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Alice Wayne on set

February 4, 2019 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Student body.

Behind Alice’s behind.


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Bloopers! We don’t often get them, but when we do, it’s blog time

July 13, 2016 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Kamille Amora likes flowers and hard wood.

Cat Bangles won't take no for an answer.


Dulcinea gets more than the thumbs-up from Tony.

Allie Pearson is fun-loving on and off the set.


Channel Sweets tries to bust up the photographer. He said she succeeded.

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Motorboating with Miami mami Daylene Rio

June 23, 2015 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Daylene is about to be motorboated.

No, not that kind of motorboating.

Yeesh, it’s been close to a year since Daylene Rio visited Haulover Beach in Miami and went topless. A beach flag was immediately raised while she was still in her bikini. This flag has two tan circles which means “huge-breasted girl alert.”

Today, Daylene goes for a boat ride in Biscayne Bay and does what comes naturally to her, meaning take off her bikini and show off her massive tits, her booty-butt and her pussy.

It’s always a pleasure to have Daylene visit.

“I love Miami. It was so fun to be on a fast boat on the water. It was very windy but I had a ball.”

A pole dance on the ocean means lots of fresh air and sunshine. A truly healthy activity for young women.

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The great big boob porn stars of SCORE: Daphne Rosen Jackumentary Part 2

February 17, 2014 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Daphne Rosen: one of the great superstars of big-bust porn. Tomorrow at SCORELAND, part 2 of Daphne’s “Jackumentary.”

Highlights from several of Daphne’s boiling hot anal and girl-girl scenes. Never-before-seen footage of Daphne raising a ruckus at the SCORE building. Working in the customer service department of the eBoobStore. Bloopers! Candid video! Chats! Sports! We drop trou for Daphne.


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“Renee Ross Jackumentary Part 2,” now showing at XLGirls.com

August 26, 2013 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

The second part of our Jackumentary” tribute to Renee Ross is now posted at XLGirls.com.

Loaded with great footage of this readers’ super-favorite, Part 2 includes never-before-seen video of Renee posing for a swimming-pool photo shoot and demonstrating how she uses a bidet in the bathroom of the models’ dressing room. Renee boxes with Samantha 38G on the set during the making of K-JUGS The Movie and tells us more about her hot self in several candid chats. She talks about blow jobs, tit-fucking, her favorite positions and more.

There’s also hardcore thrustin’ and suckin’ that’s never been seen on the Web. This is not just a “Jackumentary.” It’s a labor of love.

Here’s to Renee Ross. Next Wednesday, September 4, K-JUGS will be shown for the first time on the Internet, beginning with Chapter One plus additional behind-the-scenes extras.

Renee with Bailey Santanna in the dressing room during the filming of K-JUGS.

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Goodbye SCORELAND! Thank you for the good times!

January 15, 2013 by Maria 44 Comments

Thanks to H.D. for this drawing of me!

Hi, boob lovers!

I told you guys last week that I had a big announcement and here it is…

The time has come for me to bow out and bid you all farewell.

I know, I know…I am sad about it, too. ūüôĀ

After many, many years as your V-mag editor and a couple of years as one of your SCORELAND Blog editors, I am embarking on a new journey in marketing and hanging up my…uh…keyboard?

It was a tough decision to make, leaving behind all of the great people I work with here. I mean, I am sure that everyone thinks I will miss the tits and ass the most, (Of course I will miss it…) but what I really will miss is laughing and joking with the great folks here like Elliot and Dave and all the other staff that makes it happen everyday.

My journey started here in 2004 when I started working here as an archive clerk in our image library. Many years later, I sit at the helm of V-mag, and this editor gig is one of the best jobs I have ever had. Sure, the boobs are great. Yeah, being THISCLOSE to the models is fun. But really, I think the best part about V-mag is all the loyal fans and readers. You guys are great and I will think of you all often.

As I type this, I remember all of the amazing moments we have shared. Writing and then heading to Hungary to film Busty Riding Academy with Dave is a highlight for me. Writing Boob Science with Elliot is another. Interviewing Kelly Shibari and falling through the studio floor is a great one. Teaching Jenna Valentine how to make her boobs bounce is one of the best. lol

And all of the memories would not have been possible without all of you…the fans.

I would like to thank all of you for chatting with me via the Blog and Boobmail for so many years. I would also like to thank all the lovely models who participated in my blog videos. Kelly Shibari, Kaytee Carter, Jenna Valentine, Renee Ross, Melissa Manning, Siri, Marilyn Mayson and Molly Howard, Maserati…just to name a few. You ladies are not only beautiful but hilarious and great fun to be around. Truly.

Also…you have amazing tits. ūüėČ Thanks for shaking them in my direction for all these years.

And now, because I hate goodbyes, especially ones that are so sad, I want to leave you with a parting gift to remember me by.

A few years ago while filming K-JUGS, I was called in to do one of my first blog videos ever with Renee Ross. We were doing a segment with boxing gloves, and I happened to have my boxing gear with me. (I have boxed since I was a kid.) I wanted Renee to jump rope topless for me (and she tried really hard, bless her heart lol) so I could watch her boobs bounce. While this was happening, I actually offered to jump rope with her for a few moments and try and show her how to do it. The moment was captured by one of our video editors, Lester, and has never before been seen. (It ended up on the cutting room floor before K-JUGS was released.)

When I thought about what I would say here, at the end of our journey together, I wanted it to be memorable and poignant.

Then I thought, “Why not just show them the jumping rope footage?”

Personally, I think it’s quite funny and a great moment in SCORELAND studio history.

And I laugh the whole time. And that’s how I want you to remember me…laughing and having a great time with our models.

So, without further ado, I present to you my farewell…an opus about jumping rope.


Thank you for all the good times!



