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Inverted Nipples: Let’s probe this topic.

September 22, 2012 by Maria 7 Comments

Siri has the best inverted nipples of all time...in my humble opinion.

Inverted nipples…I am currently obsessed with them.

I think my obsession started when Jenna Valentine, whom I love to talk to, told me she had a shy nipple. Up until that point, inverted nipples were a thing of mystery to me.

Ever since then, I am seeing them more and more often in our studio.

The best belong to the beautiful and very awesome Siri. Hers are a thing of beauty.

Maybe I am so fascinated by inverted nipples because I feel like they require more suction when they are in someone’s mouth in order to become hard and pop right out? Probably. I think that nipple play and lots of dug sucking is really hot.

But today when I was discussing inverted nipples with a friend, I realized that although I love them, I really am clueless about why inverted nipples are, well, inverted.

So, I put on my big-boob scientist’s lab coat and went to town on some research about these shy sucklers.

Here is what I found out.

For one thing, both men and women can be born with inverted nipples. I didn’t know that before today and now I want to meet a guy with inverted nipples because my curiosity is pretty serious.  lol

Secondly, about 10-20% of women have varying degrees of nipple inversion. There are actually three grades of inverted nipples.

Grade 1 are commonly referred to as “Shy Nipples.” These nipples can easily be pulled out by using finger pressure around the aureola. Women with Grade 1 nipples can usually breastfeed easily and only have shy nipples sometimes. Jenna Valentine has these kinds of nipples.

Grade 2 usually require more stimulation to come out and cannot be pushed out with finger pressure. These ladies might be able to breast feed depending on the amount of suction their nipples receive. I imagine that a breast pump would be handy for these gals. Siri has these nipples.

Grade 3 inverted nipples usually do not respond to suction or stimulation and these women need surgery to protract the nipple and allow it to be on the outside, rather than inverted. These ladies cannot breast feed.

(I have yet to meet a set of Grade 3 nipples, but I am sure that they exist somewhere out there in the universe of tits.)

Ladies with inverted nipples can be born that way or the inversion could be caused by breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight loss and a series of diseases and syndromes that I don’t want to talk about because they make me sad.

(I get sad when bad things happen to boobies. I do.)

But let’s get back to talking about stimulation.

I think my curiosity with inverted nipples is all about the stimulation. The way a person would want to rub a lamp so that a genie comes out is the same way that I want to suck on a pair of inverted nipples until they emerge, glorious and victorious.

Am I the only one who is fascinated by these innies?

I can’t be.

They’re fucking fascinating!

What say you, boob men? Chime in.

I want to hear all about your nipple fetishes because the next time we get a gal with inverted nipple in the studio, I want to do a blog video focused solely on them.

What do you think?




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Rockell will, Rockell will…ROCK YOU!

September 9, 2012 by Maria 3 Comments

Remember last week when I told you that Rockell was coming and that soon you would be cumming, too?

Well, I always tell the truth.

Rockell arrives at SCORELAND tomorrow and she is nothing short of AMAZING.

Maybe it’s the whole Southern accent or the fact that Rockell is about as sweet as sugar-coated, well, sugar…but this girl is going to charm the fucking pants right off of you.

Oh, what’s that? You’re not wearing pants? Well, that’s very proactive of you.

As for Rockell, she is from Alabama, she likes to Zumba and she likes to wrestle other chicks in mud. She is 22 and has 36G tatas. She also has slightly inverted nipples which she rubs on in the video below. She is new to modeling, and, so far, she loves the getting dressed up and glammed up to give you wood!

I got to sit with Rockell for a minute, and we talked about the things that make her happy.

Then I asked her to do a topless split for me because that is the kind of thing that makes me happy.

Get to know Rockell, and tomorrow, when she goes live on SCORELAND, you make sure to stroke in the name of love for this Southern charmer.



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NEW TITS ARE COMING! Behold! Rockell is here!

August 31, 2012 by Maria 5 Comments

I always get excited when there are new tits to show you. It’s like Christmas but better. It’s titsmas!

