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Jenna Valentine kicks off “Puerto Vallarta Vacation”

August 22, 2011 by Elliot James 7 Comments
Puerto Vallarta Vacation with Jenna Valentine.

Puerto Vallarta Vacation with Jenna Valentine.

On this day, Jenna Valentine puts on and takes off her teeny weeny purple polka dot bikini poolside overlooking the Mexican resort city Puerto Vallarta in a boob-packed pictorial and video (plus candids) in Part One of “Puerto Vallarta Vacation.” Now that’s a bikini stretcher! Jenna’s boobs and bod are looking more awesome than ever. Her now-raven-black hair is very sexy, too. Mexico just got a lot hotter.

Has it been over a year since Jenna teamed with Karla James, Taylor Steele, Natalie Fiore and Arianna Sinn for “On Location Grand Bahama”? Where does the time go? Natalie rejoined Jenna in Mexico, and their new bosom buds are Leanne Crow, Hitomi and Micky. We’ll be seeing those hotties as Puerto Vallarta Vacation week continues.

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Did you know that Puerto Vallarta means Port of Big, Fat Tits?

August 2, 2011 by Dave 21 Comments
Micky towers over Natalie Fiore and Hitomi outside an Asian restaurant in downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Micky towers over Natalie Fiore and Hitomi outside an Asian restaurant in downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Looks like the jig is up. Yesterday, when revealing that Leanne Crow was one of five models who joined us for our latest on-location shoot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I asked, “Can you guess who the other four models are?”

Micky enjoys margaritas. We could get drunk on Micky's cleavage.

Micky enjoys margaritas. We could get drunk on Micky's cleavage.

Well, in one of today’s photos of Micky Bells (who’s obviously among the five), we get to see two more of the ladies who joined us on this trip to Mexico’s Pacific Coast. That’s Natalie Fiore on Micky’s left and Hitomi on Micky’s right. And by now, you should be getting the idea that this was one of our most talent-packed, big-boob-packed trips ever.

Reported Tushna, our studio manager, “Micky stayed up late watching the first lightning storm of the season and played skee ball with limes down her cleavage. Four limes, to be exact, all in a row.”

Skee ball…you know, the arcade game. Get the ball in the center hole and win a prize. In Micky’s case, the prize is her J-cup naturals.

By the way, Hitomi has J-cup naturals, too. And Natalie? She’s bustier than ever, which seems to be the case every time we see her. Will her boobs ever stop growing? I hope not.

Tomorrow, more of Hitomi. Natalie on Friday. And Thursday, the fifth mystery girl (unless I inadvertently reveal her before then). Stay tuned (and feel free to check us out on Twitter).

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Blonde, big-titted Brittany O’Neil takes on a big, black cock…for the first time!

July 14, 2011 by Dave 7 Comments
What's on the BBC today? Brittany O'Neil!

What's on the BBC today? Brittany O'Neil!

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Brittany O’Neil? She’s done it all.” Boy-girl hardcore? Of course. Bondage? Yep (with photos and video at SCORELAND). Girl-girl? Yep. Anal? Yes, a long time ago. Three-ways? Check her out with Angelique and a dude at SCORELAND. As I wrote recently in SCORE, Brittany, a SCORE Girl since 1993, is “famous for being a classy lady off-camera, a fucking slut on-camera.” And I mean that in the most admiring way.

But the truth is that Brittany has not done it all. Until today, she had never done an interracial scene. Yep, black cock had never stuffed Brittany’s mouth or tight pussy. But now, Brittany is a proud, card-carrying member of the BBC Club. That’s not British Broadcasting Corporation. It’s Big, Black Cock. The cock belongs to Lucas Stone, and the contrast between Lucas and blonde, tan-lined Brittany is definitely something to see. This scene also proves that although Brittany’s pussy is tight, it’s accommodating because it opens up to take all of Lucas’s BBC.

In addition to fucking hung, black studs, Brittany has also been busy doing some mainstream theater and movie acting. She was in a movie called Ironhorse (by the people who did Reservoir Dogs), and she also appeared onstage in the very G-Rated show Fiddler on the Roof. Brittany O’Neil in Fiddler on the Roof…sounds crazy, no? But having sex on-camera is definitely what she does best.

“I can be myself,” Brittany said. “I mean, when I’m in mainstream movies or the musical, I have to be someone else, but in my hardcore movies, it’s all me. I love being sexy, I love having sex and I don’t have to cover anything up. This is the real me, guys. I hope you enjoy it!”


