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Voluptuous: Where the naturally stacked girl-next-door shows her tits

September 18, 2016 by Dave 25 Comments

The November 2016 issue of Voluptuous is available now at eBoobStore.com in print and digital version.

Whaddya get?

You get 18-year-old JJ-cupper Rachel Raxxx’s first magazine pictorial. Among other things, she self-sucks her tits and spreads her pussy. The girl is a marvel.

Tiggle Bitties is a stacked student who carries her books under her MM-cup naturals. Impressive.

Cat Bangles fucks her neighbor. Her neighbor happens to be JMac.

Newcomer May West gets her hairy pussy fucked and her tight ass drilled.

Plus super-stacked blonde Emilia Boshe in hardcore action, Nila Mason, Paige Turner, Roxee Robinson, P-Chan and Larissa Linn.

The digital version comes with five video clips.

Either way, you’re in big.

Next Saturday, new natural Daria. She’s a beauty. I’ll have a photo for you soon.

Also, we’ve been shooting some impressive new super-naturals in our European studios. One of the girls has HUGE hangers. And I mean huge.

Enjoy your weekend.



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A hard topic about breasts and hardcore scenes

October 6, 2015 by Elliot James 24 Comments

The SCORELAND Blog is a good platform for the topic I’m going to throw out here.

For years, there’s been a debate, on various forums among hardcore porn super-consumers, the guys who watch tons of the stuff like other people watch sports, about the differences on-screen between European porn girls and their American and British counterparts. Who’s hotter? Who’s natural and who’s mechanical in their scenes? Who’s more attractive, better at hardcore and better built? Who’s more high-energy or, on the flip side, approaching coma levels? This debate never seems to end and probably never will.

But this Blog won’t be about that.

In the SCORE universe, the girls with enhanced breasts seem more interested in doing hardcore porn than the natural-breasted girls. Or they may seem more interested because they often do hardcore from the start instead of waiting and returning to try it.

Sheridan Love, Tigerr Benson, Amy Anderssen, Alyssa Lynn, Sandra Star, Claudia Marie, Brook Ultra, Holly Brooks, Claudia KeAloha, Nadia Villanova, Bridgette B., Sharon Pink, Mischel Lee, Cathy Heaven, Patty Michova, Jenna Jayden, Lolly Ink, Barbie Kelley, Red Vixen, Marta La Croft, Harmony Reigns, Angelina Castro, Annelise Croft, Jordan Pryce, Mia Khalifa/Callista, Savannah Stevens and Demmi Valentine do hardcore.

Naturals that do hardcore are as great at sex on-camera as the enhanced girls, but the natural numbers are still behind.

Naturals who do hardcore: Liza Biggs, Maserati, Cat Bangles, Sirale, Elle Flynn, Anastasia Lux, Roxi Red, Katarina Dubrova, Cameron Skye, Maggie Green, Alana Lace, Krystal Swift, Harlow Nyx, Chloe Rose, Veronika, Marie Leone, Barbara Angel, Emilia Boshe and Cassie Cute.

So why this difference between naturals and augmented girls in the hardcore world? And does a breast connection even exist? It may not. Some girls get boob jobs because they want to become porn stars or models. During the early years of SCORE, girls got boob jobs and became dancers then moved into hardcore.

So the question is, why are there more augmented girls in hardcore than the naturals?


Mia Khalifa (formerly Mia Callista)

Alana Lace

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What happened to Sha Rizel’s tits? They got bigger, that’s what!

June 5, 2015 by Dave 14 Comments

Sha's big tits are now overwhelming her chest. That wasn't the case a few years ago.

Sha Rizel‘s growth spurt was all-natural. No additives. No silicone. Look at the size of those puppies!

A new photo set of Sha went up just the other day at SCORELAND. Sha just missed completing the SCORE Newcomer of the Year/Model of the Year double (six girls have done it), but with her bigger tits, she just might pulled it off in 2015. Not to mention that Sha is just as slim and just as beautiful as ever.

This weekend at SCORELAND: Emilia Boshe fucks (Friday), Nadia Villanova fucks (Saturday) and Joana shows off her big rack (Sunday). I betcha you thought I was gonna say Joana fucks, too. No such luck for now. Maybe one day.

Next Thursday at XLGirls.com: The great Renee Ross returns!

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Big tits of Germany: “Horny Housekeeping” with Emilia Boshe

June 4, 2015 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Novis seems annoyed that Emilia Boshe is cleaning his apartment. He should be grateful that this superstar bra-buster of Germany is at his place, leaning while she’s cleaning so her giant tits are hanging and dangling.

Maybe it’s because Emilia’s talents should be applied to the finer things in life instead of buffing, dusting and polishing. And we know what they are.

The gloves will come off shortly. Novis will need to find another maid to clean the mess he’s going to make.

In a poll we took a few years ago, 39% (the highest percentage) liked the sexy maid fantasy best followed by the sexy coed and the sexy waitress. I’m all for a sexy coed moonlighting as a sexy maid. She could clean in her plaid skirt and white blouse and use her boobs to polish the woodwork.

Emilia’s new scene starts Friday at SCORELAND. There’s nothing clean about it.

Can't a girl work without any interruptions?

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Emilia Boshe and her fitness trainer’s class in big boob sex

March 20, 2015 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Emilia's tits are bigger than Dennis' head.

