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Many good reasons to join SCORELAND2

September 3, 2013 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

You can feed your credit card to a website that charges from 99 cents to $5.99 a minute to see one girl.

You can spend $6 or more for one beer, and sometimes a door charge, at a topless bar or gentleman’s club.

Or you can join SCORELAND2 for $9.95 for one month of the breast scenes from SCORELAND, SCOREVideos, XLGirls and other TSG sites.

Get hot masturbation and big-boob videos, girl-girls and hardcore XXX sex at SCORELAND2, the big-tit site for the budget-minded tit-man. A video and a photo set are posted five days a week. Here’s what’s up and upcoming at SCORELAND2.

A hard time for Beverly Paige.

A cream-filled pussy for Alex Chance, her first XXX video.

Desiree and Maserati team up for double-jacking and tit-wanking.

Mickey Bells and her very big, swinging clappers.

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Molly Howard and Marilyn Mayson kissing, jiggling and lactating!

July 19, 2012 by Maria 7 Comments

There are not a lot of things that throw me off my interview game. I mean, I have seen it all: Girls throwing themselves into splits, Renee Ross jumping rope topless, Michelle May doing a naked handstand and even naked yoga with Kaytee Carter.

But nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, prepared me for my blog interview with Molly Howard and Marilyn Mayson.

I had interviewed Molly Howard before for XLGirls.com, so we were already acquainted. In fact, she threw herself into a split on the floor for me then, too. But it was my first time meeting the lovely Marilyn Mayson, who is such a doll.

However, when I sat down with these ladies (right around the time of the NBA Finals, when Marilyn’s hometown team, the Thunder, were playing our beloved Miami Heat), it was big titty pandemonium.

First of all, there was a plethora of titties everywhere. That is always awesome.

But then things went from 0-to-69 in about two seconds, I swear. One moment they were showing me their tits and the next, Marilyn was lactating milk all over Molly’s tits. And then they were kissing. And then I was on set with them after their first threesome scene and they were shaking their tits at me with cum still in their hair.

It was wild!

I would give you details about it, but sometimes a video is worth a thousand words.

So without further ado, check out these two wild ladies below and then head over to XLGirls.com and watch their hot and horny interracial threesome. It is NOT to be missed.



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Letting you know about the new, stacked, natural girls…THAT’S what friend are for

March 21, 2012 by Dave 8 Comments

Good golly Miss Molly!

I would like to take this opportunity to use the SCORELAND Blog for my own, personal purposes. Today, I am going to yell at Elliot and Maria. Ready? Here goes:


There are times when I’m so busy keeping track of the SCORE Girls for the magazine and the mature women for 40SomethingMag.com, 50PlusMILFs.com and 60PlusMILFs.com (and the exciting new big-tit website that’s coming very soon) that I don’t notice who’s in the studio on non-SCORE Girl, non-MILF days. And I admit: When a fresh, new, big set of tits is in the building, my boob radar should go off immediately. But in this case, I’m not to blame. You see, Molly was in our studio during the first week of January, and I was off during the first week of January. SO IT’S NOT MY FAULT!

So, here’s what should have happened. On the Monday I got back, Elliot or Maria (LISTEN UP!) should have said, “Dave, you have to check out the photos of the new 20-YEAR-OLD, SHORT ‘N’ STACKED, DDD-CUP NATURAL who was in last week.”

But that didn’t happen, so when Molly’s first solo (then boy-girl) photos went up at XLGirls.com, it was news to me. Good news, but news nonetheless. And today, there’s more Molly going up at XLGirls.com, and as Albert Einstein, noted genius and boob lover, would have said upon seeing her cleavage, HOLY SHIT!

Molly is from Central Florida. She measures 48-31-35. She used to be a cheerleader (the thought of her bouncing up and down is mindboggling), and as she proved to Maria in an interview on XLGirls.com, she’s very flexible.

She has braces, too. Braces and big tits. A rare combination. So rare that you’d think Elliot or Maria or both would have told me about her. But they didn’t. I had to find her for myself. Good thing for them, I’m very forgiving.

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Do we really have to point out that a big, BLACK cock is fucking Brittany O’Neil today at SCORELAND?

July 15, 2011 by Dave 27 Comments
Ashlee Chambers and Lucas. This is interracial…

Ashlee Chambers and Lucas. This is interracial…

…and isn't this interracial, too? Africa with Johnny Rod

…and isn't this interracial, too? Africa with Johnny Rod.

Coincidentally, Brittany O’Neil is doing her first-ever interracial hardcore video today at SCORELAND at the same time we received an email from a magazine reader who I’ll identify only as C.C. Over the years, we’ve received hundreds of letters regarding the interracial debate, but this is one of the most astute.

Writes C.C., “I would first like to compliment you wholeheartedly for the quality of every product produced by The SCORE Group. I enjoy SCORE, BootyLicious, Voluptuous and 40Something, and that pleasure has increased in direct proportion to the free videos you include with the magazines.

“I have sung your praises but now have to give you some hard truths that you as Caucasians may not be cognizant of in your everyday life. In the year 2011, racism is a far cry from what my grandmothers, mother and even I experienced (I’m in my mid 40s), but it is still a reality to the majority of black people in this country. Things are more subtle now, and if your head’s in a hole, you’ll miss the nuances of it when it strikes.

“As I stated earlier, your products get a big thumbs up, but have you ever noticed (porn in general) that interracial only describes a black man having sex with a women of another race, never the reverse? Case in point, your January 2010 issue of SCORE (I dug in my crates, lol). Ashlee Chambers/Lucas pictorial’s copy referenced his ‘black’ cock six times. Come on, fellows! Unless you’re implying your readers are blind and stupid, we can see the brother is black! Your review of the Miosotis (she’s a black hispanic, just letting you know) video, however, never once mentioned a ‘pale’ penis, a ‘white’ wand or an ‘ivory’ cock.

