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Welcome to SCORELAND, where beautiful, naturally big-titted nerds are always welcome

February 24, 2012 by Dave 12 Comments


What kind of girl reads Harry Potter books? This kind.

Yesterday, Maria let you in on the news that Siri is making her SCORELAND debut today, and on Sunday, Maria will supplement Siri’s first hardcore (yep, hardcore) scene with a short naked karate video. Of course, one of the benefits of being editor of SCORE is that I get to spend a decent amount of time with the models, and when a girl’s as built as Siri is, my visits to the studio tend to become a little more frequent.

Anyway, I conducted the interview that goes up today at SCORELAND, and I’ll let you know that the interview could’ve been a lot longer. A helluva lot longer. Uncut, it came it at almost 30 minutes (throw in commercials and we could’ve filled a 40-minute block on network TV), and the interview ended because, well, because the interview had to end at some point. I could’ve talked to her for two hours, but, to paraphrase a line from the movie Good Will Hunting, Siri had to see about a guy. Actually, she had to see about a guy’s wood.

So, because there should be some perks for visiting the SCORELAND Blog, I’m going to throw out a few choice tidbits from the interview that ended up on the cutting-room floor. Because here at SCORELAND, we believe that the more you get to know a girl, the more you’ll love her. Anyway:

1. Siri is an excellent speller and has actually won spelling bees. I tested her spelling skills, and she aced the words “masturbation” and “cunnilingus.” DING!

2. Siri is a huge Harry Potter fan. She’s read all of the books several times and recently spent three days at “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” in Orlando. Yes, three days!

3. Siri likes gang bangs, but when I asked her what she would pick if she had to choose between a day at “The Wizarding World” or a gang bang, she said, “Can’t I have a gang bang in the van on the way up to the Wizarding World?” I think I told her she could have anything she wants.

I would tell you more about Siri (and will in the weeks and months ahead), but right now, I have to head over to the members area. I have to see about a girl.



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Elaina Gregory’s Incredible Tight Titty Top Try-Outs

February 22, 2012 by Elliot James 8 Comments

One of Elaina's wardrobe choices today and tomorrow

Today and tomorrow, one of my all-time favorite sights is happening at SCORELAND.

The tight top try-outs.

Nothing makes me happier than watching an exceptionally big-boobed hottie boombalottie trying on the skimpiest, most body-hugging tops.

Our president, John Fox, has a saying about the kind of clothes SCORE and V-Mag Girls should wear: “Too tight, too short, too low.”

These are words to live by, at least on my planet.

When I see huge-chested girls wearing baggy, loose, ill-fitting tops and bras, I get a panic attack because it’s such a waste. Don’t get me started on muumuus.

Elaina Gregory is the one to study as she squeezes her 41-inch, 34N-cups into a choice selection of tight tops and bras.

The best is when you can see the nipples protruding through the material.

Elaina was the perfect girl to do this. I have been waiting a long time to see her stuff her boobs into teeny tops like this. I loved every picture and every minute of it. Elaina’s video could have been two hours and it still wouldn’t have been long enough for me.

She also rubs one out, so don’t think it’s all a tight tops try-on.

Observe and report!

Thank you again, Voluptuous goddess Elaina Gregory!


Elaina tries on bras. The world is a better place because of this simple event.

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Sexy hairdressers: When you go in for a cut and end up with a blow

January 25, 2012 by Dave 5 Comments

One barber, no whacking. Kayla will take care of that.

In these days of reality TV and reality everything else, there’s reality based on reality and reality based on fantasy and reality that’s based on pure fiction. The video that’s airing today at SCOREVideos.com is a combination of reality based on reality and reality based on fantasy.

First, the reality based on reality. The video is called “Blow & Trim” (on DVD in Fun Bag Fuckers) and features long-time SCORE Girl Kayla Kupcakes. The video was shot at “Beach Babies,” the beauty and hair salon Kayla owned (and still owns) near Fort Lauderdale Beach. In it, Kayla is wearing a very low-cut, very boob-revealing top and giving a shampoo and hair cut to a guy thinks that this is his lucky day even if he gets nothing more out of it than the haircut he came in for and an eyeful of Kayla’s cleavage. So the reality part is that Kayla really is a sexy, busty hairstylist, and she really does own a salon.

Now the reality based on fantasy: Within minutes, Kayla is stuffing her tits in this dude’s face and sucking his cock right there in the stylists’ chair and riding his cock and getting her rack coated with Beach Babies Man Sauce. As Elliot wrote in the copy that accompanies the video, “Haven’t we all thought about fucking a busty hair cutter at one or more times in our lives? It’s a natural. They bend over you, tits six inches from your face. They usually wear hot, revealing clothes because they’re in the grooming business and they all like to doll themselves up. They’re touching you. At least your big head if not the little head.”