It’s a buffet of big-boobed babes at SCORELAND.

One day, sexy Daylene Rio is playing with her big tits and pussy.

The next day, it’s a fantastic new discovery like Katie Thornton, Larissa Linn or Samantha Lily.

It might be Alyssa Linn dancing on a dude’s pole next or a look down mammary lane at a busty legend.

Surprises are part of the fun.

Another big surprise is the return of Emilia Boshe.

I honestly did not think Emilia would go boy-girl for SCORELAND or anyone else. She did a few vids at home but that was years ago and nothing compared to the lighting and camerawork (and the stud) in her first SCORELAND scene, “Bustin’ Out For A Boning!”

Today, Emilia’s back for more with another X-Man (not Wolverine). This one’s a work-out scene with Dennis and it really is a work-out.

You know Emilia as being very serious-looking in her photo shoots. As in her first scene with Tom, she’s smiling in this one. Good sex does that to a woman.

Even the Jolly Green Giant doesn't have hands big enough for Emilia's tits. This is from her first XXX scene.


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Today at SCORELAND, a major big-boob event: Emilia Boshe’s first porn cock

February 21, 2015 by Dave 30 Comments


Today at SCORELAND, you get to watch Emilia's HH-cup naturals quake and shake as she gets boned by a big porn cock.

From Elliot’s description of the scene: “He takes his shaft out and hands it over to Emilia Boshe. She jacks him and gets on top so she can bury his cock inside her cleavage. Pulling his schvanz out of her knocker-nest, Emilia goes down on him, sucking a cock for the first time at SCORELAND.

“Tom wants Emilia kneeling on the bed so he can see her tits dangling and hanging while her lips encircle his boner. She even sucks him hands-free. Tom lays Emilia on the bed and stretches her out. She is under his control, his to enjoy as he pleases. He kneads Emilia’s massive mams again, feasting on her fleshy jugs on this breast holiday, savoring the taste of her skin, sinking into the softness of her cushiony cans.

“Turning Emilia on her side, Tom touches Emilia’s pussy, rubbing her clit. He whispers in her ear and she sticks out her tongue. Tom wants to fuck her. Is she ready to be fucked?”

Indeed, she is!

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In the land of whoppers…

July 8, 2012 by Maria 11 Comments

By now, the fact that I stare at tits all day for a living should be a commonly known fact.

I know, I know…my job is sooo difficult.

But even after looking at tits after tits after tits all the live-long day, there are still days when I am taken aback and impressed by humongous breasts.

Because sometimes the sheer size and weight of of huge tits is completely impressive.

When that happens, when a SCORELAND babe has tits that are so big that I am forced to stop and sort of let out a low whistle that says, “Now THAT’S impressive…” I call those tits “whoppers.”

Not every SCORELAND babe has whoppers, and that is okay.

But when they do, it is okay and kind of sort of FUCKING AMAZING!

I mean, I have a large rack, but I definitely don’t have whoppers. Whoppers are the stuff of miracles.

So who are some of the ladies who have whoppers?

Well, for starters, German newcomer Emilia Boshe has an amazing set of whoppers. Hers are large and hang just so and are just the right amount of veiny.

Renee Ross also has a great set of whoppers. And not to brag or anything…okay, I am totally bragging…I have had her whoppers in my hands and man, oh, man did they weigh a lot.

I’ve been THISCLOSE to Minka’s whoppers. Don’t believe me? Here’s a pic to prove it. (And just so you know…Minka’s hand was totally on my ass in that pic. I swear it.)

I’ve even had a pair of whoppers on my head!

Yup, its true. When Cassidi Jai came to our studios, she put her HHH-tits on my head! (And yes, I have a video to prove that, too.)

But who has the biggest, most-impressive whoppers I’ve ever seen?

Miosotis, of course. In fact, Miosotis might actually mean “whoppers.”

Every time I see her tits, I am shocked and awed. It’s like in the line for big tits, she got an extra helping…maybe even two.

Her tits are so impressive that I find it hard to concentrate. They’re mesmerizing.

Will there ever be another whoppered one like Miosotis? I cannot say for sure…but I will say that I hope and wish for it every day.

I am pretty sure you do, too.





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New nudes is good nudes, and upcoming birthdays at SCORELAND

April 20, 2012 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Emilia Boshe, now at SCORELAND.

A SCORE photo team just trekked from Miami to Berlin (Germany, not Maryland) specifically for two special models.

Janne Hollan, Czech mate.

Extraordinary models who can’t be photographed within the United States, so, as we had many times before, we went to the models.

One girl is a Czech lovely named Janne Hollan.

The other is a busty German lady named Emilia Boshe.

Janne works for a car company, but her real calling is the cleavage camera.

Emilia has been web-camming the past few years and has made a name for herself. She’ll be in the all-naturals September ’12 SCORE.

Both of them are great. Their pictorials and videos at SCORELAND are a tit-man’s joy. Boobs to sink into. I believe you’ll agree.

This upcoming week in birthdays is a mix of past and present, retired and active. Whatever they’re up to, may they have a blast. Is there anyone more Vegas than Summer?

Dixie Cupps born April 21.

Summer Sinn born April 23.

Ava Lustra born April 25.

Trish Bailey born April 25.

Charlee Chase born April 26.




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