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Here’s to the winners of the 2018 SCORE awards!

April 9, 2019 by Dave 7 Comments

Congratulations to Korina Kova, SCORE‘s first Newcomer of the Year from Canada.

Korina is the covergirl of the new issue, cover-dated Vol. 28, No. 3 and available now in digital format at eBoobStore.com.

Korina, the hourglass beauty from British Columbia, Canada, took a commanding early lead in the voting and never looked back. She finished with an astounding 33.2% of the vote, winning the readers’ and SCORELAND voting; only Tina Lee had half as many votes.

Alexya is 2018’s Model of the Year. In one of the closest Model of the Year contests ever, she earned 19.2% of the votes, winning the SCORELAND voting and finishing a close second to Dolly Fox in the magazine voting. Dolly finished second overall with 18.64% followed by Sha Rizel at 16.4% and Katie Thornton at 14.12%.

And our newest Hall of Famer is…Christy Marks!

Congratulations to all of the girls!


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The awards issue of Voluptuous is on-sale now!

February 26, 2019 by Dave 1 Comment

The digital version of the awards issue of Voluptuous (Vol. 26, No. 2) is available now at eBoobStore.com. The print version, with all of the full-length HD videos (including Codi Vore hardcore in a scene that’s also in the movie Codi Vore XXX), goes on-sale in a week.

As I revealed a few days ago, Codi is 2018’s Model of the Year and Amora Lee is Newcomer of the Year, as voted on by the readers and SCORELAND members. Codi and Amora won the awards, but newcomer Cheryl Blossom got the cover. No surprise, really. Just look at her. This girl has everything you’d want in a V-Girl, including that pretty smile. But let’s face it: those beautiful tits got her into the mag. Will Cheryl win 2019 Newcomer of the Year?

Also in this issue: Diana Frost’s first hardcore (and, with the print edition, matching video). Nine HD bonus videos in all. They’re full-length. You don’t have to enter your email address or any personal information, just the code that comes with the issue.

But for that, you’ll have to wait a week. The digital version is now.

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Who is the greatest V-Girl ever?

June 6, 2018 by Dave 18 Comments

Back in March, I asked for your list of the 20 greatest V-Girls ever.

Yes, I wanted to know your opinion, but I had an ulterior motive: I needed help.

We were planning the September 2018 issue of Voluptuous, available now in digital format at eBoobStore.com (you can get the print version starting Tuesday; it may even be at your newsstand now). A main feature of this issue was supposed to be the 20 Greatest V-Girls Ever.

“Supposed to be?” you might ask.

Well, yes. First of all, getting the list down to 20 was nearly impossible. Do you realize how many great girls we’ve had?

And second, Blog commenter Carney22 asked, “But why stop at 20? Why not 25? Isn’t 2019 the 25th annniversary of Voluptuous?”

Exactly, Carney22. Excellent point. So we got a brief reprieve. Instead of having to get the list down to 20, we’d only have to get it down to 25.

Not so easy, either.

Anyway, our Top 25 girls are on the cover of the September 2018 issue. And now, it’s up to you to decide who’s No. 1. There’s a ballot in the issue. We’re going to announce the readers’ choice for the greatest V-Girl ever in V-mag‘s anniversary issue.

Not any easy decision, campers. Getting the list down to 25 was nearly impossible. Picking just one girl? Nurse!

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Georgina Gee, what a pair of tits!

May 4, 2017 by Dave 13 Comments

Georgina Gee is plush.

Georgina Gee, a girl I really came to appreciate when putting together the Summer 2017 issue of XL Girls magazine, makes her XLGirls.com debut today with photos and a video. Plus, there’s a unique bonus interview with Georgina that was conducted by Jem Stone, who you might remember from the October 2007 issue of SCORE. In the interview, boob-obsessed Jem can barely keep her hands off of Georgina’s big naturals. Actually, she doesn’t keep her hands off of them. At the end, Jem rubs her boobs against Georgina’s. Very entertaining. She also squeezes Georgina’s boobs midway through the chat.

How come I never get to do that when I interview the girls?

Jem asked, “When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your breasts?”

And Georgina said, “I don’t even have to try. Sometimes I wear tight tops, tight tees. I get a lot of whistles from people driving by in their cars.”

By the way, you can call her Gina. See her today at XLGirls.com.




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We have the biggest bunch of boobs you’ll ever see in any election

November 4, 2016 by Dave 6 Comments

It's erection day!

