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Beverly Paige’s Ginormous Gazongas

July 20, 2012 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Beverly Paige is back at SCORE, and it’s always a pleasure to have her here. It’s been a while.

Today at SCOREVideos, Beverly kills a tight, short dress that clings to her body like plastic wrap.

When she bounces and shakes ’em hands-free as she walks down a staircase, the tears welled up in my eyes. I think I’ve played the first few minutes five times so far.

Maybe I’m insane, but I’d rather see a bouncing boobquake than anything else, and that goes for hardcore, too. Throw in some walking and dancing and I’m even happier.

Beverly doesn’t dance in this video but she does drop to the floor in a very impressive split. That girl is flexy.

And yes, she does ride the couch with a human dildo when he shows up to play with Beverly’s ginormous gazongas.

“I always wanted big boobs,” Beverly said. “I would stuff my bra and walk around. Well, I wasn’t careful what I wished for. And then once I had boobs, I knew I could be a porn star.”

Like Maria once said, “Beverly has a lot of charisma and spunk.”

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Let’s have a candid conversation about double penetration

July 13, 2012 by Dave 17 Comments

Yes, Stephanie, your pussy and ass are going to be filled with cock at the same time.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about DP. You know, double penetration. Totally stuffed. A cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass at the same time. Double dicking.

If you haven’t noticed, there isn’t a lot of that at SCORELAND, SCOREVideos.com and XLGirls.com There’s some, but not much. Daphne Rosen gets DP’d in Boob Science (the scene is at SCOREVideos.com; the photos are at SCORELAND). Jasmine Black gets a cock in her ass and another in her pussy at the same time in Busty Riding Academy (this scene is at SCOREVideos.com). Holly Halston gets double-stuffed in My Wife, Your Meat (also at SCORELAND). And, off the top of my head, that’s it.

There’s a reason we’ve filmed so few DP scenes with SCORE Girls (although many of them were perfectly willing to enjoy a double-dicking if we had asked). Here at The SCORE Group, we’re boob focused, and when a girl is getting her pussy and ass drilled at the same time, it goes without saying that the focus is going to move away from her chest. Second, we’re well aware (because we’ve heard it so many times from so many members and readers) that a lot of you don’t want to see “too much guy.” Well, when the camera closes in for the hot stuff in a DP scene, there’s a LOT of guy. Hanging balls. Cocks. Man ass. All the stuff many of you have said you don’t want to see. In a DP scene, it’s unavoidable, which is why when we’ve filmed three-way anal scenes with two studs, the guys usually take turns on the girl’s ass rather than filling her pussy and ass at the same time.

I’m bringing this up because next week at SCORELAND, we’re going to present a rare DP scene, and it’s a good one because Stephanie Stalls will be the recipient. Yep, the short ‘n’ super-stacked house dancer from Kentucky is going to have her pussy and asshole filled with meat at the same time, and our cameras will be zooming in to capture all the details.

Are you looking forward to that?

Do you like DP scenes?

Would you like to see more of them?

Or do you think SCORELAND should be a no-DP zone?

Let us know because if you’re all-in on DP, then…well, you can finish this sentence yourself.

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Siri, what are you doing this week at SCORELAND?

July 11, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Siri, why are you so hot?

The wonderfulness of Siri is back starting today at SCORELAND. Today’s pictorial is a warm-up for her hot and horny hardcore scene Thursday and Friday.

Siri calls herself a nerd. “I am a techy geek. I am a computer nerd. Oh, and I knit, too. I love Harry Potter, too,” Siri told Maria.

If so, Siri’s the hottest nerd I’ve ever seen, and that puts a new spin on the big-bang theory and the recent scientific discovery, the Biggs Bosom. I mean the “Higgs boson,” the newly discovered “God Particle” that may be the source of everything in the universe, including big tits.

More nerds like Siri are always welcome. But trust us, they are difficult to find.

Here’s a sneak peek.

