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Alaura’s smiling because soon she’s gonna get it!

June 29, 2017 by Dave 16 Comments

Alaura’s lovin’ it!

The results are in from the poll in which we asked, “What’s your favorite part of Alaura Grey’s first tit-fuck and blow job scene at XLGirls.com?”

“The combined tit-fuck/blow job!” said 27%. The winner!

“Alaura’s smile as she rubs the cum into her face and tits!” said 25%.

“The tit-fuck!” said 23%.

“The glazing of her huge rack!” said 14%.

“The blow job!” said 11%.
Next Friday (one week from tomorow) at XLGirls.com, Alaura will get her sweet, tight pussy fucked on-camera for the first time. What about that scene are you looking forward to the most?
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Am I seeing things, or is something dripping from Rockell’s tits?

September 7, 2016 by Dave 7 Comments

Rockell got sploshed.

No, I’m not seeing things, and neither are you. Rockell has been sploshed. Sprayed with cum. This scene, posted last week at SCORELAND, is the nastiest we’ve seen Rockell get, and it might be the nastiest we ever see her get. But who knows? I never thought I’d see the day Cindy Cupps or Valory Irene did a tits ‘n’ tugs scene, and they both did. As the great 1970s band Orleans sang, “Love takes time/And it’s hard to find/You gotta take some time/To let love grow, whoa.”

Whoa, indeed.

Coming up at SCORELAND: new Sheridan Love boy-girl on Friday, new Minka on Saturday. Minka’s comeback BG has been scheduled for October 7, Danielle Derek’s for October 14. Danielle’s is with JMac; talk about a small girl taking on a big guy. From what the studio people told me, Danielle enjoyed every inch.

Also coming soon: new Rachel Raxxx XXX.


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Is that Mischel’s saliva or did he just cum on her tits?

May 20, 2016 by Dave Leave your thoughts

Mischel is getting the cock ready for her hairy pussy.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. The only reason I knew that this was Mischel Lee’s spit and not George Lee’s (no relation) cum is that the photo came early in the photo set. Of course, there’s always a possibility that the guy came prematurely on her tits and then is going to fuck her and cum again. Mischel has that effect on men.

Mischel Lee swims against the tide. She has a hairy pussy. She’s had it for as long as we’ve known her. She gets that hairy pussy fucked today at SCORELAND.

And Saturday at SCORELAND…it’s Rachel Raxxx Day! I’m put this huge-racked natural in a category with Miosotis and Roxi Red as the bustiest slim ‘n’ stacked naturals ever.

Nice Raxxx.

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“Scorecard” letters. We get “Scorecard” letters.

March 28, 2016 by Elliot James 12 Comments

The Uncensored Guide to Lap Dancing

Dave and Elliot’s series on lap dancing (“The Uncensored Guide to Lap Dancing“) was a hoot. I’m sure much of it was true, but I’ve found that strip clubs in North Carolina are dull compared to the clubs in Florida. The part of the article that interested me was the so-called SCORE/Voluptuous model with body odor. I love the natural odor of a woman during sex. Call me a freak and a pervert, but I get off on the smell of women. My girlfriend plays golf, and after 18 holes, she’s hot and sweaty. The first time we had sex was after her three-hour-plus round with her girlfriends. She wanted to shower first, but I was too horny. She worried about her smell. I told her I was turned on by her smell. We fucked all over the apartment for about 45 minutes. I enjoyed every whiff of her body. She knows I’m a freak and loves that I want to smell her pussy and asshole when I’m giving head. So if a girl has a little stink, go for it and enjoy!–B.H.

Girls wanted. Must have big boobs.

Where do you guys find and recruit your models? I ask because I know a woman who would be perfect for you. She has long, blond hair, 44E tits and a great body. She’s not really my girlfriend, at least not yet, but she is the kind I really like. She thinks she’s fat, but I keep telling her that many, many men adore women like her and there are even magazines dedicated to full-figured women. I have read interviews of women who said they were encouraged by their husbands or boyfriends to pose nude for you so that got my curiosity involved. How can I get info on how to get my friend to apply to be a model?–T.G.,

We never met a woman who didn’t think she was fat. We find models from all over. It’s more difficult now for American-based companies to photograph non-US models on US soil because of government requirements. That’s why we shoot girls like Lila Payne outside the US. Log on to http://www.BeAScoreModel.com for the answers to your questions. The way to apply for any of our categories are outlined.