This lovely lady and her lovely lady lumps go by the name Rockell, and she will be coming your way very soon.

She has 36G boobies and is 22 years old.

I got to hang out with her on set for a few minutes, and she was loads of fun. First of all, she is from Alabama, so the Southern accent and the Southern charm are thicker than her juicy tits. Not really…her tits are pretty juicy.

Secondly, she is pretty tall at 5’9″, so she has that hourglass, Amazon thing going on.

And lastly, she has a lot of personality. Rockell is perkier than…well, her tits and believe you me, she has some pretty perky, juicy tits.

Also, she looks pretty hot in the SCORELAND babe uniform, right? Mmhm.

But before you go berserk over her, and by that I mean, before you go jerk to her, let me say this:

This video is only about 30 seconds long. lol

You will get a longer, more in-depth video very soon, I promise.

This is a little teaser from me to you. I wasn’t supposed to post it…

but I really needed you guys to see what the future holds for you.

The future looks pretty blonde and stacked, huh?

You’re welcome!




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Nancy Navarro: Gazongas Against Glass

June 11, 2012 by Elliot James 12 Comments


Big, heavy boobs pressed against glass is one of my favorite tit tricks. We used to have a specially constructed table made out of super-thick glass that we photographed some of the girls on. They could stand on it, too, so the photographer could shoot straight up. (Not that we believe in the glass ceiling.)

Tits-against-glass shoots are also done with glass shower doors and car windshields. They work really well with car wash sets and videos.

For the boob-squishing shots in Nancy Navarro’s strip and oil pictorial, the photographer had Nancy press a sheet of glass against her boobs. I think this picture from Nancy’s set would make a pretty nice desktop background. For your home PC, that is. I’m not sure about it on your office computer if you use one at work.


Here are the answers to the “20 for 20” SCORE anniversary contests for Days 3 and 4:

Day 3

1) Whose first SCORE hardcore scene was a threesome? Chloe Vevrier

Chloe did her first hardcore BGG scene in London with “Russian” Kathy and Kathy’s boyfriend at the time, a regular dude named Matt who boffed them both. Lucky guy. Chloe plays a masseuse who comes to rub Kathy, and rub they did.

2) In 2002, Autumn-Jade returned to SCORELAND following a growth spurt that saw her bra size go from a DDD-cup to an…I-cup

3) Which redheaded SCORE Girl once interviewed Tawny Peaks for SCORE? Montana

This was a tough one and might be the most difficult question of the entire “20 for 20” anniversary. Montana, a curly-haired redhead who feature-danced, interviewed Tawny for the July ’93 SCORE.

Day 4

1) Which SCORE Girl has inverted nipples? Terry Nova

2) Which two naturals went head-to-head and tit-to-tit in the one and only “Big-Tit Challenge” at SCORELANDCassitty Harmon and Africa Sexxx

3) Which model did not celebrate her 18th birthday with a SCORE pictorial? Jessica Turner

Linsey and Dawn Phoenix in London and Sharday in America all celebrated their 18th birthdays with photo shoots. Jessica Turner celebrated her 21st birthday on Boob Cruise 2000.

Today is Day 5. Good luck!


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Siri arrives at SCORELAND…how do you like them apples?

February 23, 2012 by Maria 32 Comments

Siri's hourglass curves measure 40-29-38, and she looks amazing in our SCORE 20th Anniversary T-shirt and hat!

New Boobs! New Boobs! New Boobs!

Please imagine that I am out of breath while I am typing this post.

That is because since Siri has been in the building, all of us have been running around like crazy.

And I know what you are thinking…Siri? As in the digital slave who lives in your phone?


I am pretty sure that our Siri is hotter and has bigger tits than that Siri.

Our Siri is a 23-year-old blonde babe from California (born in Minnesota) with a 32HH rack and a 29-inch waist. She is kind of nerdy (She loves to read, knit and watch historical films), and she is kind of a fox. Her hourglass curves will make you want to have a lot of time on your hands, if you know what I mean.

