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37 big-boob websites for one membership? Did we lose our minds?

February 17, 2019 by Elliot James 3 Comments

The answers are yes and yes.

The BigBoobBundle gives you access to 37 sites starring the greatest, hottest SCORE and Voluptuous Girls from classic SCORE Girl SaRenna to Voluptuous superstar Joana Bliss.

There are different plans to suit every budget. One pass gets you into all 37 sites. If you’re a tit-man, the BigBoobBundle has three decades worth of bra-busting mega-stars.

The newest addition to the BigBoobBundle is Stacy Vandenberg (with special guest Maria Body).

For a complete list of the girls and the sites, click here.

Just added to the BigBoobBundle: Stacy Vandenberg.





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Does newcomer Tina Lee remind you of someone?

July 28, 2018 by Dave 17 Comments

This is not Sha Rizel. It’s newcomer Tina Lee.

I’m going to get into a lot of trouble for this. I know I am. Whenever I (or we at TSG) compare a new girl to a great girl, a girl who readers and members love dearly, it never works out well for us or the new girl.

Case in point: In 2010, I compared then-newcomer Karla James to Linsey Dawn McKenzie. The evidence is right here. Some of you went along with it, but more-typical was this reaction: “I see some similarities, but LDM is in her own league. Linsey has everything going for her, looks, personality, and the body we all fantasize about. It will be some time before we see someone who has it all. LDM is a one of a kind slice of perfection. In short, no comparison.”

To this day, many of us at TSG are convinced that readers’ outrage at the comparison cost Karla Newcomer of the Year. Eventually, most big-boob lovers came around to Karla’s greatness, but it took a while, and I take some of the blame for that.

So here we go: Tina Lee, who debuts today at SCORELAND, reminds me of Sha Rizel. FACIALLY! I said FACIALLY! I am not saying that Tina is as great as Sha. I’m not saying any of that. I am certainly not comparing her to Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

But Tina, who’s from Ukraine, looks like Sha, who’s also from Ukraine. To me. Just me. Remember: I’m the person who thinks Amaya May and Paige Turner look alike.

BTW, Tina has bigger tits than Sha.

Shit, I shouldn’t have said that.

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More readers’ letters to “Scorecard” and “V-Mail”

November 25, 2014 by Elliot James 3 Comments

“Scorecard” (score@scoregroup.com)  is the readers’ letter section of SCORE. Voluptuous magazine opens with “V-Mail” (voluptuous@scoregroup.com). I’ve selected a few letters from each for today’s BLOG. Our mailing address: The SCORE Group, 1629 NW 84 Ave., Miami, FL 33126.

Alan writes, “I’ve read enough about this controversy raging through V-mag that I felt I finally needed to weigh in. I’ve been enjoying Voluptuous since the first issue and have seen a lot of really fabulous ladies come and go. I’ve even been around for the argument that went around for a short while when the slogan at the top of every issue dropped ‘All Plump’ in between ‘All Stacked’ and ‘All Natural.’ I’ve been around for the back and forth when the powers considered changing the name of the mag. I’ve seen the advent of hardcore as well as pregnant women and the yeas and nays that have gone with that. I’ve even seen one girl pee in a spread. There’s been a lot that’s gone on in this magazine since this magazine began back in the mid-’90s.

“But I haven’t seen a debate that’s gone on longer than the one regarding whether or not the girls are obliged to show their pussies. To be included in a men’s magazine, is it truly necessary for a model to show her slit, even in this day and age? Is is particularly necessary for a model to show pink, especially in a fetish mag (let’s face it gang, that’s what Voluptuous is) dedicated to breasts? Now, am I complaining about those ladies that do give us a glimpse of that lovely haven between their legs? Not in the least. I love pussy, don’t get me wrong. My opinion on the matter is: Voluptuous and its sister, SCORE, are tit mags. Technically, that’s all they’re really obligated to give us. That the great majority of models are willing to show us everything is simply an added, and very welcome, plus.

“Regarding the incredibly sexy ladies at the center of this storm: Ashley Sage Ellison has posed bottomless, she merely hasn’t spread to show us more. I’m being honest here: I didn’t even notice that Leanne Crow and Karla James hadn’t shown their pussies until this whole thing came up. I’d been so smitten by them that the fact they weren’t showing pink completely went by me. And you know what? It still doesn’t matter to me. So, as far as I’m concerned, if a requirement to show their pussies means we’d no longer get to see Karla, Ashley and Leanne, or any other girl who wasn’t ready to go that next step, then I’m definitely against such a requirement. There have been other ladies who’ve gone quite a while without showing us everything, who eventually decided to do so, that I’m willing to wait until they’re ready, as long as they’re still willing to show the rest of their luscious bodies. Voluptuous is a tit mag, after all, my friends, and a damn fine one at that. Keep up the good work.”

