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20 years ago: August ’92 SCORE

June 10, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Letha Weapons was the coverstar of August '92 SCORE.

Twenty years ago, the trucks were delivering their bundles of the second issue of SCORE magazine (Volume 1, No. 2) while readers who’d read the first bi-monthly issue waited impatiently outside newsstands and stores for their next load of new big boobs.

L.A. Bust was SCORE‘s first covergirl. Who would be the covergirl of the August ’92 issue?

She turned out to be Letha Weapons. “This sexy 18-year-old is packing clubs across the U.S. and Canada,” the editor wrote in Miss Weapons’ 11-page layout that closed the issue. “No doubt, Letha’s plump pair of honeydew-sized melons could certainly be classified as weapons in the battle of the sexes.”

Letha and her lethal weapons.

The rest of the issue included pictorials of dancer Zoryna Dreams; Tiffany Towers in a softcore sex scene with a guy; a softcore team-up Nilli Willis and Lisa Phillips and Jolene, a new 19-year old natural from San Diego, California.

There was an article by Christopher Caswell about the Vector, a $398,000 sportscar. The erotic short story was “Sylvia’s Secret” by Jackson Adams with art by Otis Sweat. There was a feature story, “How To Photograph Nude Models Part 2” by Evan Andrews. Evan wrote, “Being a glamour photographer will give you a way to open a conversation with all those girls you meet at the local sports bar and you will have a portfolio of photographs to back up your story. What guy could compete with you?” Indeed.

There was a two-pager about super-naturally busty Polish stripper and sexploitation actress Chesty Morgan. L.A. Bust began her first column “Night Moves,” the prototype of the columns that Alyssa Alps and Crystal Gunns would write.

Orion Jeweb contributed his scholarly breast column “Mam•mal•o•gy.” (“Because the spirit of rational inquiry demands the hard data of practical experience, Mam•mal•o•gy has come to realize that, as one reader put it, ‘a boob in the hand is worth two in the bra.'”)

Duncan Gutteridge painted a new Fantasy SCORE. “Homebodies” presented amateur hopefuls who’d sent in their Polaroids. Wrapping it up, there was a “Video Pick” and the “Scorecard” letters section.

The price? $4.95, $5.95 in Canada. (Gas was $1.13 a gallon.) I saw a used copy of this edition going for $23.95 now.

Lisa Gazombas on the back cover. The next issue was November '92. Readers had to wait two months.

On the back cover, Lisa Gazombas promised big-boobed satisfaction for the next issue, November ’92. She later changed her moniker to Lisa Chest. I don’t remember why. I liked Gazombas. I still do.

And that’s the way it was, 20 years ago.

No Internet. No DVDs. No iPads, tablets, desktops or Smartphones. No SCORELAND.

There were print magazines and VHS tapes. That was it. And there were strip clubs everywhere you could visit with lots of huge-boobed girls strutting their stuff on stage. They had names like Toppsy Curvey, Kayla Kleevage, Wendy Whoppers, C.C. Moore, Susie Boobies and Bethany Bustin and there were a helluva lot more new ones on the way. A huge-titted army, in fact.





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Guest blogger: Memories of a long-time SCORE Man

February 21, 2010 by Guest Blogger 18 Comments

Hi, Fellow Readers,

My name is Jack, and I’ll be your guest blogger for today. I would like to take you on a little trip down memory (actually mammary) lane. I hope this journey will bring back many fond memories for long-time readers, while younger readers may also be interested in the early days of SCORE.

The first issue of SCORE.

The first issue of SCORE.

It was in June 1992 that the first issue of SCORE magazine hit the newsstands. I was fortunate to purchase a copy and discovered that this new big-bust magazine was really something special. I was instantly taken with SCORE and found the slim ‘n’ stacked models absolutely incredible. This was the heyday of the super-busty enhanced models (Busty Dusty, Colt 45, Sarenna Lee). I’m sure many older readers remember these issues.

I have always enjoyed SCORE since the beginning and have become a long-time subscriber. How about you? What was your first experience with SCORE Group products? Did you first purchase a magazine? Which issue? Do you still have the first issue your purchased?

L.A. Bust, the first SCORE Girl

L.A. Bust, the first SCORE Girl

Long before Christy Marks, Karina Hart, Marilyn Sakova, Linsey Dawn Mackenzie, Sharday and Minka, there was a SCORE model named LA Bust. She was on the cover of the first SCORE magazine, and like many models of the early 1990s, LA had a spectacular enhanced bust. She also had a great camera presence, lovely smile and soon became one of the first SCORE fan favorites.

As they say, the rest is history. From this humble beginning, SCORE magazine became a regular monthly magazine featuring slim ‘n’ stacked models. Through continuous improvement and listening to its readers input and views, The SCORE Group went onto to produce several more successful magazines to suit particular niche interests. Voluptuous (1994) became a fan favorite through featuring natural big-busted models.

The SCORE Group also began producing VHS video tapes so fans could enjoy their models in live action and sound. I purchased The Greatest Big Bust Video (Volumes I and II), which are both testaments to the early super-stacked SCORE and Voluptous models. I have subsequently got the DVD versions.

How about you? What was your first purchased video (or DVD)? Do you still have it (or is it worn out)? Who was your first favorite model?

I suggest younger fans view The Greatest Big Bust Video (Volumes I and II) to fully appreciate this early era of the super-busty enhanced models. Later, The SCORE Group produced DVDs, which improved picture and sound quality.

Since the beginning, The SCORE Group staff has always worked hard to provide excellent customer service and top-quality products for our viewing pleasure. The SCORE Group continued to evolve and extend their products to bring the best to its reader base. For example, SCORE magazine pioneered the inclusion of XXX material, which today is more widely accepted and enjoyed by many readers. Today, The SCORE Group literally covers the world to find new models for us to enjoy.

The evolution of the Internet enabled The SCORE Group to create several websites related to the published magazines. The SCORE Group continues to lead the adult entertainment world in product quality, quantity and value. Today, SCORE fans have never had it so good with the range of products available.

I have found a subscription to SCORELAND to be a great entertainment investment. I like the monthly addition of new websites in “My SCORE Sites” for long-term members. Also, the Blog is a great way to express your views and interact with editors and other readers. How about you? Are you a SCORELAND subscriber? What is your favorite feature on the website ?

What will the future bring? Who really knows, but I’m sure The SCORE Group will continue to evolve to meet our needs and interests. So the next time you enjoy a SCORE Group video, magazine or product, remember where it all started, all the time, effort and work involved and then give thanks! Enjoy!

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