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Topless Belly Dancing

January 25, 2011 by Elliot James 8 Comments

This really is topless dancing.

You’ll see what I mean when you play this SCORELAND Blog video with Lana and Sophie (Big-Boob Finishing School).

I am probably in the minority here but I’d rather watch girls dance than see them use sex toys. 

That’s why I used to spend many happy hours in strip clubs. I cut way back because it’s very hard to find busty dancers these days, especially in South Florida where many of the strippers usually have skinny, average bodies.

I can’t even remember the last local dancer we shot for SCORE or Voluptuous who had A RACK. She may have been the great Jezhabelle back in 2004. I almost never go to Florida strip clubs anymore. It’s too depressing.


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Shione Cooper’s mono-kini lingerie

January 24, 2011 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Unfortunately for us, Shione Cooper can’t come to the USA and model so we make the effort go to Shione in Europe. A few weeks ago, SCORELAND presented a fresh Shione hardcore video called “Hot As Hell!” It opened with a sit-down interview with this girl of mystery and we got to learn a lot about her. Here’s a quickie “inter-chat” with Shione because she’s too bewitching to forget and too  intense decked out in that mono-kini lingerie thingie. The stacked rack of a woman,  the beautiful face of a porcelain doll. What a combo. There’s lots more of the perfect brunette inside.

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Buxom Birthday Basheroos

December 3, 2010 by Elliot James 2 Comments
Busty BriAnna originally began modeling and dancing in 1996 as “Titsianna.” Her hyper-flexibility was used for wonderful purposes on striptease stages.
Nadine Jansen won V-mag Model of the Year for 2006, over Nicole Peters and Kerry Marie.
Tanya Danielle co-stars in Boobs Ahoy! Boob Cruise 2K and with Nikki Diamond in Best of Bosom Buddies 2.
Penelope Pumpkins is an accomplished chef. SCORE fan Crazy Jose says Penelope made a surprise appearance at last year’s Adult Entertainment Expo.
Dixie Devereaux was told by a female V-mag reader, a stranger, that she should model for us, and Dixie took her advice.
Mellie D. was born in Bristol, England, grew up in Southern California and now lives in England.
SCORE staffers E. and Elliot discovered co-ed cutie Anna D. Caans at the January ’02 Adult Entertainment Expo.
What can a veteran SCORE Guy say about Alyssa Alps that has not been said by thousands of fans? “On-The-Road” columnist Alyssa used to mail the staff home-baked Xmas cookies.
Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays, ladies.
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It’s safe to jack to Angelina Castro

November 26, 2010 by Dave 1 Comment
Angelina Castro prepares to do the safety dance on top of Juan Largo's pole.

Angelina prepares to do the safety dance on top of Juan Largo's pole.

It was the great 1980s band Men Without Hats that famously sang, “We can dance if we want to. We can leave your friends behind. Cause’ your friend don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, well they’re no friends of mine.”

I’m not quite as close-minded about the dancing issue as The Men were–I don’t think we should disregard people as friends material just because they don’t dance–but I have to admit, the sight of Angelina Castro dancing in the video below definitely gives me the urge to make her a friend of mine.

Of course, dancing means different things to different people. There’s dancing in a club. Slow dancing. Salsa dancing. Cha-cha. There’s break dancing. There’s Dancing With The Stars dancing. There’s pole dancing. And then there’s dancing on a flesh-and-blood fuck pole, as Angelina demonstrates in a new pictorial from the January ’11 SCORE that went up yesterday at SCORELAND.

So, as you prepare to whip it out for Angelina, I’ll remind you of something else Men Without Hats said: “As long as we abuse it, Never gonna lose it. Everything will work out right.”


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Who Is Lana Ivans?

November 19, 2010 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Lana Ivans just debuted on both SCORELAND and SCOREVideos and will be appearing in her first SCORE mag soon. She is brand-new to modeling, and her body and face remind me a lot of those two European sexpots, Iva from Busty Euro Maids and Kristy Klenot from Busty Riding Academy. But who is she? Who is Lana Ivans?

Don’t bother Googling. You won’t find anything. Just watch our Blog video right now. In this video, you’ll learn more about this busty little hottie, a country cousin to Arianna Sinn. (They’re both Romanians.) The chat fun was handled by our man Lester while Dave and I toiled at our desks, alone and forgotten. Lester shoots a lot of the backstage videos. He’ll spirit away a girl if she’s not occupied and have a spontaneous video moment. I like his approach. Like getting their tops off quickly! So I think this will fill in some of the questions you may have about Lana.

Lana joins an amazing line-up for our newest DVD Big-Boob Finishing School, which hits the eBoobstore on Monday. How amazing? Valory Irene. Arianna Sinn. Sophia Mae. Eden Mor. Together. And Michelle Bond in her first SCORE movie as the owner of the finishing school. How great is that? We’ll show you some of the group fun next week.

