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Can you handle Maserati’s dangerous curves?

December 17, 2016 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Maserati has the rack dreams are made of, but she’s no illusion.

“That’s the thing people say a lot about me, that I have big boobs and a small waist,” Maserati told us in a voice that’s as sexy as the rest of her. “I want a guy who’s okay with me being a lady and a freak at all times. No separation of streets and sheets.”

Maserati told us when she first came to SCORELAND in 2011 that she’s attracted to guys who ignore her. I’ve heard that before from other girls. Maybe it’s the challenge they’re attracted to, but I have no idea how any guy could ignore Maserati. It doesn’t seem possible.

Her visits are a rare treat. “I’m glad that you guys aren’t tired of my big tits,” she said. “I love that you jerk your cocks to me.”

New scene starts Sunday. Be here. Some girls don’t speak in their videos. Not Maserati. She gives hot voice.

Maserati's got more curves than a mountain road.

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Felicia Clover: Schoolgirl in white, cotton panties!

November 13, 2012 by Maria 4 Comments

Felicia Clover and I shared a moment. You can catch it on SCORELAND.

Okay, okay, okay…

so I am really excited about tomorrow’s SCORELAND posting of Felicia Clover for two reasons:

1) Because I got to hang out in the studio with Felicia Clover, one of the most-exciting newcomers I’ve seen in a while, and she was dressed up as a NAUGHTY SCHOOLGIRL!

2) Also, because–and I say this with a smile like this on my face 😀 – during our interview, she was naked, covered in oil at some point, and I was on my knees in front of her.

😯 !!!!


I know! It’s crazy, but it’s true.

In fact, at some point I can remember that she looked down at me and told me that she was resisting rubbing oil all over my face. In that brief moment, I had to remind myself that I was at work and I am a professional. Because really, in real life, who would deny Felicia Clover the joy of rubbing oil all over them?


But professionals, we have to hold it together.

What other things happened in our interview?

Well, Felicia tried on different panties for me and she also talked about spanking and all the things she likes done to her ass.

(Shameless plug: You guys know I am the editor of BootyLicious Mag, too, so you know that it is imperative that when a girl with an ass like Felicia’s comes into the studio, I have to get some fun ass footage, too. I mean, it’s about tits, but sometimes, it has to be about ass.)

I also got to measure her ass and tits…

which is how I ended up on my knees in front of her.

And, yes, it was the first time I ever ended up on my knees in our studio. lol

Overall, it was a lot of fun and Felicia is an awesome girl.

You guys can check out a quick snippet of it below, but you should totally head over to SCORELAND and check it out in its entirety.

It really is a good time.




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Maserati measures up!

October 21, 2012 by Maria 3 Comments

A week or so ago I measured Melissa Manning for a new bra in our dressing room. Her boobs were bigger and so her new bra size was bigger.

Well, when Maserati came into our studio the other day I noticed that her tits were bigger, too!

So, I whipped out my handy measuring tape and with the help of one of our makeup artist, measured Maserati’s guns.


I don’t know what is happening out there in the world, maybe it’s the water or the ozone or something, but ladies are coming back to our studio with bigger tits.

No complaints here, though.

In this case, bigger is DEFINITELY better.

Check out Maserati’s HUGE boobs below and enjoy!

She’s bouncing like crazy at SCOREVideos.com this weekend in a brand new XXX video


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Melissa Manning measures up!

October 1, 2012 by Maria 11 Comments

There is a lot going on with Melissa Manning these days.

For one, she went from being a redhead to a blonde. That was a noticeable change.


Her tits got way bigger!

(Don’t you love it when that happens?)

Melissa came back to our studios with even bigger tits, and that prompted me to sit down and have a chat with her about bras.

You see, most of the time when I speak to models about their bras, they tell me that they don’t even know what size they are anymore. The task of buying bras that fit is so arduous that they just find whatever fits (kinda) and that’s that.

It’s hard having big tits.

