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Our tools are always ready for Karina Hart

July 14, 2017 by Dave 15 Comments

You’d have to be a real tool not to love Karina.

It’s been a while since we’ve given Karina Hart the attention she deserves. A re-mastered photo set and video of Karina went up earlier this week at SCORELAND.

Karina is the reason there’s no longer a Voluptuous Ass of the Year award. She was so dominant, we decided to just retire the award and give it to her until the end of time.

Karina was one of the reasons my trip to Hungary for the Busty Riding Academy shoot was so enjoyable. Every day, either before or after her shoots, Karina would sit down with her laptop in the only area of the house where we had good Internet, wearing very low-cut tops, big naturals bulging out. I’d sit across from her, trying to work but not getting much work done.

Funny story from that trip: One of the porn studs (not Carlos, who did fuck her tits on-camera) had such a hard-on for Karina that he actually offered her money to go up to his room and give him a blow job. This stud, who had been fucking porn stars all week, wanted nothing more than to fuck the one girl who wouldn’t fuck. Karina gave him a look that clearly said, “No!”

Karina came very close to winning SCORELAND’s Model of the Decade for 2000-2009. She lost to Christy Marks by a handful of votes.

Even though Karina never fucked on-camera, has any girl ever been better with a big dildo?

Karina Hart…one of the greats.

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And the busty pregnant chick is…Katarina Dubrova!

December 1, 2014 by Dave 3 Comments

Katarina is with baby.

I never thought I’d see the day. Katarina…so sweet, so innocent…I watched her give a tug job in the sauna of our castle in Hungary. Now she’s knocked up. She let some guy spill his seed inside her sweet cunt. She got pregnant. Now she’s showing off her baby belly for all the world to see at SCORELAND. She’s also fucking her pussy with a dildo.

Hey, it’s too late for that, Katarina. Might as well fuck real cock. You can’t get pregnant twice.

Speaking of which…yes, Katarina did fuck while pregnant. And we have the photos and video. Coming soon. For now, enjoy sweet Katarina preggers at SCORELAND.

Congrats to all of you who guessed right in yesterday’s Blog. I thought this was a tough one.

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A salute to Romania, land of chesty charmers

August 17, 2012 by Elliot James 5 Comments

The 9th largest nation in the European Union bordered by Hungary, Serbia, Moldavia, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

A country with a rich, complex history.

And a place where many fine-looking, big-boobed ladies live.

We know because we photograph them; sometimes there, sometimes elsewhere, because they take their clothes off.

When getting ready to publish Roxanne Miller’s latest pictures and video the other day, I thought about Romania and what it means to me.

Had I known about their natural resources, I’d have moved there years ago.

Not oil. I mean Lana Ivans, Joana and others.

Here’s our salute to this great nation.

I need more of them for SCORELAND. And I love their accents.

They get a Gold Medal for contributing so many awesome dolls.

Just tell me who to mail it to.


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Christy Marks: A real girl-next-door

September 25, 2011 by Maria 22 Comments

Once upon a time, I spent a lot of time with the busty girl-next-door Christy Marks. While you might hear the term “girl-next-door” a lot, I am here to tell you that Christy is the real deal. At the time, I was the new editor of V-mag, and Christy was a new model and in our studios shooting for her then-soon-to-be-launched website, ChristyMarks.com.

I developed a closeness with Christy because she had this innocence about her that was endearing. She’d always refer to me as “Miss Maria,” which was very Southern and sweet. She loved to laugh and had so many anecdotes about her hometown and her day-to-day activities that she kept me in stitches. And she loved animals. Every time that we would meet, she would show me pictures of her dogs, her snake and I believe she even had a tarantula at one point.

We traveled to Hungary together, and I will never forget meeting her in the airport. Whenever I would see her in our studio, she was always glammed up and beautiful, but when we met in a terminal in New York, she was in huge basketball shorts, sneakers and a tank-top and she looked almost Tom-boyish. And for some reason, it was hot. Maybe it was the androgyny? Maybe it was that her tits looked huge in her tiny tank-top, but I thought she looked phenomenal. And, I can’t begin to tell you the stares she got on the plane when, in her typical contortionist style, she bent herself into a compact pretzel and slept that way on the trans-Atlantic flight. (I am sure you would have stared, too, if you saw a big-boobed chick with her legs akimbo and contorted into a small airplane seat! lol)

Over time, Christy would go on to do hardcore and then, anal, and boy, oh, boy, was she an amazing XXX performer. But I will tell you this: Christy never changed from being a sweet girl-next-door. Despite her raunchy antics during sex, she was still the sweetest lump o’ sugar I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And this is the reason that no matter what, she will always hold a spot in my heart as a real girl-next-door.



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A day of birthdays

July 27, 2010 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Renee Ross has remained in the Top 20 since her debut last year. Shyla Shy made her feature DVD debut in Mamazon. Demi38DD is a cam-model in Las Vegas. Blondie lives in Budapest and posed only six times. Happy birthday, ladies.

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One of my favorite clips of all time…

December 13, 2009 by Maria 9 Comments

I love looking through videos on SCORELAND because every now and then, I find something that makes me reminisce. I found this clip earlier today, and I had to share it with you.

