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New Colombian babe Kim Velez has big tits…and braces!

February 2, 2019 by Dave 9 Comments

Do you want to cum on Kim’s tits or all over her braces?

The second girl (Sofia Damon was the first) from the new wave of Colombian busty babes arrives at SCORELAND today. Her name is Kim Velez, and she’s a 23-year-old hottie from Medellin.

“My back is small and my breasts are big, so I can hardly find a bra that fits me well,” said Kim, who  grew up in the Andes Mountains. “I started to develop when I was 11 years old. My breasts have always attracted a lot of attention.”

There’s a lot to love about Kim: her beautiful baby face with dimples; her perfectly shaped naturals; her huge, dark areolae.

But if you’re like me, your eyes immediately went to her braces. Although brace-face babes are very popular among the 18eighteen crowd, we’ve had very few busty babes with braces. Chloe Rose, Valory Irene and Roxi Red are the only other girls who come to mind, although there must be others (anyone want to help me here?). Of course, because we normally associate braces with teenage girls, they usually make a girl seem younger than she is, and that young ‘n’ stacked button is a hot one for a lot of us, me included.

Enjoy Kim’s big reveal today at SCORELAND.

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The next wave of Colombian naturals is here. Meet Sofia Damon!

January 19, 2019 by Dave 20 Comments

Sofia’s big unveil happens today at SCORELAND.

Remember last month when I mentioned that we had five shoots with five brand-new naturals on the calendar, two in the Czech Republic and three in Colombia? And I asked you to cross your fingers in hopes that all five would happen? Well, they did, and today at SCORELAND, we get to see our first new Colombian girl. Her name is Sofia Damon, her tits are huge and she’s very happy about showing them off for all the world to see.

Sofia used to sell cellphones. What a waste of talent. Now she’s doing what she should have been doing all along,

“I love to show off my bust,” Sofia said. “I like to be admired.”

Sofia, get ready to be admired like you never have before!


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What is Alessandra Miller going to do next?

November 24, 2017 by Dave 5 Comments

Alessandra is a very good ball-handler.

She’s going to suck Carlos’ balls, that’s what. Ball-sucking or tea-bagging or whatever you want to call it is one of the more overlooked aspects of porn. To me, when a girl sucks cock and balls, she’s signalling that she’s really into it. She loves loving all parts of the cock and is in it to give pleasure. Some men are afraid of having their balls sucked. I don’t know why. Maybe they were with a girl who didn’t know what she was doing. But when you’re with a girl who knows what she’s doing and treats the balls with TLC and TSC, having your balls sucked while she strokes your cock can be one of life’s great pleasures. Busty Latina natural Alessandra knows what she’s doing, and she shows off her skills in her new photos and video today at SCORELAND.

Having your balls sucked…yay or nay?


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The reason Cat Bangles needs longer fingers

March 1, 2017 by Dave 2 Comments

Enjoy the view.

Cat Bangles, rounder, softer and plusher, returns to XLGirls.com today for a solo scene. I never asked Cat this question, but I betcha if she could have any one wish granted, it would be to have longer fingers. The better to finger her tight, wet, pink Latina cunt even deeper than she already does. I’ve never seen a girl as eager to get her fingers as deep into her fuck holes as Cat is. Cat loves it hard and deep, and she gives it to herself hard and deep in this scene.

Cat has big, fat, natural tits with dark areolae. She has curves that go on forever. She has plenty of cushion for the push-in. She has a huge clit and a big ass. She loves to show off every inch of her goodness. She’s of Puerto Rican heritage and lives in New England. Last I heard, she was working in a donut shop. Can you imagine the traffic of horny policemen that donut shop must attract? Talk about Dunkin’ Donuts! How many customers must’ve wanted to dunk their junk into Cat’s trunk.

It absolutely boggles the mind that Cat never did a XXX threesome with two guys until this past December. All we had to do was ask. Cat is too polite to say no.