Photos today, video tomorrow at SCORELAND.

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More fun with Beverly Paige!

June 12, 2011 by Maria 16 Comments

Remember when I told you about the exciting newcomer Beverly Paige? (You should…I told you last week!) Well, here is our second installment with Ms. Paige. I said it before and I will say it again, Beverly is a bundle of joy and jiggles. I caught up with her as she came off the set from doing a tits-and-tugs scene in which she played a naughty schoolgirl who gets all sorts of lessons from her professor. While we chatted, she was groping and squeezing her boobs the entire time! (It almost brought a tear to my eye to write that, it was THAT beautiful to watch.) Beverly, a California native, told me that she enjoys cooking, baking and dressing up in hot outfits in her spare time. She also said  she enjoys modeling and loves knowing that her fans watch her and get off. A woman who will make you dinner and cupcakes while she is wearing a skimpy costume, who will also encourage you to jack off to her blouse bunnies? Oh, yeah, we are in love, too. Look out for Beverly’s debut on SCORELAND and for a full-length interview in V-mag, both coming soon. Until then, just watch this blog video over and over. (Especially from :29-:36, where Beverly jumps and jiggles for your viewing pleasure.)

xoxo, Maria

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Three Cherries! Jackpot!

February 25, 2011 by Elliot James 3 Comments

She's a one-woman tit squad!

She's a one-woman tit squad!

Cherry Brady. That lusty, busty, redhaired voluptuous vixen who sports a bra tag that reads 36G (sometimes 38G). An intelligent, active woman who loves and worships everything about tits. Who does not believe in breast reduction. Who truly comprehends the specialized mind of the tit-man. Because Cherry is a tit-woman who walks the walk and talks the talk, and we’re damn lucky she likes to share her toys.

In “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall” starting today only at XLGirls.com, Cherry models the hottest bikinis, tops and other titty-tighties, then plays with her famous heavy hangers and her cherry-fine pussy in front of a three-sided, full-length mirror. See a different side of Cherry. Like three sides of Cherry in this fresh, hot and horny vid. So who needs television?

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Fantasy SCORE: Yay or nay?

February 23, 2011 by Elliot James 11 Comments
The last Fantasy SCORE.

The last "Fantasy SCORE."

Beshine. A human Fantasy SCORE.

Beshine. A human "Fantasy SCORE."

“Fantasy SCORE” has a history in SCORE magazine that goes back to the August 1992 edition (Volume 1, Issue 2 with Letha Weapons as the covergirl). British artist Duncan Gutteridge’s ongoing monthly assignment was to take a celebrity and paint her with impossibly huge tits along the lines of Chelsea Charms and Beshine…years before Chelsea and Beshine became Chelsea and Beshine. Duncan’s first run ended in the Holiday ’99 issue.

Beginning with the December ’04 SCORE, “Fantasy SCORE” was revived as a semi-regular feature, often alternating with the “Rocket Girls” series painted by the great Otis Sweat until Duncan’s final “Fantasy SCORE” illustration in the February ’09 issue. Many of the paintings from the first series  and all of them from the second series are preserved in SCORELAND‘s Art Gallery section along with “Dream SCORE,” “Bomber Girls,” “Dick Boy” and other works of big-bust art.

Although “Fantasy SCORE” ended, we still get mail from people who have never forgotten it. With new female celebs who can barely fill a C-cup popping up all the time, there’s no lack of new potential subjects. We continue to get requests to revive it, usually with the person making the request’s favorite celebrities. When we publish those letters, inevitably someone else writes against bringing it back. A while ago, Greg wrote, “The reason I’m writing is because I am disappointed that you no longer have ‘Fantasy SCORE.’ I always was so excited to see who you would have next. Please bring it back. There are lots of us fans out here.” In this weekend’s “Scorecard,” R.L. writes, “I must agree that ‘Fantasy SCORE‘ is due a return and would continue to be a very popular feature.” He lists several celebs he’d like to see given a “Fantasy SCORE” boob job.

On the other side of the fence are the letters such as “I don’t like art or cartoons. Just give us photos. ‘Fantasy SCORE’ is a waste of space.” I’ve seen a lot of those letters, too.

I personally love busty art and have enjoyed Otis’ and Duncan’s work since I first saw them. One painting a month, in print and on the Net, certainly doesn’t negatively impact the amount of photos we run. I also believe those two guys inspired many younger fans to try their hand at creating their own art. Just to clarify things, there have been no discussions here about reviving “Fantasy SCORE” (or “Dream SCORE“).