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This weekend at SCORELAND, Leanne Crow and Charley Green get oral and Leanne’s tits get creamed

August 13, 2011 by Dave 5 Comments
Leanne Crow tit-fucks a pole. Okay. But this weekend, she gets ice cream all over her tits, and I like that, too.

Leanne Crow tit-fucks a pole. Okay. But this weekend, she gets ice cream all over her tits, and I like that, too.

Now, after reading that headline, you’re probably thinking, “Dave, that’s bullshit. There’s no way Leanne Crow and Charley Green are sucking cock at SCORELAND this weekend. There’s no way Leanne is taking a load of ball juice on her tits.”

Hey, I didn’t say they were. But I want to tell you about some entertaining postings that have been going up on Sundays at SCORELAND. They’re called “BTS Theater,” BTS meaning behind the scenes. They’re iPhone clips, usually shot by Tushna, our studio manager, during on-location shoots (the ones going up this month are from St. Maarten). Tushna has a way of catching the girls in impromptu, candid, real-life moments, although sometimes she just goes and stages the whole thing. Like in two of Sunday’s clips, in which Tushna has Charley lick, suck and tit-fuck a lollipop (while Leanne gets changed in the background) and then has Leanne lick an ice cream cone (and let it melt all over her chest). It’s not quite like seeing them sucking and tit-fucking real cock, but it’s pretty damn hot. I mean, it works for me.

One thing I like about the BTS clips is getting to see the girls in ways we haven’t seen them before. For example, until a few minutes ago when I saw the Charley Green clip, I didn’t know¬† she had a pierced tongue. Now I know, and you know what? My feelings about her are even stronger than they were before. You see, as a model, Charley is kinda shy and won’t show her pussy. But you know what that pierced tongue tells me? It tells me that Charley loves to suck cock. Yes, I am here to tell you that that that’s exactly what it means when a girl has a pierced tongue (of course, it could also mean she wants to piss off her father, but he’s going to get pissed off for the same reason I like the pierced tongue).

Two things I wouldn’t want my daughter to do: 1.) Pierce her tongue; 2.) Wear a LOVE PINK T-shirt. You know, the ones from Victoria’s Secret. To me, LOVE PINK means LOVE PUSSY. Of course, I’d prefer that to LOVE MEAT.

Anyway, now I know that even though Charley won’t show her pussy on-camera (at least not yet), she loves to suck cock. And that means a lot to me. And I also know how Leanne looks with cream-covered tits.

By the way, one of Sunday’s BTS clips is of Angela White, and that one is a candid clip. It’s called “Mystery Titties,” but there’s really no mystery. It could also be called “Mystery Ass” because Angela models her very nice buttocks, too.

So, Sunday, enjoy Leanne, enjoy Charley, enjoy Angela, enjoy going behind the scenes. SCORELAND. It’s not just about fucking.

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Who Is Lana Ivans?

November 19, 2010 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Lana Ivans just debuted on both SCORELAND and SCOREVideos and will be appearing in her first SCORE mag soon. She is brand-new to modeling, and her body and face remind me a lot of those two European sexpots, Iva from Busty Euro Maids and Kristy Klenot from Busty Riding Academy. But who is she? Who is Lana Ivans?

Don’t bother Googling. You won’t find anything.¬†Just watch our Blog video right now. In this video, you’ll learn more about this busty little hottie, a country cousin to Arianna Sinn. (They’re both Romanians.) The chat fun was handled by our man Lester while Dave and I toiled at our desks, alone and forgotten. Lester shoots a lot of the¬†backstage videos. He’ll spirit away a girl if she’s not occupied and have¬†a spontaneous video moment.¬†I like his approach. Like getting their tops off quickly! So I¬†think this will fill in some of the questions you may have about Lana.

Lana¬†joins an amazing line-up for our newest DVD Big-Boob Finishing School, which hits the eBoobstore on Monday. How amazing? Valory Irene. Arianna Sinn. Sophia Mae. Eden Mor. Together. And Michelle Bond in her first SCORE movie as the owner of the finishing school.¬†How great is that?¬†We’ll show you some of the group fun next week.

Oh, yeah,¬†Lana’s also doing a Tits & Tugs video the Saturday after this on SCORELAND. I almost forgot to tell ya that. A¬†fun way to spend Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you, Lana and Lester. Let’s roll the video.

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On Location Grand Bahama: Arianna, sinfully GOOD

April 19, 2010 by Maria 7 Comments

Today is a magical day because Arianna Sinn’s masturbatorial masterpiece is posting to SCORELAND, and it will make you harder than a diamond in an icestorm. (Oh, yeah!)

I need to stress to you guys HOW GOOD this video is.

It’s good. Oh, man, it is horny, horny, horny goodness. She rubs those titties. She talks dirty to you. She rolls around, rubbing cream on her tatas and pussy, and then she cums for you. It’s intimate. It’s fucking porntastic! It’s sinfully amazing.

Arianna is so luscious and sexy and soft-spoken that you will want to fuck her and then, (Yeah, I’m going to say it, so brace yourselves.) cuddle with her. You will want to spoon with this gorgeous lady. But not to worry, with a sexy, curvy sex kitten like Arianna, spooning always leads to forking. (Insert drums and cymbals here for that cheesey joke…ba-da-dum-doosh! lol)

And because I am feeling generous, (Maybe because I am in some sort of post-horny haze from all the Arianna-ness today.) I am giving you this extra video of tomorrow’s goodness. Yes, I am like the patron saint of behind-the-scenes footage. Check out the video below! To me, the best parts are all the girl-on-girl jiggling and tit-kissing! And the part where all four girls are jumping around in bed together. It’s like the busty sleepover of my dreams.

Enjoy it, gentlemen. These titties in paradise will keep you cumming and cumming and cumming.



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