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Red Vixen: SCORE WILF Makes It Big

April 3, 2015 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Red Vixen returns for her second hardcore scene, this time with a couple of melting ice cubes that get sexy Red’s big boobs dripping wet. As a Bonus extra, there’s a second scene of Red in a warehouse getting her big tits out.

This red-haired wife of a reader has a sexuality that burns hot. With her husband’s encouragement, Red became a model, and finally, after much trying on his part, a SCORE Girl (April ’15 SCORE).

“I always just shrugged it off,” Red said. “It wasn’t until we moved to California that he contacted you again, and that’s when he said, ‘Let’s take those test pictures they want,’ so I gave in and did it, and I got approved.”

There’s something about a SCORE WILF. Red Vixen, Barbie Kelley, Shelby Gibson, Kelly Christiansen, Jayden Prescott and others are a big-boobed sorority and a very special one. More are wanted, and BeASCOREModel.com is the place to visit to get started.

To recap, Red is a married mom. She started modeling for her husband. He’s a longtime reader. They’ve been married for 18 years, together for 22.

“He was reading your magazines when I was dating him!” Red said. “I was so pissed off. I thought it was insulting. I did. I’d find these magazines, and then he was starting to do Internet stuff, and I thought, ‘This guy is jerking off to all these chicks but he isn’t jerking off to me.’ It was an insecure thing. ‘Jerk off to me. Don’t jerk off to other bitches.’ I didn’t even know what SCORE was.”

We’re happy Red changed her mind.

Uh-oh, Red's got that naughty look again.


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SCORELAND busty WILFS: Has their time cum?

January 7, 2015 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Diane Poppos

In the beginning, there were few readers’ wives who modeled. Now-legendary Diane Poppos was one of the great pioneers in the late ’90s. Her husband took things a step further with his video camera. (His horny work is posted at DianePoppos.com.)

Cherry Brady was one of the earliest readers’ wives in 2003. Said Cherry on that first day at SCORELAND, “Voluptuous is the best magazine. My husband’s been a reader since it came out, and it’s by far the best mag for big-titted, natural women. I wouldn’t be in any other.” Her husband often had asked her to try-out for the magazine. “I just never got around to it. I just wasn’t ready for it, but now I’m ready.” Cherry became one of the most popular models. We still get letters asking for her return.

Other amazing big-titted wives include Deauxma, Holly Halston (“My Wife Your Meat” on DVD), Jayden Prescott, Dallas Dixon, Krissy Rose, Siri, Elaina Gregory and Kelly Christiansen.

Elaina Gregory

Barbie Kelley and Shelby Gibson are the two newest members of the Busty Wives Club. Will their appearances light a fire in other busty wives who’ve thought and fantasized about clothes-free modeling? We hope so.

Says Barbie: “I have never modeled or danced and I have shot exclusively with SCORE. I am college-educated and live a fairly normal life. I just have a naughty side and SCORE has helped quench that thirst.”

Barbie Kelley

Mr. Gibson said: “Shelby always wanted to pose for an adult site but didn’t think that she was hot enough. But I encouraged her and she finally agreed to let me send in some of her pics. She couldn’t believe it when SCORE was enthusiastically interested in her.”

And Shelby adds: “It’s been a blast showing off for you! I’m soooo glad I finally did it. I love all this attention. Such a fucking turn on. Can’t wait to show off again!!”

Shelby Gibson

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It’s a big, buoyant, busty, bouncing birthday bash week

November 14, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

“The girls born with boobs they are meant to show will find their greatest happiness in showing them.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet and artist (1749-1832)

“All I have learned, I learned from boobs.”-Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

“Uncorseted, her friendly bust gives promise of pneumatic bliss.”-T.S. Elliot, poet (1888 –1965)

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Real busty wives of SCORELAND and XLGirls

November 8, 2012 by Elliot James 8 Comments

Kelly is SCORE Model of the Year 2011 and a reader's wife.

The SCORELAND members poll asked a tough question.

“Your girlfriend or wife wants to model in a XXX boy-girl video with a pro stud. How do you react?”

The results were:

37%  would firmly object to the idea

35%  would support her decision

16%  would neither support or object to it

11%  said they would try to talk her out of it

The reason I brought it up was because of the recent trend in married ladies modeling for SCORE, V-mag and XLGirls. The mature genres have always attracted wives, divorcees and swingers, but the big-bust girls tend to be not married. In fact, a big part of the appeal of the taboo-busting mature woman genre is that she’s either married or was married, has kids or is a swinger.

At XLGirls, some of the recent wifey arrivals include Zeta Verrone, Jasmine Jones and Danica Danali.

At SCORELAND and SCOREVideos, there’s Siri, Dallas Dixon, Jayden Prescott, Barbie Kelley and, of course, 2011 Model of the Year Kelly Christiansen.

