rockell in this teeny-weeny yellow knitted string bikini before she takes it off and goes for a dip in the pool.

The bikini was invented for girls built like her.

I have another question for Rockell.

Would she wear a bikini like this in public? She lives in Alabama, not Brazil.

The top barely covers her areolae.

The bottom looks like dental floss.

Just curious.


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Boob Bloopers #8: Bloopers Unchained

January 25, 2013 by Elliot James 3 Comments

It’s that time again. Time for the candid cleavage camera capturing SCORELAND Girls in boob bloopers that may cause boners.

So that's what they read.

Angelina sizes Juan up.

Michelle can appreciate the American sense of humor.

Finding her happy seat.

Ivy Darmon spells it out.

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