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Today at SCORELAND, Shelby Gibson sucks more than JMac’s finger

November 6, 2015 by Dave 24 Comments

Shelby can take it.

When Shelby Gibson graced our studio for the first time in August 2014, I wasn’t entirely sure she’d one day have sex on-camera. After all, she’s a reader’s wife, and it’s one thing to be okay with your wife being naked on-camera for all the world to see. It’s still another to be okay with her having sex with porn studs on-camera. A lot of guys, probably most guys, wouldn’t be okay with it. Mr. Gibson, however, was okay with it. And, today, his lovely, busty wife is going to tit-fuck and suck JMac’s cock for all of us to enjoy.

Shelby told Elliot, “A long-time fantasy of mine has been to have fun with a real porn stud. My husband really encouraged me, too, because he loves watching me show off. And then when I read how much the fans wanted me to do it, I decided to go for it.”

Hmmmm…so it turns out that all of you guys asking, “When is she going to do HC?” before a girl even takes off her clothes might have had something to do with Shelby’s decision.

Next, stop for cock, Shelby’s pussy?

“Only if I can be with the right guys. If I can fuck JMac my first time, then count me in! Or count him in…me!”

I love a sexy girl who has a sense of humor and fucks.

Okay, I admit it, the sense of humor isn’t really that important.


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The virtues of jacking, or “How SCORELAND is making us a more-civilized society”

June 20, 2013 by Dave 3 Comments

This man is about to take life-saving action. He's about to jack.

Jacking saves lives.

I mean that literally and figuratively. In the United States, the murder rate is about four per every 100,000 people. In Europe, it’s a little less. I’m estimating that, if by some means, humans lost their ability to masturbate, the murder rate would at least quadruple. Maybe it would increase by at least 10 times. Masturbation relieves tension and anger. It makes us more-civilized. That’s how jacking (or jilling, if you’re a woman) saves lives.

But there’s more to it than that. This morning, I was having the following conversation with a friend:

He said, “My ex has been bugging me to get back together.”

I said, “Are you thinking about it?”

He said, “Maybe a little.”

I said, “Whatever you do, make sure you jack before you make your decision. You have to figure out whether you really want to get back together with her or if you’re just horny.”

I wonder how many people’s lives have been figuratively saved by the simple action of jacking before making a big decision. I just found a website called taketheaction.com. Apparently, the “action” is to stop jacking. They claim that masturbation is destroying lives. This is the most wrong-headed idea I’ve ever heard. Here’s some better advice:

Thinking of cheating on your spouse or significant other? Jack first, decide later.

Mad at someone? Feel like twisting their neck? Jack. You’ll feel much better.

Jacking makes us think clearer. Jacking saves lives. I know it has saved mine. Has it ever saved yours?

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Roxi Red: the big-boob followers speak

September 17, 2012 by Elliot James 5 Comments

The first impressions are in, and here’s what a selection of SCORELANDERS have to say about the amazing Roxi Red in her first two photo sets and videos.

Vince: “Having the most wonderful time of my life, Roxi, at 4:15 am after keeping it up for two hours! How can a 71 yo horny guy get any sleep? You’ve brought me back to when I saw Virginia Bell at the Palace Burlesque here in Buffalo, hand firmly on cock. Any chance for a little something special for Invincible? Can’t break any longer. Desperate to get back into action. Hopefully til near dawn.”

Maddien: “Fantastic debut! She proves that she’s very sensual and made for sex as well. I like her high vibes. A 100 percent sexy and sensual woman.”

Nigella: “Aw, I was hoping she’d be wearing the red bra in the debut pic set! Never mind, Roxi is an amazing discovery, what a figure! I’m sure SCORELAND will make the most of this great lady. The write up for the video mentioned bra shopping. Can we have a vid where she tries a load of bras on please! And then a secretary video, a nurse video, a shower in lingerie video, the works!!!!”

JCB: “What an AWESOME debut !! Roxi is going to be a SCORE star without a doubt. LET’S HAVE MORE PLEASE!!”