What do you think? Yay or nay?

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Ya want chicken wings with those breasts?

January 10, 2011 by Elliot James 1 Comment

AngelGee24271_002If I owned a sports bar or a Hooters-type hangout, I’d absolutely hire Angel Gee as a waitress. On second thought, I’d hire Angel Gee as the head manager. No, I’d hire Angel Gee and make her a partner. Hey, I’d just give Angel the deed and the keys to the place. I mean, look at the body on this girl. Today’s pictorial of Angel matches the Sports Bar video in SCORE Theater. I like what she’s wearing better than any Hooter’s uniform. Of course, the wings go by the wayside, the clothes come off and the breasts come out. Because this is Angel Gee and Angel Gee loves tits, especially her own set. She dresses hot. A lot. Why not? “I love heels! I think I was born in them. I even walk around the house in them. My slippers have heels. It’s so sexy for me. I just like to be sexy and dress up, and I love to dress down.” What happens when she goes out for a meal? Angel says, “Male waiters and bartenders tend to get really nervous. I’ll talk to them and try to make them feel comfortable, but you can tell they want to stare at my boobs the whole time. I just laugh because it’s amusing to me. But I like that they love my boobs.”  Angel Gee, putting the hot in hot sauce only inside SCORELAND. She’ll French-fry your brain.

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Tits the season for succulent, juicy breasts

November 25, 2010 by Elliot James 10 Comments
Every day is Thanksgiving with Sabina.

Every day is Thanksgiving with Sabina.

As my busenmeister colleague Dave points out, giving thanks for big boobs and the women who show them is pretty much mandatory at this time of the year. I also give thanks that we don’t have to deal with a burka dress code. Now, since giving thanks for big tits is a worldwide guy thing, I’d like to celebrate the international flavor and taste of succulent, juicy breasts today with this list of what tits are called in other countries. Bon appetit!

Afrikaans: bors
Arabic: biz
Chinese: nu nu
Finnish: rintas
French: poitrines, seines, mamelles
German: Mopse, titten
Hungarian: cici, didi, didko, mell
Indonesian: dadas
Italian: (tits: zinne; titfucking:spagnola)
Japanese: oppai, kyonyuu (huge breasts), dekapai (huge breasts described in a vulgar, dirty manner)
Macedonian: cicki
Norwegian: brysters
Portuguese: peitos
Polish: cycki
Quebecois: boules
Romanian: tites
Russian: siski
Spanish: agaraderas (literally, things to grab), alimentos, chichis, repisas, tetas,
Swahili: kifua
Swedish: tuttar, brosters
Swiss-German: chabis
Yapese: thuuth

So now all of us can say tits in Yap. Who says we’re not in search of academic excellence? If any SCORE Guys know of any titular expressions in other languages, feel free to drop a comment.

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Hanging around, hanging around

November 17, 2010 by Dave 4 Comments
Nicole's tits are like giant sacks of flour.

Nicole's tits are like giant sacks of flour.

Cathy Brown has to use all her strength to keep from toppling forward.

Cathy Patrick has to use all her strength to keep from toppling forward.

Which model has the best hangers ever? I thought about that question the other day when the new set of Carol Brown went up on SCORELAND. Thinking back to the 1990s, I remember Carol as having a great pair of hangers and also being an outstanding self-sucker. But then I looked her photos and realized that she isn’t really a self-sucker (she’s more of a self-licker) and although her boobs are great, they’re not what we’d call hangers.

Autumn-Jade shows us how she keeps her hangers in shape.

Autumn-Jade shows us how she keeps her hangers in shape.

Funny how our memories sometimes play tricks on us.

Chloe Vevrier. Great pair of hangers, right? Well, kind of. Great pair of tits, no doubt, but, like Carol’s, Chloe’s tits are too full and heavy to be called hangers. In my opinion, a great pair of hangers is full but they has a certainly pliability,  almost as if the bottom part of the boob (the part closest to the nipple) is pulling the top part down when the girl bends over, like giant sacks of flour, like all of her boob meat has gone to the lowest-hanging part of her boobs. Girls like Chloe and Carol are so full throughout that you don’t get that pull-down effect.

So, which girls have the best hangers ever? I’ve shown pictures of three candidates, although they’re far from being the only candidates. For my money, Nicole is No. 1. What do you think?

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