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What were your five favorite big-tit events of 2017?

January 3, 2018 by Dave 17 Comments

Alaura’s return was a big reason 2017 was special.

2017 is over, but it will be remembered as a great one for big-boob lovers. What were your five favorite big-tit events of 2017? Here are mine, in no particular order:

• Alaura Grey not only returns with bigger naturals but does her long-awaited first hardcore scenes.

• Nine months after returning from a long hiatus, blonde fuck doll Danielle Derek super-sizes her tits and does her first mega-rack DP.

• Our first naturally stacked sisters, Erin and Helen Star, debut at SCORELAND and in SCORE and Voluptuous.

SCOREClassics.com, the ultimate website for those of us who have very fond memories of the big ’80s and ’90s (and, in some cases, the ’70s), makes a smashing debut. John Fox’s idea of using the natural, original audio, including the exchanges between the photographers and the models, instead of wiping the audio and adding canned music is brilliant

• And here’s one that’s kind of personal and exclusive to me, the photographer and the makeup artist on the shoot: Meeting newcomer Amora Lee during her first-ever nude modeling shoot on December 22. This beauty has one of the best natural racks I’ve ever seen, and she’s coming soon. She’ll help make your 2018 great (and I’ll have a photo very soon).

There’s my list, and I’m not even including the sight of Mariah Carey, desperate to impress, freezing her tits off on New Years Eve in Times Square.


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Blog readers love Christina Hendricks, DP and a pretty face. Girl-girl? Not so much.

December 13, 2012 by Dave 6 Comments

Holly Halston takes two at SCORELAND and in the DVD My Wife, Your Meat!

SCORELAND Blog readers love giving their opinions (which, I guess, is what blogging is all about). Here are the results of recent Blog polls.

First, one of my favorite polls:Which busty mainstream celebrity would you most like to see in a fuck film? Christina Hendricks, the only good reason to endure the plot-less TV show Mad Men, is the winner with an astounding 53%. I think Dexter is one of the best shows on TV. If Christina Hendricks played Dexter’s sister (rather than the spectacularly flat-chested Jennifer Carpenter), it would be the greatest TV show in history (surpassing the episodes of Maude when busty Adrienne Barbeau showed up wearing tight tops). Dolly Parton tied for second with 14%, pretty impressive considering she’s 66 years old. Sofia Vergara also had 14%. Then came Mariah Carey and Salma Hayek. I would have included Jennifer Tilly in the poll, but she’s been faking cleavage and big tits for years (although I certainly appreciate her efforts).

Several months ago, we asked, “What do you like most about women’s bodies after big boobs?” And the winner was…pretty face at 37%. Who says we men are shallow? “Nice pussy” didn’t even finish in the top three (although great ass did at 22%). I asked Elliot this question and he said, “Their brains.”

Just kidding.
After watching Stephanie Stalls getting double-pounded at SCORELAND, we asked, “What do you think about DP in girl-boy-boy scenes?

Back in the day, Sierra and Autumn-Jade hooked up in one of the greatest girl-girls ever.

Well, talk about a split-decision…41% said they love it. 35% said they hate it. But 17% also said they like it once in a while, so the majority (58%) wants to see some DP. We’ll see what we can do. Not all girls will do DP. Most girls won’t even do anal.
And, finally, the age-old question, “Do you want to see more girl-girl at SCORELAND?”

You know, I’m always getting letters from guys asking for more girl-girl. And whenever I do, I think, “Unless times have really changed, these guys are in the minority.” Well, they are because 58% turned their thumbs down to more girl-girl.

So, to recap, most of you would like to see Christina Hendricks getting DP’d. I’m definitely in favor of that.

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The mainstream celebrity I’d most like to see in a fuck film

December 5, 2012 by Dave 4 Comments

No, thank you.

The current Blog poll asks, “Which busty mainstream celebrity would you most like to see in a fuck film?” The choices are singer Mariah Carey, actress Christina Hendricks from the TV show Mad Men, actress Sofia Vergara from the TV show Modern Family, actress Salma Hayek and country music singer Dolly Parton. Here’s my view of the five choices:

Mariah Carey: Curvy and likes to show off her tits, ass and legs in stripper-like clothing. The dress she wore at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Rockefeller Center would be banned from most family gatherings. Plus, she wears fuck shoes. However, Mariah once got insulted when Howard Stern, thinking he was complimenting her, told her she dressed like a stripper. This indicates to me that there are two sides to Mariah: the outer slut we want to fuck and the scary inner good girl who doesn’t know what the hell she is. If Mariah was any good in bed, she would have said to Stern, “Thank you.”  I’m guessing she’d make a bad porn actress (no surprise since she’s already a lousy mainstream actress).

Christina Hendricks: According to unofficial reports, Christina has DDD-cup breasts. She also has a big ass. I’d like to see her getting plowed from behind, preferably in her tuchus, while her boobs hang. Judging by how sexy she is on-camera in a TV show, I’m guessing that she’d be a wild, nasty, dirty-talking XXX performer. I’d like to see two scenes with Christina: one in which we see her flaming red bush and one in which her pussy is shaved.