And if for some inexplicable reason you somehow missed ultra-sexy South Beach bikini hottie Kitana Flores and her wild threesome video at SCOREVideos, here’s a look. What a tush! Traffic stopping!


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Kitana’s first threesome, the perfect starfish and the hottest, bustiest ballerina you’ve ever seen!

July 6, 2012 by Dave 8 Comments

Tits hanging, ass up. Kitana Flores is truly an inspiration.

Seems like yesterday, but it was less than two weeks ago that Maria blogged with Kitana Flores about her new scenes. Both are historic. Kitana’s first anal is already live at SCORELAND. This is a major event because when I think about girls who I want to see getting ass-fucked, Kitana is high on my list. I think there are two criteria for a girl to make that list: 1.) She has to have a nice ass. 2.) She has to have a nice asshole. Kitana scores on both counts.

Quick aside: If you want to see one of the nicest asses and possibly the nicest asshole ever, check out Raquel Sieb at 50PlusMILFs.com. What’s amazing about Raquel (who has big tits, by the way) is that her asshole has been fucked a lot (and it gets fucked again here), yet it has survived the ravages of big cock and continues to be a perfect starfish. Truly a thing of beauty. Poetry has been written about Raquel’s asshole. Well, not really, but it should be.

You owe it to yourself to see Raquel Sieb's tits, ass and asshole at 50PlusMILFs.com. Yes, she does anal.

Anyway, back to Kitana. Ass-fucked. And, now, live at SCOREVideos.com, Kitana is having her first threesome. Kitana told Maria that she isn’t into threesomes in her personal life but was looking forward to this one because, “I’m going to feel like a queen. I’m going to get so much attention.”

Attention? Yes. Plenty of it. The two dudes can’t keep their mitts off her tits, her ass, her pussy. Everything. But queen? I’m not so sure about that. I don’t know about you, but when I think about queens (the Queen Elizabeth type), I don’t think, “Glazed, cum-coated face. Cum dripping off her chin and down to her tits.” Because that’s how Kitana looks at the end of this scene.

I know it's hard to believe, but Estelle is a ballerina.

Back to that anal thing for a second: Which SCORE Girls would you like to see get ass-fucked? I have my list, and I think I’m going to be able to scratch a girl off it next week. I hope, that is. You know what they say…the opera isn’t over until the fat lady sings. Well, in this case, the SCORE Girl hasn’t been ass-fucked until she moans, “Oh, I love that big cock in my ass!” So keep your fingers crossed this weekend. If it all works out, I’ll let you in on the details on Thursday. And if it doesn’t, I won’t.

Now you’re trying to guess, aren’t you?

Also this weekend at SCORELAND: Romanian newcomer Estelle Taylor, the bustiest ballerina you’ve ever seen. A true hottie. I’d love to see her get ass-fucked, but let’s take this one step at a time. Step One this Sunday and Monday.

Enjoy the weekend. Invite some friends over for a BBQ. Make it a threesome.




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Journey deep inside the minds of big-boob lovers and you’ll find…thoughts about big tits!

July 5, 2012 by Dave 5 Comments

Lori Pleasure, dressed for dinner at one of L.A.'s best.

A lot of people comment on the SCORELAND Blog, but I’ve found that some of the most-interesting feedback we get is from the polls. So let’s check out what Blog readers have been saying.

A few months ago, we asked, “You’re going out to dinner with your wife or girlfriend. She’s wearing fuck-me pumps, a short skirt and a top that her tits are pouring out of. What do you do?”

A. Ask her to put on something less-revealing.

B. Enjoy dinner, the view and the jealous stares of other men.

C. Stay home, order in and fuck all night.

My faith in mankind was truly reinvigorated by the results of this poll. The winner: “Stay home, order in and fuck all night” at 58%, followed by “Enjoy dinner, the view and the jealous stares of other men.” Ask her to put on something less-revealing” received almost no support, and I have to wonder, you guys who voted for “A”…what exactly were you thinking?

Dors Feline proves that plumpers look sexy in monokinis.