But before I show you this clip, I want to give you a little background as to how it came to be. Our story takes place in a little castle in the countryside of Hungary. (Man, I just realized that I have a lot tit tales to tell you guys. While typing this, I had to stop and jot down a few reminders so I wouldn’t forget some crazy stories for future posts!)

Karina Hart is spectacular. She is perfect.

Karina Hart is spectacular. She is perfect.

Okay, so it is no secret that I am a Karina Hart fan. (I mean, who could NOT be a Karina Hart fan? She is smokin’ hot. And check out her pics in this polka dot getup from SCORE Holiday ’08. YOWZA. ) Well, she was one of the first models that I met on the “Hungary for Hooters” trip last year, and here’s a fun fact; She and I shared the same bottle of shampoo the whole trip. (Which is not hot at all. But have any of you ever shared shampoo with Karina Hart? Nope. So let me have my moment. lol) We also chit-chatted about music (She is a big fan of rap, especially Tupac) and made jokes. She is a charming woman. And she is just as hot in person. No doubt about it.

And then there is Mandy Pearl. I also met her in Hungary, and let

Mandy Pearl is THE girl-next-door. A stacked sweetie.

Mandy Pearl is THE girl-next-door. A stacked sweetie.

me just say that her adorable British accent killed me! Sigh. I mean, I was a goner from the moment she said, “Oh, hello. I’m Mandy.” That was it. I was all googly-eyed and little cartoon hearts must have been floating around above my head. And it didn’t hurt that when I met her, she was wearing this lingerie outfit. Not only is she just fucking adorable, but she is one of the NICEST girls you will ever meet. She’s down to Earth, funny, and she made it a point to have dinner with the crew each night, even after 16-hour production days. She listened to music with all of us after dinner and sang and danced with the crew. Just thinking about her makes me want to break into song

Oh, Mandy! Well you came and you gave without taking…

(Yeah, Mandy Pearl makes you sing Barry Manilow. It happens.)

Okay, so back to the tale of the video clip…

I’m in Hungary with Karina Hart and Mandy Pearl, and we are sitting around a table right after breakfast. Someone had just come back from the store and brought back some essentials. You know…coffee, sugar, soap, batteries, snacks, drinks and water balloons. What? Water balloons are essential, people! lol

So, I see these balloons and I look at the girls and I say, “Let’s go play with these!” But they couldn’t because they were set to do a tennis shoot in a few minutes.

Well, I was disappointed for about three seconds, and then I said, “Aren’t you going to be hot after that?” And I smiled.

They laughed, and that was all I needed to grab an empty garbage nearby and head off to fill water balloons. I arrived on the tennis court a half- hour later lugging a garbage full of balloons, and the rest, as they say, is Big Tit History.

They nailed each other with balloons and laughed and frolicked. It was glorious. It reminded me of when you fantasize about a bunch of girls at a slumber party. You know what I’m talking about. All of them looking hot and bodacious and, like, fooling around. And then they start pillow fighting. And then they are playfully wrestling, and oops! All of sudden, clothes start coming off, and then it’s a big lezzie orgy…

You know you’ve had that fantasy.


So, yes, what I am trying to say is that Karina and Mandy, two hot, curvy babes with accents (Oh, yeah. Accents! SO HOT!) basically got frisky, giggled, played, got wet and then took their tops off and rubbed titties all in my presence. AND IT WAS ALL MY IDEA.

No wonder this is one of my favorite clips of all time. You guys can check out the entire scene on SCORELAND by clicking HERE. At the very least, check out the highlights below. I’m telling you guys, sometimes, just sometimes, you’re in the right place at the right time.




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There’s something kinky about Kristy…

July 30, 2009 by Maria 3 Comments
There's something kinky and smoking hot about Kristy Klenot.

There's something kinky and smoking hot about Kristy Klenot.

About a year ago, I got to head over to Hungary and be part of the filming of Busty Riding Academy featuring Christy Marks and Karina Hart. You can imagine it’s kind of surreal to open your door and see Christy standing there in a sports bra and panties and asking to borrow some toothpaste. Or Karina coming over in tiny boyshorts and a little tank top and telling you that she needed your shampoo. Being a chick has its benefits, fellas! Being around all that tit-power was great, but these two ladies are not the subject of my girl crush.

It’s Kristy Klenot, actually.

Kristy Klenot, her great tits and pretty pussy. Bits of heaven in Hungary.

Kristy Klenot, her great tits and pretty pussy. Bits of heaven in Hungary.

I can’t tell you what it is about this lady that makes her so hot, but damn does she melt my butter. I spent a lot of time with Kristy and chatted with her quite often, and the only thing I could register while talking to her was, “Fuck, she’s hot!” That’s all I can say about her…she’s fucking hot! (And it didn’t hurt that she did a lot of girl-to-girl flirting with me. lol)

This is one of my favorite photo sets of Kristy from the trip. Why? Because when this set was being shot, I was right next to the photographer, and I will swear up and down that the whole time she was stripping her clothes off and spreading her incredible pussy…she was looking right at me!

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

You can see more of Kristy inside of SCORELAND.


P.S.: There’s a video of Kristy, Jasmine Black and Melissa Mandikova wrestling, ripping off each other’s clothes and spanking each other in Hungary that I love. I will see if I can get Lester, our video editor, to hook me up with some footage of it for you guys!

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