Karla James: Topless only. Because it's all about the boobs.

ED writes, “I look back through my collection of magazines and DVDs, especially after the great recession and how many magazines have folded, and I wonder about what all the younger people have missed out on and maybe even don’t know they missed out on. (It may have been more about the recession than it was about things going online.) I look back through some seriously thick magazines and such a variety. Were the 1980s-90s-2000s a golden age of adult media? I also love looking back through the magazines and movies of the ’70s and ’80s. That was such a fun time to enjoy adult media. And now it’s all on the Internet. I wonder if there’s even much fantasy with the adult media on the Internet now. Adult media, collecting it, has almost been a hobby of mine, and I’m sure others as well. I don’t know what will happen to my collection once I’ve passed, but I kinda think any idiot family members will just poo-poo it and discard it. That’s why I’d love it if there were some kind of museum or archive that would take it and make good use of it, an adult library even. Somebody who will recognize it and take care of it.”

Romina Lopez and September 2005 Voluptuous magazine.

David writes,  “Bella French is exactly what I like, a hot skinny blonde with big fake boobs willing to get completely naked and show her pussy along with her boobs and ass. She could easily become a star. I like Sensual Jane and to see her in hardcore is a real treat. Sabrina Linn is absolutely one of my favorite ladies. With all the piercings I like, she is so hot in a threesome that I intend to view frequently.  As much as I love Karina Hart, I wish she would do straight-on spread shots showing her awesome pussy, big boobs and beautiful face all in the same pic. She also has an excellent ass and lovely legs as well.”

Bella French is exactly what this reader craves.


R.N. writes. “Would you please do me a favor and convey my respects to Kelly Christiansen’s husband for encouraging his gorgeous wife to pose and fuck for your cameras? Kelly is truly one of the greats. And I am sure that many readers will join with me in complimenting her and in also expressing their respects to Kelly’s husband. In the write-ups that accompany your XXX layouts, I’d like to see a comment or two from the male partner describing the experience. Just a couple of brief opinions about how this girl compares to other SCORE Girls that he has fucked? Is she highly skilled orally? Did she appear to really enjoy the sucking and fucking as much as he did? How did her pussy taste? Such comments would help me to enjoy the girl even more intensely than I would without the comments. I think many readers would like to read a professional stud’s opinion of the lady. I would enjoy reading their opinions about the experience.”

Kelly Christiansen really pops against a plain background.


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It’s a bikini world in the October ’13 SCORE

July 11, 2013 by Elliot James 2 Comments

There's more cloth in a handkerchief than on their bodies.

It’s all swimsuit sensations, bikini blasts and monokini mania in SCORE‘s annual swimsuit edition.

The October ’13 issue is the hottest swimsuit magazine on the newsstands.

We usually publish the swimsuit special in the August edition but we moved it forward this year to rush Sha Rizel’s debut, and September is our all-naturals issue.

With Hitomi, Venera, Leanne Crow, Karla James, Maggie Green, Maserati, Charley Green, Angela White, Valory Irene, Lana Ivans, Christy Marks, Rockell, Natalie Fiore, Melissa Manning, Lillian Faye and Marilyn Sakova in swimsuits, you know that summer has arrived in full force.

Plus, check out submerged babes in underwater photos from the DVD Big Tit Skinny Dip. Plus Shione Cooper and Jasmine Black in outdoor hardcore action. Plus, inside “Boob Beat,” take a chance to win Minka’s autographed 44KK bra and a rare copy of the November ’07 SCORE, autographed by Christy Marks!

Get your copy today. Click here!

And the flip side of the cover.

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Monokini marvels of SCORE

June 29, 2013 by Elliot James 8 Comments

Kelly's in a monokini mood today.

What is breast in life?

The simple things.

Less is more. Especially when it comes to swimsuits.

Today, the great Kelly Christiansen models a black monokini before tossing it off to oil down. This suit could also function as a sling-shot.

This photo shoot has some of my favorite ingredients: a gorgeous, statuesque SCORE Girl in an extreme swimsuit and heels. A simple, seamless paper background so I can zero in on her. Oil. Lots of full-body shots.

One of these days, I want to ask Kelly if she would wear a suit like this at the beach or a pool.

Since Kelly started modeling at SCORE, she says she dresses a little more revealing in public.

I don’t remember ever seeing anyone built like Kelly wearing a suit like this at any beaches or hotel pools. If I did, I’d have handed her a BeASCOREModel business card.