Sofia Vergara: I have to try to ignore the annoying, non-stop chatterbox character she plays on Modern Family and concentrate on 1.) Her tits; and 2.) The fact that she’s Colombian. Unfortunately, I suspect that her tits aren’t as big as she makes them out to be (I’m guessing they’re C-cups, Ds at best). So, even though her Latina heritage suggests a wild fuck, her tits would ultimately disappoint me. However, as wives go, she’s a major step up for Ed O’Neil from Katey Sagal.

Salma Hayek: Salma is a saucy Mexican, and many Mexican girls have proven to be nasty, filthy porn stars. However, like Sofia, Salma’s tits probably aren’t as big as we think they are. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing Sofia and Salma in a XXX lesbian scene, and if one of our studs, say Johnny or Lucas, wanted to drop by and poke them in the ass while they’re eating each others’ pussies, that would be fine.

Dolly Parton: Dolly is 66 years old. She has always freely admitted to enjoying sex, and I’m guessing she has developed into one of those always-horny MILFs we see at 60PlusMILFs.com. She also has giant tits, probably even bigger than people think. She once had to cancel a tour because of a sore back. “You lug these around and see if your back don’t hurt!” she said. You have to love a woman who is always calling attention to her tits, so I think Dolly would be a red-hot fuck on-camera, always making sure her tits were in view, whether she was sucking cock or fucking. Or getting tit-fucked, which is a must. And wouldn’t you love to see Dolly facialized?

This is a tough choice. Right now, Christina Hendricks has 53% of the vote, and I think I agree with the voters.


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A brand-new pair that’s coming soon. Plus, Mariah Carey’s big ol’ tits on display

November 29, 2012 by Dave 17 Comments

She comes from a city in the Ukraine whose name I couldn’t even begin to pronounce. All I know is that it has a lot of Ps and Rs in it and some Ks and Vs, too. She will turn 20 the day before Christmas. She speaks very little English. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if she speaks any. I’m guessing she doesn’t speak much, judging by the writing on the Model Info sheet she filled out for us.

But she has these (see below). And she’s coming to SCORELAND next month. Now that should brighten up your day! It did mine.

A sneak peek at Anya. I discovered this photo by accident while looking through Elliot's SCORELAND folder for December.


By the way, did anyone see what Mariah Carey wore at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting? Mariah once got insulted because Howard Stern, the radio personality, told her she dressed like a stripper. Well, at 42 years old, Mariah is still dressing like a stripper. But get this: There’s an on-line poll that asks, “Was Mariah Carey’s outfit too low-cut for a family friendly event?” And so far, 57% have said yes! Are you kidding me? Do a Google search for the photo and get back to me. I think if Mariah hadn’t wasted her talents on a singing career, she could have been a great fuck star. But I’m sure she’d be insulted by me saying that.


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Girls you fuck, girls you marry and those fucking Golden Globes fashionistas

January 19, 2010 by Dave 5 Comments

I have a few things on my mind today. Please bear with me for a few minutes.

1. The current SCORELAND Blog poll asks, “Have you ever dated a girl solely because of her big tits?” You can check out the results so far by looking to your right on the page, but here’s what I’m interested in: 11% answered, “Yes, and I ended up marrying her.” If that was your answer, we need to hear from you. Don’t leave us hanging! What happened? Details, please (including boob size, how things went at first, how you met her, etc.) My answer was, “Yes, but it didn’t work out.: My girl, boobs and all, walked out on me in the middle of dinner. She called me a pervert, even though, get this, she was dressed like a hooker and, it turned out, was three-months pregnant.

Lots of leg. Very classy, right? Well, a few seconds after this photo was taken, LegSex.com model Yazmina was sucking cock on camera.

Lots of leg. Very classy, right? Well, a few seconds after this photo was taken, LegSex.com model Yazmina was sucking cock on camera.

Lots of boob. Trashy, right? Well, Rukhsana has never fucked on camera (which isn't a good thing; it's just a fact).

Lots of boob. Trashy, right? Well, Rukhsana has never fucked on camera (which isn't a good thing; it's just a fact).

2. The Golden Globes Awards. Forget about who won and who lost. Here’s what’s rubbing me the wrong way. The fashionistas are all over Mariah Carey because she wore a dress that showed, in their words, too much cleavage. As one critic said of Mariah, “The Herve Leger gown was still elegant, the capped sleeves were cute, the jewelry worked and the pulled back hair was classy. All you really had to do, was…well, cover up!” But these same people loved Jennifer Aniston, who wore a dress that was slit so high, you could see 100% of her legs right up to her hips. Why didn’t she have to, well, cover up? Yeah, I know the answer. Showing legs: Good. Showing boobs: Bad. Well, fuck you, fashionistas.

And that’s all I have to say.

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