These days, I get my hair cut by a bald old Italian man who fills me in on the best places to get pizza in South Florida. But I’ve had my share of sexy hair stylists, like the MILF who never wore a bra and always put her nipples inches from my face and the young, sleazy girl who always wore short skirts and practically straddled my legs when she was leaning over to get a little more off the front and the skinny divorcee with big, fake tits who always wore fishnet tops and pushup bras. She obviously knew that big tits meant big tips.

Kayla does, too. “Thanks for the big tip,” she says after Johnny shoots his load all over her rack. “And the big dick, too.”

You know, I’ve never visited Beach Babies, but maybe I should.

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Kristi Maxx makes it big @ SCORELAND and other titillating news

December 9, 2011 by Elliot James 15 Comments
Kristi: Like flowers attract bees.

Kristi: Like flowers attract bees.

SCORE has scored the home run of the year!” Maverick enthusiastically commented yesterday about Kristi Maxx‘s debut at SCORELAND.

But wait.

There’s more Kristi, and she’s only started to approach her maxx potential.

Tall (5’10”), young (21) and sweater-stretching, Kristi’s the one who hits a home run today and shakes things up with a horny hook-up. Kristi’s natural boobs are served well in wide-screen. Things are going to get very sticky.

Maverick also perceptively notes “If Kristi does not get featured in BootyLicious, that would be a shame!” And that’s true. Kristi does look sexy cumming or going. From any angle, the view is sensational.

Kristi will also be back next Friday (Dec. 16) at SCOREVideos.com. Write that down on your palms.

Rounding out the December ’11 Voluptuous magazine, breast royalty Gya Roberts, Porsche Dali and Maserati, literally the slickest chick we know, take over SCORELAND with their weapons of massive distraction. A few weeks ago, I blogged about solid seamless backgrounds. Now Maserati goes for it in a sexy bikini show and, man, is her oil-dripping bod heaven-sent. She’s slippery but she’s fun.


And happy birthday today, Kerry Marie!

Porsche in Dec. '11 V-mag.

Porsche in Dec. '11 V-mag.

Cleavage hits Gya's chin the way it should.

Cleavage hits Gya's chin the way it should.

An oil spill we welcome.

An oil spill we welcome.

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Holiday ’11 Voluptuous mag now in stores

October 24, 2011 by Elliot James 21 Comments
Now at your favorite magazine rack but not for long.

Now at your favorite magazine rack but not for long.

The Holiday ’11 Voluptuous rings the bells.

Micky Bells. What a set of clappers. What music they make. Micky is this edition’s covergirl, her second cover appearance in three months. That could be a record.

This issue also stars Catt Green in her first magazine pictorial, newcomer Lola, Renee Ross as a nurse, Lanea Love, Maserati and Desiree in tits ‘n’ tugs action, Beverly Paige in torrid XXX and Stefani, as well as the V-Mag debut of natural sensation Hitomi.

A bumper crop of finger-lickin’ natural bra-stuffers guaranteed to sizzle your weiner.

Get it now before your store runs out, and it will according to the store clerks I talk to, or let your fingers do the walking by ordering it at eBoobStore.com.

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Arianna & Sophie: pleased to please you.

June 18, 2011 by Elliot James 6 Comments
July '11 Voluptuous now showing on SCORELAND.

July '11 Voluptuous now showing on SCORELAND.

Here’s a rare pair of two delightful faves at SCORELAND, Arianna Sinn and Sophie Mae. Adorable and jiggly. Arianna’s tits look especially gigantic. In the past, kings have gone to war over beauties like them. In the present, politicians feel the urge to email girls like this their underwear photos. Cultural differences and nationalities carry no weight here as Arianna and Sophie cuddle up in bed for a two-girl slumber party to study the popular self-help book, “The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing Men.” When they get to Chapter 2, “The Mind-Pussy Connection,” they decide to practice. Practice makes perfect. This pictorial posts tomorrow at SCORELAND.

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Meet Venera Part 2: An overflowing top and tight denim short-shorts

June 16, 2011 by Elliot James 8 Comments

I love a girl with a stopless body who knows what she has and who likes to dress the part. “I like sexy clothes that show my cleavage,” Venera happily says. “Tight tops, short skirts, and, of course, high heels.” A bodyguard might also be a good accessory. Venera could easily cause major traffic accidents and riots just walking in public. I don’t know where she shops for those wild outfits and bikinis, but she’s a trendsetter for sure. Check out Part 2 of “Meet Venera” at SCORELAND, going live today.

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Venera. We venerate her! SCORELAND 3-day special starts today!

June 15, 2011 by Elliot James 14 Comments

“Meet Venera” is the name of this new SCORELAND special shot in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Over the next three days, Venera will rock the house trying on sexy, tight clothes, lingerie and bikinis and showing off every inch of her super-trim, super-stacked body. Day One starts off with an interview, then there’s a video and a matching pictorial. If you love ’em with an extreme bust-to-waist ratio, you’ll venerate Venera. I know I did. She’s charmer, too, with a sweet personality, and she likes to slap her boobs together!

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