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Six girls sitting on a bed, talking tits, Part 2

June 8, 2010 by Dave 8 Comments

moretofuckIn Part 2 of this video (click here to see Part 1), Melonie Max joins her More To Fuck friends Tatiana Blair, Kaytee Carter, Alanna Ackerman, Anna Kay and Destiny Rose for more tit talk about bras, clothing, etc. The best part comes near the end, when the girls all get their tits out.

And now that I have your attention, I’m going to tell you a little more about More To Fuck. In a nutshell: A guy, John, shows up at house for reality TV dating show; the five girls and the hostess are all super-busty; he decides who he wants to marry/continue a meaningless relationship with by fucking three of them (Tatiana, Anna and Melonie). His friend, Lucas, fucks Alanna in the ass and reports back to John. Destiny is a virgin (yeah, right) and doesn’t know how to impress John when all the other girls are fucking, so she decides to put on a lezzie show with Kaytee, the hostess.

Now, about that girl-girl scene: I am not a fan of girl-girl scenes, but this one is great, probably the best we’ve ever filmed at The SCORE Groups. It has real, live pussy eating in which the girls get their tongues in deep, but the best part is that it has real girlie kissing. You know how in most girl-girl scenes, the girls flick their tongues at each other? Well, Kaytee and Destiny kiss like they’re giving each other tonsil examinations. Very hot.

In between the scenes, we get to see the girls in bikinis and tight tops. And, since there seems to be a good girl/bad girl debate raging on the “Blog,” I’d like to point out that all of the girls are good girls who are behaving sluttily for our bachelor’s (and your) pleasure. Basically, they’re acting like our dream girls. There ain’t a bitch in the bunch.

Oh, and one more thing: My desk shares a wall with the studio. When Alanna was getting fucked in the ass by Lucas’s big, black cock, you could hear her moans of pleasure through the walls and all the way across the office. I’m sitting there listening to her being fucked in the ass and getting a hard-on.

Anyway, enjoy this clip, and let me know what you think about More To Fuck.

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Four girls (then five, then six) sitting on a bed, talking tits

June 7, 2010 by Dave 25 Comments

I’ve been sitting on this video for a while, waiting for the release of the DVD More To Fuck (you can get your copy right here). I shot it during a break in the filming of the DVD. The video was supposed to last a few minutes, but as you’re about to see, it went much longer than that, which is why we had to chop it into two parts. Part 1 today, Part 2 tomorrow (unless Elliot or Maria hijack the Blog).

Anyway, the basic idea is four busty girls sitting on a bed talking about bras. Genius, eh? The four girls are, left to right, Anna Kay, Kaytee Carter, Destiny Rose and Alanna Ackerman. But towards the end of Part 1, Tatiana Blair joins the party, and in Part 2 tomorrow, Melonie Max jumps in.

Highlights of Part 1 include:

1. The girls divulging a little-known secret about Victoria’s Secret.

2. Alanna squirting milk out of her tits.

3. The fact that the five girls have totally different types of big tits.

4. The girls breaking into discussion with each other about tits.

5. Lots of naked pairs.

Now, you might be wondering, “Dave, how did you resist the urge to jump onto the bed with the girls and have a breast feast?” The easy answer is that I can’t keep the camera steady with even two hands free, let alone one or less. But the truth is that about a third into this video, my brain just froze up. You can understand why.

Anyway, enjoy. Then check out the DVD. Destiny and Kaytee eat each other’s pussies and do lots of girlie kissing. Anna, Tatiana, Melonie and Alanna fuck real cock. Consider this foreplay.

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Karla, Week 4! Mystery girl revealed! Plus, sweater stretching and anal with Africa!

February 27, 2010 by Elliot James 13 Comments
It's bra modeling time in the Karla James Special.

It's bra modeling time in the Karla James Special.

Holy gazongas, Boob Man! Xmas gifts come way early this weekend at SCORELAND! First up, the stunning Karla James does a bra special in her fourth pictorial. Karla says, “I have to buy my bras from a well-known shop here in England called Bravissimo. They specialize in large support bras for big-busted women.” And they’re doing a fine job of work in supporting the big boobs of the UK, we might add! Don’t forget that next week, we wrap up this special with pictorial #5 plus a video. Ya don’t want to miss it.

Africa and friend take the sweater fetish to the limit in SCORE Theater.

Africa and friend take the sweater fetish to the limit in SCORE Theater.

Today, Africa wears the tightest sweater and the shortest mini-skirt she has for her date with an Englishman who sure loves him some big sweater bulges! Africa gives him everything she’s got and backs up that nice, round butt for his English banger in a SCORE Theater video called “Sweater Stretching And Anal” aka “Bangers And (Mammary) Mash.” Africa’s been cumming here since 2001, and we’re always happy to see her cum. (Or as the Brits say, “I’m arriving.”)

Shione goes all the way on her first SCORELAND date!

