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Renee Ross has something to tell you

October 16, 2009 by Dave 11 Comments

A great week at SCORELAND and .XLGirls.com culminates Saturday with Renee’s first on-camera fuck. On Tuesday, we saw her give a great hand job and tit-fuck. On Thursday, she showed off her spectacular, sloppy-slurping blow job skills. Next: Renee goes all the way!

Now, I wasn’t there for the big event, but I’ve seen the video, and it’s pretty spectacular. I mean, Renee has J-cup naturals, and do you know what happens when a girl with tits that size hops on top of a cock and bounces up and down? Yeah, that’s right: Her tits bounce wildly. I was there, however, for the post-fuck interview. Yeah, I said post-fuck interview. This wasn’t like those post-game interviews you see in the baseball playoffs where reporters ask questions like, “How did it feel to get the game-winning hit?” and the game-winning hitter responds, “It felt great.” In this post-fuck interview, we stare at Renee’s tits, which are pouring out of a tight top, while freshly-fucked Renee watches herself fuck on camera for the first time. Watching a girl watching herself might not sound special, but just watch. I love this video.

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The Office (busty version)

October 14, 2009 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Remember the August 18th blog entry by our 18eighteen and XLGirls editor Allie about office life here at SCORELAND? Instead of writing a similar piece, I thought I’d illustrate it with cartoons. Cartoon_office3Cartoonoffice2cartoonoffice3cartoon4

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New TITS!! Melonie! Yum! Yum! Yum!

September 30, 2009 by Maria 13 Comments

Ah, I love my job.

Allow me to introduce you to Melonie, a mammary-blessed hottie from Las Vegas. She is a tiny, little thing and then WHAMMO! G-cup tits. They are fantastic, full and high and you just want to cup them and give them a shake. These are what I refer to as pillow tits. The kind of bosom that you lay your head on and all of a sudden you get this euphoric feeling like everything is good and right with the world.

Melonie has never modeled before. (Don’t you just love first-timers? God knows I do!) I got to take Melonie’s interview cherry, and we chit-chatted a little bit about this and that. Melonie has just finished shooting her first solo photoset EVER. That’s impressive. And what’s more impressive is that she’s going to do her first boy-girl today, too.

You will be seeing Melonie in an upcoming issue of V-Mag, so keep your eyes peeled for her interview and debut. For now, enjoy this video of sexy Melonie…what a great find!



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Daylene Rio’s a handy girl to have around

August 29, 2009 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Tomorrow, Sunday, SCORELAND has Daylene Rio from California taking matters into her own hands. If you don’t know who Daylene is, you’re missing out because she’s one of the hottest babes of the last two years. She’s an exotic dancer and only fairly recently went from nude modeling to full-on XXX nutbusting. Tanned, brunettte, Latina, very sexy body, pretty face, wears hot clothes all the time. A real head-turner.

In the video (and matching photos), Daylene shows off her big tits, then strokes and tit-fucks a dick to a happy ending all over her chest and hands. She and her tits inspire a mess. And while she’s doing that, she’s talking about how she likes cock between her boobs and in her hands and making eye-contact. She gives great jack chat. (The camerawork is point-of-view, my favorite style of skinamatography.) I loved it.

I feel like sending Daylene a fan letter myself after seeing it. Watch Daylene as she spends the day at the SCORE Studio. She’s a hottie! What a great neighbor she’d make.

Yes, very handy to have at home.

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Where did boobs come from?

August 17, 2009 by Elliot James 2 Comments
Tits, Hooters, Knockers, Cans, Jugs....

Tits, Hooters, Knockers, Cans, Jugs....Whatever you call ’em, Merilyn Sakova has ’em!

We use the words tits, boobs and jugs every day (like a lawyer uses the words bill, golf and lunch). But how did those words originate? According to scholars who study the origin of words, “boobs” dates back to the late 17th-century word “boobies” or “booby,” which is baby talk for breasts and an offshoot of “bubby.” “Tits,” traced back to 1928, is from teat. But “titty” is on record from 1746 as nursery talk for teat. “Bazooms” is a fairly recent word (from the U.S. in 1955) and is a spinoff of the word bosoms.

“Jugs” goes back to 1538 from the word “jugge” and is said to be from “jug,” a word for a 16th-century maidservant (a servant who would carry a jug of water to fill a wash bowl as in, “Hey, Miss Jug, bring the water over here!”). The first use of the word “jugs” as slang for a woman’s breasts was first recorded in 1920 in Australia and is short for the slang term milk-jugs.

Knockers, a word that peaked in popularity in the 1950s, is thought to have originated in 1941. It could be British in origin and some researchers base its origin on the “knocker,” a breast-pin worn by ladies that was shaped like a door knocker.

You learn something new about tits every day at SCORELAND. And that’s just in English. There are words for breasts in every language. And I have a word for that: Boobonics.

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Meet & greet Renee Ross

August 15, 2009 by Elliot James 3 Comments
A girl never forgets her first magazine cover.

A girl never forgets her first magazine cover.

Renee Ross will take over newsstands around the world in her debut issue, October ’09 Voluptuous, which goes on sale in about a week. This weekend, the 40J-cup hottie-next-door is poised to take over SCORELAND in a pictorial and video meet-n-greet.