“Also, don’t let the less-intelligent readers guilt you with ‘People, lighten up,’ ‘People should get over it,’ and ‘It’s not that bad anymore.’ It’s not how what you say affects the groups not concerned but the groups that more directly ‘resemble’ the comments.

“Thank you and keep putting out a great product.”

And thank you, C.C., for a letter that criticizes intelligently but never becomes inflammatory. These are all interesting points worth discussing, and before I comment, I’d like to hear what you, the Blog readers, have to say.

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Blonde, big-titted Brittany O’Neil takes on a big, black cock…for the first time!

July 14, 2011 by Dave 7 Comments
What's on the BBC today? Brittany O'Neil!

What's on the BBC today? Brittany O'Neil!

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Brittany O’Neil? She’s done it all.” Boy-girl hardcore? Of course. Bondage? Yep (with photos and video at SCORELAND). Girl-girl? Yep. Anal? Yes, a long time ago. Three-ways? Check her out with Angelique and a dude at SCORELAND. As I wrote recently in SCORE, Brittany, a SCORE Girl since 1993, is “famous for being a classy lady off-camera, a fucking slut on-camera.” And I mean that in the most admiring way.

But the truth is that Brittany has not done it all. Until today, she had never done an interracial scene. Yep, black cock had never stuffed Brittany’s mouth or tight pussy. But now, Brittany is a proud, card-carrying member of the BBC Club. That’s not British Broadcasting Corporation. It’s Big, Black Cock. The cock belongs to Lucas Stone, and the contrast between Lucas and blonde, tan-lined Brittany is definitely something to see. This scene also proves that although Brittany’s pussy is tight, it’s accommodating because it opens up to take all of Lucas’s BBC.

In addition to fucking hung, black studs, Brittany has also been busy doing some mainstream theater and movie acting. She was in a movie called Ironhorse (by the people who did Reservoir Dogs), and she also appeared onstage in the very G-Rated show Fiddler on the Roof. Brittany O’Neil in Fiddler on the Roof…sounds crazy, no? But having sex on-camera is definitely what she does best.

“I can be myself,” Brittany said. “I mean, when I’m in mainstream movies or the musical, I have to be someone else, but in my hardcore movies, it’s all me. I love being sexy, I love having sex and I don’t have to cover anything up. This is the real me, guys. I hope you enjoy it!”


Photos today, video tomorrow at SCORELAND.

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Michelle Bond and her big, fat tits

May 27, 2011 by Dave 10 Comments
Michelle measures her big, fat tits in another photo set that can be seen at SCORELAND.

Michelle measures her big, fat tits in another photo set that can be seen at SCORELAND.

Today at SCORELAND, in Part IV of Leanne’s Stacked Summer, British natural Michelle Bond shows off her big, fat tits for our viewing pleasure. Actually, she does more than that. According to my notes, “Michelle, overflowing a tiny, blue bikini that barely covers her nipples, jumps into a pool to get her tits wet, causing ripples with her wildly swaying breasts. She dips her nips into the water to get them hard, then gets out and oils up her H-cup naturals as we admire them from below. The hot sun is making Michelle horny, so she takes off her bikini bottom, lies back and rubs her pussy to an orgasm, just as Leanne catches her in the act!”

Leannne, of course, is Leanne Crowe, the star of Leanne’s Stacked Summer. Although Michelle plays with her pussy in this scene and Maggie Green and Angela White eat each other’s pussies in another scene, this is the kind of movie that you have to be a boob lover to fully appreciate. The action is almost totally tit-focused, and the angles are something only a true boob man would understand. I mean, a person with different interests might say, “Michelle’s bikini looks like it’s about six sizes too small.” While we would say, “Michelle’s bikini fits perfectly.”

There’s just one more week to go (the final part airs next Friday) in our exclusive, pre-DVD release screening of Leanne’s Stacked Summer at SCORELAND. But does that mean you’ll have nothing to look forward to when it’s over? No effin’ way. Because on June 16, Valory Irene tugs and tit-fucks a cock on camera for the first time, and a week after that, Brittany O’Neil gets nailed by a big, black cock. Or maybe it’s Brittany doing the nailing. With that super-horny MILF, you just never know.

And one more thing: This has been a very good year for SCORE newcomers, and it’s about to get a lot better on the naturals side of things. The 2011 Newcomer of the Year race might turn out to be the best ever.

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What makes Brittany O’Neil special?

March 28, 2011 by Dave 4 Comments

Need you ask?

Well, whether you do or you don’t, you’re going to enjoy finding out today and tomorrow right here and tomorrow at SCORELAND. Yep, the great Brittany, SCORE Girl since 1993–walked into our studio for the first time since 2006, and it was a major event. While she was here, she had a three-way with two of our studs for an upcoming SCOREVideos.com posting. She got a creampie from Lucas Stone for an upcoming SCORELAND posting. And she enjoyed–really enjoyed–a poolside screw with one of her long-time fans for SCORELAND. Kicking things off: a show-and-tell video tomorrow at SCORELAND.

Yeah, she did all that. She also teased cock (mine and Elliot’s) and showed off her tan lines.

This is Part One. Part Two tomorrow.

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Can you guess whose ass is getting fucked in this picture?

March 17, 2011 by Dave


Guess fast because I might get into a lot of trouble for running this photo (we do have rules around here, you know). I’ll give you a few clues: 1. She had never done on-camera anal before walking into our studio; 2. She’s a real girl-next-door, and even the fact that she does hardcore (no less interracial anal) is a bit surprising; 3. Her first SCORELAND anal video goes live this Saturday. That third clue, by the way, is only going to be helpful to SCORELAND members.

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