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Rack it up with Siri’s first cover issue

June 22, 2012 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Now at stores or direct from your friends at SCORE.

The Net has your eye, this I cannot deny.
But a cover on a rack will freeze you in your track.

The annual all-naturals September ’12 issue of SCORE is now at your favorite newsstand or magazine store, or get it straight to your door from SCORE.

This year:

Siri’s first issue and her first cover. Enter for a chance to win her signed bra.
Alia Janine
Emilia Boshe
Jenna Valentine
Maggie Green and Angela White on one lucky putz.
Micky Bells
Nancy Navarro
Rachel Love in an exclusive interview.

Plus a “Supernaturals” special: Hitomi, Valory Irene, Venera, Karla James, Karina Hart, Diane Poppos, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Ines Cudna, Sharday, Merilyn Sakova and Christy Marks.

The DVD Pick  is Mammary Mambo starring G-cupper Arianna Sinn and KKK-cupper Miosotis in a clash of the titty titans. It’s a XXX breast-fest.

A curvy collection of cantilevered cleavage cuties cupping their compelling casabas!
You may resist but your pipe will persist.

The digital version for computers and tablets contains five embedded videos as a bonus:

Jenna Valentine
Maggie Green and Angela White
Micky Bells
Nancy Navarro
Rachel Love



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Athletic Tits

June 4, 2012 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Michelle May inverts in her November '11 Voluptuous pictorial.

In a recent “Scorecard,” SCORELAND‘s and SCORE magazine’s letters section, B.S. wrote, “How about more athletic tits? High bouncing. Mid-flight shots. Extreme stretch nipple lifts. Trampoline jump sessions. Self-sucking and holding while standing, and in interesting positions. Head and handstands and any other upside-down positions. Hanging views and blue-vein super-close-ups. And look into airborne skydiving.”

I love all of B.S.’s ideas, which we have done and will continue to do, except one.

I am more than leery about the idea of a model diving out of an airplane with a photographer next to her. Outside of it being an extreme novelty, I just don’t see the benefits, and the divers are all strapped up and buckled up anyway.

There are special wind tunnel rides that people can go into that can lift them up. One in Las Vegas is called “Vegas Indoor Skydiving,” where you can float seven feet from the air force generated by a DC3 propeller below the tunnel. However, I doubt if they’d let a girl take her tits out (for liability reasons), and riders have to wear a special flight suit anyway.

The act of jumping out of an airplane aside, I appreciated B.S. taking the time to send us his ideas. If you have any ideas that don’t involve airplanes, submarines, Saturn rockets or any of the insane stunts they do on Fear Factor, feel free to email scorecard@scoregroup.com.

Voted the four girls you'd most like to be trapped with in a mine cave-in for three months.


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Sizing up the models, and other optical illusions

May 29, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Natalie and Micky this Saturday at SCORELAND.

There are some models who are much taller than they look on camera. Eva Notty (5’9″) and Kelly Christiansen (5’7″) come to mind.

On the flip side, Annina looks taller than she really is, and so does Christy Marks. Both are 5’4″.

Depending on where it’s placed, the camera can make someone look taller or shorter than they really are. When two or more girls are in the shot side-by-side, you can get a grip on how tall they really are.

I never realized how tall Micky Bells is until I saw her with other girls. She’s 5’8″. In this shot from this coming Saturday’s SCORELAND posting, Micky towers over Natalie Fiore, who is 5’5″. They are both barefoot. It looks like Micky could lay her boobs on top of Natalie’s boobs without getting on her tip-toes.

The group of Grand Bahama Island.

Because of Natalie’s bearing and photogenic personality, I always think of her as a towering woman. The way some girls stand makes them look taller than they are, and Natalie has this kind of regal quality. So seeing her next to Micky really held my attention.

In this photo from On Location Grand Bahama, Natalie has a very tall presence. (Given a boost by her skyscraper stripper heels.) She towers over Arianna Sinn (5’1″), who also has on equally high heels, and over Jenna (5’3″), Taylor (5’3″)and Karla (5’2″). The angle of the camera, slightly downward, also gives Natalie the height edge, plus she’s standing slightly closer to the camera. I’ve never seen her look more Amazonian.

The Key Largo line-up.

The best examples of the true height differences in a group of super-models come from two now-classic shoots: On Location Key Largo and Mega-Boob Olympics. The girls are barefoot, standing straight and not striking any poses. The camera is centered at waist height. Desirae was, surprisingly, the tallest of her group, surprising because she always seemed short to me, and the Titans shot says it all.

The Tit-ans of the Mega-Boob Olympics.

I was going to go back further in time to 1999 and reference the famous group photo shoot of Autumn, Kathy, Linsey, Chloe and Jessica Turner in London, but they’re all wearing different kinds of shoes so it’s difficult to get a handle on their true heights with the exception of little Autumn. Even so, this may not be the best of its kind for a group get-together, but it was one of the first, and it was the only time all of these famous girls were in one room at the same time.





