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Lay-away at the furniture store of Chloe Lamoure

December 14, 2018 by Elliot James 3 Comments

When I saw a photo of Chloe Lamoure, I said we have to photograph that girl.

Chloe was a bodybuilder and weight trainer before she got into adult action. She was training heavily but stayed skinny even though she would eat. Now Chloe’s at a body shape and weight that she’s happy about.

“I’m a strong girl from my training,” Chloe said. “Sometimes a guy will say to me, ‘You’re really a strong girl, you’re too much for me.’ But I’m just like other girls.”

Like other girls? I don’t think so. I can also see why she says she’s too much for some guys, and this scene proves it again.

In today’s installment of the Chloe Lamoure show, she has furniture to sell. No problem. Chloe could sell electric blankets in the Middle East.

Steve drops by to check out her goods, but her rack diverts his attention. Steve drives a hard bargain when he shops, but after seeing this hottie, he wants to find out if the furniture is also cum-stain resistant. Once they get going, Steve zeroes in on Chloe’s fit behind.

Chloe’s a girl who enjoys anal sex. “In the beginning, it was strange for me,” Chloe told us. “Then I started to love all of it.”

Chloe’s furniture sale is having a slow day so why not?


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Chloe Lamoure is from the Czech Republic, and that means she fucks

October 6, 2018 by Dave 3 Comments

The hotter the better, the deeper the wetter for Chloe Lamoure.

“I’m a passive girl with men,” said Chloe Lamoure, who can be seen fucking right now at SCORELAND. “I like that feeling that the man has control over me and I do as he wants. I really love to give blow jobs and I usually swallow my partner’s cum.”

Chloe is a Czech chick, and you know what they say about Czech chicks: the ones who haven’t done porn are the unusual ones.

Seriously, is there something in the water? If so, the U.S. should import it. Do we have import tariffs on water?

In this scene, Chloe’s partner cums on her tits. It’s a hot, sweaty scene in which both of them are really into it. But let’s face it: If you were fucking Chloe, you’d be into it too, right?


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Chloe Lamoure tomorrow at SCORELAND

September 12, 2018 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Chloe Lamoure discovered early she has a talent for turning guys on, and she does it effortlessly.

“I like to show myself off so I wear tight T-shirts and dresses,” Chloe said.

Chloe’s the first SCORE Girl since 1992 to say that she reads the works of sleazy American writer and boozer Charles Bukowski. That confirmed to me how hot she is.

We’ll start with an introductory scene and show Chloe’s first SCORE hardcore in a few weeks.

Chloe Lamoure flashes a smile and more.


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