The January 2017 issue of Voluptuous is available now at eBoobStore.com in print and digital versions. As always, the digital version comes with five videos, and best of all, you can take it anywhere. Of course, you can take the print version anywhere, too, if you don’t mind a mag sticking out of your back pocket, but the digital version on your phone or tablet is a lot more portable.

There’s a bunch of good stuff in this issue. Teen JJ-cupper Rachel Raxxx smothers a stud with her huge naturals. Newcomer Paige Turner enjoys her first mag suck-and-fuck. Katarina Dubrova is pregnant and fucking. And lots more.

But the highlight of this issue is the announcement of the finalists for the 2016 V-mag Awards (and the pictures that go with the announcement).

And now it can be known that the finalists for Newcomer of the Year are Rachel Raxxx, Demmy Blaze, Lila Payne, Paige Turner, Tiggle Bitties, Roxee Robinson, Allie Pearson, May West, Monica Love, Danni Lynne and Nila Mason. This is one of those years when I have no idea who’s going to win, there are so many great girls.

The finalists for Model of the Year are Anastasia Lux, Rockell, Samantha Lily, Roxi Red, Alana Lace, Kate Marie, Joana, Vanessa Y., Micky Bells, Jennica Lynn, Juliana Simms, Cat Bangles, P-Chan, Alexya, Liza Biggs and Larissa Linn. Vanessa was 2015 Model of the Year, and I think she has a good chance of repeating.

Of course, there’s the ballot so you can vote (SCORELAND members will also have a chance to vote online when the ballot is posted).

Anyway, since early voting is the big thing right now, I urge you to get your hands on the January 2017 issue and vote now. And I can assure you that this election is not rigged.

Who are your picks?

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Don’t worry. Be happy. Larissa Linn is back.

April 25, 2015 by Dave 15 Comments

Larissa has something she wants to show you.

“I never dreamed I could be a model,” said Larissa Linn, the F-cup natural newcomer who returns to SCORELAND today. “Well, I dreamed about it, but I never thought I would do it. Doing this makes me very happy.”

Larissa makes us happy. She’s obviously making a lot of you guys happy. Back in the day, the former editor of SCORE would invite readers to pull up their happy seats whenever a great new girl came along. Personally, I don’t have a happy seat, but whenever I’m looking at Larissa, I’m happy.

What else will make you happy? The July ’15 issue of SCORE, which is on-sale now at eBoobStore.com. The digital version comes with five embedded videos, and you can take it anywhere without anyone knowing. The issue features new photos of Mia Khalifa and an exclusive interview. Plus pregnant Katarina Dubrova, V-Girl Liza Biggs in her SCORE debut (she earned it), blonde Alura Jenson getting ass-fucked, DDD-cupper Holly Brooks putting on a show at a secret hideaway, eight pages of our greatest slim ‘n’ stacked girls and lots more.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Be happy.

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What do you call what’s between a girl’s legs, what ever happened to Morgan Leigh and the price for a (nearly) complete set of SCORE

September 8, 2013 by Dave 4 Comments

Is this what a SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Famer looks like? I think so.

L.P. from Lansing, Michigan writes, “I want to discuss two terms: pussy and cunt. I have never liked the term ‘pussy’ when referring to female genitalia. I think ‘cunt’ is a better term because it seems like it goes better and sound better when used with the term ‘cock.'”

Agree? Disagree? I like both words. Pussy is nice, cunt is a little dirtier. You won’t run into a lot of girls who refer to their pussy as their “cunt.” How many times has a girl said to you, “Fuck my cunt!”? A handful of girls have used the word “cunt” when I’ve interviewed them, but they’re by far the exception. The only caveat: When you use the word “cunt,” make sure you’re referring to the body part, not the entire person.

M.C. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania writes, “What ever happened to Morgan Leigh? She hasn’t appeared in SCORE for several months now. Is she still a SCORE model? Has she given up being a SCORE model and decided to settle down and get married, or has she encountered some health problems? Hope neither of the aforementioned has happened, meaning the end of her modeling career at SCORE.”

The good news is that Morgan is doing fine. The bad news is that she has, indeed, retired. The good news for Morgan is that she’ll be a candidate for induction into the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame. The good news for the rest of us is that plenty of great photos and videos of the 2006 Newcomer of the Year are at SCORELAND.

N.G. from London, England writes, “In the November 2013 ‘Boob Beat,’ you mention that the November 1993 SCORE is worth $20-$40 if in mint condition. So how much is a virtually complete set of SCORE from the first issue to the present day worth? The only missing magazine is the second issue. I became a subscriber from the fourth issue and bought the preceding ones except No. 2. Are there people interested in buying up old collections of SCORE?”

