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Your ship has come in. Boobs Ahoy!

February 29, 2012 by Elliot James 8 Comments

A small amount of Boob Cruise 2K issues were just discovered.

The warehouse men were organizing some shelves when one of them found a dusty box tucked away in a forgotten corner high up on a shelf out of sight.

He opened it to find pristine, mint-condition copies of the long-sold out Holiday 2000 SCORE.

This was the Boob Cruise 2000 issue, the chronicle of the fifth and final SCORE sailing, this time on the Windjammer ship, The Legacy, in April, 2000. The ship sailed out of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands and on to such islands as St. Croix, Jost Van Dyke and Sandy Cay.

What a group of passengers!  Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Jessica Turner, Lorna Morgan, Maxi Mounds, Donita, Ariana, Adina, Jessica Justice, Windy Leigh, Melody Foxxe, Tanya Danielle, Dawn Stone, Casey James, Brittany Love and Minka all on one very cool sailing ship. Joining them was Alyssa Alps. Alyssa wrote the ship’s log for the magazine that year.

I was on that ship. My associate E. and I had the job of recording the daily activities on-board and on the islands we visited. He and I didn’t sleep much that week. But sleep could wait until our return to the States. Every day, we would photograph what the girls were up to, day and night, and write the logs, then beam it at night to the SCORE building in Miami.

We had a portable satellite dish that we’d set up on various parts of the ship depending on the time and weather conditions. It was an experiment in the unknown. We didn’t know if it would work, but it did. Every day, SCORELAND members would log in and see the latest pictures and read about what was going on that day. We couldn’t transmit video from the ship, but back then, posted videos on the Net were one-minute clips. Anyone reading this remember the early days of the Web?

That week is still archived at SCORELAND in the “Galleries” section.

Anyway, that 164-page Holiday 2000 SCORE was the most highly anticipated edition of 2000, and when it hit the stores, it had the biggest “sell-through” ever of any SCORE mag. It has full layouts of all of the girls, lots of candid pictures of all of the activities on deck and on the islands and, of course, there’s Alyssa’s daily log of life in the Caribbean with an army of naked SCORE Girls. Double-A was the longtime “On The Road” columnist at SCORE, and she was the perfect scribe for this job.

If you never owned this issue, get one now while we have them. I thought all the copies were long gone, cleaned-out.

I have a copy at home wrapped in plastic and untouched since 2000.

I’ve seen this issue selling at used-magazine websites for 22 bucks.

We’re selling it for $10 postpaid, an unbeatable price.

About to leave for the airport to St. Thomas, USVI.

The wild scene at Miami International Airport.

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Angela White took over SCORELAND. Now put her in Parliament.

February 28, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Angela's delighful tush doesn't get enough praise.

In November of 2010, Angela was running for political office. Man, how time flies.

“I am now officially an Australian politician,” Angela SAID that month. “In the upcoming state elections in Victoria, I am running as a candidate for the Australian Sex Party in the seat of Richmond. In Australia, a lot of our sexual freedoms are being restricted by moral campaigners and prudish politicians. I was driven to stand for parliament over my concern for the rights of sex workers in Australia and my concern over the heavy-handed censorship laws in Victoria that do not reflect public opinion. It is currently illegal to sell X-Rated non-violent pornography in Victoria despite the fact that 76% of Australians believe it should be legal. Yes, you heard me correctly. Where I currently live, it is illegal to sell the porn that I appear in!”

As valiantly as she campaigned, Angela wasn’t elected. Visionaries are often not given their due soon enough.

Tomorrow @ SCORELAND

But she’s young. She’s a spunky girl. She’s got legs. And tush. And boobs. And a lovely face.

And she’s in May ’12 SCORE magazine.

So I urge Angela to run again. She needs to fill that position and make all of Australia a freer country.

I support whatever positions she puts herself in.

I demand that the voters warm up that seat in Parliament for Angela White in the next election. I don’t know when that is. Don’t ask me. Go ask Angela.

What I do know is when the next erection is coming up and that’s tomorrow at SCORELAND when we publish a very naughty pictorial of Angela shot when she was in our half of the hemisphere.

American writer Charles Dudley Warner supposedly coined the phrase, “Politics make strange bedfellows.”

Warner never had the good luck to meet Angela White. There’s nuthin‘ strange about her!

