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Hooker with huge heavy hooters hit in the heinie hatch. Cat Bangles is being the big-boobed bad girl again.

September 12, 2015 by Elliot James 8 Comments

Fresh out of the cathouse, Cat Bangles plays a busty anal hooker, a hooker with huge hooters in this fuck fantasy ripped from the pages of Voluptuous magazine. Catwoman loves playing a bad girl on-camera. It’s not Halloween yet, but that doesn’t stop Cat from cosplaying a big-chested streetwalker in thigh-high boots.

The Cat’s got a dirtier mind than a lot of guys, and she’s really taken to the adult world. She was voted Hardcore Performer of the Year for 2014 by V-mag readers.

“The best compliment I can get is when a stranger comes up to me and tells me I’m exotic and beautiful and have sex appeal,” says our Miss Bangles. “The worst is when people tell me my boobs are too big. But in my opinion, the bigger the better.” You tell ’em, Cat. “I like to put on tight wife-beaters and see how guys react when they check me out.”

“I would like to see Cat in a sexy Bat Girl costume. Call her Bat Bangles. She can take it in the B hole again,” writes a guy who calls himself “Bones.”
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Hooked on Vanessa Y.

June 28, 2015 by Elliot James 10 Comments

This is not valet service.

It’s Vanessa Y. as we’ve never seen her before in a fantasy role-playing scene.

Vanessa’s been the good girl since she started posing for SCORE and Voluptuous.

Today she’s the “Pretty Woman” looking for “Pretty Woman” action.

Black streetwalker boots. Black miniskirt. Belly shirt that pushes her tits up until her cleavage almost touches her chin. Pink jeggings ripped to expose her bushy, thick-lipped pussy.

This could be the hottest cum-show she’s done to date. I think it is.

Vanessa’s boob and pussy play is as hot as a hardcore scene. She really gets into the moment.

Vanessa doesn’t do XXX scenes with guys. If she did, I’m convinced she’d be a wildcat.

Sometimes a good girl wants to be a bad girl. For a short time anyway.

Got any fantasy girl ideas for Vanessa? She has the video personality to be a sexy police officer and a Red Sonja-type warrior. She did a military-themed shoot in the Caribbean last year.

Come when Vanessa beckons.


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Siri: maid to please

March 10, 2013 by Elliot James 12 Comments

Siri’s a bra-buster. Tomorrow, she’s a dust-buster.

Tomorrow at SCORELAND, you get to enjoy Siri dressed as a hot maid. Cosplay is always welcome, especially with a girl like Siri. (Let’s face it, there are NO girls LIKE Siri. She’s one of a kind.)

Siri joins a group of SCORE and V-Girls who kill the traditional fantasy maid’s outfit, something no real maid has ever worn unless her boss is a rich horndog and likes to watch his maid clean as he sits in an easy chair sipping a cognac. Which I would do if I had the money.

This kind of maid’s outfit is strictly for a couple’s bedroom, a fantasy photo shoot, a Halloween party or a bad British stage farce.

I wonder what Siri wears at Halloween parties. She has two belts in karate. Maybe she goes as a ninja? She’s also a Harry Potter fan. Maybe she goes as Luna Lovegood?

Siri is maid for jerking.

We’ll have to ask Siri.

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A hot, big-boobed dress-up doll for a Monday eye-opener

April 9, 2012 by Elliot James 10 Comments

Sheridan Love. Gorgeous. A body that will not quit. Great tits. If every girl was like Sheridan, life would be a dream.

In today’s SCORELAND video, “Sheridan Love: Action Figure Doll,” Sheridan tries on a variety of sexy outfits then goes beyond that. This is one of my top 10 favorite things to watch a SCORE Girl do. It’s like going shopping with her and hanging out in the store’s dressing room while she’s trying on clothes. Yes, the basic pleasures of life can’t be beat: a beautiful hottie and a collection of skimpy clothes for her to model. Oh, yeah, Miss Love’s brought along something else with her, and it’s not a shoehorn.

New Sheridan Love video today at SCORELAND

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Speaking of MRI machines and busty nurses…

January 11, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Slugworth mentioned in yesterday’s Blog about jacking in an MRI machine that if Cherry Brady or Renee Ross were there in nurses’ uniforms, he would make an effort.

Agreed, although we’d all rather be jacked than jack in that situation.

Nurses may be angels of mercy, but then there are some bad nurses out there, too. Really bad.