Melissa is one of those gals. She has to eyeball bras and sort of figure out if they are going to fit because she hasn’t had a proper bra measuring since she was 15. She thought she was a 34G, but her tits definitely grew since she was here last, so I decided to tackle the problem with science.

Well, with math. lol

So, I recruited one of our makeup artists and we measured her. What happened was that we revealed what size she really is now, and Melissa’s mind was blown.

She went from a 34G to a 36H.

The whole chat can be found on SCORELAND tomorrow, but what kind of big-boobed friend to the boob lovers around the land would I be if I didn’t post a segment of it here?

So, below you can find me and Melissa chatting about her new boob size, and tomorrow you can find the full-length video on SCORELAND.

I only have two words for Ms. Manning and her H-cups and they are HUBBA HUBBA.

Check her out.




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Throwback Thursday: Top 5 SCORELAND blog videos!

April 19, 2012 by Maria 11 Comments

Today I was checking out our Twitter (It’s @SCORELAND for all of you who tweet and want to follow us!), and I realized that it’s Throwback Thursday. (It’s also International High Five Day, so here’s an H5 for all of you from us!) Throwback Thursday is basically a chance for people to reminisce about the good times that were and the glory days of yore.

I thought to myself, “Self, we are SCORELAND. We ARE big tits. No one has more glory days than we do.”

And  so I decided to do a special Throwback Thursday post featuring some of our most-glorious blog videos from days gone by. A top five blog videos of all time post. Well, I think they are the top five. I asked Elliot to help me take a trip down Memory Lane and we came up with this list. I didn’t ask Dave because he was in our studio talking to someone with big tits. I am pretty sure he has his own opinion about the top five. Too bad, Dave. This isn’t about you. 🙂

So, without further ado, here are some of the greatest blog videos of all time. They feature incredible models like Renee Ross, Cherry Brady, Jenna Valentine, Daylene Rio, Destiny Rose and the rest of the cast from More To Fuck.  Looking back at all these videos made me realize how much fun we have here at SCORELAND and how awesome it is to do what we do…bring you big tits no matter what. Check out the videos below and enjoy your Throwback Thursday. I know I did.



#5) The busty babes of More To Fuck sit down with Dave and chat about bras and tits. Very informative and titty-filled stuff.


#4) I sit down with Renee Ross and talk about sex, and she demonstrates what the best way to titty fuck is. This is like a PSA for titty fucking, I promise.


#3) Cherry Brady is the best hula hooper I’ve ever seen. Well, until she took her bra off, then she was the best, worst, topless hula hooper I have ever seen, and it was AWESOME.


#2) Daylene Rio talks to Dave while she is fucking. That’s talent.


#1) Valley girl talk and titty-bouncing class with Jenna Valentine…one of the funniest blog videos of all time.  And we high-five, so this blog is also cool for International High-five Day.

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Measuring Up…

September 11, 2011 by Maria 10 Comments

I want to talk about boob size with all of you boob lovin’ dudes out there. Boob size, to me, is an interesting thing. Before I came to The SCORE Group, I was a mild-mannered reporter at a newspaper here in Miami. The most I ever thought about tits was that mine were bigger than most chicks. I was at the time a DD-cup and that was, at the time, the colossus of all tit sizes. (Mostly because Victoria Secrets only sold up to a DD-cup, so I had no concept of anything bigger.)

Then I came to work for SCORE and my whole concept of of big tits was completely turned around. I mean, I was STUNNED that huge tits like these existed. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Then, after being here for a few months, I would see D-cups and I would think, “Oh, those aren’t big.” lol

Now, I think I’ve become some sort of big-boob elitist. Unless a lady is packin’ F-cups or bigger, I am not really impressed.

Do you find that this happens to you? Or, do you just appreciate all big tits, even the ones closer to the D-cup range? Is there such a thing as boobs that are TOO BIG?

Chime in. I want to hear what your criteria is and how you set the bar for big boobs. How do tits measure up to you?