Oh, yeah, Lana’s also doing a Tits & Tugs video the Saturday after this on SCORELAND. I almost forgot to tell ya that. A fun way to spend Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you, Lana and Lester. Let’s roll the video.

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This would be a great photo if you could get rid of the guy in the middle

November 10, 2010 by Dave 3 Comments

Kelly Christiansen and Karen Fisher surround SCORE editor Dave, who's actually trying to disguise the fact that he's looking at their boobs.

Kelly Christiansen and Karen Fisher surround SCORE editor Dave, who's actually trying to disguise the fact that he's looking at their boobs.

Ah, there we go:

Kelly and Karen, without deer-in-headlights guy.

Kelly and Karen, without deer-in-headlights guy.

You’re probably wondering what 2010 newcomer Kelly and SCORE Girl-since-2001 Karen Fisher were doing in our studio together. Based on what I know, you should be wondering that. I could tell you that a “Built Like a Brick Shithouse” Convention was taking place in Miami, but that would be a lie. Actually, it was taking place in The SCORE Studio. And, yes, the last three days have been a lot of fun, thank you. More details to come, and believe me, it’ll be worth sticking around.

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When two girls who are built like a brick shithouse collide…and I really do mean collide

November 6, 2010 by Dave 8 Comments

Just below these words, there’s a Blog video of Kelly Christiansen and Angelina Castro, and I could tell you all about it, but you’d be better off clicking that sideways triangle (also known as an arrow) and finding out for yourself. I will tell you that Angelina and Kelly are two of the stars of the new hardcore DVD SCOREtv Uncut and Uncensored, available now at eBoobStore.com, and that both girls can also be seen fucking inside SCORELAND. And I’m not going to tell you anything else because all my mind is registering right now is “Holy shit!”

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Kelly Christiansen times 2, plus ultra-hottie newcomer Lana

November 5, 2010 by Elliot James 2 Comments

All good things come to those who wait, and that includes new SCORE Girls, the kind who make you shout “Whoa!” Making a rockem-sockem intro worldwide with her first SCORE mag (Holiday ’10), covergirl and all-around eyecandy (44-28-38, 36H-cup) Kelly Christiansen now takes over both SCORELAND and SCOREVideos.com with a double feature of  horny hardcore fun. Kelly’s husband is a SCORE mag reader, website member and DVD buyer, and at his urging, Kelly sent her pictures to our studio. (He deserves an award himself for going above and beyond.)

“We look at it together,” Kelly said. “I normally look at the magazines more than he does. I like to see what the girls are wearing. Look at their cleavage. I like girls. Girls are hot.”

Lana Ivans. Nothing like a sexy girl to brighten the day.

Lana Ivans. Nothing like a sexy girl to brighten the day.

In Kelly’s interview, she also talked about an experience she and her husband had at a strip club. In the SCOREVideos scene, “A Fuck On The Wild Side” (above), Kelly plays out a fantasy she has about working in a strip club and fucking a guy after his friends have left. In the SCORELAND video, “First Time’s A Charm” (below), Kelly charms the pants off Mr. John Strange (the More To Fuck bachelor). Like, who could resist her? There’s gonna be a lot of pants droppin’ this weekend, thanks to beautiful Kelly. Her body looks smokin’ hot in these vids. Check out these trailers and see what you can expect. Like I’ve mentioned before, if you’re a SCORELAND member, the monthly Loyalty Program includes SCOREVideos.com. A true stimulus package.

Then on Sunday, another new, very sexy babe named Lana Ivans makes her SCORELAND debut in a super-sexy solo vid (Lana debuted on on SCOREVideos last month). You’ll be seeing much of this newbie before the year is up! Trust me, you’ll bust a nut over Lana.  Enjoy the weekend and keep scoring!

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What goes on behind closed bathroom doors doesn’t stay behind closed bathroom doors

October 27, 2010 by Dave 1 Comment
Good grief, it's fun to brush your teeth with Lorna Morgan!

Good grief, it's fun to brush your teeth with Lorna Morgan!

Men…go figure. We never want to go shopping with our girlfriends or wives, but if a busty SCORE Girl asked for volunteers to go bra or tight-tops shopping with her, there’d be a line of men around the block. We complain about how long women take to get ready in the morning and stay as far away from the bathroom as possible, but there’s something about a SCORE Girl’s morning routine that grabs our attention every time. Who would want to watch a girl shave her legs or do her hair or put on her makeup and nail polish…or brush her teeth? Turns out that a lot of people would. I mean, check out that photo to the left of Lorna Morgan from the Holiday ’01 issue of SCORE. She’s…spitting! Yuck? Hot? Hey, it wasn’t my favorite photo in the set, but there were a lot of others that were memorable (like the ones of Lorna shaving her pussy; it’s the kind of ultra-personal thing we don’t usually get to see Lorna do).

Anyway, we revisited the private morning ritual scenario recently, and if you’d like, you can click to it right now at SCORELAND. But that would be cheating. I’d rather you play along with me for a few minutes. Below are four photos, all of the same girl, all from a posting that went up today. Can you name the girl who’s letting us view her private morning routine? And if you already know because you saw the pictorial, don’t guess! Because if you do, I’ll have the mystery girl charge into your bathroom while you’re shaving.