Sometimes ya feel like a nut

My favorite way to see a video end is the facial or in the mouth with cum swallowing and dripping out of her mouth onto her tits. Everyone, including yourselves, seems to end quickly as soon as the male cums. You should linger more after the cum shot and not be in such a rush to end the scene. If she will take cum in her mouth, let’s see the girls roll the cum around in their mouths, opening their mouths wide and sticking out their tongues in a playful way. When the guy just cums on her tits with the girl just laying there quietly and the scene fades out, there’s no sharing between them. She might as well be a photo he is cumming on. When she opens her mouth and offers her face for cum, it feels like they are sharing and that she really wants to enjoy his cum. Now, if a girl doesn’t want cum on her face or in her mouth, she should at least rub the cum into her tits for a while before the scene is ended or, better, let’s see her get up and shower it off in the bathroom like she would do normally. Another thing you should do is to get very close to her tits or face, wherever the guy cums. I am not a fan of creampies unless the girl is good at raving about it when he cums and she pushes it out, and most of them are not. Creampies are boring and you have no choice but to look at the guy’s cock in her pussy until he pulls out. I would rather see her face as she waits for the cum. What’s also very important is that you need males who can produce a respectable load of semen. If they can’t, I suggest they go on the Internet and see what foods and nutrients they should add to their diets to produce bigger and thicker amounts.–F.D.

Emails. Letters. Comments. The girls actually do read them in the magazines and online.


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Roxi and Liza return, and a question about jacking off while thinking about your wife

December 4, 2015 by Dave 5 Comments

Roxi has magnificent floppers. She even has a pussy.

Liza never has a cum shortage.

Roxi Red returns to SCORELAND today, and that’s exciting news for anyone who loves gigantic, natural tits. As I mentioned last week, her rack appears to be bigger than ever. Maybe it’s just me; I always think girls are getting bustier.

Roxi kicks off an exciting weekend that continues with Alyssa Lynn fucking two guys on Saturday and Liza Biggs getting wet and messy on Sunday. The cum is going to be flying. It’s going to be a great weekend for jacking.

And speaking of jacking…I was thinking just the other day…does anyone masturbate while fantasizing about their significant other? I’m talking about a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. Do people always masturbate while thinking about, for example, someone they saw that day or someone at work or while watching porn? Does anyone masturbate while thinking about the other person in their life?

I would’ve made this the new poll question, but considering the awkward response to the apparently awkward question about fingering your own asshole, let’s keep this discussion right here.


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Are spitters quitters? And, how to make your cum taste better…

October 5, 2011 by Maria 16 Comments
In this photoset from the March '10 V-mag, Janet Jade and Christy Marks take a load all over their tits.

In this photoset from the March '10 V-mag, Janet Jade and Christy Marks take a load all over their tits.

I want to talk about a little topic that causes a big uproar: CUM.

Moreover, the proper placement and disposal of cum.

I often talk to men and women about the topic of swallowing sperm. When I speak to dudes, they almost always say it’s better to cum all over a girl and infinitely better when she swallows.

But when I speak to different models and interview them about the most-intimate details of their sex lives, I always get mixed reviews.

When you have big boobs, there will always be some dude who wants to spray his baby batter all over your bountiful bosom. Big-boobed gals always deal with that. If you let a guy tit-fuck you, he is going to want to paint your rack a whiter shade of goo.

But what about during BJs? Let’s say you don’t take a creamin’ all over your chesticles. Let’s say you take it in your…um, dicksucker. Is is appropo to spit? Is it okay to swallow? Are spitters really quitters?

That is what is on my mind when I chat with ladies about the proper way to dispose of a man’s seed.

Most models tell me that they swallow and it is not a big deal. Some of them tell me that they spit discreetly. (Which I might not really have a handle on. How do you hock up skeet discreetly?) And some of them say that they do not enjoy a man cumming in their mouth at all.

But almost 100% of them say that it really depends on the taste of said spunk. Which pretty much puts the ball in your court, guys. (They also say that cumming in their eyeballs is NOT COOL. It burns. It’s terrible. DO NOT CUM IN WOMEN’S EYES!) Ultimately, whether your spunk is swallow’able is up to you.

The way I see it is that we big-boobed gals lotion up our knockers and wear bras to keep them nice and tight for YOU. So, it’s kind of your responsibility to ensure that your swimmers are savory.

