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Announcing the finalists for 2013 V-mag XXX Performer of the Year

October 15, 2013 by Dave 10 Comments

Will Maserati be the best fuckin' fucker two years in a row?

Nikki Smith: Will let you suck her tits for votes.

Big-boobed girls who fuck on-camera deserve an award. For the past few years in V-mag, that award has been XXX Performer of the Year. In 2012, the winner was Maserati. Who will win 2013’s prize?

And the finalists are:

Bailey Santanna, who fucked while six-months pregnant.

Felicia Clover, a V-mag rookie who got ass-fucked on-camera.

Harmony White, another rookie who fucked during her second day in our studio.

Jolie Rain, a lusty redhead with big tits and a love of cock.

Kristina Milan, the naturally super-stacked Dominican who likes to squirt her mam milk on cocks.

Maserati, last year’s winner.

Melissa Reed, whose ass is a thing of beauty.

Nikki Smith, the girl next door who, in 2013, has fucked in our studio more than any other V-Girl.

Sabina Leigh, another girl next door who fucked two guys at once.

Scarlet LaVey, an impressive rookie who is only 21 years old.

Shyla Shy: There's milk in them thar hooters!

Shyla Shy, who fucked pre- and post-pregnancy and has a disc in the DVD set Preggos & Milkers all to herself.

Siri reads Harry Potter books and fucks but rarely does both at the same time.

Siri, the blonde nerd who fucks.

Who will win?

By the way, awards ballots are already pouring in, and I appreciate that. However, every once in a while, I get an email that says, for example, “I vote for Scarlet LaVey for Newcomer of the Year.” But the sender hasn’t voted in any of the other categories. So what do I do? I delete the vote. That’s right. I send it to the trash bin without counting it. Because the rules clearly state, “INCOMPLETE BALLOTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. YOU MUST VOTE IN ALL FIVE CATEGORIES FOR ANY OF YOUR VOTES TO COUNT.”

Simple enough? Apparently not, which is why I brought it up.

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Today at SCORELAND: A girl who’s got it coming and going

March 19, 2013 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Her butt cheeks are ass cleavage and her tits are works of art. Melissa Reed is one of the quietest models to ever enter this citadel of cleavage. “I like modeling,” says Melissa, girl of few words and many curves.

Wearing Daisy Dukes or what's left of them.

Subject of my next book, "Profiles In Cleavage."

Happy Birthday to Crystal Gunns born March 20th.

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Janne’s rockets add weight to the Czech Republic’s missile race

October 27, 2012 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts


Janne's in October '12 V-mag.

October ’12 Voluptuous covergirl Janne Hollan is back  for a bra and stocking stuffer with a creamy finish.

Miss Hollan is another Eastern European babe with a curvy body and tits that take control and won’t let go.

I need to do a count one day and see which nation stacks up the best in the naturals missile race at SCORELAND. It’s either going to be the Czech Republic or Great Britain, the way I see it. I’m ashamed that the USA lags behind. Yeah, we’ve had Melissa Manning, Roxi Red, Jasmine Shiraz, Anjii Ross , Melissa Reed and Sadie Blooms among the recent American newcomers, but that’s not enough to defeat the European juggernaut. More American girls need to step up to the plate and contact SCOREModelsWanted.com.

Janne  has a day job in Prague, Czech Republic as a customer service agent for a car company, but I’ll bet she thinks about modeling during office hours. I’ll also bet she wears low-cut blouses at work.

“I love big cars and big trucks,” says Janne, apparently no Smart car fan. “My dream car is a Hummer.” Janne should move to America and bring her missiles with her because those old, narrow Prague streets have no room for Hummers.

Well, I can dream.


And at SCOREVideos.com, Jolie Rain is back in an all-new XXX scene. Where’s Jolie been? Well, for starters, in Iraq serving in the army! And now the redhaired vixen brings her rack back for a tit attack! Coming soon to the Blog for a video chat and coming to SCORELAND for a hot bouncing shaggeroo!

Jolie Rain: The Redhead With A Rack Is Back at SCOREVideos.com.

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SCORE covergirl Sheridan Love racks it up

September 30, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Go to your favorite store and pick up this new issue. You want more, you get more.

One of your favorite racks is now on your favorite rack.

America’s Twitter titter tweetheart.

Sheridan Love.

Now here’s a SCORE Girl who has it all. The face. The boobs. The legs. The ass. The bod. Is there anything Sheridan doesn’t have? I don’t think so.

iPhone 5G? Big deal!

Sheridan is 34G.

Picture that on a girl who’s just five-feet tall.

And now Miss Love has her first SCORE mag cover in her third pictorial. Three times’s a charm.

Just in time for her birthday, October 13, which is Christy Marks’ and Deanna Baldwin’s birthday, too. Arianna Sinn celebrates hers on the 14th.