The results surprised me considering that this is a hot-button topic that involves the basic human emotions of jealousy, marital fidelity and possessiveness. I was predicting almost no neutrality, but there’s that 16% zone that was much larger than I would have estimated.

This was in sharp contrast to a previous poll asking: “If your girlfriend was asked to model nude professionally, what would your reaction be?”

47%  said she could model if she wanted to.

18%  would object to the idea of her modeling.

34%  would encourage her to try it.

So solo modeling is okay, for the most part, but sex with another guy can be the deal-breaker.

None of the married models wanted to hide their status and some seemed proud of the fact. Some of them talked about their spouses who encouraged them, such as Barbie’s husband, a longtime reader.

This leads us to the ultimate poll question:

Do you lose interest if you learn that a model is married?

11%  said yes

41%  said no

48%  said it doesn’t matter

So for the majority, a model being married doesn’t spoil the fun and might even fuel-up their pleasure. Only a small percentage were bugged by the knowledge that a model is someone’s wife.

Crunching all these numbers and counting all these beans leads me to conclude that more busty married women should model at SCORELAND.

I invite them to step forward and visit SCOREModelsWanted.com.

Dallas Dixon has a full-time job and a husband but she made time for V-mag and sex with professional cockslingers.


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Turn right at Busty Boulevard and take the Tittie Trail to SCORELAND

September 7, 2012 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Barbie Kelley, SCORE wife!

The Busty Housewives of SCORE include 2011 Model of the Year Kelly Christiansen and Jayden Prescott, ladies whose husbands are SCORE mag readers, saw our model search ads and inspired their better (much better) halves to contact us about modeling. Barbie Kelley now joins the club. Mrs. Kelley is the wife of a reader who owns every issue of SCORE and Voluptuous ever printed. They took some snaps of Barbie at home and sent them to SCOREModelsWanted.com. Long story short, Mrs. Kelley heats up SCOREVideos.com this weekend and struts her stuff at SCORELAND next week. (Mr. Kelley accompanied her to our studio.) I salute you, busty wives and your liberal husbands who buy SCORE.

Jazmine goes straight from a New Discovery pictorial to hardcore hooternanny at warp speed. She’s a single Florida girl who moved from New York to the Sunshine State. A wise decision. Now she can wear bikinis all day at the beach, as nature intended. Watch Jazmine blow the man down in her first scene. Asked to describe any special talent she might have, Jazmine replied, “I’m good at driving a stick shift.” You can see that in the pictures and video called “Jazmine & Jizzman,” an irresistible story that will touch your hearts and hard-ons at SCORELAND.

Jazmine can do all the sexting she wants.


On the subject of busty housewives, we have the President and Founder of the Busty Housewives of SCORE, Diane Poppos, who does justice to her skin-tight top and spray-on pants. A woman who brings a tear to my eye whenever I reflect upon her. Diane still has that leggy magic, too, which she attributes to wearing high heels, sometimes when she’s vacuuming the house! I salute you, original MILF of Texas.

President of the Busty Housewives of America

And now at your favorite store, the December ’12 SCORE with a bonus DVD. Visit eBoobStore.com for the full run-down and previews. If you’re into the new digital magazine format, this issue includes five embedded videos. All those cool electronic magazines predicted in the movies 2001 A Space Odyssey and Minority Report are finally here. If your store doesn’t carry SCORE, let me know and I’ll set them on the right path.

Now on sale! Get yours today.


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Next week at SCORELAND2: A foursome, an anal first-timer, Maria Moore hardcore, black ‘n’ stacked legends and a super-natural secretary

July 21, 2012 by Dave 2 Comments

That's Sammie on the left, Jenny on the right

What’s SCORELAND2 all about? Well, one of the things it’s all about is $9.99 a month for photo/video updates five days a week and an archive of some of the best scenes from SCORELAND, SCOREVideos.com, XLGirls.com and many of our other websites. You won’t find any new stuff at SCORELAND2 (everything is at least two years old), but you’ll find lots and lots of great big-boob stuff (solo and hardcore) to jack to. And, like I said, it’s all just $9.99.

SCORELAND2 is also about having something for every big-boob lover…a wide variety of girls and scenes…so things never get boring. I think the upcoming week at SCORELAND2 is something to get excited about on many levels.

Monday: Jenny Hill and Sammie Black, two of the great black ‘n’ stacked naturals of the 1990s, two girls whose naturals boobs are as big and floppy and pliable as any I’ve ever seen, go tit-to-tit in one of only three or four scenes they shot together. There was true chemistry between Jenny and Sammie, perhaps because when they met, it was like, “Really? There’s another girl out there who’s built like me?”

Tuesday: Maria Moore, one of the greatest plumpers ever, puts on a spectacular cleavage show then sucks and fucks in one of her earliest hardcore scenes. It’s amazing that the lucky dude who porks her wasn’t suffocated by her massive mammaries. I just checked, and according to XLGirls.com, Maria has FF-cups. No fuckin’ way. They’re much bigger.