According to GOOGLE and various sources on the Internet, (Yes, my job consists of finding out how to make your cum taste better. lol), men should drink more water, less coffee and avoid junk food. They should also eat more fresh fruits, veggies (but not asparagus) and herbs and should avoid red meat for better-tasting sperm.

After my research, I deduced that spitters are NOT necessarily quitters, they are just girls who have come into a batch of bad cum. My suggestion is that if you want more ladies to guzzle down your man juice, you should make sure it’s fresh and delicious.

Aren’t you glad we had this chat? I know I am. Hopefully this will lead to better-tasting spunk everywhere.

A girl can only (cream) dream.



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You think Leno and Letterman ever ended up with cum all over their shirts?

November 4, 2010 by Dave 12 Comments

SCOREtvSo I’m sitting in my little white chair on the set of SCOREtv, the cameras are rolling, I’ve got my hair and shirt on, and less than a foot away, Kali West is sucking Shaggy’s cock. Not Shaggy the singer. Shaggy the skinny porn stud with the big cock. Then, a few minutes later, Shaggy is down on his knees between Kali’s legs, eating her pussy, and the two of them are acting like I’m not even there.

Of course, that should have come as no surprise. I mean, it had been a tough few hours for yours truly. A little bit earlier when I introduced newcomer Kelly Christiansen, she gave me a big hug and got cum all over my shirt. And not even her cum, which would’ve been fine. Juan Largo’s cum. You see, Juan–playing the part of a SCOREtv backstagehand–had been fucking Kelly in the SCOREtv Green Room, and he just happened to cum all over her chest just as Kelly was called out for her interview, and Kelly didn’t have the chance to wipe it all off before she gave me that hug. Silly Kelly.

And this happened after I had spent 10 minutes sitting with Angelina Castro as she watched video of herself getting fucked in her mouth, pussy and ass. You know, I really get off on watching girls watching themselves. I did it several years ago with Karen Fisher and also with Sapphire, and it never gets old. The girls always seem embarrassed, like they can’t believe what they’re watching themselves do, but as much as they try to look away, they can’t. They’re fascinated. Same with Angelina.

And that was just the second half of the show. During the first half, Stephanie Stalls, one of my favorites, demonstrated her flexibility before going off to enjoy her first on-camera ass-fucking, and slim ‘n’ stacked newcomer Nadia Night demonstrated the Tenga Flip Hole jack toy, comparing how it felt to how her pussy feels, before also going off to get fucked.

The net result for me was a shirt that needed dry cleaning and a bad case of blue balls. The net result for you is the new DVD SCOREtv Uncut and Uncensored, available now at eBoobStore.com. Basically, it’s “SCOREtv Goes Hardcore.”

See what I go through for you?

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What girls really mean when they say, “I want your cum!”

December 22, 2009 by Dave 12 Comments
Carmen Hayes really does want your cum.

Carmen Hayes really does want your cum.

So I’m reviewing a 40Something video yesterday, and this 42-year-old MILF named Chloe (no, not that Chloe, SCORE Men) is upside down getting her ass piledriven, and she’s moaning, “Oh, I want your cum! Give me your cum! I want your sticky cum all over my body!” and that’s when it hit me: When a chick says, “I want your cum,” she’s not really saying, “I want your cum.” She’s saying, “I’m done. Cum already.”

Of course, in the video I was watching, the MILF was trying to be dirty and nasty. She was being porny. But in real life, if you’re fucking a chick, and it’s been going on for a while, and she has already cum once or a few times, when she moans in your ear, so sweetly, “Oh, honey, I want your cum,” she’s really saying, “Would you please cum already? I’m finished. It’s time to move on to the next activity.” Probably cuddling. She’s not been a cum slut. She’s being polite.

For some reason, this reminds me of Helen Thomas, the former White House correspondent for United Press International. As the senior correspondent, she had the duty of ending Presidential press conferences by standing up and saying, “Thank you, Mr. President.” And that meant the press conference was over. Of course, Thomas wasn’t really thanking the President. That was her nice way of saying, “This is going on too long. The questions are getting stupid. You’re not answering them, anyway. Let’s end this.”

I asked some of the women in the office about this “I want your cum” thing and they all laughed, then agreed. All except Maria, who disagreed. I have no comment about that.

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