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Michelle Bond and her big, fat tits

May 27, 2011 by Dave 10 Comments
Michelle measures her big, fat tits in another photo set that can be seen at SCORELAND.

Michelle measures her big, fat tits in another photo set that can be seen at SCORELAND.

Today at SCORELAND, in Part IV of Leanne’s Stacked Summer, British natural Michelle Bond shows off her big, fat tits for our viewing pleasure. Actually, she does more than that. According to my notes, “Michelle, overflowing a tiny, blue bikini that barely covers her nipples, jumps into a pool to get her tits wet, causing ripples with her wildly swaying breasts. She dips her nips into the water to get them hard, then gets out and oils up her H-cup naturals as we admire them from below. The hot sun is making Michelle horny, so she takes off her bikini bottom, lies back and rubs her pussy to an orgasm, just as Leanne catches her in the act!”

Leannne, of course, is Leanne Crowe, the star of Leanne’s Stacked Summer. Although Michelle plays with her pussy in this scene and Maggie Green and Angela White eat each other’s pussies in another scene, this is the kind of movie that you have to be a boob lover to fully appreciate. The action is almost totally tit-focused, and the angles are something only a true boob man would understand. I mean, a person with different interests might say, “Michelle’s bikini looks like it’s about six sizes too small.” While we would say, “Michelle’s bikini fits perfectly.”

There’s just one more week to go (the final part airs next Friday) in our exclusive, pre-DVD release screening of Leanne’s Stacked Summer at SCORELAND. But does that mean you’ll have nothing to look forward to when it’s over? No effin’ way. Because on June 16, Valory Irene tugs and tit-fucks a cock on camera for the first time, and a week after that, Brittany O’Neil gets nailed by a big, black cock. Or maybe it’s Brittany doing the nailing. With that super-horny MILF, you just never know.

And one more thing: This has been a very good year for SCORE newcomers, and it’s about to get a lot better on the naturals side of things. The 2011 Newcomer of the Year race might turn out to be the best ever.

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A Valentine from us to YOU!

February 14, 2010 by Maria 19 Comments

Hello Boob Lovers!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am sure for most of you this is a day filled with ass-kissery to the lady loves in your lives. You know how it goes…you have to take her out to a fancy dinner. You have to buy her something sparkly. You have to “make love,” which we all know is the pretentious, drawn-out, slightly soap-opera-ish cousin to our fave…”fucking.” Valentine’s Day is tough on dudes. I get it. (Even though I am a chick, believe me, I get it. And besides, I don’t have a Valentine of my own this year, so I am allowed to shit all over this holiday meant to make single gals like me turn to chocolate and our vibrators for comfort. lol)

But I ask you this, boob brethren, WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR PRESENT? I don’t see chicks bending over backwards for you on this day. Oh, no. And that, my friends, is biased bullshit. Where is the love for the dudes? WHERE IS THE SPECIAL TREATMENT?

So, on this Valentine’s Day, I have decided to give YOU a Valentine.

Jenna Valentine, that is. 🙂

Jenna is one of my boobied, cutied faves because she is funny, has a great rack and she is pretty damn hot. (She also has a shy nipple that doesn’t get hard right away and will make you want to suck on it until it does.) And she is into chicks, which means that in my imagination, I have banged her a few times. (Okay, more than a few times. lol) When Jenna was here last, Dave and I hung out with her and took her measurements because this sexy lady from California (She talks like a Valley girl and whereas most times I would find that annoying, when this pale-skinned hottie does it, it’s a huge turn-on!) claims that she was a double-F because she didn’t fit an F. And you know what? Jenna knows her body because she was right. She’s a FF-cup. And I got to be THIS CLOSE to her as I measured her, and I am NOT complaining, because unlike my blogging cohort, Adam, I know what to do with a big pair of tits. (LOL! Sorry Adam, you asked for it, buddy.)

Plus, I taught her how to make her boobs bounce and that is the gift that keeps on giving.

So enjoy this Valentine from us to you because goddamn it, you’re special and you deserve something nice on this ridiculous chick holiday, too!



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