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Fuck the delivery guy with Holly Wood

February 3, 2017 by Elliot James 16 Comments

Old joke. A grocery delivery guy brings an order to a house. The woman lets him in then immediately pulls off his pants and fucks and sucks him.

When they’re finished, the woman sticks a dollar bill in his hand.

The amazed delivery guy says to her, “Lady, I can’t take this. You’ve already banged my brains out.”

The woman is adamant. “You’ve got to take the dollar!” she tells. “You have to!”

“Why?” the puzzled delivery guy asks her.

“Because I asked my husband what I should give the delivery man and he said, ‘Fuck him. Give him a dollar.'”

Holly Wood orders a load of groceries. The delivery guy turns out to be JMac, who is excellent at delivering loads. JMac tends to move from job to job (tow truck operator, A/C repairman) because he winds up fucking his big-boobed customers and gets laid off, in more ways than one.

“JMac and I hit it off immediately!” Holly said. “It was such a fun scene to do, really! Jackhammer was definitely new to me for filming. It allowed him to get deep and really felt amazing. We were so into what we were doing, that he just led the way and we let loose!”

Starts today at SCORELAND.

The pile-driver (or jackhammer) turned out to be Holly's favorite position.

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“Workman’s Compensation” with Holly Wood at SCORELAND

November 25, 2016 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Bunny Ranch bunny Holly Wood is dared by her girlfriend to pick up a construction worker who’s laboring in the sun. Swiveling her full-moon cans and big, bouncing boobs, “Hot Ass” Holly invites the dude in, and labor ain’t on her mind. This is the true meaning of “Workman’s Compensation.” What a great benefits package. He’s in highly skilled hands. This scene is for the working man.

I asked Holly how many times a day guys try to get with her.

Said Holly, “Every. Single. Day. It just depends on how many places I go. I also drive a sports car, so I instantly draw attention everywhere I go.”

A busty blonde sex bomb in a sports car? This sounds like a scene from National Lampoon’s Vacation. (The original, not the crap remake.)

All play and no work and what a hot playmate.

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Friday: a great day for hot, busty girls having steamy sex

August 26, 2016 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Holly Wood bestows the gift of hard wood.

At SCORELAND, Moonlite Bunny Ranch girl Holly Wood shows you what to expect of some quality time with her. It’s a private bunny session with this sexy blonde with the big tits of a SCORE Girl and the hot ass of a BootyLicious Girl.

Holly: “I have the biggest breasts at the Bunny Ranch, so I stand out! I love laying on my back and having the guy on top of me. It’s very hot watching the cock slide between my breasts!”

At XLGirls.com, Cat Bangles shows a guy her stairway to hooter heaven.

Cat: “I wouldn’t say modeling changed me. I would say I evolved because I’ve always been very sexual. But after starting at SCORE, I’m more confident and interested in more sexual activity. Now I can do it all and let it all hang out.”

Cat Bangles has a pussy that needs petting.

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Holly Wood in Miami Nice

August 7, 2016 by Elliot James 15 Comments

Some of the pictures in this pictorial of Holly Wood on-location could be ads promoting a “Come to Miami” campaign. Not the photo in this Blog entry.

This photo shoot is what Holly imagined a Florida SCORE pictorial would be.

“The champagne shoot had to be my favorite of all the scenes that I’ve done!” Holly told me. “It really was Me and so real! Pool, champagne, beautiful scenery, and having fun! Can it get any better?”

The video and pictorial starts today.

Holly makes it pop.

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Holly’s student body, and when Irish boobs are smiling

March 17, 2016 by Elliot James 6 Comments

The kind of student body that gets big attention, the campus coed who gives her male classmates and professors a lesson in “Adult Education.” Holly Wood likes to play dress-up in the bedroom. Which SCORELAND Girl would she like to take a study break with?

“Katie Thornton and Danniella Levy are so sexy,” Holly said. “Dolly Fox looks like so much fun. And Hitomi would be a wild experience! Who knows? Perhaps it will come together soon.”

Madmacs commented, “Hey, SCORE, we want more, more, more hardcore of Holly Wood! Would love to see you talk her into some more shoots and maybe a facial on her beautiful face.”

Holly likes a lot of late night cramming. What grade do you give her?

As a St. Patrick’s Day bonus, two re-scanned sets from the archive are part of today’s boob parade. Irishwomen Cathy Patrick and Lisa Phillips were two of the most-popular bust-out babes of the late 1980s and early 1990s, stars of the big-boob scene in magazines and videos.

Lisa Phillips. Erin go bra-less.

Cathy Patrick. Get your Irish on.



