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It’s always sunny in SCORELAND. No winter coats needed.

January 2, 2012 by Elliot James 3 Comments
Why, isn't that Melissa Manning?

Why, isn't that Melissa Manning?

Michigan can be a treasure chest of busty babes. Janet Jade, Katt Messina, Casey Cleavage, Dusty Rose and Dayton Hines are from Michigan.

I like Michigan (except for the snow and the sub-freezing temperatures that force girls to wear winter coats over their tank tops and tight, tube dresses).

Melissa Manning, one of the best newcomers of 2011, lives there.

See a fresh set of Melissa at SCORELAND right now. No winter coat, as you can see.

I really enjoyed Melissa’s chat with Dave and her candy cane skit in SCOREtv Holiday Edition 2011. Melissa has personality and charm. And she looks great in tight, low-cut tops and out of them.

Melissa would be perfect for an “On Location” special the next time a trip is planned to the Caribbean. I can see it now.

No winter coat, boots or scarf required.

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Birthday bliss, plus big-boob debates that never get old

December 8, 2011 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Big birthday shout-outs to Toppsy Curvey (Dec. 9), Kerry Marie (Dec. 9), TracI Topps (Dec. 10),ย  Casey Cleavage (Dec. 12), Angelina Vallem (Dec 12), Kitty Lynxxx (Dec. 12), Becky Sunshine (Dec. 12), Kellei G. (Dec. 12), Bella Blaze (Dec 13) and Carrie Ashton (Dec. 14). They proved that the earth was not flat.

I was reviewing several older “Scorecard” pages, and when I got to 2002, I found this group of letters that shows no matter the year, some topics have no expiration dates. I’m sure that in 10 years from today, the same issues will be brought up. Some subjects seem to be eternal, and I enjoy reading the different opinions about them.

“As far as I’m concerned, I would rather see all your models without clothing of any kind. Anything that covers up a model’s assets is boring and does not promote the model in any way. I don’t care if other readers think it is ‘sexy’ or not. As I have said, if readers are into models with clothing, they can check out Victoria Secrets or Fredericks of Hollywood or the Sears catalog if they are that hard up. Sears will provide all their needs in the bra and panties section. Please! As for Crystal Gunns seducing me in a tight top, no thanks! She came into this world without a stitch on, and that’s exactly how I want to see her! Why men want to see women back in clothing is beyond me, especially on an Internet site. I mean, it took how long to get them out of clothing? How long did we have to wait for hardcore, then I suppose somebody is going to suggest doing away with that? Let’s go forward, not backwards in our thinking!”-R.D.K.

“I would like to see models posing in more lingerie and sexy clothing like short skirts with hose and garters and cleavage revealing tops. I say that lingerie is incredibly sexy and allows more imagination. Please consider my proposal and keep up the good work!”-Van.

“I have to voice off on recent comments about SCORE models wearing clothing. I enjoyed Kristy’s pictures because of the dress. I like the idea of these busty models wearing tight-fitting clothing and slowly disrobing. Your strip sets are the best! It’s quite titillating to see a woman in provocative, sexy clothing before seeing pink.”-A.G.

“Take a look at photos 11-14 in the set of Ines Cudna [SCORE Studio Gallery 50]. What is missing? Look closely…she is not wearing any shoes! Can you look at that and honestly tell me the shots would’ve been better had you placed a pair of those ridiculous pumps you make the women wear? She looks so sexy and fuckable! The shoes would’ve distracted from the shot as they do in all of the sets in poses like that. Sure, the legs look better in the shoes when they are standing but not lying down or on all fours or on their stomach like Ines is doing. I subscribe to BustyKerryMarie as well, and she also has beautiful feet. Yet every single picture has her wearing some kind of slip-on shoe, even on her back in a bed or on a couch. They distract from the rest of her and need to go. I’m not a foot fetishist, but I love a nice pair of them. I’m suggesting use the shoes for the standing shots, but lose them when lying or doggy-style shots.ย  Bad enough you apply so much makeup to these women that many would be unrecognizable on the street, but a naked body with just shoes on? It is so unrealistic! Yes, I have had my women prance around a little in heels and nothing else, but when itโ€™s time to hit the bed or couch or kitchen table or wherever, the shoes come off! There is the tendency lately in porn and mags to ‘glam up’ the models with a ton of makeup. Personally, a little more natural look is much more desirable.”โ€“M.G.

“Just read a letter from a guy who’s anti-heels. He’s entitled to his opinion, but, personally, I look at it as an escape from reality and that often involves seeing these fantasy ladies decked out in heels, hose and all manner of trashy lingerie. I’ve always believed that such apparel serves to enhance and accentuate a model’s natural assets. High heels in particular cause a woman’s ass to jut out all the more and who doesn’t love the sight of tits straining against or busting out of tight, sexy tops? I have a particular thing for shoes so I hope you’ll continue to feature them heavily, not that I think you ever wouldn’t.”-K.S.

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This week in bodacious birthdays

December 9, 2009 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Ladies, your birthdays are the annual event to celebrate the gift of YOU to the planet and to SCORELAND.

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