Hans Hermansson: “I have tried to express my feelings about Roxi Red but it is difficult. She is just the most gorgeous babe to ever walk this planet, the kind of woman I have always dreamed of. So, please, SCORE, make the most of her, please, and post many, many, many pic sets and videos of her. Can’t wait for updates. Thanks.”

Today, Roxi takes things into her own hands. So get a grip while Roxi gets a grip.

I think it’s safe to say Roxi’s a hit at SCORELAND.


A little tug'll do ya.

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SCORE and Voluptuous readers write the darndest things

July 12, 2012 by Elliot James 9 Comments

You're got questions? We've got Scorecard.

With the addition of the comment boards in SCORELAND and on the Blog, you can send your thoughts about a set, a video or a model immediately. And that’s great except many of the comments are one or two sentences. Rarely do I see anything longer than a paragraph. It’s just the nature of the electronic times we live in. Texting, Twitter, Facebook and all the rest. Everything is in short bursts.

Before the miracle of the Web and home computers and instantly transmitting our feedback, there were the old-school letters columns. “Scorecard” began in the premiere issue of SCORE (June ’92) and has been part of the magazine every month, with rare exceptions. Intended as a reader forum, “Scorecard” is a place where comments, suggestions, criticisms, ideas, requests and questions have always been welcomed.

How did the first issue get letters? Before launching SCORE, a questionnaire was mailed out to guys who bought big-boob magazines, and those responses made up the first “Scorecard.” After the first issue hit, the mail started to arrive.

The “Voluptuous Letters” began in the Fall ’94 edition of V-mag and was renamed V-Mail in the June ’95 issue. We’ve always encouraged everyone to mail in their comments and tell us who and what they wanted to see. Since the beginning, we have only published the letter writers’ initials, never their full name. The major change we’ve seen over the years is the drop in the traditional stamped letter in favor of emails.

The web version of “Scorecard” was added to SCORELAND in September 2000, although there was an earlier version. Since then, it has been posted every week on Friday, averaging five letters a week. Tomorrow will be “Scorecard” Volume 616. Multiply that by five letters per volume and I’ve run out of counting fingers.

“Scorecard” letters can be informative, quirky, supportive, argumentative, funny, insulting or mindboggling, but one thing is certain: The letters, and the guys (and sometimes girls) who write them, are never boring. Sometimes the models themselves have written in.

Here are six memorable letters.

“Scorecard” #1, Letter 2

No Naked Men!

I think your magazines would be much better if you could stop showing models with shaved pussies and naked men. No shaved girls and no cocks please! Especially naked men is a bore. SCORE is a men’s magazine, not a gay mag! On the other hand, SCORE has showed a lot of attractive girls during the years. I have been buying your magazine since 1996, and I think the publication is great apart from the naked men. If you could concentrate the magazine on the girls, the result would be superb.–Ult S., Uppsala, Sweden

“Scorecard” #44, Letter 1

A.G.E.N.T Of Anus

Zuzanna’s anus is fabulous. Nice dildo insertion picture, too. Why no hardcore stuff? We know she’s a great hardcore performer. SCORE Xtra: Julia Miles and Chloe. Look at those delightful toes! Nice photos of Chloe’s anus and Julia’s finger in Chloe’s vagina. I liked the close-up of Chloe’s anus. Why no close-up shots of Julia’s anus? Nice close-ups of Zuzie Boobies’ anus and vaginal butterfly, though. Corina Curves with a penis almost completely in her mouth is a beautiful sight. Thanks for the close-ups of her magnificent anus. Sally’s toes, anus and nipples were all great. Christine’s anus was another highlight. Ava: Encore with bare feet! Tania Angel reminds me of Tiny Nicky Tease, and that’s a good thing.-A.L., Los Angeles, California