Here are several other great moments in SCORE monokini history.

Vanessa Montagne: October '03 SCORE.

Karla James: August '11 SCORE.

Valory Irene: August '12 SCORE.



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SCORE at your favorite store

June 18, 2013 by Elliot James 5 Comments

The September ’13 SCORE is now at your favorite newsstand and mag shop. This is the annual All-Naturals edition.

Or get it direct from the source to your door by clicking here.

There’s also a digital version with five embedded videos.

It’s the 20 Greatest Naturals vs. the New Naturals.

It’s a Who’s Who of bra-smashers in this issue including:

Arianna Sinn
Christy Marks
Diane Poppos
Karla James
Leanne Crow
Lorna Morgan
Melissa Manning
Natalie Fiore
Roxi Red
Sha Rizel
Terry Nova
Valory Irene

And that’s only a partial listing.

If your neighborhood store doesn’t carry SCORE, email their name and address to SCORE@ScoreGroup.com and we’ll show them what they’re missing.

Fresh off the press!

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Nothing escapes the eagle eyes of a SCORE Man

April 29, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

The white shorts of Valory Irene.

S.B. writes “Scorecard” (score@scoregroup.com) and has several observations to relay to his fellow SCORE Men. (I wonder if he works as a surveillance officer in a casino. This is detailed stuff here.)

“Last night in a Waffle House, a stunning blonde came in. She had a perfect figure topped off by blonde bangs. The doll had on a sweet pair of white shorts that showed off her lovely legs delightfully. When she sat down, a great deal of her darling thighs went on display. This showed more than we might see if she had a dress on. Her ankles and feet were attractive in a cute pair of sandals. When she went to the restroom, I won’t say how my dirty mind was thrilled by the idea of the babe taking her shorts off in the same building I was in. Or how sad I was that she later pulled her shorts back up. Her hubby has no idea how lucky he is to sleep with a doll with all these assets.

Karla James wears the kind of pants S.B. wants to see.

“So, No. 1: White shorts will do wonders for any girl’s legs in SCORE, especially with the big tits higher up.

“No. 2: Another popular item for girls is called ‘Capris’ up north. These are pants that extend to about a foot above her feet. They are between full-length pants and shorts. The result is sexy. It seems most Capris are worn snugly in the ass. Seeing a doll’s ass bounce around inside Capris is as much fun as following them while they’re wearing jeans. It some ways, it is more sexy since their legs are visible. And I almost forgot: Sometimes if you are lucky, you can see the outline of her panties inside her Capris. And you know what is inside her panties.”

I couldn’t find much in the way of SCORE Girls wearing S.B.’s Capri pants except for this Karla James photo set. I like the white shorts idea better than the pants idea since there’s a lot more leg to see. The tighter it is, the better to see camel toe. Of course, this kind of letter also gets replies from the guys who don’t give a damn about clothing, sexy or not, and just want skin as fast as possible.

Clothing aside, this business of thinking about a fox he saw going into a restaurant ladies’ room and imagining her dropping her shorts and panties in a stall is the work of a dirty mind at its finest. S.B. has the mind of a first-rate men’s magazine photographer.  I think like that, too, although I don’t go to waffle restaurants. Maybe it’s a good place to find models.

Who the hell knows what goes on in ladies' restrooms except ladies.

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Four big-tit photos that I think are great, and the girls aren’t even naked!

January 26, 2013 by Dave 8 Comments

Taylor Steele

Shione Cooper

Colt 45

Karla James

Great photos in SCORE history have been on my mind a lot lately. So, I ask the question (which I know my own answer to): Can a photo of a big-boobed girl be a great photo if she isn’t naked?

By the way, these four photos have one thing in common (besides the fact that the girls aren’t topless).


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Erection Day is here! It’s time to vote for your favorites in the SCORE and Voluptuous Awards!

October 26, 2012 by Dave 5 Comments

After winning 2011 V-Mag Newcomer of the Year, Hitomi is up for 2012 SCORE Newcomer of the Year and Voluptuous Model of the Year.

Election Day in the United States is only 11 days away. Thank goodness! For the past two months, voters in swing states (Florida, home of SCORELAND, is one of them) have been inundated with ads from the candidates. Every time you turn on the TV or radio, somebody is talking about the election. Meaningless drivel, all of it. The only thing that counts is the votes. And speaking of which…

The voting booths are now open for the 2012 SCORE and Voluptuous awards.