Also in this issue: newcomer Roxanne Miller’s first SCORE layout, German Titty Titan Beshine in the world’s largest wet T-shirt show, Melissa Reed, Kitana Flores XXX anal, Bella Blaze, Arianna Sinn, Kali West, busty MILF Tahnee Taylor and a look inside Valory’s Vault.

Pick up your copy this week. It’s a must-have.

To order by phone call 1-800-421-0760 in the USA and Canada; 1-305-662-5959 elsewhere.

Remember Sheridan’s first time at SCORE?

And what about that wild girl-girl at SCORELAND with Charlee Chase?

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December ’12 Voluptuous hits the racks!

September 21, 2012 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Roxanne rocks V-mag's cover and centerfold this month!

December ’12 Voluptuous just shipped to your favorite magazine rack. Check it out today or log-into the eBoobStore for a look.

This edition is also iPad and tablet ready with bonus embedded videos for you digital readers. It’s a very cool added feature.

Romanian looker Roxanne Miller makes her global mag debut as our 36GG covergirl and centerfold in an eight page layout. She’s a photographer, writer, poet, actress, make-up artist and a damn hot model ready to throw you a curve or two or three. It’s worth collecting this issue just for Roxanne’s premiere. It’s the first day of Fall. I’m sure a lot of guys have already fallen after seeing this cover.

If you’re curious about that tattooed saying on Roxanne’s left arm, “Man kämpft nur für was Man liebt,” my German’s not good but I think it means, “You fight for who you love.”

Adding their bosomania to the mix are super-vixens Krystal Swift, Melissa Reed, Hitomi, April McKenzie, Marille, Bella Gianna plus Maserati and Goldie Ray in XXX action.

A bonus DVD is included with the international edition at most retail stores. In stores that carry XXX, the DVD is called Drilled Naturals. It’s not about dental care. In stores that have R-rated fare, the DVD is Busty Moaners.

We’d throw in a free lunch too but the store clerks would have to store the mags in a cooler.

If your favorite store doesn’t carry TSG mags, let us know and we’ll correct this unimaginable error.



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The HH cups of Melissa Reed

July 31, 2012 by Elliot James 3 Comments

How did Melissa Reed find out about SCORE?

A SCORE Man takes the credit.

“A friend of mine recommended you,” Melissa said. “I looked at the website and the magazine and decided to try it. You contacted me back right away.”

Melissa is one of the next generation of models that goes straight to pole dancing in the blink of an eye.

It’s not for every new model, of course, and it will never be for everyone, but for the adventurous types like Melissa, Sadie Blooms, Chantal Raye, Goldie Ray and other recent newcomers, the fit is right and tight.

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Meet Melissa Reed. She’s ready to bust out and she has the equipment to do it.

June 7, 2012 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Melissa Reed at SCORELAND right now.

Meet Melissa Reed.

Melissa is brand spankin’ new. She is one of the new generation of models that Dave described in his recent Blog.

I have a theory about this. I think that just as many girls go on adult sites as guys do these days. Fifteen years ago, rarely would you see a woman in an adult book store unless she worked there. Now women surf adult sites. They go to adult entertainment fan conventions. They go to strip clubs. They watch adult DVDs by themselves. Sex toys are sold in drug stores and are advertised on TV. It’s a different generation.

Women are curious, and they’re not yellow about it. (Look up “I Am Curious Yellow” if that sentence puzzles you.)

Melissa is a California girl who busted out early in life. She grew up and her chest grew out. And out. And out. Now she’s a 36HH-cupper. Sound the trumpets!

We always ask a new girl how she found out about SCORE. How did Melissa find out?

“A friend of mine recommended you,” she said. “I looked at the website and the magazine and decided to try it. You contacted me back right away.” That friend is now my friend.

We asked Melissa if she had any special talents we should know about. She didn’t think so, but we respectfully disagree.

Come see why over the next three days.


We have a winner in Day 1’s “20 for 20” contest at SCORELAND.

Congratulations to S.T. of Omaha. He’s won a limited-edition SCORE 20th anniversary cap, a limited-edition 20th anniversary shirt, a free SCORE Group magazine of his choice, a free SCORE Group DVD of his choice and one free month of access to the TSG website of his choice.

Here are Day 1’s questions with the correct answers in bold:

In 1992, publisher John Fox wanted a cover model who epitomized what being “#1 In Big Boobs” is all about. Who was the cover girl?
A) Pandora Peaks
B) Busty Dusty
C) L.A. Bust
D) Wendy Whoppers

How many times did the Boob Cruise Sail?
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7

A real-life farmer’s daughter, she grew up working on a hops farm.
A) Kaytee Carter
B) Destiny Rose
C) Mandy Pearl
D) Brandy Talore

Surprisingly, the Boob Cruise question was the one that tripped up most people. Day 2’s contest starts now with #19 Venera!


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