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Live from Miami, she’s Sabina Leigh!

February 27, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

We have a special guest at the studio today, SCORELANDERS. Sabina Leigh of Voluptuous magazine, one of the stars of Pounding The Pledges and Bounce Baby Bounce! It’s been a while and I’m happy to say that Sabina’s looking as pretty and as busty as ever. Wow, is she busty! And while Sabina’s here, she pounded the keyboard too and blogged. (I love  blogging models.) Take it away, Sabina. -Elliot James


Welcome back, Sabina Leigh!

Hi all, Sabina Leigh, here. I am finally back shooting with The SCORE Group again.  I missed them so much.  Everyone here is super professional and major hotties to boot 🙂

I had such a great time shaking my big fat titties all over the studio.

The guys here really banged the shit out of me (in the good way that I love so much).

I can’t wait for you all to see me being rammed by these big-dicked Miami studs.  I hope I get to come back down here more so I can keep sharing these heavy juggs and pink pussy with you all.

SCORE and V-mag fans are seriously the best around.  Kisses to you all and I hope you will enjoy my scenes as much as I enjoyed making them!-XXX, Sabina Leigh

We love when the girls guest blog. Thanks, Sabina!

The boobs eye view of busty blogger Sabina.

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Welcome to SCORELAND, where beautiful, naturally big-titted nerds are always welcome

February 24, 2012 by Dave 12 Comments


What kind of girl reads Harry Potter books? This kind.

Yesterday, Maria let you in on the news that Siri is making her SCORELAND debut today, and on Sunday, Maria will supplement Siri’s first hardcore (yep, hardcore) scene with a short naked karate video. Of course, one of the benefits of being editor of SCORE is that I get to spend a decent amount of time with the models, and when a girl’s as built as Siri is, my visits to the studio tend to become a little more frequent.

Anyway, I conducted the interview that goes up today at SCORELAND, and I’ll let you know that the interview could’ve been a lot longer. A helluva lot longer. Uncut, it came it at almost 30 minutes (throw in commercials and we could’ve filled a 40-minute block on network TV), and the interview ended because, well, because the interview had to end at some point. I could’ve talked to her for two hours, but, to paraphrase a line from the movie Good Will Hunting, Siri had to see about a guy. Actually, she had to see about a guy’s wood.

So, because there should be some perks for visiting the SCORELAND Blog, I’m going to throw out a few choice tidbits from the interview that ended up on the cutting-room floor. Because here at SCORELAND, we believe that the more you get to know a girl, the more you’ll love her. Anyway:

1. Siri is an excellent speller and has actually won spelling bees. I tested her spelling skills, and she aced the words “masturbation” and “cunnilingus.” DING!

2. Siri is a huge Harry Potter fan. She’s read all of the books several times and recently spent three days at “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” in Orlando. Yes, three days!

3. Siri likes gang bangs, but when I asked her what she would pick if she had to choose between a day at “The Wizarding World” or a gang bang, she said, “Can’t I have a gang bang in the van on the way up to the Wizarding World?” I think I told her she could have anything she wants.

I would tell you more about Siri (and will in the weeks and months ahead), but right now, I have to head over to the members area. I have to see about a girl.



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Bustin’ out birthdays

February 23, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

“What’s sexy to me is a man who can dance.”-Alena Snow

“I am a total tomboy. I wear movie T-shirts and a skirt. I always wear a bra. A girl with 40HH breasts like mine has to. It’s a must.”-Alice Webb

“I feel relaxed at strip clubs. I can sit down and have a drink and be entertained and I actually fit in. I am not some girl who stands out because of my big tits because everyone in there has big tits.”-Anna Kay

“I like to cook and clean in my free time and hang out with my kittens and make and edit videos.”-Taylor Steele

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Elaina Gregory’s Incredible Tight Titty Top Try-Outs

February 22, 2012 by Elliot James 8 Comments

One of Elaina's wardrobe choices today and tomorrow

Today and tomorrow, one of my all-time favorite sights is happening at SCORELAND.

The tight top try-outs.

Nothing makes me happier than watching an exceptionally big-boobed hottie boombalottie trying on the skimpiest, most body-hugging tops.

Our president, John Fox, has a saying about the kind of clothes SCORE and V-Mag Girls should wear: “Too tight, too short, too low.”