I caught up with Siri in our studio…and by caught up, I mean I found her on the set and asked her to show me her tits immediately. I am classy like that. 🙂

Siri and I made two videos in which we chitchatted about her boobs, her inverted nipples and all sorts of other fun things that big-boobed gals talk about.

You can check out the first of those two videos below and look out for Siri’s debut tomorrow on SCORELAND.



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Tit’s nippy out there and other boob science facts

October 16, 2011 by Elliot James 11 Comments

There’s a point to nipples. Two points, in fact. They are erogenous zones as well as the spigots of milk delivery. And they are great to look at, in an artistic sense. Plus, staring at them causes woodies.

Let’s look at the boob science behind nipples. There won’t be a quiz later. I just wholeheartedly urge that you spend some time with some fine, fine nipples and their beautiful owners this weekend: Eva Notty and Sarah Satori in a threesome at SCORELAND; Natalie Fiore and Micky Bells at XLGirls ( a must see) and Destiny Rose in her second boy-girl scene (as a nurse, naturally) at SCOREVideos.

Today in boob science:

The medical term for nipple is papilla. Teat is a word used more often for animals than humans. The word tits comes from teats, but tit usually means the entire breast, not only the nipple.

Some word scholars believe that the word nipple derived from “neb,” an Old English word for nose or beak. Others claim it’s from the German “nippel.” Not much in favor anymore, for an excellent reason, is the German “die Brustwarze,” literally “breast wart.”

“Puffy” nipples are larger than average nipples and areolae that have a domed look.

Erect nipples are caused by contracting muscles under the skin, while clit enlargement and a boner in guys is caused by blood engorgement. Cold will also contract the areolae giving them a scrunched-up look. Not all women get erect nipples when turned-on.

The average projection and size of the human female nipple is approximately 3/8″ or 10mm.

20% of women have inverted nipples.

The nipple/breast system is complex and well-designed. Each breast has approximately 20 sections called lobes that surround the nipple. Inside the  lobes are smaller lobes called lobules that end in bulbs that create milk. Small tubes called ducts carry the milk to the nipples. Montgomery glands inside the areola lubricate the nipple during breast-feeding. Kristina Milan can show you exactly how this works.

Female nipples are more sensitive than male nipples because there are more nerves and nerve endings.

Male horses and rats have no nipples. They don’t miss them, either.

Nipples. I’m grateful to the girls who show ’em.

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Terry Nova’s “Shy Nipples”

April 10, 2011 by Maria 6 Comments

I love girls with inverted nipples. (Or girls with, “shy nipples,” as my friend Jenna Valentine likes to call them.) There is something about them that makes me want to suck them right out into hardness. It’s something about the peekaboo way they are shy that makes me wild. Jenna Valentine has a nice pair of shy nipples, but Terry Nova‘s are tops on my list. First of all, Terry Nova is a shy girl. Her demeanor is very quiet and she reminds me of that nerdy girl in high school…that girl from “band camp” who is really a freak in the sheets. In this set of Terry, which happens to be my favorite and is featured in SCORE September 2010, she is perfect.  Her outfit, with those shorts that are more straps than shorts, are perfect. And here by the sea in Eleuthera, in these two pictures, we see her shy nature and her shy nipples and it’s absolutely perfect. Did I mention that everything in this pictorial is perfect?!

Shy nipples…yum.



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Pssst…check out the rack on this chick!

November 11, 2009 by Maria 37 Comments

And so it is that I return triumphantly to all of you, my boob brothers and sisters, with a pair of undulating orbs so fine that they will surely leave you speechless and sporting wood and engorged clits.

(I love the words WOOD and ENGORGED.)

Meet Jenna Valentine, a 5’3″, 23-year-old Valley Girl from California with FF-cup knockers so pale and pretty, you will love them instantly. Jenna is not only a personable and cute young lady, but she is also funny. Watch as she tells the tale of being attacked by a bidet in one of our bathrooms. It brings the LOLs, big time!

(And get a eyeful of her nipples, which seem a little inverted but are really just “shy,” according to Jenna.)

Jenna will be making a few more blog appearances, but for now, enjoy her bubbly personality and her retro look. If you love pale perkies, Jenna is your gal.



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