Quite a deterrent, eh?


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You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but you sure can try!

October 8, 2010 by Dave 10 Comments
Tawny Peaks is one of the greatest SCORE Girls ever…depending upon who you ask.

Tawny Peaks is one of the greatest SCORE Girls ever…depending upon who you ask.

When you pick up a copy of SCORE (or browse the on-line version at SCORELAND), do you expect to like every single pictorial? And if you don’t like every single pictorial, will you swear to never buy another issue or subscribe for another month?

I’m praying that your answer to both questions is “No.” Because if it’s not, I’m in trouble.

Back when I was a magazine buyer (as opposed to the editor of SCORE), I was willing to fork over my money for a mag if there was just one pictorial that I knew would get me off over and over again. Back then, I figured five or six dollars was a small price to pay for a half-dozen or more quality jacks. And if an issue had three or four pictorials that got me off, it was a keeper. An all-time great.

Because let’s face it: Even though we’re all big-boob lovers here, we all have different tastes in boobs, girls, bodies, etc. And the odds of every single reader/member being satisfied with every single pictorial in a particular issue are…well, I probably have a better shot at hitting the lottery. The big one.

I started buying SCORE and Voluptuous sight unseen because I could depend on every single issue having at least two, three or more girls who wouldn’t get me down. And that was enough. I mean, even back then, I knew that SCORE wasn’t my own, personal magazine. It wasn’t published just for me, a focus group of one.

And now that I’m the editor of SCORE, I can’t put a girl in the mag just because I like her. I have to be pretty certain that a lot of readers will like her, too. Not every reader. A lot of them. But I know that satisfying everybody with every pictorial will be impossible.

Ashley Sage Ellison always seems to be at the center of controversy. I'd rather stare at her tits than argue.

Ashley Sage Ellison always seems to be at the center of controversy. I'd rather stare at her tits than argue.

One day, I got this letter from B.P. of Toronto, Ontario: “I was a little disappointed in the girls you selected for the bikini pictorial in the August issue. They were all in the huge, super-breasted category. To me, what makes a great bikini girl is not just the way her tits look but also her legs, waist and overall physique. I agree with your choice of Tiffany Towers, but Tawny Peaks? C’mon! She has big tits, but there are SCORE Girls with smaller tits who look better in a bikini.”

But then, the next day, I got this via email: “Re: bikini contest. Although they are all extremely hot I have to vote for Tawny Peaks. She defines a sexy woman.”

So, one guy doesn’t think Tawny Peaks shouldn’t be anywhere near a bikini contest, and the next guy thinks she’s the definition of a SCORE bikini girl.

One guy thinks Ashley Sage Ellison is perfect. The next guy threatens to cancel his subscription if we ever run another photo of Ashley.

And then, when we run another photo of Ashley, and the second guy accuses us of not listening to the readers.

Some readers want us to reject any model who won’t fuck, no matter how stacked she is. Other readers don’t want to see any cock in the magazine. How can you please both? You can’t. It’s impossible.

I could stop running pictures of Minka in SCORE. But then I'd have to go looking for a new job.

I could stop running pictures of Minka in SCORE. But then I'd have to go looking for a new job.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter I ran in the January 2011 issue of SCORE. It’s from Ed of Iowa: “I love naturals: naturally busty and naturally beautiful (as opposed to skinny girls smuggling basketballs). There is definitely nothing wrong with beauties such as Ashley Sage Ellison, Karina Hart or Christy Marks in either magazine. It’s when you feature models like Minka, Lexxi Tyler or Danielle Derek that I have no interest in. Wasted pages that could have decent photo layouts.”

Do you see that? He’s criticizing Minka, one of the most-requested models of all-time! If I go three issues without putting Minka in SCORE, I’m sure to get the “Where’s Minka?” letters and emails.

But then there was this recent Blog comment from J.P. regarding my posting, “Five (and many more) very good reasons the breast of times is now.” “Sorry, Dave, but I totally disagree. Although Miosotis is my favorite of the bunch (and I think Christy Marks is totally overrated), I don’t think any single one of these girls holds a candle to the slim and stacked girls of the 90s. It has nothing to do with nostalgia. SCORE is about HUGE BOOBS, real or enhanced. Enhanced ones are just as good in my opinion.”

Anyway, the purpose of this posting is to 1.) Let you know how we go about doing things and 2.) Let you know that we are listening. We’re always listening. But listening and doing exactly what every reader says are two completely different things. The former is something we do every day. The latter is impossible. Fortunately, keeping every reader and member satisfied isn’t impossible. It’s a matter of getting the recipe right. Using the proper ingredients. And that’s both the challenge and the fun part.

So you keep letting us know what you want. And we’ll keep on sorting this whole thing out…even if, sometimes, it’s enough to drive an editor crazy!

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