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One-Hit Wonders 2

September 29, 2012 by Elliot James 4 Comments

A few years ago, Maria blogged about “One-Hit Wonders.”

“The models who came, came and then went and never modeled again,” Maria wrote about the girls who modeled once and never did it again. “I don’t know what it is about these girls that does it for me. Maybe it’s that they only posed once, so I feel like I am looking at something special.”

I’ve thought about this situation a number of times. Here are a few of my One-Hit Wonders who I’m sorry never continued to model. I think they should have, but that’s only one man’s opinion. All kinds of reasons for trying it only once come into play. Jobs; careers; school; they weren’t feeling it; family; boyfriends; husbands…you name it.

Like Maria wrote, “Maybe it’s because in my perverted imaginings, these one-hit wonders were students or single moms who posed once to pay for school or something, and never told anyone about the ‘One time, when I was in college’  nude modeling that they did.”

Some of her imaginings are true. Many are students, and students always need extra cash.

And like a good neighbor, The SCORE Group is there.

I’m grateful that these curvy babes tried it at least once and let us see their tits and sometimes their pink lady parts.



1) Brigite: Brigite lived in Most, Czech Republic, where she was working as a tour guide. One of our roving Europe-based photographers noticed the blonde, bubbly tour guide’s chest (we should hope so) and gave her his card. He chatted her up, and eventually she decided to give it a try and let the camera tour her curves. Unfortunately, it was a once-only tour of booty in the March 2007 V-mag.

Diana Navarro

2) Diana Navarro: Diana was working as a maid in Asuncion, Paraguay when our photographer saw her and moved quickly.  He also photographed Cynthia Romero, Romina Lopez and other South American busty wonders. Diana said guys always ask her about her big boobs. “They ask, ‘How did I get them so big?’ I tell them to ask my mother and father,” said Diana in the January 2008 V-mag.


3)  Alexia: Alexia lived in Plantation, Florida, not far from us. Not long after this SCORE edition hit the racks (April 2002), Alexia quit dancing and got a job as an administrative assistant for a law firm where briefs have a different meaning.


4) Joanna: “I’m used to having men stare at me all the time when they’re trying to pull me, so the idea of having them look at me in a magazine is rather a kicky thing to me,” said Joanna from Brighton, England. “I’m new to all this. I’m not sure how far I want to take it. I do have an exhibitionistic streak that I need to satisfy at times.” Joanna’s only shoot was in the July 2003 SCORE.


5) Diana: My last One-Hit Wonder is Diana, a college student in Denmark discovered by a Danish photographer who usually found many amateurs for Naughty Neighbors. In Diana’s case, she was so big-boobed that he thought, quite rightly, that she would be a nice fit for SCORE. Diana actually posed for two sets (published in March 2005 followed up by February 2006). That might make her a two-hit wonder as well as a two-tits wonder, but I’m not cheating because Diana posed for both pictorials on the same day. The last time I talked to the photographer about Diana several years ago, he said she was actually considering trying a boy-girl. Nothing came of it. Literally.

There are more One-Hit Wonders in SCORELAND‘s vast directory. Do you have any favorites?



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