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April 22, 2014 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Bob writes: “Guys love girls walking without bras in tight, cleavage-spilling clothes, breasts jiggling and heaving with every step. Yet, for whatever reason, we seldom see any good long shots of this. I mean, for a full minute or so without the dizzy gonzo view of some Handycam, which blurs the movement of the breasts. So the idea is this: Use a dolly and just have the girls do their runway walk in different outfits. It would be a great extension of the standard outfi- trying scenes that we love. But please, ditch the Handycam and keep the angle at slightly above breast level so we have the best view.”

M.V. writes: “When the girl’s doing a hardcore video, please have her squeeze, lick and suck her own tits as much as possible while the guy’s fucking her in different positions. I love to see a girl fixated on her tits. Another thing I like to see is the couple changing positions instead of that part being cut out by the editor. It looks more natural. Please keep this in mind with all your future hardcore videos.”

KMan writes: “It isn’t that I don’t think you should have variety for your sites. I understand that you have to cater to a wide range of fans and tastes. My main concerns stem from that it seems like EVERY scene ends with a creampie of some kind. If it’s a girl who’s done a few scenes, like Eva Notty, for example, and you do a creampie or an interracial, I have zero problem with that. I just won’t view that scene and have others to choose from. However, it seems that every new model’s first scenes are creampies, particularly on XLGirls. I am a long-time member of your sites because I like your content and the girls, and I like how the scenes were filmed. They were filmed classy, with a good emphasis on the girls curves and chests and that is usually where the pop shot ended.

“Over the last year or so, it seems that you’ve gotten away from there, with more and more internal cumshots as the main focus on scenes. I guess my only complaint would be to stick to what SCORE started to be and that was boobs and more boobs. If you wanted to do multiple scenes, or have internal shots on a separate site, then I’d have no issue. It would be as if you started having more and more and finally most scenes, especially with new girls, end with the guy finishing on their feet or their ass. You don’t do that, and if you do, you have a site like LegSex.com or BootyLicious.com to feature that. I’m not sure what your overall response is to internal shots. My guess is it is positive if you keep doing them, and I wouldn’t expect you to change for me or a few other people if the majority are happy. I would only ask that you keep in mind the spirit of what your main site, SCORELAND, was founded on.”

Send your SCORE emails to SCORE@ScoreGroup.com and your V-mag emails to Voluptuous@ScoreGroup.com.

Happy Birthday, Summer Sinn (April 23)

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The word allure is in Alura Jenson’s name

December 28, 2012 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Alura is alluring.

I like her name.

Alura Jenson.

If I were a sci-fi writer, Alura is the kind of name I’d give to the queen of a planet of big-boobed Amazons.

Actually, someone did already. In an anime called Voltron Force, there’s a hot chick named Princess Allura.

Alura Jenson is a dancer and model. She has very big boobs and an equally big appetite for sex. She’s real, not an anime character.

Alura lives in Las Vegas and dances at a club called The Palomino in North Las Vegas. I know the place. I used to go there. Mega-boobed Platinum Peaks used to feature dance there in the early ’90s. Some of you might remember her.

If you’re on the Las Vegas Strip, you just head straight north and the Palomino is on your right. It used to be the only all-nude club in town that served liquor. I think it still is. It’s about eight miles from the main action of Vegas but well-worth the visit. Especially since Alura is currently strutting her sexy stuff there.

Hey, it’s not called the Las Vegas Strip for nothing.

Boom-Boom In The VIP Room with Alura Jenson.

We have an Alura double-feature this weekend. At SCORELAND, Alura gets a wild and nasty anal creampie bang and more in “Analyze This“, and at SCOREVideos, she dances in our own little VIP room before riding a stripper pole of another kind in “Boom-Boom In The VIP Room.” I strongly advise doubling the amount of protein powder and lecithin in your shakes this week just to keep up with Miss Jenson. I’d heard that she was wild. I didn’t know how wild until I saw her in action, leaving scorch marks on the couch. Alura said that she had a huge orgasm before the guy busted his nut in her butt-hole. And then she immediately sucked his dick.

Alura lives up to her name. Welcome aboard a new hot chick.

She’ll be in the June ’13 SCORE, on sale March 19th.



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Meet Marilyn Mayson. Silky skin, milky mams

March 28, 2012 by Elliot James 16 Comments

New XL Girl Marilyn Mayson has milky hooters.

We found newbie Marilyn Mayson in our never-ending search for new pretty models with great, big knockers. I suggested Marilyn contact SCOREModelsWanted.com because I thought she’d be awesome for XLGirls.com and XL Girls magazine. I never know if a girl will actually do it, but sometimes the magic works.

And it did. Marilyn’s first pictorial hit the skinternet yesterday, and today, the video version goes live.

Marilyn has really beautiful, heavy, 38H-cups that are full of milk. She speeds up the creamy leakage by squeezing her jugs and pinching her nipples. Marilyn can suck her nipples, which is something many big-boobed girls can’t do. At one point in the video, the camera operator placed a sheet of glass between Marilyn and the camera so she could spray it.

Marilyn likes dirty talk, role-playing, cream pies, fingering, toys, sexy outfits and underwear and aggressive guys. Our kind of girl-next-door. I predict she’ll be a big hit at XLGirls.

The cream pie is delivered tomorrow.


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