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Wake up with Demmy Blaze. There’s no better way to start the day.

September 6, 2018 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Most photo and video shoots move from dressed to undressed.

SCORE began trying the reverse years back, starting with a girl getting out of bed to start her day in the bathroom. It evolved into the “morning ritual” that ended with her choosing a sexy outfit and leaving the house. The idea is that the bathroom is a secret place. Most guys don’t get to see what girls are doing in there, what magic they’re performing. They go in sleepy-eyed with bed-hair and they come out to get dressed to kill.

There’s usually brushing of the teeth with toothpaste cascading all over her boobs, sometimes leg or pussy shaving, then a soapy shower or bubble bath, putting makeup and then getting dressed. The first was a Dixie Bubbles magazine pictorial in January 1999 SCORE. Most recently, Katie Thornton did a morning ritual in Miami that was so long, it needed to be shown in two parts.

Today is Demmy Blaze‘s turn at the morning ritual, and it’s a lengthy one, 100 pictures and over 20 minutes of video. Demmy’s fantastic, as always. She knows she’s special, but her girl-next-door personality remains the same.

The ladies’ bathroom. The final frontier. Go where no man has gone before.


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Behind closed doors, girls get busy

August 13, 2017 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Every guy has waited while his date got ready in that inner sanctum called the bathroom.  And waited. And waited. The results are always worth the wait. They go in sleepy-eyed with bed-hair and come out dressed to kill.

Guys often imagine what a girl does in her bathroom to start her day, so SCORE began to photograph what they do in there to show why you have to wait so long for them to get ready for a date. Answer: They’re getting pretty for you as much as they’re doing it for themselves.

The “morning ritual” shoots started at SCORE magazine in the 1990s with a Dixie Bubbles layout. Since then, Lorna Morgan, Natalie Fiore and other SCORE and V-mag Girls have done them.

It’s Katie Thornton‘s turn this time. It may be routine for Katie and other girls, but for a guy, this never gets old. What happens in the bathroom doesn’t stay in the bathroom.

Katie does something really interesting with her toothbrush while she’s preparing for her day.

Katie gets ready for her day before knocking them out on South Beach.

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Ladies room peeper checks out girl-next-door Kate Marie at SCORELAND

June 5, 2016 by Elliot James 7 Comments

With all of the arguing about restroom usage in the US, we’d like to throw in our two cents and state for the record that Kate Marie, and all of the TSG models, can use the men’s room anytime they please.

However, the models already have their own bathroom in their swanky dressing room. But we’re just throwing it out there.

Our drone with a built-in camera did follow Katie Marie into the ladies room where it played peeping-drone.

Sadly, Kate Marie made its circuits overload and it went down but we did salvage the memory card.

We don’t often follow girls into the rest room but when the girl is Kate Marie, we’re there.

Pardon us, we didn't look at the sign on the door before we walked in.

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It’s a string swimsuit thing. Katie Thornton at SCORELAND today!

August 27, 2015 by Elliot James 2 Comments

From the second we saw Katie Thornton, the words “extreme swimsuit body here” appeared like a huge neon sign over her head.

In today’s scene at SCORELAND, Katie wears a suit that must make everyone’s head spin 360 degrees when she goes to the beach or to a pool.

We asked Katie if she has any girlfriends with big boobs like hers.

“Yes, a lot of girls back in my hometown. We all go out and get a lot of attention. So much attention, but I love getting attention. I love to show them off. I’m always popping them out.”

And we’re grateful for that.

All we can say is "WOW!"


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Boobs With A Smile

June 15, 2015 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Unfortunately, Sofie Style doesn’t have any girlfriends that she can talk to about posing for SCORELAND. But you never know. Maybe one day she’ll meet someone who can fit into her kind of 38DDD bra.

Sofie is back today and she’s getting breastfully clean.

Sofie's slippery but she's fun.

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Tigerr Benson’s big boob bikini blow-out

July 5, 2014 by Elliot James 1 Comment

On Tigerr Benson’s activity list is a variety of cock-stiffening events. Like most girls, she spends a lot of time in the bathroom.

