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Double penetration without a lot of man-ass? Yes, it is possible!

July 24, 2012 by Dave 17 Comments

You don't want to see man-ass. You want to see Stephanie Stalls' ass. And you do!

Elliot James recently wrote, “In a poll currently on the SCORELAND home page, only 31% like to see DPs while 36% would rather see two-girl/one-guy threesomes.” But in the poll that’s been running here at the Blog, 36% hate DPs while 33% love them and another 23% want to see them once in a while, meaning that 56% of you like DPs either a lot or a little.

I recently wrote that one of the objections to double-penetration scenes is the amount of man-ass in the frame. But, after reviewing the Stephanie Stalls DP video that recently went up at SCORELAND, I can report that man-ass in DP scenes is not always a problem. Here are excerpts from my notes. Timings indicate minutes and seconds into the scene.

16:41: Stephanie getting ass-fucked reverse-cowgirl. The second guy comes over to stick his cock in her pussy. The DP is now happening. Man-ass is visible, although only slightly. The videographer did a good job of cropping out most of the second guy’s ass. Of course, we can see his cock and balls, but that’s what happens in hardcore.

17:03: Switches to angle from above, looking down. At this point, 5% of man-ass can be seen.

17:45: Position change! Stephanie climbs on top of the bottom cock cowgirl style. The other guy inserts his cock in her ass from behind. Excellent camera work averts man-ass. Meanwhile, we’re getting a nice view of Stephanie being double-banged while her tits bounce all over the place.

19:36: The two guys shoot their loads on Stephanie’s face.

I think this scene walks a very nice line between “too much man-ass” and “let’s see her getting double-fucked without there being too much man-ass.”

What I’m saying is, if enough Blog voters watch this scene, that 56% number will go up and we’ll have achieved DP detente.

Progress is a wonderful thing. Member WARPIG7 opined, “Wow that was EPIC!!!!!”

Thanks for the compliment, WARPIG7. And thank you, Stephanie. And thank you, stunt cocks, for keeping your man asses out of the way.

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