Not bad as in badly trained. Bad as in bad.

Presented to the court as evidence is this quartet of now-legendary bad nurses, responsible for more health crises than for alleviating them.

In their defense, this group is good at reducing the swelling…after they cause it.

Denise Derringer as the bad-ass nurse from Busty Dildo Lovers #5.

Cindy Cupps from the November ’07 SCORE. What does a nurse need a riding crop for?

Sarah Sunshine from Tits & Tugs #6, one of the hottest nurse scenes I’ve ever seen because of Sarah’s dirty talking.

Kianna Dior from BigBoobsPOV.com extracting semen samples in a non-prescribed technique.

A couple of years ago, a SCORELAND poll asked who your favorite fantasy girls are. A healthy 33% voted for the sexy nurse. But 47% voted for the sexy teacher. My own vote goes to the sexy nurse. In how many professions is there actual touching?

Denise Derringer: how bad is bad?

Denise Derringer: How bad is bad?

Cindy Cupps: good for what ails you.

Cindy Cupps: good for what ails you

Sarah Sunshine: nasty-talking nurse.

Sarah Sunshine: nasty-talking nurse

Kianna Dior: sperm sample extractor.

Kianna Dior: sperm sample extractor

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Tits. They’re not just for holidays.

December 26, 2011 by Elliot James 15 Comments
Venera's ornaments are better and bigger.

Venera's ornaments are better and bigger.

Wishing all of our readers, DVD collectors and web members a happy holiday week and a successful 2012! We can’t do what we do without your support.

Our mission for 2012: find more busty supergirls such as February ’12 SCORE covergirl Venera. Girls like her blow away anything that anyone can come up with. The Seven Wonders of the World. The greatest buildings, the biggest bridges and the most-scenic parks built by the greatest architects. Space ships. The biggest ocean liners. The  most-expensive cars. The most-lavish houses.

They all pale in comparison to a SCORE and V-mag Girl.

That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

We’ve just had a special guest back at SCORELAND last week. Ya know her, ya love her. Look forward in January to seeing this SCORE Model of the Year doing that wild thang!

Our guest at SCORE last week.

Our guest at SCORE last week.

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‘Cos nurses have that healing touch

December 15, 2009 by Elliot James 9 Comments
Jezhabelle: a nurse for all illnesses.

Jezhabelle: a nurse for all illnesses.

When it comes to the girls’ wardrobes, I know a lot of people like to see them in the kind of outfits a girl wears in “real life” (the mall, a restaurant, the park), but my own personal preference is costume play, aka “cos play.” Maybe that’s because I lived down the block from a strip club during my formative years. We did a survey on SCORELAND not long ago, asking “What is your favorite fantasy girl?”

Cherry Brady: heavy-hanging angel of mercy.

Cherry Brady: heavy-hanging angel of mercy.

Sexy teacher was #1 with 47% of 1000 polled while sexy nurse was second with 33%. For me, it’s nurse and maid. I had only a couple of hot teachers my whole life; the rest were ugly, old meanies. So I have a hard time relating. But I’ve known hot nurses and hot maids. Sexist? Of course. I fully admit it.

Carolyn Monroe cures this sicko on SCORELAND.

Carolyn Monroe cures this sicko on SCORELAND.

There’s a restaurant in Tempe, Arizona called the Heart Attack Grill with waitresses dressed like nurses. The nurse motif is not really why it’s called that. It’s the high-fat menu. Reporters, columnists, writers as well as nurses and nursing organizations have criticized the restaurant and the overall fantasy depiction of the nursing profession in movies and men’s magazines. The owner is my hero, and not for his burgers. Does anyone else fantasize about Cindy Cupps, Cherry Brady and Jezhabelle nursing you back from a fake illness? Or serving you non-fatty veggie-burgers in a hospital restaurant? But it has to be a fantasy nurse outfit out of Fredericks or Shirley of Hollwood. And they have to wear stripper fuck-shoes. Not a real nurse’s outfit. Especially those God-awful real-life British nurse uniforms. Those don’t measure up. Renee Ross said she wears scrubs. That doesn’t do it for me, but the thought of her being a nurse does.

Alanna Ackerman's visiting nurse service

Alanna Ackerman's visiting nurse service

Sexist? Chauvinistic? You bet. And proud of it. I have my list of SCORELAND Girls who’ve yet to don the crossed cap that I want to see dressed as nurses. A man can hope.

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