N.G. didn’t mention whether he was interested in selling his collection or simply in what it’s worth. I’m guessing that a complete set of SCORE must be worth thousands of dollars, but I’m not setting the market. Blog readers, what do you think a complete set of SCORE is worth?

And, finally, because I love busty blondes, here’s a sneak peek at Nikky Wilder, who’ll be debuting at XLGirls.com the week after this. She’s part of a great month of newcomers.

Nikky Wilder is ready for her debut on September 16.


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On-sale now at eBoobStore.com: The digital edition of the July ’13 double issue of SCORE

April 9, 2013 by Dave 1 Comment

I’ll let you be the judge of whether it’s our greatest issue ever.

I do know this: It has our greatest photos ever.

164 pages, loaded with the best photos in the history of SCORE. There’s never been anything like it before. There might never be anything like it again. At least not for another 21 years.

From my editor’s note on page five of this issue:

“John, how come we’ve never done an issue of our greatest photos?”

That’s how this issue began: with me walking into editor-in-chief John Fox’s office at the end of the day last December and asking what seemed to be an innocuous question.

“We haven’t?” John asked.

 And then he realized: We hadn’t. We’ve done issues with our most-influential models and a 15th anniversary issue packed with previously unpublished photos of the best girls from our first 15 years. We’ve done “20 Greatest Naturals” and “Who’s The Fairest” and the “Sweet Sixteen.” We’ve had Boob Cruise issues, too, but never an issue devoted entirely to the greatest photos we’d ever published.

Well, we have now.

Get it now at eBoobStore.com. The print edition goes on-sale in a week.

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Who will win V-Mag’s Ass of the Year? Who knows?

January 29, 2013 by Dave 11 Comments


Karina Hart

As of 4:37 p.m. on Tuesday, January 29, less than 0.05% of the votes separated Siri and Karina Hart in the battle for Voluptuous magazine’s Ass of the Year. That’s less than 0.05% with just a little over two days remaining until the ballot box closes. Now, we haven’t finished counting all of the votes that have come in from magazine readers, but the magazine and online voting have been mirroring each other in this category, and readers can’t seem to decide who should win Ass of the Year.

I have to admit, it’s a tough decision. Both girls have great asses. And the only reason I’m letting you in on this information before the ballot boxes close (in political elections, voting figures usually aren’t released until after everybody has voted) is because you still have time to vote. Not much time, but you have time. And the thing is, this is one of those situations in which your vote will make a difference.

So if you haven’t voted for V-Mag’s Ass of the Year (and all of the other V-Mag categories), vote now. Don’t be an ass! Vote for a great ass!


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We’re working on something very special for SCORE. Wanna know what it is?

January 2, 2013 by Dave 10 Comments

No, we are not devoting an entire issue to Morgan Leigh. But we could.

With girls like Morgan Leigh to look at, SCORELAND and SCORE will be the places to be in 2013.

Well, it’s the day after New Year’s Day, also known as the blahhiest day of the year. I don’t think “blahhiest” is a word, but it best describes this first post-holiday day when the celebrating and festiveness has ended and all we have to look forward to is two or three more months of winter (of course, down here in Miami, we don’t have to worry about that. But I’m just looking out for you. Feeling your pain, as a former president said).

Anyway, I’m kinda going to give you something to look forward to. I say “kinda” because I’m not going to give you all of the details. I’m just going to tell you a little something.

These days, I’ve been working very hard on a special issue of SCORE. It’ll be the July 2013 issue, which doesn’t hit the newsstands until early April. This is going to be a special issue, a real labor of love, 164 pages, which we don’t do too often (the last time was the 20th anniversary issue). It has a theme. The theme is…well, I’m not going to tell you what the theme is, but when we came up with it, we looked at each other and said, “How come we’ve never done this before?” Short answer: I don’t know.

Anyway. we’re doing it. And I’ve been going through every issue of SCORE ever published. Yes, every last one. And I’ve been looking for stuff. And here’s something I noticed:

Morgan Leigh does not take a bad picture. Now, maybe you’re one of those guys who prefers naturals, but take a good look at Morgan. Look at these photos, for example. You gotta admit: Morgan and the camera have something going.

No wonder she once won SCORE Newcomer of the Year.

Guaranteed, Morgan will be a part of this special issue. Bet you can’t wait to find out what it’s all about. Well, here’s the good news: Spring is just around the corner.


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