If all secretaries looked like Michelle May, executives' marriages would last about two weeks.

Wednesday: Michelle May, during her first visit to our studio, as a super-stacked secretary. Cleavage pouring out of a top as she sits as her desk. Amazing shots looking up at her soft, plush, firm rack. What a view!

Jayden Prescott on her first day of nude modeling, ever. Back home: her loving husband.

Thursday: Jayden Prescott, slim ‘n’ stacked reader’s wife, a girl we first introduced on the Blog on October 1, 2009, a girl who had never posed nude or even been a stripper, does the thing that made her so special: First day in the studio, she not only fucks a total stranger, she takes his cock in her tight little ass. Jayden’s a little lady, and to this day, I still don’t know how she fit that cock in her butthole. First time out of the box, first time in the box.

Friday: Christy Marks and Terry Nova in their barnside four-way with two dudes from Busty Riding Academy. I was in Hungary during that shoot, but I wasn’t at the stable that day. Unlucky me, I was watching Jasmine Black, Melissa Mandlkova and Kristy Klenot splash water all over each other and have a catfight. I know, tough job.

And so completes a great (but typical) week at SCORELAND2: super-naturals in girl-girl action, a great plumper fucking, a stacked girl-next-door putting on an amazing tit show, a reader’s wife taking it up the ass and two of the most-popular naturals ever in four-way hardcore action.

That’s a lot to look forward to. And did I mention? Just $9.99.





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Ass-fucked busty babes: Yay or nay?

May 31, 2012 by Maria 17 Comments

Goldie Ray likes to get her ass fucked like it's her pussy...and we LOVE that about her!

The other day I was watching a scene featuring Marilyn Monroe lookalike Goldie, where she was getting ass-fucked like nobody’s business. I am talking about getting ass-fucked like she had a second pussy back there. That’s when you know, at least in my opinion, that the anal is good…when someone’s ass can swallow up a dick and take a pounding.

Jayden Prescott is a reader's wife. She has only shot two scenes in her life and they were for us. She did anal in both. We love Jayden. We really, really do.

Goldie’s anal prowess got me thinking about anal and how it’s a lot less taboo these days. I think a lot more guys are admitting that they like it, and I think a lot of women are actually interested in trying it. Back in the day, anal wasn’t as widely done or demanded as it is now.

With all that ass, Angelina Castro can take an ass pounding like nobody's business. Speared Latina can? Yes, please!

And I am glad for it. I actually think that anal is hot, and I am glad that a lot more babes are letting studs pound that round. To me, there is nothing hotter than when a curvy chick, complete with big tits and a sexy face, is bent over and getting her backdoor split by a cock. (Hello, Angelina Castro…I am talking to YOU. Oh, and you, Jayden Prescott!) lol

In fact, I am such a pro-anal advocate that I think it would be hot to do a whole feature DVD of busty, ass-fucked hotties. Something along the lines of Busty Anal Sluts.

But then again, I am the editor of BootyLicious magazine and a notorious lover of all things ass.

But I don’t think I am alone in my love of the buns. A lot of V-mag fans love it when I feature a big-ass special in the magazine. And I have never seen anyone complain when we feature a stacked honey on SCORELAND getting her ass reamed.

Does that mean you are all anal lovers? Would you like to see more of it? I know I would.







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Moaners, screamers and dirty talkers

May 26, 2012 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Jayden Prescott walks the talk.

There’s more to a hardcore sex scene than the visuals. The sounds of sex are important, too. I don’t know how many of you reading this Blog think that hearing a girl talk dirty, yell and pump up the volume while she’s getting schtupped is important. Me, I think it’s real important. It adds a lot. I love to hear the sounds and nasty words coming out of their mouths. The more creative the fuck talk, the better. It kicks up the visual action by a huge degree.

Last September, we asked SCORELAND members about their listening habits when playing videos.

30% kept the volume at the same level they’d use for TV.

37% kept the volume low.

27% wore headphones.

A small percentage (5%) played videos without sound.

At home, I use a wireless headphone system, and I usually watch videos on my TV, not on my computer.

Some girls really have an above-average knack, a true talent, for extreme dirty talking, and I’m going to add a few links to some of the hottest mouths in action. Just click on the girl’s name.

Kianna Dior has few equals when it comes to a torrent of filthy fuck-me talk.

Elizabeth Starr has a well-deserved reputation for being a screamer and a squealer.

The words that come out of Danielle Derek‘s mouth could make an old longshoreman cover his ears.

Newcomer Goldie Ray is a screamer, a growler and a squealer with an extensive vocabulary. Very impressive! I didn’t see that coming, no pun intended.

Who walks the talk for you?


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Yes, they’re all SCORE Girls. Yes, they all have big tits. But what else do these six ladies have in common?

April 25, 2012 by Dave 12 Comments
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Born to be bare birthdays

November 7, 2011 by Elliot James 5 Comments
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