These are words to live by, at least on my planet.

When I see huge-chested girls wearing baggy, loose, ill-fitting tops and bras, I get a panic attack because it’s such a waste. Don’t get me started on muumuus.

Elaina Gregory is the one to study as she squeezes her 41-inch, 34N-cups into a choice selection of tight tops and bras.

The best is when you can see the nipples protruding through the material.

Elaina was the perfect girl to do this. I have been waiting a long time to see her stuff her boobs into teeny tops like this. I loved every picture and every minute of it. Elaina’s video could have been two hours and it still wouldn’t have been long enough for me.

She also rubs one out, so don’t think it’s all a tight tops try-on.

Observe and report!

Thank you again, Voluptuous goddess Elaina Gregory!


Elaina tries on bras. The world is a better place because of this simple event.

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Meet the New York Yankees’ #1 fan: Nancy Navarro

February 20, 2012 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Nancy Navarro is back at SCORELAND today and tomorrow in a new pictorial and video, “Welcome To The Jiggly Room.”

The Jiggly Room is located at SCORELAND on the corner of Boobs Boulevard and Stacked Street. It’s the in place for tit-men.

Born in Venezuela, on a small island called Margarita, Nancy now lives and works in New York City. She is a huge New York Yankees fan, and they’re probably big fans of Nancy too.

New York City seems to have more staring boob-dogs than the average city.

“There can be times when I’m walking down the street and everybody’s staring and they’re just looking at my cleavage,” Nancy said. “Or I could be walking with a jacket and a scarf on, but they’re still looking because they know they’re hiding. Even in the winter, people will be on the phone and they’ll look up when I walk by. They’ll do a double-take, even though it’s winter; snow, gloves, scarf and everything. You can’t see skin. All you can see is my face and, still, they catch the boobs.”

We don’t blame them, Nancy. They can’t help it.

Nancy’s first SCORE issue, April ’12, might still be at your favorite store. If not, get it from eBoobStore fast and securely.

There are eight-million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.

Welcome To The Jiggly Room

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Out of the mouths of SCORE and V-mag babes

February 15, 2012 by Elliot James 15 Comments


Taylor Steele

Shyla Shy

Penny Porsche

Leanne Crow


Puma Swede


Dave’s Blog of February 13 included part of a reader’s email in which he says he’s become increasingly bored with the model interviews. Like Dave, I disagreed with the reader’s point of view. I’m not saying we invented interviews in big-bust magazines–they’ve been done for decades–but I believe we added a special spin on them: less formal and stuffy and more revealing and frat boy (and more sorority sister when Maria or T do them). And most of them are on video, not done by telephone or email. I never saw anyone do interviews like we do until after we started doing them our way.

After reading this, C.A. asked about the idea of readers sending in questions for future interviews. In fact, we have done this over the years. But we’d be happy to read what you would ask a model in an interview. And if we think the question works, we might use it in an interview.

For this Blog, I wanted to list a few (out of many) of my favorite quotes by SCORE and Voluptuous Girls. The girls didn’t say these things because they felt that’s what we wanted to hear. They said them because they’re revealing women, much more revealing and open than someone who would never model, much less talk about sex and their bodies. No one who has the boldness to bare all on camera, and more, would bother making things up spontaneously on the spot.

Taylor Steele: “I can tell if a guy is a big tit fan ’cause he starts grabbing his crotch because he’s getting wood in there from looking at my tits.”

Shyla Shy: “I like to have my hair pulled while we’re fucking. Like, if you’re fucking me doggie style, grab my hair and pull it. I mean, don’t pull my hair out of my head, but let me know you’re there. I like that.”

Puma: “I like role playing. I once played like I was a schoolgirl visiting my neighbor, and I wasn’t supposed to be into it, but I got so horny, I was soaking wet.”

Penny Porsche: “I’d rather a guy make me cum by sucking my clit, and there are very few men who know how to do that. They have to really suck on the clit. They have to lick it and suck it, and guys are afraid that they’re going to hurt me.”

Leanne Crow: “I can run at someone and then whack him or her in the face with my big boobs. I have done that before.”

Annina” “Most of the time, I wear very little clothing or bikinis and high heels. You know, I really do not wear a lot of clothes. No man wants to see me dress in evening gowns.”