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The Lineup: Like a buffet of tits for your dick.

April 26, 2012 by Maria 9 Comments

Ah, the lineup. That moment on-location somewhere beautiful when all the sexy babes on vacation with us come together like a Beatles song, standing side-by-side, tits held high, like a summit of stackdom. It’s fucking glorious and one of my favorite things about location shoots.

It’s like a buffet of tits for your dick. It’s that good.

Because, really, when will you ever see a feast of flesh this amazing anywhere else? I don’t care where you live or where you shop, there is no way that one day, five scantily clad, stacked babes are gonna show up and stand side-by-side in big-tit harmony like this at your local supermarket or mall.

It ain’t happening.

And, really, this is what we’re known for at SCORELAND. The big-tit vacation and subsequent lineup are…like…our thing. We are good at it. I would venture to say that no one does it better.

I mean, I saw it IN PERSON once when I went on-location to Hungary, and it was impressive. Busty, topless hotties all grouped together, giggling and shaking their tits at one another…have mercy, it was like I died and went to big-tit heaven.

So today, I salute the lineup and all the babes who sand tall and proud and say, “Hey, I have big tits and so do these gals standing next to me. Please, stare at them.”

It almost brings a tear of joy to my eye.




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T-shirt stuffing

March 24, 2012 by Elliot James 17 Comments

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest group of people wearing tank tops was 3,500 on October 2, 2010 for the annual “Deni Play On The Plains Festival” in Deniliquin, NSW, Australia.

We’ve never come close to that record for SCORE Girls wearing tanks, but if quality beats quantity, I present as evidence this photo of Jenna Valentine, Karla James, Taylor Steele and Arianna Sinn from On Location Grand Bahama. There’s a world tank top record for something here. I feel it in my bone.

Tanks for the mammaries, girls.


The current world’s record for wearing the most T-shirts at once currently belongs to a gentleman from Colombo, Sri Lanka who wore 257 T-shirts on December 22, 2011. He looked like the Incredible Hulk. But even that doesn’t come close to the number of forward inches achieved by the upper-body projection of a SCORE Girl wearing just one tank top. I submit these photographs as further evidence of my claim.

Would you go into a tank with Kristy Klenot?

Shelly The Burbank Bomber's tank rockets

Tank you very much, Eva Notty

Destiny Rose and her tank stretchers

Sheridan Love: tank commander

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May ’12 SCORE has arrived! The bust stops here

February 25, 2012 by Elliot James 12 Comments

The contest issue is here


Now at your favorite store and at eBoobStore.com, the May ’12 edition of SCORE stars the winners of the four model contests as voted by readers and website members.

Get yours today.

Congratulations to all of the winners.

This erection year was a particularly hard one with stiff decisions to be made. Many voters found themselves rigid at the polls, but, as always, only one girl could be the winner in each contest.

Drum roll, please.

The winners are:

Kelly Christiansen: Model of the Year

Valory Irene: Newcomer of the Year

Angela White: Our first Hardcore Performer of the Year

Autumn-Jade: Big-Boob Hall of Fame

And pictorials of:

Karla James-1st Runner-up MOY
Miosotis-2nd Runner-up MOY
Eva Notty-3rd Runner-up MOY
Venera-1st Runner-up NOY
Leanne Crow-2nd Runner-up NOY
Beshine-3rd Runner-up NOY

Next month: SCORE's 20th Anniversary 164-page edition

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The New Year is about to bust out. SCORE it now.

December 28, 2011 by Elliot James 10 Comments
March 2012 SCORE hot off that press!

March 2012 SCORE hot off that press!

Start 2012 off right with SCORE magazine!

Covergirl Hitomi kicks off the New Year! (See this video Friday at SCORELAND.)

March's back cover features Leanne and Micky Bells on the job.

March's back cover features Leanne and Micky Bells on the job.

Karla James in stockings, garters and high heels makes men want to run out naked into the street.

Jenna Valentine in a traditional sexy French maid’s outfit. “Saucy” is the British word for this.

Spreadable Morgan Leigh in a pink and black bra, panties, stockings, garters and heels.

Jersey hottie Jasmine Shiraz’s first SCORE layout plus a revealing interview full of surprises.

Beautifully heavy-hanging Maserati in a XXX layout so hot, the pages will scorch your fingers.

Miami Beach buffed babe #1 Kitana Flores, wearing a microkini lingerie, oils up and spreads her shapely legs.

Miami Beach buffed babe #2 Ingrid Swenson sexes up and busts her date’s nut all over herself.

A 10-page preview of the new DVD Breast of SCORELAND 2 featuring 36 busty babes on two discs.

“Boob Beat” covers fan art, a reader’s busty and proud wife and the “Win Catt Green’s Bra” Contest.

Hot off the presses and now at your favorite magazine rack, or visit eBoobStore.com for fast delivery.