“Scorecard” #102, Letter 4

Pinch Them For Us

As a woman who views your site regularly, I just wanted to write in and say I love your site! Nothing turns me on more than to look at your pictures and videos of women pinching their nipples. I will admit that I pinch mine while looking at them. I love Autumn-Jade and Desirae. But I would have to say my favorite video clip is Melissa Carey. Watching a man pinch her nipples was a real turn on for me. I pinched my nipples just as he did hers while watching the clip over and over and nearly came. By the time I had started touching my clit, I was so wet and excited I came so quickly! Keep up with the pictures and videos of nipple pinching and twisting. Those are such a turn on!–Signed, Just Me

“Scorecard” #115, Letter 4


You know what? If I was a SCORE supervisor, this would go like this: If models don’t want to do any XXX videos, then I would tell them, get the fuck out of SCORE Group. It’s just like if a football player would tell his coach, I will only run on the left side of the field, you imagine that? Many of these busty models came out of nowhere. Before they came to SCORE, they were nothing. Now that they are famous models and they have $$$, they think they can choose to not shoot XXX. The fact is, they are in their right to make this decision, but SCORE is also in their right to tell them: “Well, if you don’t want to do XXX, then find yourself another magazine or model agency.” See then what they will do. I guarantee you they will change their minds in one hour, bunch of arrogant, materialistic girls. That’s one of the reasons everybody loves Autumn-Jade so much, because she is so enthusiastic and always willing to perform every challenge of her modeling life. No wonder she is one of the most adorable models SCORE has! God bless her. The rest who don’t want to make XXX, fuck them! I’m sorry, maybe I am a little upset, but these kinds of things make me think how when you are in the bottom of the life lane, you’ll do anything, but when you think you got it made, you start bullshitting around and even rejecting what your bosses propose. If I was a SCORE Group manager, I would kick them the fuck out, let them get a job in some supermarket as a cashier. You’ll see how fast they’ll be calling you again and telling you, “Yes, I will do that XXX.”–Sincerely, G.

“Scorecard” #119, Letter 2

Stop The Jacking!!

I have some negative feedback concerning two increasing trends I see. I know The SCORE Group listens to their readers, which is why I would even bother to speak up. First of all, please, I implore you to stop with the constant masturbating references! “Jack”… “get to jacking”… “break out the Bounty”… “21CC salute,” etc. In the name of all that is good, I beg you to stop! You guys have a jack fetish or something. It seems like every cover, every pictorial instructs us to “get jacking!” Enough already! It weirds me out and somehow seems kind of gay that guys are imploring me as to when and how to “jack.” There is something deeply disturbing about your constant reminders. Stop it now! I think we all know what to do if we so choose. I cannot believe I am the only one to feel this way. Please put the issue up to a vote. Another issue is the increasing use of toys with the babes. It seems to be the required thing lately that each photo set includes the girl jamming a piece of plastic to the hilt. A while back, another guy made mention of this, and I totally agree. It might work on video, but something is lost on a still image. I just don’t get it. Guys get off on this? A piece of inanimate plastic? I think many a great photo is ruined by this dildo trend. To me, it’s neither hot nor sexy. My vote…lose it!–Bruce, New York

“Scorecard” #131 Letter 3

Stop The “Stop The Jacking” Comments

Bruce wrote to Scorecard (“Stop The Jacking!” #119) complaining that you guys use too many references about “Jacking.” Please let me respond to him by saying SHUT UP! I don’t care who tells me when/where/how or why to jerk off. If I see a hot lady in SCORE, I don’t need suggestions, but I don’t mind ’em either! He also complained about you showing too many dildo shots. Again: SHUT UP! I am always ready to see a big-titted gal put something up her pussy, whether it be flesh, plastic or a cucumber! I suggest that if Brucie objects to SCORE‘s contents that he go back to Cosmo!–John

Questions? Comments?

Write scorecard@scoregroup.com

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Speaking of MRI machines and busty nurses…

January 11, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Slugworth mentioned in yesterday’s Blog about jacking in an MRI machine that if Cherry Brady or Renee Ross were there in nurses’ uniforms, he would make an effort.