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Choose your Valentine! Who do you have a heart-on for?

February 14, 2012 by Elliot James 5 Comments

A Valentine nod to '50s cheesecake photos.

Sultry Quebecoise Lily has Valentine appeal.

Renee's Valentine outfit gets hearts beating faster.

Everything is roses for Merilyn.

There’s Jenna.

There’s Lily.

They’re not related, but they share the Valentine.

Everything is roses for Merilyn Sakova on this day.

And there’s the fantastic Renee Ross in this Valentine’s Day glamour shot.

Valentines all.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the US, Canada, Mexico, France, the UK and Australia. I’m sure other countries have picked up on it. I’m not clear about North Korea.

A Pope named Gelasius in the 5th century declared February 14 to be St. Valentine’s Day.

In the Middle Ages, the French and the English believed that February 14 was the beginning of the mating season for birds. This could be why a lot of guys think Valentine’s Day is for the birds.

Valentine’s Day is the second busiest greeting-card holiday after Christmas. The big gifts? Chocolate, flowers, red lingerie and candy underwear. There are also candy bras, which is more our speed at SCORELAND.

The St. Valentine’s Day massacre was Al Capone’s holiday gift to Bugs Moran, proving that love can take many forms.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the models!

Happy Valentine’s birthday week to:

Lorna Morgan Feb. 13
Sapphire Feb 14.
Nillis Willis Feb. 14
Plenty UpTopp Feb. 14
Kali West Feb. 16
Jade Feng Feb. 17
SaRenna Lee Feb. 17
Candy Cantaloupes Feb. 17
Nicole Peters Feb. 18
Cynthia Romero Feb. 18

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Why do big-boobed girls have sex in public places? Because they can!

February 13, 2012 by Dave 13 Comments

Arianna Sinn is about to have sex on a public beach. Why? Because she can.

K.S. from the UK writes, “If I could make a comment regarding model interviews in general, I’m becoming increasingly bored with them. It’s not that I don’t care about the person behind the tits. I do. But the line of questioning is tired and always geared towards generating the same kind of responses. ‘When did your boobs start developing?’ ‘Is it difficult to find bras?’ ‘What’s your taste in men?”What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done sexually?’ Yawwwwwwwwwn. If I had a pound for every girl who’s had sex in a hot tub or in some public place where someone might see…And I never believe it. Y’know what would genuinely be a refreshing answer to that question? ‘I’ve only ever had sex in bed with the lights off.’ I’d appreciate that sort of honesty as opposed to what she (the interviewee) thinks I want to hear.”

I’m going to take here a moment to defend the interviews because 1.) I’m usually the interviewer and 2.) I strongly disagree with K.S. on a number of points.

First, I very rarely, if ever, ask a model, “What’s your taste in men?” I don’t want to know. And do you know why I don’t want to know? Because, just possibly, her taste in men might be the exact opposite of me. And I don’t want to hear that.

Second, regarding his comment about not believing the girls when they say they’ve had sex in a public place or a hot tub and instead wanting to hear, “I’ve only ever had sex in bed with the lights off”…

Okay, at the risk of T.M.I., if a model said to me, “I’ve only ever had sex in bed with the lights off,” that’s when I would think she’s holding back and not telling me everything. Why? Because (T.M.I. alert!) even I have had sex in more interesting places than in bed with the lights off. Haven’t you? And if I have and you have, can you imagine where some of these absolutely beautiful, incredibly endowed women have had sex? And why have they had sex in unusual places? BECAUSE THEY CAN! Because if they want to have sex in a public place, they’re not going to have a lot of trouble finding a guy to do it with them.

I mean, imagine…you’re sitting on the beach when a SCORE Girl comes up to you and says, “I want to suck your cock on the beach.” You will most likely find a way to make this happen, whether it means throwing a towel over the both of you or taking her by the hand to the dunes for a quickie right there in broad daylight.

Of course, if a model claimed, “I’ve had sex on the stage of a political convention with millions of people watching,” I’d probably say, “Bullshit.” But no model has ever said that to me.

I mean, you know that thing they call “The Mile High Club”? Having sex in an airplane’s lavatory is pretty wild, but people apparently do it all the time (although most SCORE Girls haven’t; their boobs and another person don’t fit in an airplane lavatory).

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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