After removing her very tight clothes, Tigerr tries on teeny bikinis that look like butt floss and fondles her huge tits. (Go to any beach and let us know if you spot anyone with a body close to Tigerr’s. The odds are not good.)

Then it’s a finger lickin’ good time for Tigerr and her pierced pussy followed by playtime with a giant dildo. She showers to cool off that hot pussy. Tigerr’s a clean girl with a dirty mind. Watching her will take a load off…your mind. Tigerr also chats in a second video. Love that Brit accent. There’s no guy butt blocking the view of that heavenly bod today. That comes on July 18 when Tigerr will be back in her first SCORELAND hardcore workout with a porn cock.

Thank you, Tigerr Benson. Like Alyssa Lynn, Tigerr’s first SCORE magazine is Holiday ’14. coming soon.

Tigerr Benson: stretchin' that SCORE tank!

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Stacked girls getting ready to go out and show off their big boobs

May 10, 2014 by Elliot James 2 Comments

The bathroom and dressing room are private sanctuaries for women. Temples where they perform their transformations.

This is the chamber where their daily routines occur, the hidden vault of voluptuousity. No man’s land. But not always as these pictures prove.

Most of us guys don’t get to see what they’re doing in there, what secrets they are performing, what rituals and spells they are casting to stupefy the male brain.

They go in sleepy-eyed with bed-heads and come out sexy bombshells ready for fun and games.

Here is a sample from SCORELAND.

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Bella French cums clean

August 19, 2013 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Breastfully clean.

“I’m a crazy fan of sports,” Bella French tells us. “I do boxing classes two times per week. I go to the gym at least five times per week, and I love to run. ”

And take showers. Bella likes to take lots of showers. She invited our cameras in for one of her showers.

Bella is slippery but she’s fun.

Our first Canadian model in several years, Québécoise Bella lives in Montreal.

“There’s two parts to it,” Bella explains. “There is the east side, which is mostly French, and the west side that is mostly English. I was born on the west side, so even though we would speak French at home and I went to French schools, all my friends would speak English. I would always watch TV in English, and my friends and I would speak in English, but I never went to English schools.”

Having big boobs in Montreal. What’s that like?

“People where I’m from in Montreal aren’t very open-minded. Like the girls will judge a lot. So even in strip clubs, I won’t meet girls who have boobs like mine, so the attention is pretty intense.”

Bella debuts in the Holiday ’13 SCORE magazine, on-sale October 1.

See Bella drop the soap and cum clean at SCORELAND.

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Janne Hollan: Breastfully clean!

July 17, 2012 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Janne Hollan will now demonstrate the proper way a busty young lady should shower.

That is, by letting our cameras tag along into the bathroom with her!

Just the first few minutes of Janne looking at her deep cleavage in the mirror knocked me back for a loop.

Then she unleashes her tits!

I love shower videos, and I like how Jose the videographer got close-up.

Dripping wet tits are so…wet.

Starts today at SCORELAND!

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The biggest boobs in Europe are not the politicians. They belong to Beshine.

January 23, 2012 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Beshine: A living Duncan Gutteridge Fantasy SCORE painting.

Even if Beshine didn’t have those massive mega-boobs, even if she had double-Ds, I’d still have hot nuts for her.

She has a very pretty face, and I love her slim bod, tiny waist, sleek legs and trim butt. I’ll bet you could bounce a quarter off those ass cheeks.

Beshine’s fantasy tits make her a woman who has virtually stepped out of an Otis Sweat painting. A true Tit-an. She must get asked to slow-dance a lot.

Beshine’s had to adapt her life radically to living with a chest that huge, a task she’s handled very well. Activities like driving, exercising and household chores can’t be done the same way anymore. But she loves her breasts and how they look.

She keeps in trim shape. “Every day I do cardio and workouts for my back,” Beshine told us in an interview. “I use an eliptical machine where you can use your arms and legs, but Ionly use my legs because my boobs get in the way.”

We’re posting a bathroom photo set today at SCORELAND with Beshine starting off in exactly what I love seeing big-boobed women wear before she steps into the tub.

She must read the minds of tit-men like me.

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