Shione goes all the way on her first SCORELAND date!

And finally on Sunday, the month climaxes, and so does the model, in “Boobs, Boots And A Body For Sex” starring the mystery girl that Dave discussed in earlier blogs. So who’s this great mystery girl? Her name is Shione Cooper, and she’s another new, stacked Czech from a long line of buxom Czech beauties. Twenty-two-year-old Shione was only doing mild glamour pin-up posing (no open leg, no pink) when she started modeling last spring, but her chest was preceding her and turning her into the latest big-boobed European sensation. During the last two SCORE road trips to Prague in 2009, our schedules just didn’t connect in the same time-space continuum. Then we got the news that Shione was ready to do bottomless lap-dancing (read: fucking). We didn’t ask her why the change of pace, but never question the power of the boob gods and goddesses looking down from Mount Mammary. Just go with the flow. Shione doesn’t just lay there and say the ceiling needs painting, either. She’s as hot as a sex pistol…a 34DDD caliber sex pistol.

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One, two, three, four…tits galore!

November 6, 2009 by Maria 25 Comments

Tits…four letters that bring joy to my heart.

And while one pair of tits is great, two pairs of tits are even BETTER.

That’s why shooting this video was so great because there were two sexy ladies in front of me with big boobs. (Truth be told, it was like busty heaven. I kind of wanted to sit down between them like the meat in a big-tit sandwich!)

The ladies are blonde bombshell Kaytee Carter and racy redhead Bebe Cooper (two boob debuts this week!), and I caught up with them in the studio while they were between shoots. The ladies talked about buying bras and about what kind of bras they like to wear…but the BEST part of this video is when they talk about what they like about boob play and how they like their tits touched. (Right after they take their tops off, of course.) Or maybe it’s the part where I zoom in on their nipples. lol

Have I told you that I love my job?


Enjoy these ladies (I know I did), and look for them on SCORELAND very soon!

These two hotties are not to be missed!

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When chicks adjust in public

August 2, 2009 by Maria 3 Comments
Haven't you seen a girl adjust her tits in public?

Haven't you seen a girl adjust her tits in public?

Okay, so I have big tits and sometimes I’ve been known to reach down into my bra and shift my boobs around. They’re tits. They bounce around when I walk and jiggle when I giggle. And with all of that moving around, somehow or another, they start to break loose from the confines of my sturdy bras. So, I’ll reach in and lift them and shift them back into place. It’s about a five second process for each tit, and then I am good for about an hour when I have to do it again.

Sometimes I do it subconsciously in public and I will look up and catch some guy watching me like I just tore my shirt off or something. The look on his face reads, “Did you just fondle yourself in public? Did you just cop a feel of your own jugs in my presence? Do it again!” lol

I didn’t really realize that it was a big deal until I caught some guy adjusting his junk at the supermarket the other night.

When I see a guy adjusting his package in public, I stare, too.

Renee's boobs are wild and unruly. She adjusts them in public all the time.

Renee's boobs are wild and unruly. She adjusts them in public all the time.

How could I not? It’s hard to look away when a man palms his cash and prizes right out in the open and shifts them around.

Maybe women shifting boobs in their bras is the equivalent of guys adjusting their junk?

I ran that by new V-Girl Renee Ross, and she told me that there is a huge difference.

“Boobs are hot,” she said. “Touching them in public is hot. It’s sexy to see a woman touch herself like that. But a guy adjusting his package is NOT.”

Big tits: Like a headrest, but better.

Big tits: Like a headrest, but better.

This is true. I guess at the end of the day, we would all rather watch Renee feel herself up and fix her bra, eh?

What say you, boob men? Do you think it’s hot when a woman tit-adjusts in public? Do you guys catch chicks doing this a lot?


PS: Taking these photos for the blog was exhausting. Thankfully, Renee let me rest my weary head on her J-cup pillow tits. Yes, they are comfortable. Yes, they are amazing. In fact, I might have left a little drool on her right tit! lol

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On tube tops and plastic bra straps

July 20, 2009 by Dave 1 Comment

So I’m at lunch today, and I see this Latina chick, 30something and stacked, wearing tight jeans, fuck-me pumps and a hideous tube top. She has that “grinding my pussy against your cock” way of walking that makes my balls ache. At first I think she’s braless, but then I look closer. She’s wearing a bra, but one of those bras with clear, plastic bra straps. I don’t think bras come that way. I think they’re an add-on.

Comment 1: Tube tops suck. They flatten tits and should be burned. This chick probably went out that morning thinking she was flaunting her tits, but she wasn’t. Yeah, there was cleavage, but not as much as there would have been had she worn a top with straps.

Comment 2: Clear plastic bra straps suck. They look cold, rigid. Regular bra straps look soft, warm, cuddly. Is there anyone out there (men and lezzies only) who likes clear, plastic bra straps?

Or am I just thinking about this a little too much?

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