And since this is the season when politicians make meaningless promises they have no intention of keeping, I’d like to make some promises I do intend to keep:

1. The winners of the SCORE and Voluptuous awards will be super-stacked.

2. They will be far more attractive than any politician (including Sarah Palin, if she still counts as a politician).

3. Each issue of SCORE and Voluptuous will provide modeling opportunities for at least nine or 10 busty babes. Now that’s a solid plan to deal with the unemployment rate.

4. Rather than that goofy Electoral College system the U.S. uses, the winners will be based on the popular vote. One man, one vote.

And the finalists are:

2011 SCORE Newcomer of the Year Valory Irene is trying to pull off the N.O.Y./Model of the Year double.

SCORE Newcomer of the Year: Estelle Taylor, Goldie Ray, Hitomi, Melissa Manning, Nancy Navarro, Roxanne Miller, Sabrina Linn, Siri

Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year: Emilia Boshe, Goldie Ray, Janne Hollan, Kristi Maxx, Krystal Swift, Melissa Manning, Melissa Reed, Nancy Navarro, Roxanne Miller, Sadie Blooms, Siri, Tahnee Taylor

SCORE Model of the Year: Angela White, Beshine, Dolly Delight, Eva Notty, Kelly Christiansen, Leanne Crow, Maserati, Sheridan Love, Valory Irene, Venera

Voluptuous Model of the Year: Ashley Sage Ellison, Elaina Gregory, Gya Roberts, Hitomi, Jenna Valentine, Karina Hart, Leanne Crow, Micky Bells, Natalie Fiore, Renee Ross, Sophie Mae, Terri Jane

SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year: Africa, Brittany O’Neil, Camille Morgan, Daylene Rio, Desiree, Elizabeth Starr, Kitana Flores, Minka, Stephanie Stalls, Goldie Ray, Siri

Angel DeLuca is a finalist in three Voluptuous categories. That's very impressive!

Voluptuous XXX of the Year: Bailey Santanna, Bunny de la Cruz, Camille Morgan, Desiree, Destiny Rose, Kristina Milan, Maserati, Melonie Max, Natasha Dulce, Sabina Leigh, Shyla Shy, Terry Nova

SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame: Alyssa Alps, Cindy Cupps, Colt 45, Crystal Gunns, Dawn Stone, Julia Miles, Lacey Legends, Sammie Black, Toppsy Curvey

Voluptuous Plumper of the Year: Angel DeLuca, Anna Carlene, Anna Kay, April McKenzie, Arianna Sinn, Camelia Davis, Dors Feline, Laurella, Marille, Marilyn White, Trinity Michaels, Violet Addams

Voluptuous Pussy of the Year: Angel DeLuca, Anna Kay, Elaina Gregory, Goldie Ray, Gya Roberts, Jenna Valentine, Karina Hart, Krystal Swift, Natalie Fiore, Renee Ross, Roxanne Miller, Siri

Voluptuous Ass of the Year: Angel DeLuca, Anna Carlene, Anna Kay, Ashley Sage Ellison, Dors Feline, Goldie Ray, Karina Hart, Marilyn White, Melissa Reed, Renee Ross, Siri, Sophie Mae

Vote now at SCORELAND.


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Working at the Car Wash!

October 9, 2012 by Maria 3 Comments

Charley stretches to reach all those hard to reach places.

Today I got my car washed at lunch and I was sadly disappointed by the two frumpy, older gents who scrubbed my car to a shine and then vacuumed it to a tidy state.

Karla James peels off her wet T-shirt to get more comfortable.

Ines Cudna confuses Car Wash and Body Wash and we are perfectly fine with that.

Not because they didn’t do a great job because they did. They did a perfect job.

I was just sad because they weren’t topless, busty babes with their tits glistening in the sun.

I was disappointed because they weren’t SCORELAND sex kittens who wanted to do dirty things while cleaning my car.

Ah, the busty car wash scenario…it never gets old.

I tell you, I have seen many a  fundraiser car wash before and always said, “If these cheerleaders had big tits, they would be making so much more money!”

I mean think about it…who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of stacked babes, dripping wet in clingy white T-shirts or teeny, tiny bikinis, just scrubbing and swaying and jiggling to get cars clean. Just imagine their wet, sudsy tits pressing against the glass, mashed and succulent. If that existed in every town in America, well, things would be better.

Cars would be cleaner.

Karina Hart wears heels to the job.

Tits would be wetter.

It almost brings a tear to my eye, that’s how fucking glorious ginormous tatas at a car wash would be.

Jenna hoses down after a long day in the sun.

And while there are no chesty car washes all over the place right now, here at SCORELAND, we have seen our fair share of hotties working at the car wash and that is enough to tide us over.

So please, enjoy these sexy, wet women at work and at play because ANYTIME a girl can be wet and half naked, it’s a good time.





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