Pretty good for a 48-32-40 nurse who works with intensive care patients and has never modeled before. Editor Maria had the opportunity to interview Renee in person between photo sessions when Renee was visiting…some girls have all the luck.

“Modeling is actually something that I thought that I would never do,” Renee told Maria. “I don’t think that I had the self-confidence to put myself out there like that before. ‘Cause I never really liked my body type before. But now that I am here, I am really flattered and I just feel so amazing. This whole thing is like I am living a dream. When I hear people saying that I am gorgeous or that my pictures are amazing, it just makes me feel really good.” I’m happy to know that. When I met Renee, she seemed like a happy-go-lucky girl with a sunny personality.

Proof yet again of my claim that nudity is beneficial for women, especially if they have huge chests.

Check out Renee this weekend. You won’t regret it.

Here’s a clip from the show.

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Ya gotta love a girl who loves her tits!

August 14, 2009 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts
Angel Gee: tiny but titty-full

Angel Gee: tiny but titty-full

This weekend, we have an interview with Angel Gee, who’s tiny (5′, 124 pounds) but unbelievably super-stacked at 42-28-38. The interview is part of her swimsuit pictorial in the August ’09 SCORE. When we asked her about bras, she said, “I like Victoria’s Secret. They have really nice bras, even though they don’t fit me that well. I get a size smaller so it pushes my breasts up. It might not fit right but it looks better! It brings them up and out. Brings them to the center of attention. It doesn’t fit right, but it looks good, and that’s what counts.”

I paid close attention to what Angel was saying. Even if a bra doesn’t fit right, she’s willing to make the sacrifice to look hot to guys. Angel loves tits, the bigger the better. I love that attitude. Sometimes I have to remind myself that there are still some women who have as big a breast fetish as guys do. We just don’t see them on TV or in the print media. How many big-boobed actresses get TV shows? Or become news anchors? (Except for Latin TV.) So Angel’s point-of-view helps to re-energize things. I like girls who are 100% comfortable in their own skin, and she is.

“I love to be naked,” Angel said. She lives in the country, not in any fast-paced big cities. “If I’m just walking around the house, if I’m not naked, I’m wearing something skimpy, like little booty shorts and a little, tight top. And I walk my dogs like that, and there are a few neighbors where I am, but I don’t care. And I love heels! I think I was born in them. I even walk around the house in them. My slippers have heels. I just like to be sexy and dress up, and I love to dress down.”

Those pierced nipples? She talks about them, too. But that’s another story.

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What is it about this photo? Part 2

July 25, 2009 by Elliot James 2 Comments
My colleague Dave posted one of his favorite shots of Chloe Vevrier earlier in the week, which got me thinking about one of my all-time favorite poses/photos: these pictures of the great Linsey Dawn McKenzie. This pose tells the whole story. Her tits are fully exposed. Her pussy is exposed. Mouth open, she’s self-absorbed in her own girl power. If Linsey had been looking at the camera with a smiley face, the shot wouldn’t be as compelling as it is. Her finger is “flicking the bean,” as she used to say in her videos.
Linsey Dawn McKenzie "flicking the bean."

Linsey Dawn McKenzie "flicking the bean."

Self-examination adds a voyeuristic touch.

Self-examination adds a voyeuristic touch.

I like both the horizontal and vertical versions of this photo. They’re similar yet different. I like the vertical because it shows her boobs better, but the horizontal gets points because it includes her legs and feet.

This pose does it all for me. How about you?

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Survey says…you’re hot for teacher!

July 21, 2009 by Elliot James 2 Comments
Busty drivers only earned 1% in a SCORELAND poll.

Busty drivers only earned 1% in a SCORELAND poll.

One of the things we like to do at SCORELAND is poll our members about their likes, dislikes, habits and technical interests. All related to girls and big boobs, of course. Hey, we’re not Wired magazine, you know! A recent poll asked, “What is your favorite fantasy girl?” Well, a whopping 48% said teacher was their favorite fantasy babe while 33% said nurse, 9% said store clerk, another 9% liked sexy cops and only 1% enjoyed the visual of a busty driver, such as Christy Marks as a cabdriver.

I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as universal consciousness, but a poll like this is a pretty good indication that there is. Our members can see a poll question’s ongoing results only after they’ve voted, so it’s not like they’re being influenced

48% of SCORELAND members prefer busty teachers like Daylene Rio.

48% of SCORELAND members prefer busty teachers like Daylene Rio.

by other members. And the popularity of the sexy teacher among SCORELAND members does seem to match what mainstream Hollywood has done for the past 30 years with teen comedies that feature hot teachers, like My Tutor, Private Lessions, the Porky‘s series, Zapped, School Spirit and dozens more.

Alanna is my kind of visiting nurse service.

Alanna is my kind of visiting nurse.

What is it about the sexy teacher that made it garner 48% of the vote? I think it partly has to do with a teacher being one of the first females outside the family that we’re exposed to in the real world. Unfortunately for me, I never had any hot-looking teachers, just guys and old ladies. I did have a substitute teacher for one week who was big-boobed and attractive, but she was gone after that one time.

Me? I prefer busty nurses. What’s your fantasy type?

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