Also available in a downloadable format at eBoobStore.

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It’s the tenth day of Christmas…10 Lords-A-Leaping!

December 23, 2011 by Maria 5 Comments

Renee Ross is leaping and yes, it's for joy.

Renee Ross is leaping and yes, it's for joy.

I will be honest with you and tell you that I haven’t the foggiest why these lords in particular would be leaping. In fact, I have never even seen a leaping lord around Christmas. I happen to think that 10 leaping lords, just showing up out of nowhere, would be dangerous. That’s the kind of activity that causes car accidents. (Hmm, maybe that is deer that come leaping from the woods.)

Micky Bells, Gya Roberts and Terri Jane did a lot of leaping during a potato sack race in Montego Babes.

Micky Bells, Gya Roberts and Terri Jane did a lot of leaping during a potato sack race in Montego Babes.

Christy Marks, Terry Nova, Lorna Morgan, Angela White, Gianna Rossi...they make leaping and running look real good.

Christy Marks, Terry Nova, Lorna Morgan, Angela White, Gianna Rossi...they make leaping and running look real good.

Regardless, around these parts, we seem to be experiencing a lord recession, leaping or otherwise.That’s why when I decided to post about leaping lords, I had a back-up plan. That back-up plan includes LEAPING LADIES! Because come on, who wants to see guys jumping around when you can see big-titted chicks hopping to and fro, eh?

To me, and maybe it’s because I love to see tits in motion, the shots that we take of the models running and leaping down the beach, or flying out of the water, with water cascading down their bosoms…well, those shots are the fucking BEST! In fact, they are glorious!

So, today, in honor of the tenth day of Christmas, here you go…10 Ladies Leaping…20 Tits-A-Swingin’…

(I fought the urge to scream out FIVE GOLDEN RINGS! lol)

Please enjoy these 10 sets of tits in motion, because the holidays are for giving. (That’s why if you count, it’s actually 13 girls who are, in fact, leaping. But shhhhh…counting was never one of my strong suits.)



When you give a lady a SCORE tank top, it makes her so happy, she jumps for joy...like Jenna Valentine, Arianna Sin, Karla James and Taylor Steele.

When you give a lady a SCORE tank top, it makes her so happy, she jumps for joy...like Jenna Valentine, Arianna Sin, Karla James and Taylor Steele.

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Jenna Valentine kicks off “Puerto Vallarta Vacation”

August 22, 2011 by Elliot James 7 Comments
Puerto Vallarta Vacation with Jenna Valentine.

Puerto Vallarta Vacation with Jenna Valentine.

On this day, Jenna Valentine puts on and takes off her teeny weeny purple polka dot bikini poolside overlooking the Mexican resort city Puerto Vallarta in a boob-packed pictorial and video (plus candids) in Part One of “Puerto Vallarta Vacation.” Now that’s a bikini stretcher! Jenna’s boobs and bod are looking more awesome than ever. Her now-raven-black hair is very sexy, too. Mexico just got a lot hotter.

Has it been over a year since Jenna teamed with Karla James, Taylor Steele, Natalie Fiore and Arianna Sinn for “On Location Grand Bahama”? Where does the time go? Natalie rejoined Jenna in Mexico, and their new bosom buds are Leanne Crow, Hitomi and Micky. We’ll be seeing those hotties as Puerto Vallarta Vacation week continues.

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The winner and still champion of summer…the bikini!

June 25, 2011 by Dave 6 Comments
Eva Notty. Moments after this photo was taken, she was sucking cock.

Eva Notty. Moments after this photo was taken, she was sucking cock.

Miosotis. No bikini can contain her. But I appreciate the effort.

Miosotis. No bikini can contain her. But I appreciate the effort.

The poll that’s been running for a while here at the SCORELAND Blog asks, “What is your favorite piece of warm-weather clothing for a busty girl to wear in public?” Not surprisingly, the most popular answer was “Bikini top” with 42%, followed by tank top at 20%, tube top at 16%, T-shirt at 10% and halter top at 11%. I mentioned in a recent blog posting that the tube top seems to be making a comeback, and I think if we conducted this poll again in August, after you guys have experienced a summer of girls showing off their new tube tops, that 16% number would increase dramatically.

Karina Hart in a monokini. My mind is filled wiith monothoughts.

Karina Hart in a monokini. My mind is filled with monothoughts.

This is why Karla James was voted one of SCORE's 20 Greatest Naturals.

This is why Karla James was voted one of SCORE's 20 Greatest Naturals.

Anyway, to show my appreciation to all of you who participated in this highly scientific study, here’s a collection of bikini babes, all of whom appear in the August 2011 “Summer Sex Special” issue of SCORE. The complete sets that these pictures were taken from can also be seen at SCORELAND or XLGirls.com. Enjoy.

By the way, yes, I know, all of these swimsuits aren’t technically bikinis. Some of them are monokinis. Go tell it to the judge. Whoever he is.

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