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Tits always the season for big boobs

December 20, 2013 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

What do you want under your tree Christmas morning? A big-boobed beauty? There’s nothing wrong with a one-track mind.

We know what we want. Our Xmas wish list? It’s a short list. More busty girls joining the Big Show. So, ladies, check out SCOREModelsWanted.com.

The most wonderful time of the year by artist Granamir.

All women are not created equal.


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Spooktastic big boob fan art for Halloween at SCORELAND

October 28, 2013 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Dedicated SCORE fan Granamir in Mexico mixes his big-boob art with tricks and treats this Halloween week. We need some creepy music for this Blog. Granamir is also the author of the science-fiction novel Días de Silencio.

Can you ID any of the past and present SCORE Girls in some of his illustrations?

Thank you, Granamir.

Forbidden Planet Of Big Tits.

Alien Abductions

Mars Need Busty Women.

The Creature From The Black Lagoon Meets His Match.

The Crawling Eye Likes Tits.

The Martini Fairies.

Drac Likes Big Boobs.

Temple of the Mummy.

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The big-boobed art of Granamir: A wild, wacky world of hooter humor

August 17, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Granamir is back with another selection of big-boobed babes and hooter humor. One picture does tell more than a thousand words in his world.  It’s the universal language of big tits in funny situations.

The golfers.

Snake charmer.


Hooter hospital.

At the movies.

Going down?

The big game.

At the aquarium.


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The big-boob art of Granamir 4

June 25, 2013 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Granamir sends his latest busty girl artwork from Mexico. The big-boob humor in his boob-toons needs no captions or speech balloons.  They’re language and nationality-free and could be filmed as quickie TV skits. Thank you, Granamir, a man who loves bosomy babes and loves SCORE magazine and the SCORE Girls.

Fan artwork is always appreciated.  Email your scans to blog@scoregroup.com or mail them to SCORE Fan Art, 1629 NW 84 Ave, Miami, FL 33126.

He dreams of...

Off to see.

Catching a whopper.

Good aim.

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The big-boobed art of Granamir, Part 2

May 1, 2013 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Inspired by SCORE and Voluptuous Girls and the masters of good girl art, artist Granamir sends his latest illustrations. No captions are needed to explain what’s happening. The punchlines are in the pictures. Humor and slapstick combine with huge-breasted girls in this toon world. His version of the bride of Frankenstein definitely got an upgrade.

Show your own fan artwork to SCORELAND Blog readers by emailing your scans to blog@scoregroup.com or mail them to The SCORELAND BLOG, 1629 NW 84 Ave, Miami, FL 33126.


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Fanning the fires of busty fan art

June 23, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Carol Brown by Charles W.

Charles W. sends us his take on the great Carol Brown, English V-mag legend and all-around nice lady. “Carol Brown is one of my Voluptuous favorites,” says Charles. He has some additional fan art illustrations this weekend in “Scorecard” at SCORELAND. Thank you, Charles! Keep up the good work.

I sent a copy to Carol, who wrote back, “The illustration is lovely! Please thank Charles for me. All is very good in England!”

Carol started with V-mag back in the early '90s and still models.



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The 2011 SCORE/V-mag Awards: Allow us to illustrate the nominees

December 10, 2011 by Maria 7 Comments

Well, I would’ve illustrated them for you if I had any artistic talent, but I don’t. The most you would get from me is some stick figure with stick-figure boobs. (But they would be BIG stick-figure boobs! lol)

Thank goodness for you that our pal H.D. from Germany can draw. (He draws his figures with big boobs, too. Go figure.)

He sent us some fine, new sketches of some of the finest ladies who are nominated for both the SCORE and V-mag awards.

Speaking of which…have you voted? If you haven’t, you SHOULD. The competition is so tight, the winners will be decided by a few votes. So, if you are the type of person with very strong opinions about tits (like all of us here at SCORELAND!), then cast your votes in the SCORELAND Voting Booth. Voting ends soon, and the fate of your favorite models’ breasts are in your hands.



Who are you guys voting for?


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Big-boob fan art through the years

September 2, 2011 by Elliot James 5 Comments
The real Morgan Leigh.

The real Morgan Leigh.

Morgan as depicted by Matt M.

Morgan as depicted by Matt M.

Fan art submitted by readers and members has a long history at SCORE. I remember big-boobed artwork coming into SCORE and Voluptuous magazines by standard mail–you know, the kind that use paper and ink–as far back as 1995. Today, it’s usually sent by email, with some exceptions.

The artists are from different backgrounds and different places but they share a common trait: a deep love and appreciation for the girls who model for SCORE and Voluptuous.  Some fan artists were one-shots, others regularly sent in their sketches, toons or paintings. Their talent seemed to increase the more they kept practicing.

They are almost exclusively male. I can’t recall one female ever submitting anything. I know that the work of the two main pro SCORE artists, Otis Sweat (“Bomber Girls” and the artist for the majority of the short stories) and Duncan Gutteridge (“Fantasy SCORE“), inspired many of them. Some of them were art students in school. Others are hobbyists.