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The hot hooters of a horny haircutter

February 20, 2016 by Elliot James 14 Comments

If you’ve ever had a busty blonde hairstylist with her hooters proudly thrust in your face, and an ass to match, you’ve probably daydreamed about scoring with her.

A haircut with Holly Wood is a wood-raising experience, as Tony finds out after checking out Holly from head to toe.

I asked Holly a few questions after the happy, messy ending to this scene. One of her sexiest features is her voice, and she’s got very good oral skills (as in fuck-me talk and cock sucking) that you’ll hear in the video.

SCORELAND: Do you watch porn? What kind? Do you have any favorite male or female porn stars?

Holly: I’m such a perv. The bigger the cock the more turned on I am in porn! I actually have a list of my favorite performers! It would take me all night to run through it!

SCORELAND: Have you watched your SCORE videos or looked at your photos with a guy?

Holly: Most people are shocked when they realize I’m a porn star. You can see the excitement grow as their eyes light up!

Holly's customer is hoping for a bang-up job as well as a blow dry.

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Wood nymph

February 6, 2016 by Elliot James 11 Comments

The wild, wild west is still wild.

Eager man-pleaser Holly Wood is a good girl from California. She found her calling in Nevada at a place called the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. It’s not a dude ranch. Well, maybe it is. It’s a place where guys, and women, too, can play out their fantasies or just get some good, old-fashioned yee-hah fuckin’. The HBO show Cathouse was shot there. Holly has the most T&A at the Ranch. Because of that bubble butt, Holly also did a scene for BootyLiciousmag.com.

“I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue,” says Holly. “I can be whatever a guy wants me to be. I can never get enough sex. Nothing makes me tremble and moan more than having my pussy licked. I usually end up naked and bent over furniture. Nothing is better than a guy who knows what he’s doing in the bedroom.”

Get another eyeful of Holly today at SCORELAND.

Holly Wood: Ready for spankin'.


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Holly Wood’s Bunny Girl Bang at SCORELAND

January 9, 2016 by Elliot James 13 Comments

Holly Wood talked about sex at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 4. Today is Holly Wood’s first XXX scene. The bouncy blonde has lots of sex at the Bunny Ranch but she was nervous about doing sex on-camera for the first time. You would imagine that with her experience, Holly wouldn’t feel that way but she did.

“I was nervous because I didn’t exactly know the step-by-step process of how things flowed,” Holly told me afterwards. “I enjoy being in control, and I typically plan everything out in my head beforehand. Here, I couldn’t do that because I was a newbie! It was fun having to let go and be more spontaneous with my days. I wasn’t nervous about the actual scene or having sex. It’s something I do every day! It’s the other aspects that made my heart flutter!”

So what would Holly say to other busty girls interested in shooting for SCORE?

“I’ll say it over and over…do it! They are professional, nice, fun, and a pleasure to work with! I trust them completely”

I appreciate that endorsement.

Holly's enjoyed a lot of sex but not while being filmed.



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Hot Ass Holly Wood

December 21, 2015 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Holly Wood was one of several guests on SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 4 yesterday along with Danniella Levy, Allie Pearson, Kate Marie, Claudia Marie (not related to Kate) and Tony Rubino (talking about how a porn dude handles meeting girls in social settings).

Moonlite Bunny Ranch Girl Holly makes her pictorial and video debut tomorrow.

“I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue,” says Holly, a dolly who fills a 36DDD bra.

Now that’s a handy skill. Holly’s nickname is Hot Ass. The proof is in the pictures.

“Everyone on staff treated me like a princess, and I couldn’t want for anything,” Holly said after winging back west after soaking in Miami. We aim to please.

Cheeky and loads of fun.

Holly Wood has 36DDD-cup tits.


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This weekend at SCORELAND: Katie and Danniella, and a new episode of SCOREtv

December 18, 2015 by Dave 6 Comments

The view from below of Danni (left) and Katie.

“I love Katie’s big boobs,” Danniella Levy said.

“Danni’s body is perfect,” Katie Thornton said.

When British birds Katie and Danniella visited the SCORE studio last month, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to take them to the pool for an outdoor girl-girl shoot.

And that shoot goes live today at SCORELAND. Photos and videos. Katie and Danniella had never met until we brought them together, but they became fast friends.

It’s Danniella’s weekend at SCORELAND. A new SCOREtv goes live Sunday, and Danniella’s one of the stars. This all-big-boobs edition also features Allie Pearson, Claudia Marie, Kate Marie and newcomer Holly Wood (officially debuting this Tuesday). Allie demonstrates how much stuff she can fit in her cleavage (a lot!). Kate demonstrates her tit-fucking technique. Holly takes us behind the scenes at the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. And Claudia’s her usual vivacious self. I sit there and gawk.

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