Then we asked: “SCORE‘s annual swimsuit issue has arrived. What kind of bathing suit do you want to see your favorite busty babe wearing?”

And the winner: string bikini, followed by monokini, followed by regular bikini, followed by regular one-piece. In other words, extremely revealing, followed by very revealing, followed by revealing, followed by not-so-revealing. Again, my faith in mankind has been reinvigorated. I think if one of the choices had been “nothing,” it would have received a lot of votes, too.

And these days, we’re asking, What do you like most about women’s bodies after big boobs?

Are feet "other"? Can you guess whose feet these are?

This one is surprising me. Pretty face is winning, followed by great ass and voluptuous figure tied for second, then slim waist, nice pussy, great legs, nice hair and other.

Other? What else is there? I’m not even sure why we included that choice.

I was pretty sure that most of you would go for “great ass” since, as we’ve discussed, there’s a school of psychology that says that men see tits as an ass substitute. But pretty face? Impressive. Although I’m not so sure about that. Quickly…name your favorite SCORE Girl. Now, without looking at a photo, tell me what color eyes she has.





Total Votes: 586



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Break out the fireworks with a newbie: Sadie Blooms

July 3, 2012 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Sadie is ready to bust out!

Meet Sadie Blooms. As Maria wrote in her video blog, “She came to us by way of her boob-loving ex-boyfriend who said, ‘Take your tits to SCORE!’ and Sadie did.” That man is a hero.

Maria got to unhook Sadie’s bra, too.

Sadie’s only 19 years old and already  measures 38G.

That means plenty of time for her boobs to grow even bigger.

Sadie likes to play tennis and watch her favorite teams, the Eagles and the Phillies, and her goal in life is to enter a triathlon because “it would be such an accomplishment.”

This may sound selfish, but I hope she doesn’t overdo the fitness thing and lose any inches off her magnificent top shelf.

She did her first boy-girl scene at SCOREVideos and tomorrow she makes her debut at SCORELAND with an introductory solo and then another boy-girl on Thursday (video) and Friday (photos).

A lot of models today don’t wait. They set off the explosives right away.

I think Sadie will light your fuse.

Happy 4th!

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Topless titties are A-OK in NYC!

July 2, 2012 by Maria 10 Comments

Niki takes a stroll down the street with her tits to the wind!

Today, I was surfing the great tide of the Internet for big-boob news from all over the world when I happened upon a story about little titties that is making a big splash in New York City.

Apparently, various people have spotted a topless woman on NYC subways and in several parks. When police have been called to the scene to arrest her, they have been trumped by said topless woman, who is actually going topless to bring awareness that in New York City, it is perfectly LEGAL for a woman to be topless in public.

What? No fucking way!


According to a law that was passed 20 years ago in NYC, it is 100% legal for a woman to be topless in public anywhere that a man can be topless. So, if there are men playing basketball in a park in New York and they are shirtless, it is okay for a woman to be shirtless, too! The rule says titties all out in the open are okay as long as the woman is not engaged in commerce. So, as long as she is not working hard for the money, she can let her hard nipples be free in the streets of New York.

So who is this tiny-breasted superhero who is daring New York authorities to try and top her toplessness? Topless activist Moira Johnston. Although she is only about a B-cup, if that, Moira is fighting the good fight for titties to be free, and so we have to salute and applaud her efforts.

When onlookers were asked whether or not Moira’s tits bothered them, they all answered NO and said it was okay and natural and not against the law.

One woman did say that she would be offended if she saw a topless woman who had big breasts on the street because it would probably turn her husband on.

I call HOOTER HATER and Shenanigans on her and say, “From every mountainside…let freedom ring!” And we all know the mountains I am referring to.

Remember when we shot Niki Knockers topless in New York?

Imagine what kind of stir Niki would cause if she unleashed her guns right alongside Moira!

We can only hope that all busty women hear of Moira’s efforts and join her in her topless battle for tits, justice and the American way.