Said Cat, “I usually play with myself before I go on a date so I can focus on him and not think about sex the whole time unless I’m too horny. Then we could have sex in the middle of our date and then finish our date after that!”

I don’t think she plays hard to get.

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What’s the most action you’ve ever gotten from a dancer in the VIP room?

May 16, 2015 by Dave 22 Comments

Cat drools on the cock to get it ready for her asshole.

Today at SCORELAND, dirty-talking, squealing Latina sexpot Cat Bangles sucks cock and gets ass-fucked in the VIP room.

So, my question for you, SCORELAND Blog readers, is: What’s the farthest you’ve ever gone in the VIP room?

Hand job?

Blow job?


Pussy fuck?


Or just a lap dance?

It’s okay to be honest. If you were gonna get busted for it, it would’ve happened right then and there.

By the way, unless you live alone, you might want to turn the sound down when you’re watching Cat’s video. She gets really loud when there’s a cock in her ass.

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She had me at, “Do you want to see my booty?”

March 18, 2015 by Dave 6 Comments

Have you ever noticed that ass cleavage and boob cleavage are very similar?

This is Marta La Croft.

Marta lives in Barcelona, Spain.

There are a lot of Spanish chicks with asses like hers.

But there aren’t too many Spanish chicks with tits like hers.

So, today, you get to see the back side of Marta. Saturday, you get to see her front side, too, when she debuts at SCORELAND.

Coming soon to SCORELAND: New Tigerr Benson on Sunday, Sandra Star’s return on March 28 and an April filled with Hitomi Thursdays. It’s “Hitomi In Miami!”

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Next Thursday, turkey and stuffing. Next Friday, Cat’s ass gets a stuffing!

November 22, 2014 by Dave 2 Comments

Cat has a bundle of boobs.

I’m showing you this photo because I like it. At first glance, it seems as if there are hands everywhere, a half-dozen hands, maybe more. Turns out, though, when you count, there are only four hands. Tits, however, are everywhere, which always seems to be the case when Cat Bangles is in the picture.

Ah, but I needed a more-concrete reason to show you this picture. And I have one.

Next Friday, November 28 at SCORELAND, Cat gets ass-fucked on-camera for the first time.

Yes, while the rest of the world is concerned with doorbuster sales and Black Friday, Cat Bangles is going to be having Anal Friday, and you’re invited.

So, Thursday, eat your turkey and stuffing. And Friday, watch Cat’s ass get a stuffing.

Why does Cat have that look on her face? Because there's a cock in her ass.


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Aim high…but not too high

March 16, 2014 by Dave 11 Comments

Daylene wants you to cum on her tits, but if you turn her around and cum on her ass, she won't mind.

Referring to this scene at SCORELAND, ILSCORE writes, “I did not think it was possible for Daylene to get hotter, but she has. Only thing wrong with this set is not enough pictures showing cum on her tits. Not that I don’t like facials, I do, but If you are going to have a girl with giant, beautiful tits why not show them get drenched in cum?”

I have to tell you, this comment surprised me. In this scene, JMac, one of our best, really drills Daylene. He fucks her every which way, giving her tits and pussy a workout and smacking that big, round, super-sized Latina ass, too. And when he shoots his load, it’s a big one. Daylene opens her mouth for his cum, but she can’t quite swallow all of it. Too much cum. A lot of the cum gets on her chin, and a lot of it drips down to her tits. So, although JMac didn’t cum on her tits, his cum ended up there anyway.

Not good enough, says ILSCORE. He wanted the guy to aim for Daylene’s tits and douse them with cum. In other words, the tits should be the primary target, not the secondary target.

Do you agree? What sayeth you about where the cum shot should land in a scene with a big-titted babe like Daylene?

New photos and a video called “SCORE Sex Stars: Daylene Rio” go live today at SCORELAND. It’s a solo set, so you can aim wherever you please.





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