Agreed, although we’d all rather be jacked than jack in that situation.

Nurses may be angels of mercy, but then there are some bad nurses out there, too. Really bad.

Not bad as in badly trained. Bad as in bad.

Presented to the court as evidence is this quartet of now-legendary bad nurses, responsible for more health crises than for alleviating them.

In their defense, this group is good at reducing the swelling…after they cause it.

Denise Derringer as the bad-ass nurse from Busty Dildo Lovers #5.

Cindy Cupps from the November ’07 SCORE. What does a nurse need a riding crop for?

Sarah Sunshine from Tits & Tugs #6, one of the hottest nurse scenes I’ve ever seen because of Sarah’s dirty talking.

Kianna Dior from BigBoobsPOV.com extracting semen samples in a non-prescribed technique.

A couple of years ago, a SCORELAND poll asked who your favorite fantasy girls are. A healthy 33% voted for the sexy nurse. But 47% voted for the sexy teacher. My own vote goes to the sexy nurse. In how many professions is there actual touching?

Denise Derringer: how bad is bad?

Denise Derringer: How bad is bad?

Cindy Cupps: good for what ails you.

Cindy Cupps: good for what ails you

Sarah Sunshine: nasty-talking nurse.

Sarah Sunshine: nasty-talking nurse

Kianna Dior: sperm sample extractor.

Kianna Dior: sperm sample extractor

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Could you jack in a MRI machine with people watching?

January 10, 2012 by Dave 4 Comments
Daphne Rosen gets ready to do research into Maggie Green's ability to achieve orgasm. See the DVD "Boob Science" for test results.

Daphne Rosen gets ready to do research into Maggie Green's ability to achieve orgasm. See the DVD "Boob Science" for test results.

Usually, I don’t go to The Huffington Post for news, but this was one story I couldn’t ignore. The headline: “Climax In An MRI Machine? Been There, Done That.”

I haven’t (although I admit to having had a hard-on in an MRI machine once). Apparently, the author of this story, Kayt Sukel, fingered herself to an orgasm in an MRI machine–while scientists watched–for scientific research. Wrote Ms. Sukel prior to the experiment, “No, I am not sure I’ll actually be able to do it. But, as instructed, I have been practicing at home and will give it my best shot.”

Well, she did manage to do it, and since you can’t have metal objects in an MRI, she couldn’t use a vibrator or anything else with metal or batteries. She got herself off with her own fingers. Actually, I’m wondering why they didn’t use men for this study since we don’t need toys to get off (although I kinda doubt they would have let me into the MRI with a copy of SCORE).

Okay, I just realized why they didn’t use men: Pussy juice is a lot easier to clean up than white, sticky, male cum. Glazing the inside of an MRI machine…that wouldn’t be pretty.

Another reason: They were measuring brain waves during female orgasm.

We already know how the male brain functions during orgasm.

It doesn’t.

So, once again, I ask the question: Could you jack in a MRI machine with people watching?

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Pipe-cleaning technology marches on

November 9, 2009 by Elliot James 5 Comments

According to an article in Men’s Health, regular masturbation is good for a guy of any age. An Australian study claims men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer. Flushing the pipes regularly keeps semen healthy and prevents the build up of cancer-causing chemicals. “It’s a fundamental aspect of men’s health, right up there with brushing your teeth,” said Gloria Brame, Ph.D., a clinical sexologist in Athens, Georgia. “It relieves stress and keeps everything about your body—your heart rate, blood pressure, reproductive system, brain chemistry—in very good shape.”

That’s why SCORE endorses and sells the Silicone Male Masturbator made by California Exotic Novelties, the trusted name in batin’, in our eBoobStore.com.

Now here's a girl who can raise your sperm count.

Now here's a girl who can raise your sperm count.

We can’t send Cindy Cupps to a guy’s house to help him operate this modern marvel but he can watch her DVDs or look at her photos as brain nutrition.

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