(And we hope we are there, camera in hand, to document their victory!)

What do you guys think? Topless women in every city?

Tit-tit Hooray!!!



In the name of freedom and women's rights, Niki's knockers get a standing (cock) ovation!


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Happy Birthday to me…and these hot, busty babes!

June 26, 2012 by Maria 10 Comments

Today was another great day here at SCORELAND HQ. There is excitement in the air about the SCORELAND “20 for 20.” There were, of course, tits everywhere all day and in my line of vision. I got a sneak peek at some of the goodness that will be posting soon that is going to rock all of your worlds.

Oh, and it’s my birthday.


But it’s not JUST MY birthday. Oh, no.

Happy Birthday Brandy!

Happy Birthday Cassandra!

It is Cassandra Calogera’s and Brandy Dean’s birthday, too!

You can imagine my joy when I found out that I share a birthday with these uber-hot, uber-sexy ladies.

Clearly, I wish I could have some sort of slumber party with them…

(Don’t you?)

But I will settle for sending them a little love here in my blog posting.


And if you ever find yourself wanting to both slumber AND party…


Call me.





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Nos. 6-20 have been announced. It’s time for the final countdown in SCORELAND‘s “20 for 20”

June 24, 2012 by Dave 42 Comments

Linsey Dawn McKenzie was voted the greatest SCORE Girl of all-time by SCORE readers. Will SCORELAND members agree? Will the great LDM, #1 in big boobs since 1996, reign supreme?

Over the past three weeks, we’ve been unveiling, one-by-one, SCORELAND members’ choices in “20 for 20,” the 20 greatest SCORE Girls ever. Here’s what we have so far:

No. 20: SaRenna Lee

No. 19: Venera

No. 18: Natalie Fiore

No. 17: Danni Ashe

No. 16: Sharday

No. 15: Terry Nova

No. 14: Lorna Morgan

No. 13: Angela White

No. 12: Valory Irene

No. 11: Eva Notty

No. 10: Hitomi

No. 9: Leanne Crow

No. 8: Autumn-Jade

No. 7: Kerry Marie

No. 6: Nicole Peters

Starting Monday at approximately four p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, we’ll begin revealing the Top 5, culminating with No. 1 on Friday. That’s right, on Friday, we’ll announce SCORELAND members’ pick for the greatest SCORE Girl ever. Magazine readers have already said it’s Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Did the web guys agree?

Five days to go…which means you only have five more chances to win one of the “20 for 20” gift packs (they include a limited-edition SCORE shirt, a limited-edition SCORE cap, a DVD of your choice, a magazine of your choice and a month of website membership of your choice). They’re literally prized possessions. S.G., one of the winners, wrote to Elliot:

“The prize pack arrived today and as usual, I was blown away by all of it. Amazing stuff of the highest quality..I can’t thank you enough. You all really put together a STELLAR product, whether it be print, online or product. It is so obvious that you and your colleagues work your fucking asses off, evidenced by the everyday at SCORELAND and even more so when you all put on a contest such as this.”

Thanks for the kind words, S.G.

Who do you think will land in the Top 5?


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Roxanne rocks!

June 19, 2012 by Elliot James 2 Comments

If Cyrano had seen GG-cup natural Roxanne Miller’s first photos and video at SCORELAND, more than his nose would have been long.

Your comments about this newbie hottie included:

“Can’t wait to see more of this angel.” (bostonmore)

“She is a newcomer contest candidate.” (Boobman)

“She’s pretty, she’s busty, she likes reading, football and heavy metal. You may have found something in the region of my ideal woman!” (P.H.)

“I love how Roxanne puts a little snap into her spanking. Whip it good.” (Big E)

Anthony and P.H. were impressed by Roxanne being a huge Slayer fan, but that’s only part of Roxanne’s taste in music. “I love good music and go from jazz to swing to country to pop to progressive metal to Brit pop to death to classical,” says Roxanne, who’s a DJ and a writer.

A well-rounded girl in every way!



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