Computer-generated art mixed with photography began to show up in the late 1990s, notably Ricky Java’s morphs of SCORE photos in “Fantastic Fantasies.”  This was the very beginning of the morphing trend as home computers became more affordable. Later on, fully computer-generated illustrations began to show up.

Every artist had his favorite subjects. D.M. loved Chloe, and he always did a bang-up job in his lavish illustrations.

“Treva” from the UK loved the XL and plumperish Voluptuous girls.

“Simon Templar” depicted SCORE Girls such as Lacey Legends and Colt 45 as super-heroines or secret agents.

Pauly loves super-huge boobs that jut straight out, defying gravity and the laws of physics. I did interviews with both Simon and Pauly years ago, and they’re still archived in the SCORELAND Art Galleries department. Their points of views are really interesting.

Lately, there’s Mr. H.D. from Germany, who regularly sends Maria his Voluptuous-inspired pencil sketches that she posts in her Blog postings. In H.D.’s illustrations, his favorite models such as Cherry Brady and Renee Ross usually share one common accessory: they wear sexy, spike-heeled boots.

Interestingly enough, I never see submitted fan art of a girl having hardcore sex. It’s always the model in a solo pose, never a guy in the mix.

One of the most prolific and dedicated artists in recent years is “Thor,” aka Matt M. Matt just sent us his latest illustration of Morgan Leigh, one of his favorites, and it’s excellent. Matt’s earlier renditions of Merilyn, Jenna Valentine, Indianna Jaymes and others have always been excellent, too. There’s another piece Matt did that I want to post on the Blog at a future date, that of ’90s icon Tiffany Towers.

We salute you, noble fan artists. Thank you for your motivation and your high-powered interest in the subject we’re fanatics about: those awesome, big-boobed babes!

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Fan Art: Renee Ross is Boss

January 18, 2011 by Maria Leave your thoughts

Renee Ross: We'd jump through hoops for her.

Renee Ross: We'd jump through hoops for her.

Renee in Sex in the Titties.

Renee in Sex in the Titties.

Officer Renee wants to bust you.

Officer Renee wants to bust you.

Our good friend, H.D. from Germany just sent us a round of Renee Ross art that shows off the 40J star in various costumes and scenarios.

I, for one, love when women dress up in costumes and role play, so these illustrations are a-okay by me.

Renee, who is up for Model of the Year in the V-mag 2010 Awards, also loves to dress up and look sexy.

She also likes to talk about sex and blowjobs, which we saw when she gave us a BJ and TJ titorial for all the guys on the blog.

Way to immortalize this blond bomber, H.D.! Keep the fan art coming!




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Michelle May Fan Art!

November 30, 2010 by Maria 4 Comments
Michelle May looks pretty hot. Maybe it's the boots? Maybe it's the gloves? Maybe it's the breast licking.

Michelle May looks pretty hot. Maybe it's the boots? Maybe it's the gloves? Maybe it's the breast licking.

Well, the phrase ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE is the moral of today’s story, kids. Why? Well, a couple of weeks ago, one of our favorite titters, Michelle May, was in our studios and in a dressing-room interview with me (where she did some serious topless handstands!), Ms. May to confessed two

Michelle always has a smile for her fans.

Michelle always has a smile for her fans.

H.D. captured her, um, face perfectly.

H.D. captured her, um, face perfectly.

things. The first was that she wanted your vote for V-Mag’s 2010 Model of the Year. The second was that she wanted more fan art from H.D., our very talented illustrator friend from Germany whose artwork of many of our favorite chesty babes has been featured numerous times on the blog. (Here, here, here, here and here!)

Of course, H.D. always draws his ladies in boots, and here is Michelle with nothing else on but her boots.

Michelle May looks pretty damn hot with nothing else on but her thigh-high hooker boots.

Michelle May IS a little bit cheeky...

We all know that Michelle May is busty but she might also be a little bit cheeky...

Now, while I can’t say for sure if Michelle’s many fans will lead her to the coveted Voluptuous 2010 Model of the Year title, I can say that H.D. heard her plea from across the oceans and sent in not one, not two, but FIVE illustrations of Michelle. (And we think that’s pretty hot.) He sent them along with this message to the pretty California girl:

“Here comes a “pin-me-up” drawing for Michelle May and some more of this beauty 🙂 I hope she & you will enjoy. -H.D.”

Well, as a fan (And sometimes subject) of H.D.’s art, I can say that I always enjoy when he sends along amazing drawings of our models. As for Michelle, she comments on the Blog all the time, so let’s hope she swings on by and gets an eyeful of all these incredible drawings.

And for all of you fans who want to submit your drawings to the bBog, please shoot us an email at blog@scoreland.com and we will be sure to check out what you’ve got! And check out SCOREVideos.com today for a new Michelle video, “Tits Magnificent!”



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